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Numbers on the Map correspond to road as given in the line entry. Note that the road # changes at each intersection as the road names did until PenDOT renamed them all in modern times (mostly incorrectly, I might add). Town in address on line entry corresponds to PO which may be in another township or even another county.
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Westfield Borough Directory

Ackley, Ann millinery Cor Main & Church Sts.
Ackley, Frank A. (Nina) farmer & hay buyer O 107 W Main & 200 acres
Adams Roman Catholic Church (Rev. W. F. Manley) services 8 A M first and third Sundays 24 Lincoln St.
Allen, Bert A. (Anna B.) emp tannery R 11 Tannery Hill
Allen, Lydia H. wid Enos bds 11 Tannery Hill
American Silver King Mining Co. Ltd (C. N. Wilbur Prest. office 38 E Main
Angerer, Frank X. (Kate) emp tannery T H 5 Tannery Hill
Angerer, Josephine domestic bds Tannery Hill
Ashcraft, Frank H. (Ida) Artist Studio Strang Block O H 14 Railroad St. 
Atkins, Charles cigar manufacturer bds 54 Maple St.
Atkins, Malinda wid Charles J. O H 54 Maple St.
Atkins, Saxon M. laborer bds 48 Maple St.
Ayers, Charles H. (Viva M.) clerk Smith & Ritter T H 35 Stevenson St.
Ayres, R. Earl drayman bds 8 Lincoln St.
Ayers, Robert H. (Frances) drayman T H 8 Lincoln St.
Baker, Charles E. (Mary L.) miller T H 60 E Main St.
Baker, Charles E. (Mame E.) foreman Welt Shop T H 81 Church St.
Baker, Drusella wid Albert O H 20 Mill St.
Baker, Edwin E. (Angeline) Prop restaurant & ice cream parlor T E Main & H do
Baker, Kline D. (Elsie M.) Steel Structural Work Factory Mill St O H 17 Maple St.
Banks, L. Ida dressmaker bds 6 Church St.
Banks, Mary wid Wm H. T H 6 Church St.
Barlow, Joseph (Katta) emp tannery T H 14 Tannery Hill
Barnhart, Charles E. (Pluma) emp tannery T H 18 North St.
Barnhart, Hannah E. bds 18 North St.
Barrett, Dan (Esther A.) ret O H 61 Maple St.
Barrett, Louis housekeeper bds Mason St.
Bates, Asa laborer O H Mason St.
Bates, C. Jane wid Jerome bds Mason St.
Beach, Bradford (Katherine) ret farmer O 38 Church St.
Beach, Clark W. lawyer bds American House
Beach, Curry E. (Esther O.) ret farmer O H 80 W Main St.
Beach, Frank L. contracting mason O H Elm St.
Bell, Walter M. (Emma) emp tannery T H 68 Maple St.
Benford, Rev. Wm. H. former rector St. John’s E C moved to Mechanicsburg, Pa.
Benn, John R. (Amy) (Weeks & Benn) General Merchandise 64 Main St. H do
Benn, Marcene (Mary) carpenter O H Stevenson St.
Bennett, Emma R. T H W Main St.
Bessemer, Depuy S. (Hazel) medical student T H 8 Railroad St.
Biderman, Amandus ret bds 29 Mill St.
Boothby, Robert emp tannery O H 16 First St.
Borden, Lizzie wid S. B. O 11 W. Main St.
Borden, Victor (Carrie) professional ball player bds 11 W Main St.
Bowell, Minerva wid Stephen bds 38 E Main St.
Bowells, Ira K. (Mabel V.) laborer T H E Main St.
Bowman, Ross C. (Dora) farmer T H 28 Stevenson St.
Bowman, Ruth C. wid Milton G. O H 51 W Main St.
Brace, Chauncey (Ella M.) farmer (O 70 Brookfield) T H & 50 Mill St.
Brehaney, James (Minnie) sect foreman N. Y. C. R. R. T H 18 Lincoln St.
Brown, Birt L. (Mina M) cheese maker T H 16 Race St.
Buck, Emmer A. (Rena) H First St.
Bucy, John R. barber bds E Main St.
Buffalo & Susquehanna Depot 81 E Main St.
Bulkley, Charles E. (Minnie) tel operator N. Y. C. R. R. O H 15 Lincoln St.
Bulkley, Melvina wid Edwin B. O 47 W Main St.
Bump, Jay M. (Vina) cheese maker T H 20 North St.
Burdick, Anna wid Deforest O 122 E. Main St.
Burdick, Ethel sch teacher bds 122 E. Main St.
Burdick, Fred A. emp Welt Shoe bds 9 First St.
Burley, Emmet W. Liveryman Office American House H 11 Main St.
Butler, Arthur A. (Rose L.) blacksmith T H 47 North St.
Butler, Charles W. (Ida E.) ret farmer O 55 Maple St.
Butts, Marcene A. (Elizabeth) traveling salesman T H 7 Elm St.
Cady, John (Libby) T H Railroad St.
