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1924 Elburn A. Carr musician on the U.S. S. Colorado
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1887 Osceola Township = 790
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From: (Kathy Sarber)
Osceola School Destroyed by Fire

The greatest fire Osceola has had for years resulted Wednesday at 12:45 when the two story wood school building burned to the ground.  The fire was discovered by Prof. Burr Hall.  Mr. Hall said he discovered smoke pouring out the cupola of the building when he sensed the first sign of the fire but did not know its origin.  It was thought to be a defective chimney. School children were returning from lunch, but had not entered the building.

The Elkland Fire Co. was called and neighbors and friends helped to remove most all the furniture from the first to the sixth grade rooms.  Also most all of the books were saved. The structure which was valued at $3000 was covered with insurance. The fire company is given the credit and also W. A. Elliott of saving the house nearby owned by Earl Croft.

Through the answer of prayer by Mrs. Mary Wisell to save the Presbyterian church and house nearby, no other damage was done.  It was said by friends that after Mrs. Wiswell’s prayer, a miracle took place and the wind which was blowing in the general direction of the two buildings turned the opposite way.

The furniture was taken and stored in the Presbyterian church and later removed to the former Children’s Home where it was believed that school would continue in that building.  This was to be taken up with Superintendent, Walter Clark and also a school board meeting which was held Wednesday evening at W. C. Croft’s officeIt was learned from Fred Seeley that the building was built in 1871 and the school was opened in the following September.

Osceola school students number to 87 with four teachers namely Prof. Burr Hall, Mrs. Ralph Cardman, Mrs. Eula Margraff and Mrs. J.J. Kyofski who each teach two grades.