Cameron, Charles K. (Harriet) ret painter O H 94 W Main St.
Cameron, Donald (Charlotte) currier T H 18 Church St.
Carbo, Joe (Anna M.) emp N. Y. C. R. R. O H 29 North St.
Castner, Peter R. (Hattie M.) stationary engineer T H 4 Maple St.
Christensen, Christen (Mary K.) fireman tannery T H 91 Church St.
Christie, Curtis (Adeale) mason brick T H 40 E Main St.
Clark, Frank (Elizabeth) laborer O H 22 North St.
Clark, Fred L. traveling salesman bds 10 Stevenson St.
Clark, Guy B. salesman bds 10 Stevenson St.
Clark, James student bds 22 North St.
Clark, Walter C. student bds 10 Stevenson St.
Clark, Wm. C. (Kate) insurance agency & mfgr harness 29 W Main St. O H 10 Stevenson St.
Clark, Wm. L. druggist clerk bds 10 Stevenson St.
Close, Ambrose farmer O 37 Church St. (O 125 Westfield Boro & Twp.)
Coburn, Edward broom maker O H & 4 Westfield T H Mason St.
Cole, Joseph E. (Jessie M.) agent organs & pianos O H 10 North St.
Colebert, Isaac (Savanna E.) shoemaker 5 Maple St. T H W Main St.
Colebert, Mattie bds W. Main St.
Converse, Libbie J. wid A. O. H Mason St.
Converse, Sarah P. wid Wm L. bds E Main St.
Coon, Euphemia S. wid Stephen O H 9 First St.
Cornell, Florence S. sch teacher bds 25 North St.
Cornell, Harriet A. wid Levi F. O H 25 North St.
Crout, Homer A. (Henrietta) emp tannery T H 7 First St.
Crout, Leon D. emp belt shop bds 7 First St.
Crout, Mildred A. sch teacher bds 7 First St.
Crout, Ruby L. bds 7 First St.
Cushing, C. Mildred sch teacher bds North St.
Cushing, Wilson S. (Sarah D.) teamster T H 20 North St.
Daugherty, George W. farmer (O 40 Brookfield) T H North St.
Daugherty, John W. farmer son George W.
Daugherty, Myra dau George W. bds North St.
Davis, Emmet laborer T H 16 Railroad St.
Davis, Emmet R. (Sadie A.) (Rogers & Davis) groceries Main St. T H 80 W Main St.
Davis, Perrmelia wid John bds 98 Main St.
Davis, Silas B. ret farmer bds 15 W Main St.
Davies, Frank M. (Ida A.) grocery & bakery 21 E. Main St. O H 11 Strang
Davies, Perly G. clerk bds 11 Strang St.
Davies, Wesley J. clerk bds 11 Strang St.
Deiches, Saul clothing etc. (Henry Feldman Mgr.) 15 W. Main St.
Dell Tannery 92 E. Main St.
Dillman, Carl F. emp tannery bds Tannery Hill
Dodge, Jane H. wid Martin O 55 Church St.
Doherty, John P. cigar Mfgr bds E Main St.
Donovan, George M. (Mayme) dry goods salesman T H 22 Railroad St.
Doran, James (Winifred) tanner T H 1 Tannery Hill
Driesbach, Monroe A. gardener M R 2 T H W Main St.
Eberle, Joseph F. Prest Eberle Tanning Co. O H 92 Church St.
Eberle Tanning Co. (J. F. Eberle Prest Mfgrs Union Side Leather Goodyear Welting) office 96 Church St. Both ‘Phones
Edgcomb, John C. (Kittie) Furniture Etc (Also Edgcomb & Van Dusen Undertakers) O H 20 & 22 E Main B T
Edgcomb & Van Dusen (J. C. E. & J. T. V. D.) Undertakers 15 E Main St.
Edwards, George A. (Clara B.) fireman N. Y. C. R. R. T H
Embree, Isaac R. ret farmer O H 16 Church St.
Embree, Tena L. dressmaker bds 16 Church St.
Emmons, Craig H. student bds 11 E. Main St.
English, Andrew I. (Ada D.) laborer O H 17 North St.
English, Athol S. student bds 17 North St.
Erway, Manie A. emp tannery bds 20 Mill St.
Erway, Mrs. Viola T H 20 Mill St.
Everett, Mrs. Jane wid Isaac O H 54 Church St.
Everett, Mrs. Margaret housekeeper bds 16 First St.
Everitt, L. Bliss student bds Cor Elm & High Sts.
Everitt, Wilbur F. (Clare) traveling salesman T H Cor Elm & High Sts.
Farmers & Traders Bank E. M. Tucker Prest 11 E. Main St.
Feldman, Hattie bds W. Main St.
Feldman, Henry (Annie) Mgr S. Deiches clothing 15 W Main St. T H W. Main St.
Fenton, Arthur G. emp tannery bds 78 Church St.
Fenton, Hattie A. bookkeeper bds 78 Church St.
Fenton, Herman J. (Annie M.) carpenter & mason O H 78 Church St.
Fickert, Amandus (Ida) currier T H 29 Mill St.
Fickert, George W. emp tannery bds 29 Mill St.
Fickert, Henrietta manicurist bds 29 Mill St.
Finesilver, Harry (See Tioga Boro)
Frasier, Jacob (Katherine) farmer O H & 5 99 E. Main St.
Frazier, Charles M. (Harriet) laborer O H & 5 150 Mill St.
Frazier, Gabe emp tannery bds 150 Mill St.
French, Rev. James S. pastor Wesleyan Methodist Church H 53 Maple St.
Fuller, Wm. H. (Maria) street commissioner O H 77 Church St.
Fullwood, Charles E. (Mayme V.) Jeweler & Optician Main St. O H Railroad St.
Gardner, Charles G. (Mary L.) carpenter O H 74 E Main St.
Gardner, Walter E. student bds 74 E Main St.
G A R Hall 11 E Main St.
George, Asaph student bds 8 Edgecomb Ave.
George, John G. ret farmer bds 8 Edgecomb Ave.
George, LeRay N. (Anna) farmer (126 Brookfield) O H Edgecomb Ave.
George, Lizell (Angie) agent Sharpless Cream Separator O H 10 Lincoln St.
George, Max student bds 10 Lincoln St.
Geuger, Carl (Amelia) laborer T H 93 Church St.
Goodwin, Kate wid Albert D. bds 47 E. Main St.
Green, Thomas helper American house bds do
Greenstone, Simon (Hennie) tailor O 31 E Main St. O 29 shop
Gridley, Charles L. (Olivia A.) rural carrier R 4 O 40 High St. F T
Gridley, Florence G. student bds 40 High St.
Griffin, Alta G. student bds 3 Edgecomb Ave.
Griffin, Ellsworth M. (Hattie) clerk 5 & 7 E Main St. O H 3 Edgecomb Ave.
Griffin, Gerald G. student bds 3 Edgecomb Ave.
Griffin, Wesley C. (Abigail E.) painter O H 7 Edgecomb Ave.
Grigson, Belle E. bds 84 Church St.
Grigson, Wm. J. (Anna) foreman tannery O 8 84 Church St.
Guernsey, Wm. H. (C. Jane) mason T H 27 First St. (see also Gurnsey)
Guile, Fred M. (Ella) ret O H 19 Church St.
Guile, Mary A. wid Lontson T H 19 Church St.
Gurnsey, Arthur D. (Mina) welt maker T H 62 Church St.
Gurnsey, Eratus (Amanda) ret mason bds 62 Church St.
Haggerty, Martha E. wid Merritt P. bds 4 Maple St.
Hall, Allan Z. (Minnie) carpenter & mason (O 53 Troupsburg N. Y.) T H 75 E. Main St.
Hall, Charles A. agent bds 39 North St.
Hall, James F. Wks tannery O ½ H 39 North St. bds do.
Hall, Louisa M. wid Warren T H 64 North St.
Hall, Nettie M. tel operator O ½ 39 North St. bds do
Hancock, Clarence (Josephine M.) pianos & organs O H 45 W Main St.
Hancock, Claude L. piano tuner bds 4 W Main St.
Hancock, Mary E. clerk bds 45 W Main St.
Harrington, Mrs. Leon L. bds 21 Church St.
Harvey, John E. (Mary D.) farmer & Supt Westfield Water Works O 6 & O H North St.
Haven, Byron S. (Effie) insurance agent O 60 & T H North St.
Hegmann, John J. (Mary B.) fireman O H 108 Mill St.
Hendrickson, John F. (Dora) mechanic T G 7 Mill St.
Herwitz, Kolman (Ester) cigar maker T H 24 Railroad St.
Hexamer, Joseph (Ida M.) plumber T H 49 Maple St.
Hill, Asa (Martha) farmer O H 21 First St.
Hitchcock & Ritter (A. B. H. & W. A. R.) General Insurance E. Main Office with Smith & Ritter
Hobart, Henry H. (Jennie) ret O H 23 Lincoln St.
Hobart, Wm. H. bds 23 Lincoln St.
Holcomb, Edwin S. (Mae A.) postmaster & general insurance 25 W Main St.
Holcomb, Frank B. (Anna) pharmacist & stationery 18 W Main St. O H 5 Church St.
Holley, Alexander W. (Mary E.) ret farmer bds 14 Railroad St.
Honold, John (Katie) emp tannery T H 3 Tannery Hill
Hopkins, George S. (Mary F.) emp tannery T H 20-1/2 W Main St.
Hopkins, Harry L. barber bds 20-1/2 W. Main St.
Hopkins, Lena L. seamstress bds 20-1/2 W Main St.
Horton, John C. (Effie M.) attorney & grower of ginseng O H 75 W Main & 1
Horton, Myra I. sch teacher bds 75 W. Main St.
Howard, Richard (Sophia) mechanic O H 28 Mill St.
Hubbard, Noah B. (Hattie) farmer O 38 O H 104 E Main St.
Hubbard, Ransom (Olive) emp tannery bds 1 Tannery Hill
Hubers, Frederick H. (Mabel) H High St.
Hunt, Ann L. wid Barton (O 160 Westfield) O H 30 Stevenson St.
Hunt, Charles B. carpenter & mason bds 30 Stevenson St.
Hunt, Rev. Wm. H. (Elizabeth A.) pastor First Baptist Church Hall 11 E Main St. T H 56 Church St.
Hunter, Hiram (Ellen) ret merchant O H 73 W Main St.
Hutchins, Ethel M. bds American House
Hutchins, Fred F. (Emma M.) Prop the New American O H 20 E Main St.
Inscho, Susan S. wid Lucius C. T. Rooms W. Main St.
Johnson, Chester T. (Nettie) carpenter T H 43 Stevenson St.
Johnson, Leota M. saleslady bds 43 Stevenson St.
Johnson, Sarah wid James O H 92 W. Main St.
Johnson, Vernon H. (Julia) emp tannery T H Mill St.
Kelley, Galusia A. (Rose) carrier of R F D 2 O H 12 Race St.
Kennedy, Bruce bds Smith Hotel
Kennedy, Catherine wid George W. O H 4 Railroad St.
Kennedy, Edward A. (Ella) Prop Smith Hotel W. Main St.
Kennedy, John emp tannery bds 4 Railroad St.
Kiehle, Henry C. (Grace A.) Prop Westfield Laundry O H 69 Church St.
Kilbourn, Ralph A. (Lenora) plumber T H 28 First St.
Kilbourne, Horace C. (Jennie) farmer bds 17 High St.
Kimball, Bessie M. sch teacher 70 E. Main St.
Kimball, Burr H. bds 17 W Main St.
Kimball, Orrin E. (E. Grace) foreman painter T H 17 W Main St.
Kimball, Orville S. (Mary L.) justice of the peace office W Main St O H 70 E Main St.
King, Aaron P. (Nellie) carpenter O H E Main St.
King, Candance T. bds 37 Church St.
King, Charles G. (Ava E.) farmer bds E Main St near limits R 2 Westfield
King, Elena bds 37 Church St.
King, Lottie bds 37 Church St.
King, Raymond S. clerk in B & S R R Office bds E Main near limits R 2 Westfield
King, Samantha wid Harrison O H 48 Maple St.
Kinsman, Frank E. (Flora) General Hardware Etc Store 5 W Main St. O H 21 Church St.
Kizer, Samuel T. (Anna) delivery man O H 91 W Main St.
Klippel, Hattie M. milliner bds 47 Maple St.
Knapp, Lewis E. (Retta) news dealer & postal clerk T H 52 Church St.
Knapp, L. Halsey (Sarah) ret farmer O 190 Westfield O H 23 First St.
Knapp, Mabel bds 52 Church St.
Krusen, Charles E. (Nina A.) real estate O H&L & 3 W. Main St.
Krusen, Sarah J. wid Richard O H 33 E Main St.
Kumm, George A. (Mame) moved to Tomahawk Wis.
Kunkle, Dr. Asaph T. (Dollie P.) physician & surgeon office W Main St O H 5 Strang St.
Kunkle, Kathryn D. student bds 5 Strang St.
Kunkle, Ruth H. bds 5 Strang St.

LaBar, Julia A. wid Stephen life lease 37 Stevenson St.
LaBar, Levi (Mary E.) paper hanging & decorator O H 106 Church St.
LaBar, W. Edgar (Effie E.) carpenter O H 37 Stevenson St.
Leach, Frank V. farmer O 100 Westfield O H 18 High St.
Leach, Mary F. wid Aaron T H High St.
Leach, Ross V. (Almanda J.) farmer O 160 & O H E Main St.
Lewis, Lucinda wid Simeon B. O 35 E. Main St.
Lewis, May V. wid James S. O H 18 Church St.
Lewis, N. Rush carpenter bds 35 E Main St.
Lewis, Roxanna wid Beriah O H 55 North St.
Long, Eber D. laborer bds 18 North St.
Lord, Dr. Edward N. dentist 15 E Main St.
Lord, Mary wid Avery N. T H 15 E Main St.
Losey, Jerome N. (Florence) General Dry Goods 1 E Main St. O H 63 Church St. F T
Lovelace, Charles D. (Sadie) teamster O H 18 Maple St.
Luncheski, Mary bds 75 W Main St.

Mack, Charles (Sadie) emp tannery T H 52 Maple St.
Marsh, W. W. (Inez V.) Editor & Prop Westfield Free Press 21 W Main St. H 26 W Main St.
Martin, Thresa wid Wm. H. bds 92 Church St.
Martin, Stephen (Ann) ret farmer (O 98 Farmington) O H 12 Lincoln St.
Masonic Temple 1 E. Main St.
Masten, Dr. Frank G. (Amy) physician & surgeon O H 86 W Main St.
Masten, Nancy C. wid Dr. James O H 41 E Main St.
Matteson, Judson wagon maker O H & 3 10 Mill St.
Mattison, Jesse L. (Grace A.) agent W. S. Cream Separator T H W Main
McCaslin, Florence maid emp 5 Church St.
McFall, George W. (Ella) emp tannery T H Tannery Hill
McGee, Mrs. Minnie G. laundry 27 W Main St. H do
McMahon, James (Mary) O H 20 Lincoln St.
McMindes, Effie M. wid Closon O H 33 Elm St.
McMinn, Elvin G. (Lucinda L.) lineman bds 51 W Main St.
McNalon, Hugh J. (Mary) emp tannery O H 63 Maple St.
McNalon, Mary sch teacher bds 63 Maple St.
McNaughton, Francis D. (Elizabeth) jeweler O 35 Maple St.
McNaughton, Lee W. operative bds 35 Maple St.
McNaughton, Max W. bartender bds 35 Maple St.
McNinch, Alonzo C. (Ida A.) meat cutter O H 45 Maple St.
McNinch, Harvey T. R R fireman bds 45 Maple St.
McNinch, M. Eugene (Amanda) laborer O H 71 Church St.
Methodist Episcopal Church Rev. D. L. Pitts pastor 22 Church St.
Miller, Roderick (Emma) emp tannery T H 10 Railroad St.
Miller, S. Byron (Anna) ret merchant O H 8 Church St.
Miles, Osmon B. (Anna) Pharmacist 12 Main St. T H 48 Stevenson St.
Milliman, Rilla sch teacher bds 10 North St.
Moore, Bert (Lizzie) emp tannery T H 64 Maple St.
Morton, T. Frank (Laura) bartender American House bds do.
Mosher, Frank M. (Della) emp tannery T H 8 Tannery Hill
Moshier, Felix E. clerk bds 62 Mill St.
Moshier, George B. ret farmer bds 62 Mill St.
Moshier, John H. (Iva) emp tannery O H 62 Mill St.
Munson, Arthur (Minna) emp tannery O H 104 Church St.
Myers, Wm. G. (Bettie) R R conductor O H 120 E Main St.
Nagley, Casper (Margaret) emp tannery T H W Main St.
Nagley, Christen emp tannery bds W Main St.
Northrop, Wilber P. (Mary E.) shoemaker O 78 W Main St.
Nostrant, Flora bds 30 Mill St.
Nostrant, Mrs. Harriet O 30 Mill St.
Oakley, Salley wid Henry bds 7 Stevenson
Oakley, Wm. A. (Polly) rural carrier R 3 O 7 Stevenson
Ordway, Amelia wid Biatha O H 18 Race St.
Ordway, Herman H. farmer bds 18 Race St.
Outman, Arthur R. student bds 15 First St.
Outman, Carl P. student bds 15 First St.
Outman, Della T H 12 Lincoln St.
Outman, Wm. H. (Margaret) general hardware Main St. O H 15 First St.
Palmateer, Emma wid George F. O 43 W Main St.
Parsons, Edgar S. bank clerk bds 42 Maple St.
Parsons, Lester H. (Fannie) T H Church St.
Parsons, Wm. H. (Antoinette) justice of the peace office Strang Blk & O 42 Maple St.
Patton, F. Earl (Myrtle) farm hand T H 61 North St.
Patton, Harriet wid Shephard bds 82 W Main St.
Patton, Wm. E. barber bds 82 W. Main St.
Patterson, Dr. D. A. physician & surgeon O H Maple St.
Pease, Delford (Mary) farmer (O 67 Westfield) O H 5 Elm St.
Pease, Eltie B. wid Kenyon D. T H 1 W Main St.
Pease, Fred D. printer bds 1 W Main St.
Pease, Josephine wid Silas H. bds 6 Railroad St.
Pease, Mildred A. student bds 6 Railroad St.
Pease, Wm. E. (Emma) clerk Smith Hotel O H 6 Railroad St.
Perry, D. Edgar (Florence) fireman T H 40 Maple St.
Perry, Morris J. (Lucinda) ret farmer (O 150 Clymer) O H 35 First St.
Perry, Wm. (Laura L.) shoemaker T H 50 First St.
Phillips, Bertha bookkeeper bds 11 Stevenson St.
Phillips, Fanny bds 11 Stevenson St.
Phillips, Jane wid Ellis T H 15 Church St.
Phillips, Joseph (Rosenbaum & Phillips) Dealer in Clothing Etc W. Main St. Also Store Wellsboro & Factory New York City O H 11 Stevenson
Phillips, Mary bds 11 Stevenson St.
Phillips, Maud tel operator bds 1 Mill St.
Pierce, Eddie S. (Mary) emp Welt shop bds North St.
Pierce, Randolph C. (Matilda F.) painter & paper hanger O H North St.
Pitts, Rev. D. L. pastor M. E. Church parsonage Church & Elm
Plank, Bert B. (Lena E.) O H 32 Maple St.
Plank, Devalience (Mina) ret farmer (O 90 Brookfield) O H 20 Race St.
Plank, George A. sch teacher bds 97 W Main St.
Plank, Harvey (Jane) O 30 Westfield O H 19 Lincoln St.
Plank, I. Warren salesman bds 25 Maple St.
Plank, Lovell (Mary A.) farm implements wagons etc (O 179 Westfield) 13 E Main St. O H 25 Maple St.
Plank, Welcome L. (Jane) ret farmer O 97 W Main St.
Potter, Frank B. machinist bds 57 Maple St.
Potter Gas Co (Mgr. A. A. Presho) office W. Main St.
Potter, Homer S. (Celetia) drayman O H 47 E Main St.
Potter, Mary wid Archibald O 70 Maple St.
Presho, Alton A. (Lettie E.) Div Supt Potter Gas Co O H 34 Stevenson
Pride, Allie T. (Maud M.) clerk bds 53 Church St.
Pride, Deboriah J. wid Thomas bds 53 Church St.
Pride, Fayette B. (Flora B.) implement dealer & farmer O 250 Westfield & O 150 Westfield O H 53 Church St.
Pride, Herman Z. (Addie E.) (N. Z. Pride & Son) flour feed etc 3 E Main St. O H 46 W Main St.
Pride, H. Z. & Son flour feed etc 3 E. Main St.
Pride Opera House F. F. Hutchins Mgr 7 E Main St.
Pride, Roy T. (H. Z. Pride & Son) hay grain etc 3 E Main St. bds 46 W Main St.
Pritchard, Balford V. (Thurza C.) barber T H 10 Race St.
Pritchard, Florence bds 52 W Main St.
Pritchard, Dr. Mahlon R. (Nettie) Specialist Eye Ear Nose & Throat Office & Res 52 W Main St. F T
Pritchard, Mary wid Balfour bds 91 W Main St.
Pritchard, Walter (Myrtillia) laborer T H 15 North St.
Quick, Cyrus J. (Sophia B.) ret real estate dealer T H 36 Maple St.
Reppard, Edward T. (Cora M.) baker F. M. Davis Main St. T H 27 Stevenson St.
Reynolds, Rhesa I. (Wealthy) ret farmer (O 115 Clymer) O H 31 First St.
Richmond, Josephine bds 11 Lincoln St.
Ritter, Clayton C. laborer bds 27 Elm St.
Ritter, Harry E. emp Welt Shop bds 27 Elm St.
Ritter, Ida V. bds 27 Elm St.
Ritter, Israel J. (A. Adella) harness maker T H 27 Elm
Ritter, John student bds 98 Main St.
Ritter, Wm. A. (Sarah D.) (Smith & Ritter) Groceries Etc 7 Main St. O 155 Clymer O H 98 W. Main St.
Rogers, Benjamin (Rhoda M.) (Rogers & Davis) grocers W. Main St. T H 12 High St.
Rogers, Fred (Sarah A.) draying O H 82 W Main St.
Rood, Almon (Jennie) wagon maker O H 15 Lincoln St.
Rood, Frank E. driller gas & oil wells bds 7 Church St.
Rood, Lucy A. wid Theodore O H 7 Church St.
Rood, Matilda housekeeper O H 11 Lincoln St.
Rosenbaum & Phillips (I. F. R. & J. P.) Joseph Phillips Mgr Clothing Shoes Etc 1 W. Main St.
Rowland, Mary A. wid John O H 124 E Main St.
Rowland, Michael wid Solomon Mill St.
Rugaber, Arthur clerk bds 68 Church St.
Rugaber, Emma sch teacher bds 68 Church St.
Rugaber, J. Frederick (Sophie C.) Prop Fair Store W. Main St. O H 68 Church St.
Rushmore, L. Belle student bds 11 Edgecomb Ave.
Rushmore, Wm. S. (Lora) miller T H 11 Edgecomb Ave.
Sample, Russell (Miranda) agent T H 26 Railroad St.
Satterly, Samuel D. (Delilah) ret farmer T H 11 Church St.
Sayles, Agrial K. (Martha B.) blacksmith 7 Maple St. O H 9 Franklin St.
Scott, Luke W. (Villia T.) sch janitor O H 2 Church St.
Seacord, Sheridan J. (Inez) blackener emp tannery O H 126 E Main St.
Seagers, Almira wid John H. T H 80 Mill St.
Seagers, Carl A. salesman bds 80 Mill St.
Seagers, Bessie C. bds 80 Mill St.
Sears, Frank L. (Josephine) ret merchant O H 30 Church St.
Secor, Dr. John C. (Cora E.) physician & surgeon office W. Main St. T H 52 Church St.
Selleck, Noah B. ret O H 27 First St.
Sherwood, John E. (Florence E.) laborer (O 80 Westfield) O H 14 Race St.
Shirley, Wm. H. (Eva M.) ret merchant O 40 Church St.
Simmons, Annis C. wid Wm. O H Elm Extension & 75 B T
Simmons, Bert E. farmer & bookkeeper bds 17 High St.
Simmons, Charles B. (Lena R.) farmer & house dealer (O 800 Tioga & Potter Co.) O H 17 High St.
Simmons, Fred C. (Emma B.) dealer in live stock T H 76 Church St.
Simmons, George H. (Alina) livery 37-39 W Main St. T H 39 Maple St.
Simmons, Joseph P. clothing etc W Main St. O H Maple St.
Simmons, Wm. C. bookkeeper bds 17 High St.
Skating Rink 4 Strang.
Skinner, Mercena wid Wright bds 107 W. Main St.
Smith Hotel (E. A. Kennedy Prop) rate $2 per day W Main St.
Smith, John W. (Marie) (Smith & Ritter) Groceries Etc 7 E Main St. H Church St.
Smith, James H. (Minnie T.) ret farmer O H 6 High St.
Smith & Ritter (J. W. S. & S. D. R.) Groceries Crockery Etc 7 E Main St. Both `Phones
Spaulding, Hattie bds Joseph S. bds Elm Ext.
Spaulding, John B. bds 82 Church St.
Spaulding, Leroy music teacher bds 82 Church St.
Spaulding, S. Tyler (Lydia) ret farmer (O 125 Westfield) O H 82 Church.
Spoor, Frank A. barber shop 23 W Main St. bds 82 W. Main St.
Standen, Lester P. (Lillian M.) Photographer 15 W. Main St. T H 13 Maple
Stalcup, Belle dau Harvey H. Mill St.
Stalcup, Harvey H. (Minnie L.) section foreman T H Mill St.
Steadman, Arthur C. laborer bds 42 North St.
Steadman, Clinton student bds 21 First St.
Steadman, David (Mary) laborer T H 25 E Main St.
Steadman, Jane wid Frank O H 42 North St.
Steadman, Grace B. bds 21 North St.
Steadman, Leroy A. (Ella M.) carpenter O H 21 North St.
Steadman, Ross laborer bds 25 E Main St.
Stebbins, John W. (Nettie) blacksmith shop 80 E Main St. O H 67 E Main
Steenburg, Bennett (Minnie) traveling salesman T H 74 E Main St.
Stephenson, Matthew M. (Abbie A.) laborer O H 2 Elm St.
Stephenson, Wm. D. (Laura) bridge carpenter O 18 E. Main St.
St. John’s Episcopal Church Cor Elm & Church Sts.
Stocking, Clinton V. student bds 38 Elm St.
Stocking, Dr. Henry J. (Millie R.) dentist office W Main St. & O 38 Elm St.
Stone, Fred W. student bds 83 W Main St.
Stone, Harry (Mary J.) ret farmer (O 150 Westfield) O H 83 W Main St.
Stone, Phebe wid Charles R. bds C. R. Williams W Main St.
Stott, Amy student bds 51 North St.
Stott, Annie sch teacher bds 51 North St.
Stott, Emily bds 51 North St.
Stott, George (Jane) stone cutter O H 51 North St.
Stott, Maria wid Nimrod bds 51 North St.
Strang, Betsy C. wid Butler B. bds 48 E Main St.
Strang, Elizabeth E. teacher elocution bds 48 E. Main St.
Strang, Frank (Nora) veterinary surgeon T H 87 W Main St.
Strang, Frank D. (Alice E.) dry goods & clothing Main St. O H 48 E Main
Strang, Hugh B. Dist Attorney Tioga Co bds 48 E. Main St.
Streeter, A. James (Emma L.) farmer O H & 4 W Main near limits
Streeter, C. Park emp tannery bds W. Main St.
Streeter, Wm. E. (Mary A.) teamster emp H. C. Pride T H 60 Church St.
Stroher, John (Mary B.) roller tannery T H Tannery Hill
Sullivan, Eugene E. (Agnes) foreman tannery O H 74 Church St.
Sweezey, Carrie wid Byron T H 28 Stevenson St.
Taft & Co Broom Mfgr.
Taft, Cass (Cholie) emp railroad T H 110 E. Main St.
Taylor, Frank P. (Minnie E.) cashier Farmers & Traders Bank O H 25 Church St.
Temple Club Rooms Masonic Temple
The New American F. F. Hitchins Prop 20 E. Main St.
Thomas, Wm. W. (Alice L.) farmer O 111 & O 5 First St.
Thompson, Wm. H. (Abbie G.) farmer WOS 35 & T H Mason St.
Townsend, Mabel bds 6 High St.
Tremaine, George M. (Elodia) mason T H 71 E Main St.
Tremain, Gilbert H. (Addie) station agent B & S O H 24 E Main St.
Trim, George S. (Cora C.) chief police O H 67 Church St.
Trimmer, Jake D. student bds 63 Church St.
Trimmer, Joseph (Rhobie E.) farmer (O 400 Clymer) O H 63 Church St.
Truax, James M. (Anna D.) fireman T H 57 Maple St.
Tubbs, Jane wid Samuel O H 93 Mill St.
Tubbs, Ralph A. (Emma L.) agent Singer Co T H 1 First St.
Tucker, Edward M. (Mary E.) Pres Farmers & Traders Bank Knoxville Trading Co. 11 E Main St.
Universalist Church 48 Church St.
VanDuesen, Wm. H. (Loutia L.) blacksmith O H 82 W Main St.
VanDusen, Charlotte wid Andrew J. T H 44 Maple St.
VanDusen, James B. (Ella) marble cutter T H 12 Maple St.
Van Dusen, John T. (Nellie C.) (Edgcomb & Van Dusen) Undertakers 15 E. Main St. T H Maple St. B T
Van Dusen, Leroy D. (Katheine) Westfield Marble & Granite Works E Main O H 15 Church St.
VanDusen, Richard (Maria J.) blacksmith T H W. Main St.
Vihaney, Onita wid Seobon bds 93 Church St.
Vermilyea, Alice wid Clauson O 26 W. Main St.
Vosburg, Charles F. (Fannie A.) agent N. Y. C. R. R. T H 56 W. Main St.
Vosburg, Lyman ret farmer (O 80 N. Y.) bds 56 W. Main St.
Wahl, Edith M. tel operator bds E Main St.
Wahl, Gottlieb (Kate) ret O H E Main St. near Borough Limits
Wahl, Mabel E. emp photographer bds E Main St. near limits
Wallis, Andrew (Susan A.) laborer T H 18 Church St.
Wallis, Bessie P. tel operator bds Andrew
Wallis, Charles E. emp Welt Shop bds Andrew
Washburn, Margaret E. bds 32 Maple St.
Washburn, Mary N. student bds 32 Maple St.
Washburn, Ralph W. fireman bds 32 Maple St.
Washburn, W. Isiah (Mary) cook T H 32 Maple St.
Watkins, Wm. Jr. (Anna) bds 33 Elm St.
Watrous, Margaret wid Robert S. saleslady R rooms 15 W. Main St.
Watson, Charles H. jeweler & watch repairing 1 Church St.
Watts, Clark painter T H 52 High St.
Weeks & Benn (F. M. W. & J. R. B.) General Merchandise Eggs & Produce 54 W. Main St. Both `Phones
Weeks, Edna sch teacher bds 30 Mill St.
Weeks, Frank M. (May) (Weeks & Benn) General Merchandise 64 W. Main St. H do
Weeks, Fredrick C. emp tannery bds 30 Mill St.
Weeks, John M. (Bertha) emp tannery O H 30 Mill St.
Weeks, Grace bds 30 Mill St.
Weidman, Jay K. (Ella) farmer O 60 & O H Cor Mill & Lincoln Sts.
Welch, Harry L. laborer bds W. Main St.
Welch, Jesse D. laborer bds W. Main St.
Werner, Royal A. (Hattie P.) painter T H 42 Stevenson Ext.
Wesleyan Methodist Church Rev. J. S. French pastor 14 Maple St.
Westfield Borough Building 73 E. Main St.
Westfield Free Press W. W. Marsh Editor & Prop 17 W. Main St.
Westfield Graded & High Schools 26-30 Maple St.
Westfield Laundry (H. C. Kiehle Prop) 69 Church St.
Westfield Marble & Granite Works L. D. Van Dusen Prop 71 E. Main St. 
Westfield Post Office E. S. Holcomb P M 25 W Main St.
Wheaton, Harry W. ret carpenter bds 20 ½ W Main St.
White, Elmer (Inez L.) Prop Barber Shop & Billiard & Pool Room E Main St. H do
Whitmarsh, Harry emp tannery T H 15 Church St.
Wilbur, Clayton N. (Emma) Pres American Silver King Mining Co O H 38 E Main St.
Wilbur, Raymond J. (Anna B.) stock salesman T H 42 Maple St.
Williams, Albert V. dealer in horses O H W Main St.
Williams, Arthur C. student bds 26 Stevenson Ext.
Williams, Charles E. (Harriet E.) fire insurance office 11 E. Main St. O H 26 Stevenson St.
Williams, Charles R. (Nina B.) farmer & ice dealer O 23 & H W Main St.
Witter, Lee (Clara) emp railroad T H 66 Maple St.
Wood, Fred J. (Ella G.) General Dry Goods 9 E Main St. T H 45 Stevenson Ext B T
Yeager, Clara D. bds 32 First St.
Yeager, Edna C. student bds 87 Church St.
Yeager, Edward W. (Eugenie) emp tannery O H 102 Church St.
Yeager, Frank X. (Addie H.) foreman tannery T H 87 Church St.
Yeager, Herman H. (Emma) emp tannery O H 32 First St.
Yeager, Maria T. music teacher bds 87 Church St.
Yeager, Pearl H. bds 87 Church St.
Zief, Max (Libbie) clothing & gents’ furnishings etc 9 W Main H do
Zimmer, Phillip (Mary A.) emp tannery O H 47 Maple St.
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA