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Docket B Part Two

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Tioga County, Pennsylvania Records

Helpful Genealogical Data Abstracted From Docket Books A B C

1804 - 1880

With the exception of a few Typographical errors copied ver batim

Tioga County Docket Book
Abstracts of Wills and Administration
1976 Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd and others
Retyped for Tri-Counties by Nicole Parker
No. Surname First Name Death Date Probate Date Township Names
p.163 340 Loper Vincent 1856 age 24 Feb. 4,1856 Union Roaring Branch Cemetery Adm.- Maria Sellard, Chas. O. Spencer Bail - Luther S. Ogden, Abraham Rundell
p.164 341 Harris Alexander   Feb. 5, 1856 Rutland Wife - Salome Harris Sons - Alexander and Abel M. Harris Daughters - Julia, Ursula, Hannah, Polly, Opela, Didema and Salome Harris. Exec. - William B. Keyes Wit. - James Wright, Jefferson Prutzman.
p.165 342 Messner Philip   Feb. 11, 1856 Liberty Widow - Christina , renounced rights to adm. Adm. - Charles F. Veil, John Sheffer Bail - George Hebe, Leonard Schanberger or Schanbacher ?
p.166 343 French Moses   Feb. 12, 1856 Middlebury Sons - William and Moses French Daughters - Esther Williams, Jane Parmer, Martha Brown and Nancy Ann French. Exec. - not named Wit. - Carloz H. House, Jona. Stokes, J.B. Redfield.
p.167 344 McNitt William   Feb. 27,1856 Delmar Widow - Mary L. McNitt, renounced right to Adm. Adm. -George McNitt and Hiram S. Hastings Bail - Clark L. Wilcox, P.C. Hoig
p.168 345 Borden Roswell Feb. 16, 1856 Mar. 5,1856 Charleston Wife - Susan Borden Sons - Artimas Borden, Alonzo Borden Daughter - Arvilla Parker Exec. - Wife, Susan and Franklin Borden Wit. - James Kelly, Julius Wetmore.
346 Miller William C.   Mar. 20,1856 Covington Adm. - Elizabeth Miller, Adam Bernes
347 Hand Andrew   April 3,1856 Chatham Adm. - Daniel S. Shove Widow, Elizabeth, renounced right to Adm.
348 Cummings Daniel   April 18,1856 Deerfield Wife - Betsey Cummings to be Exec. Son - Matteson Cummings Wit. - William Tiffany, S. W. Cummings.
p.172 349 Bryden James S.   April 22,1856 Delmar Adm. - Mary C. Bryden Bail - Thomas B. Bryden, Henry Sherwood.
350 Goodall Samuel   May 19, 1856 Richmond Adm. - Ellen Goodall, Robert Sampson Bail - Richard English, John F. Donaldson.
351 Babb Jacob   June 12,1856 Morris Adm. - Daniel Doane Bail - Robert Roy, R.F. Baker 
352 Compton Garrett   Aug. 13,1856 Sullivan Adm. - Daniel Compton Bail - Robert Roy, R.F. Baker
p.174 353 Carr Anna   Aug. 9,1856 Deerfield Husband - Lewis L. Carr Exec. - Eddy Howland Wit. - J.B. Payne, M.D. More
354 Thomas Stephen   Aug. 15,1856 Charleston Adm. - David G. Edwards Bail - John Lewis, Daniel Morgan
355 Culver Philemon   Sept. 13,1856 Charleston Adm. - Prudence Culver, A.E. Niles Bail - Sylvester Kelly, Alonzo Kimball
356 Webber David N.   Sept. 15,1856 Westfield Wife - Isabella Webber Sons - Norman and James P. Webber Exec. - Wife, Isabella and Wm. W. Tate, Wm. A. Douglass Wit. - James H. Tate, Malcom Tate.
357 Hynes Oliver P.   Sept. 18,1856 Middlebury Adm. - Fanny M. Hymes, D.L. Aiken, H.A. Stevens
358 Allen John   Oct. 11,1856 Delmar Exec. - Wife - Eleanor Allen No children mentioned.
359 Kelly Hannah   Oct. 15,1856 Jackson Adm. - Benjamin Wells Bail - George Kelly, F.E. Smith
360 Reynolds Willam A.   Dec. 2,1856 Westfield Adm. - Roswell Ackley, Darwin Sykes Bail - Charles P. Douglass, Philo Griffin.
361 Leonard James   Dec. 2,1856 Westfield Adm. - Wife - Eliza Leonard and brother, Stephen A. Leonard Wit. - Morris Pritchard, Horatio N. Aldrich
362 Walker Lewis       Guardian for Lucy Frost, Minor child of Samuel Frost, Dec'd. Acct. - Dec. 3,1856
363 Steele Ephraim   March 9,1857 Shippen Adm. - Robert Steele
364 Beers Ebenezer   March 9,1857 Tioga Adm. - Sarah Beers, Augustus Castle ( An Ebenezer Beers b.1814 d.1857, in Ogdensburg Cemetery).
365 Cummings Alexander   April 3,1857 Charleston Widow - Rosanna, renounced right to Adm. Adm. -James J. Jackson.
p.183 366 McLeod George   Mar. 17,1857 Wellsboro Adm. - Wife -Sarah McLeod and George McLeod Wit. Geo. C. Reep, Jno. M. Hamilton.
p.184 367 Lawrence Benjamin Aug. 25,1855 April 4,1857 Rutland Lawrence Corner Cemetery Wife - Asenath Lawrence Sons - Lawrence, William, John N., Francis Lawrence Daughter - Asenath Lawrence Exec. - William Lawrence Wit. - John V. Swan, Edward Wood. 
368 English James   April 16,1857 Delmar Adm. - Elizabeth English and Angus Griffin.
369 Sheive Levi B.       Guardian for George Lefler, minor son of Richard Lefler. George Lefler dec'd. Feb. 5, 1857
370 Neal Joseph   May 9,1857 Charleston Adm. - Elizabeth Neal, Alonzo Whiting Bail - John Neal, Abram Walker
371 Beach Isaac   June 3,1857 Clymer Widow, Jane Beach, I.B. Beach, Emily Beach, all renounced right to adm. Adm. - Clark W. Beach Bail -A.B. Tanner, Joshua Rushmore.
372 Baxter James   June 5,1857 Sullivan Sons - Joseph Baxter Daughters - Diantha Hawkins, Clarissa King Exec. - Bateman Monroe, Lafayette Gray.
373 Doud Alvah May 20,1857 June 17,1857 Sullivan Mainsburg Cemetery Adm. - Lorenzo Doud Widow - Electra Doud, renounced right to adm.
375 Hill Chloe   July 11,1857 Chatham Adm. - Ransler Toles.
376 Buckley Peter   July 11,1857 Delmar Adm. - Ruth A. Buckley, Andrew Bartle.
377 Frey John Frederick   July 21,1857 Liberty Wife - Elizabeth Fray Sons - Ferdinand and John Robert Fray Daughters - Mary, Amanda, Harriet & Christina Fray Exec. - Jacob Bicer. *Note - The record was spelled Fray.
p.194 378 Rexford Samuel   Aug. 18,1857   Late of Chemung County, N.Y. Samuel Rexford states that he is 80 years old and wants to be buried in Windsor, Broome County, N.Y. by his first wife. Grandsons - Samuel Rexford and Tompkins Mann. Granddaughter - Millie Ann, wife of George E. Lewis. Lands listed - in Broome Co., N.Y., Thurston, Steuben county, a shop in Elmira, 300 acres in Tioga County, 2247 acres in Clinton Co., Pa., 700 acres in Tioga Co., Pa., Lands in Ulster co.,N.Y., in Delaware Co, Pa. and in Cummins Twp. Pine Creek, Lycoming co., Pa. Codicil added - Samuel Rexford now in Lock Haven, Pa. from Elmira, N.Y. Wit. in Clinton Co., Pa. - W.S. Gile, T.F. Adams Wit. in Chemung Co., N.Y. - Archibald Robertson and James H. Osmer of Elmira, N.Y.
p.200 379 Smith James A.   Aug. 12,1857 Gaines Adm. - Lorinda M. Smith
380 Ellis David   Aug. 25,1857 Shippen Adm. - Orilla Ellis, Benj. V. Ogden Bail - Steven Babcock, Horace Broughton.
p.201 381 Bryant James 1857 Aug. 31,1857 Tioga Born 1799 Died 1857, Dailey Cemetery Wife - Mary M. Bryant Sons - Hiram, Ephraim and Jabez G. Bryant Exec. - Thomas L. Baldwin
382 Thomas Ephraim   Aug. 29,1857 Lawrence Adm. - Willaim Harrison
383 Backer Peter 1857 Sept. 10,1857 Rutland Born 1800 Died 1857 Roseville Adm. - Louise B. Backer.
384 Fulkerson Jeremiah 1857 Sept. 16,1857 Liberty Born - 1783 Died - 1857 Frieden Cemetery Adm. - Wm. Fulkerson, John Sebring
385 Patrick Chester   Sept. 16,1857   Adm. - Moses Patrick
386 Miller Benjamin F.   Sept. 26,1857 Clymer Exec. - Roswell Ackley Heir - Brother - Perry Miller Wit. - Harvey Leach, Almon King, E.G. Smith
387 Mascho John   Oct. 3,1857 No Twp. Adm. - John C. Mascho, Francis L. Mascho
388 Landis David   Oct. 16,1857 Liberty Adm. - Charles F. Veil
389 Hart Ludwick Nov. 11,1857 Nov. 28,1857 Charleston Harts Family Cemetery, Cherry Flats. Son - Morgan Hart, Exec. Jeremiah Hart relinquished claim. Daughters - O. Margaret Wilson, Sarah Elliott, Harrriet Kimball, Marriette Hart, Barbara Hart. Wit. - Henry Sherwood, Chas. Maxwell, Job Wetmore.
390 Mercereau Joshua   Dec. 10,1857 Tioga Adm. - James G. Mercereau.
p.210 391 Mc Kinney Samuel   Dec. 16,1857 Tioga Sons - Andrew Jackson, Charles H. McKinney, Samuel D., George D.E., Edwin McKinney Exec. - Adrew J. McKinney, Wm. Garretson Wit. - N. Packer, A. Humphrey
392 Lincoln Asa S.   Jan. 4, 1858 Tioga Adm. - James S. Watrous
p.213 393 Plank Mehatable Dec. 28,1857 Jan. 7,1858 Brookfield Plank Cemetery Sons - Isaac S. Plank, Charles S. Plank Daughter - Laura George Exec. - Isaac S. Plank Wit. - J.E. Mintonye of Tioga Co., Pa. and G.W. Northrop of Troupsburg,N.Y.
p.214 394 Yohn Augustus   Feb. 8,1858 Liberty Wife - Hannah Yohn Wife's Son - Gotlob Kauffman Exec. - Leonard Harrer, Fredk. Harrer Wit. - J.J. Werline, Geo. F. Kohler
p.215 395 Briggs Oliver   Feb. 18,1858 Middlebury Wife - Elizabeth B. Briggs Sons - Ebenezer H. Jacob, Edward and Ira Briggs, Oliver and Ali - Ben - Ali Briggs Daughters - Elizabeth, wife of Perry -----, Lydia Ann Gage. Exec. - Jacob Briggss Wit. - C. Churchill, J.P. Keeney.
396 Dumaux John   Feb. 23,1858 Wellsboro Adm. - Rudolph Christenat.
397 Cap Augustus   Feb. 27,1858 Richmond Adm. - Alonzo M. Spencer.
398 Husted Philander   March 1,1858 Covington Adm. - Sally Husted, H.M. Gerould
399 Landis Jacob   March 3,1858 Liberty Adm. - Joseph Landis Bail - John Keyes, Chas. L. Dieffenbacker
p.220 400 Slingerland Tunis 1858 age 55 March 9,1858 Sullivan State Road Baptist Cemetery Wife - Mary Slingerland Sons - Abram, David, Asa, William, Henry, and Albert Slingerland. Daughters - Thankful, Celestia and Sarah J. Slingerland. Exec. - Henry B. Card Wit. - Welch Ashley, Wm. W. Backer.
p.222 401 Brewster Jonah   April 3,1858 Delmar Wife - Roxanna Brewster Sons - Charles Edward, Jonah, George A., and Alexander S. Brewster. Daughters - Ann Guernsey, Adaline Hance, Almira Brewster, and Harriet Amanda Sherwood. Exec. - Wife - Roxanna and Alexander S. Brewster.
p.225 402 Corzatt John 1858 age 71 April 7,1858 No Twp. ( Jobs Corner ) Wife - Anna Corzatt Sons - Banjamin, John, George, Amos, James Corzatt Daughters - Barbara Ellis, Mariah and Catherine Corzatt Exec. - Orrin B. Wells, Gates Bird. Wit. - Jacob Sheive, Joseph H. Dewitt.
403 Putnam Samuel M.   April 24,1858 No Twp. Adm. - Thomas Putnam.
p.227 404 Peake Abner   May 3,1858 Charleston Sons - Thomas and George Peake Daughters - Elizabeth Hart, Nancy May, Charlotte Shumway Exec. - Jeanette Peake and Seth Clark
p.228 405 Crippen David   May 19,1858 Rutland Widow, Mrs. S. Crippen Adm. - George P. Crippen, Daniel Crippen, Hiram Hodges Bail - Asa Crippen
p.230 406 Sykes Samuel   May 26,1858 Mansfield Exec. - Eunice A. Sykes, James Lowery of Wellsboro Sister - Rebecca Sykes Children of my brothers - Charles N.Sykes, Caleb Sykes & wm. N. Skyes of Rob Twp. Lake Co., Indiana Wm. N and Charles N. Sykes Dec'd before April 29,1858 Wit. - Henry George Martin, Oliver Homer Phelps, Benj. Morris Bailey.
p.232 407 Larison Theodorus   June 7,1858 Jackson Wife - Delighty Larison Sons - Jacob, John and Lewis H. Larison Daughter - Anna Coolbaugh, now dec'd. Granddaughters - Amelia Moyan, Jemma Curley, now dec'd. Exec. -Orrin B. Wells. Note signed by Edward Everett, David Everett. Bail - Wm. B. Keyes, A.G. Garrison.
408         Notes on Larison Accts.
409 Seely Caroline   June 28,1858 Deerfield Adm. - Ebenezer S. Seely Bail - S.F. Wilson, A.J. Monroe.
p.235 & 302 410 Davis Ezra   July 26,1858 Richmond Wife - Catherine L. Davis Exec. - Horace Davis and Ezra Davis, sons Other Sons - Plinn and Russell Davis Wit. - D.L. Sherwood, Abram Shuart.
411 Potter Joseph   July 29,1858 No Twp. Adm. - Nancy J. Potter. Bail -Samuel May and Augustus Alba.
p.236 413 Roblyer Hiram 1857 July 23,1858 Rutland Born 1779 Died 1857 Wood Cemetery Sons - Andrew J. David S. (minor), Ira (now dec'd), and Hiram L. Roblyer. Daughters - Darkes M. Tanner, Sally - wife of N. Smith and Rhoda Roblyer (minor). Granddaughter - Louisa Smith, daughter of N. Smith's first wife. Exec. - Hiram L. Roblyer & Erastus Rose Adm. - Northrop Smith. Depositions filed by Amos Mansfield, Seth E. Howland, Samuel Wilson, John Wilson, James Wilson, David Vanzile, M.C. Westbrook, Moses Crawford and George Crippen.
414 Maine John   July 13,1858 Mainesburgh Exec. - Wife - Nancy Maine Wit. - John fox, John E. Robinson.
p.239 415 Bowen Martin   Aug. 28,1858 Deerfield Exec. - Wife - Freelove Bowen and Elihu Bowen. Sons - Cyrus P. and Elihu Bowen Daughters - Alma Bowen Wit. - Nathan Comstock, John Goodspeed, C.O. Bowen *( Martin Bowen died June 5, 1858 Knoxville Quaker Cemetery.) 
414 Thomas Ezekiel   Aug. 13,1858 No Twp. Adm. - Asahel Thomas Bail - Archibald Hezelett, Andrew Crowl.
416 Borden Seldon   Sept. 9,1858 No Twp. Adm. - Levi Hardy Bail - John B. Hardy, Charles Austin
417 Birch Zebulon N   Dec. 3,1858 Tioga Adm. - Leroy Taber Bail - Lyman Smith, J.B. Potter
p.242 418 Mead Joseph   Dec. 8,1858   Late of Elmira, N.Y. Exec. - Wife - Clarissa Mead Other Heirs - Lydai Ann Crosby, daughter of Elisha Crosby, Byram J. Wilder. Lands in Jackson Twp., Tioga Co., Pa. Wit. - Mordecai Richey, D.B. Rockwell, and Henry Briggs all of Elmira, N.Y. 
419 Copp James   Jan. 5,1859 Covington Sons - D.L. and James Jr. when they are 18. Daughters - eight of them when they are 18, not named Exec. - N.A. Elliott, Conrad Gillett. Wit. - John Kimball, M.F. Elliott.
p.244 420 Royce Horace   Jan. 20,1859 No Twp. Adm. - Lucy A. Royce Reg. of Wills - W.D. Bailey
421 Jones Lorenzo   Feb. 4,1859 Tioga Adm. - Rhoda Jones, Dexter Catlin Bail - Edward McInroy, Cyrus Catlin
p.244 422 Dodge Lorain   Feb. 7,1859 Sullivan Adm. - Calvin Reynolds 1878 - Receipt from June Dodge for her share 1891 - Receipt from Lydia Tinkham for her share.
p.245 423 Buckbee Samuel   Feb. 7,1859 Tioga Adm. - Daniel S. Buckbee Bail - Seneca Horton, Hiram Hunt.
p.246 424 Bockus Joseph Jan. 29,1859 Feb. 12,1859 Charleston Sons - Alonzo - age 17, Philander - age 19. Daughters - Susan, oldest, age 23, 2nd daughter Sally Jane, wife of Fulton Smith. Exec. - Wife - Hypasha Bockus and Seth Clark
425 Furman John   March 30,1859 No Twp. Adm. - Sarah Furman Bail - Ephraim Hunt, Lorenzo A. Taylor
p.248 426 Evans John L.   March 31,1859 No Twp. Widow and other heirs renounced right to adm. Adm. - James H. Gulick, John James Bail - Orlando F. Taylor, Alfred J. Sofeild.
427 Grierson Charles   April 1,1859 Wellsborough Adm. - Jane Gierson Bail - Henry A. Guernsey, Alanson Donaldson
428 Bosard Andrew Aug. 20,1858 April 9,1859   Died in Osceola Adm. - Melchia D. Bosard Bail - Samuel Ellison, Truman Crandall
p.250 429 Smith Joshua   April 25,1859 No Twp. Widow - Charity Bosard, renounced right ot Adm. Adm. - Philetus Smith, Calvin Reynolds Bail - Ephraim Smith, Albert Richman.
430 Cleaveland John   May 25,1859 Wellsboro Adm. - Alexander S. Brewster Bail - Lamuel Cleaveland, Julius Sherwood.
431 Smith Caleb   Aug. 5,1859 Deerfield Exec. - Wife - Susan Smith Children mentioned, not named Wit. - J.W. Bellows, J.G. Seely, Enoch E. Bowen
p.252 432  Denison William   Aug. 16,1859 Charleston Son and Exec. - Gerould Denison Wife - Julia Denison Daughters - Maria,wife of Lorenzo Mitchell, Martha and Mary Denison. Wit. - Edward McInvoy, T.P. Wingate
433 Ryan John   July 29,1859 Lawrenceville Wife - Susan Ryan Sons - Wallace, Samuel, George L., Robert T., and James Ryan. Daughters - Elizabeth Harriet Backer, Emily Benedict, Sally Taylor, Elizabeth, wife of my son, Harris T. Ryan. Exec. - James Ryan and John W. Ryan, sons. Mentions elevn children. Wit. - A.H. Reynolds, Thomas B. Backer, K. Parkhurst.
p.258 434 Videan Thomas   Aug. 17,1859 Covington Wife - Sarah Videan Son - William Videan, when 21. Exec. - Father, Richard Videan and my wife, Sarah. Wit. - Richard Videan and Edwin Dryer.
p.260 434 1/2 Seely George June 16,1859 Sept. 4,1859 Jackson To be buried on Seely Hill on Copley Place. Wife - Hannah Seely Sons - Lyman and Samuel Seely Daughters - Adaline, Polly, Elmira, Elvira Seely. Wit. - Nathaniel Smith, Stephen Everett, Orrin Bly.
p.261 435 Lucas James   Oct. 31,1859 Tioga Widow, Phebe Lucas, renounced right to adm. Exec. - Lewis B.Lucas Bail - Jno. B. Story, A.N. Donaldson
p.262 436 Hardy Levi Sept. 18,1859 Nov. 5,1859 Delmar Wife, Sally Hardy, my real estate in Salem, Allegan County, Michigan and in Waland, Mich. Exec. - John B. Hardy, Rupell Lawton. Wit. - Leonard and Sally A. Love.
p.263 437 Matteson Jonathon Oct. 30,1859 Nov. 5,1859 Knoxville Wife, Elizabeth Matteson Exec. - Son - Jefferson Matteson Wit. - C.O. Bowman, Nathan Comstock, J. E. White
438 Churchill Clark L.   Nov. 10,1859 No Twp. Adm. - Sophia J. Churchill Bail - David A. Churchill, H.W. Dartt
p.265 439 Sherman Gideon P.   Dec. 5,1859 Rutland My mother and father - not named. Brother, Samuel Sherman Sister, Sarah Sherman Wit. - Charles Sherman, J.H. Allen.
p.266 440 White Guy   Dec. 24,1859 Tioga Sister - Mary Ann and her husband, Daniel Gee. The Elisha White farm. Exec. - Ebenezer Briggs Wit - Joseph Fish, T.L. Baldwin.
p.267 441 Tremain Silas A.   Dec. 19,1859 Delmar Adm. - Elizabeth Tremain, Dudely A. Fish Bail - Eli B. Haynes, John R. Bowen
p.267 442 May John   Dec. 19,1859 Charleston Adm. - Susan May and Waldo May Bail - Silas May, A.N. Donaldson.
p.268 443 Duryea Jacob   Jan. 9, 1860 Delmar Adm. - Hiram Kimball, Silas Johnson. Bail - Robert Campbell, Alanson Thompson
p.268 444 Rumsey Noah 1859 Jan. 14,1860 Sullivan Adm. - Sally A. Rumsey, Francis W. Gitchell Bail - Levi Lo ell, James M. Rose. Noah born - 1805 died - 1859 Mainesburg Cemetery
445 Sherwood Ebenezer   Jan. 31,1860 Middlebury Adm. - Sarah C. Sherwood, Geo. D. Keeney Bail - Birman Loper, C.O. Spencer
p.269 446 Sellard Maria   Feb. 6,1860 Union Adm. - Ira Loper Bail - Birman Loper, C.O. Spencer.
p.270 447 Ford James Aug. 18,1859 Sept. 15,1859 Lawrenceville Born - New Jersey 1773 Wife - Eliza M. Ford Sons - Charkes H.L. Ford to be Exec. Daughters - Emily C., wife of George Shumway, Susan E., wife of Charles Dorrance Grandchildren - Children of daughter, Mary, wife of Milton P. Orton, viz - James F., Maria L., Stella, Charles, Benjamin, Chester B., Ellen Orton. Lands occupied by Peter Case, next to Ethel Harris and Simeon L. Powers. Lands in Bloss Twp. to son - Charles H.L. Ford.
p.274 448 Gitchell Eli 1859 age 75 Feb. 13,1860 Sullivan Rumsey Hill Cemetery Wife - Polly Gitchell renounced right to adm. Adm. - Francis W. Gitchell Bail - James M. Rose, Eli Jelliff.
p.275 449 Weeks John   Feb. 23,1860 Tioga Adm. - Polly Weeks Bail - John Weeks and Charles Weeks
450 Omes Andrew Mar. 11,1860 Mar. 13,1860 Westfield Adm. - Zacheus Mallory Bail - Benjamin Bartle, A.N. Donaldson
p.276 451 Hardy Sally Feb. 27,1860 April 01,1860 Delmar Husband, Levi Hardy Sons - William V. Hardy of Wayland Twp., Allegan Co.,Mich., Rufaus L. Hardy and john B. Hardy. Daughters - Anna B. Boredn, Sally A. Love, Lucy A. Root, Susan B. Lawton. Exec. - John B. Hardy, Cupell Lawton Wit. - Susannah B. Lawton and Gilderoy Lawton.
452 Phelan John   April 14,1860 Wellsboro Brother - Fenton Phelan of Mount Fade, Queen Co., Ireland Exec. - James Lowery Wit. - S.F. Wilson, Richard English, Edw. McInroy.
p.279 453 Taylor William   April 16,1860 Chatham Widow - Catharine Taylor Sons - Rinaldo, Leonard and George Taylor Daughters - Maryette Thompson, Eliza Ann Taylor, Esther Ann Taylor. Exec. - Roswell Ackley, James W. Burrell of Clymer. Wit. - Charles Cornell, T.W. Stark.
p.280 454 Niver Samuel   May 07, 1860 Clymer Wife - Mary Niver Sons - Hiram, Samuel, Silas, John, Benjamin Niver. Daughters - Betsey and Polly Niver. Exec. - C.W. Beach, V.R. Gee Wit. - C.R. Skinner and David Kilburn.
p.281 455 Hoadley William J.   May 08, 1860 Delmar Widow - Eleanor W. Hoadley, renounced right to adm. Adm. William Foote, James J. Hoadley Bail - Julius Sherwood, Dan Osbor.
456 Strait James   May 23,1860 Westfield Wife - Sarah Strait Adm. - Watrous Seely Bail - Vine Seagers
p.282 457 Krep George C.   July 09,1860 Wellsboro Wife - Eliza Krep Adm. - James Lowery, Charles L. Siemans.
458 Joseph John   Aug. 09,1860 Brookfield Adm. - John Joesph, Jr. and Samuel Swimler Bail - Squire Briggs, C.O. Pemberton
p.283 459 Gray James   Aug. 10, 1860 Sullivan Widow - Martha Gray Adm. - Lafayette Gray Bail - Calvin Reynolds
p.284 460 Johnson John J. Aug. 14, 1860 Sept. 03,1860 Charleston Wife mentioned, but not named. Daughter - Delphene Maria to care for children. Exec. - father - Ira Johnston. Mentioned - John W. Fen. Wit. - Joel H. Austin, N. Packer, W.W. Webb.
p.285 461 Humphrey Cupell   Sept. 11,1860 Chatham Widow - Betsey Humphrey Adm. - George and Robert Humphrey Bail - Oliver Chappell, Lowell Chappell.
462 Kimball Lucretia   Sept. 15,1860 Wellsboro Husband - James Kimball Lydia Thompson, daughter of my brother, Joseph Thompson. Lands from Samuel W. and Ann Morris, to be sold. Exec. - Alden Thompson Wit. - Nathan Pond, Mary P. Jackson, R. G. White. 
463 Mosher Stephen P.   Oct. 10, 1860 Sullivan Adm. - Lydia L. Mosher Bail - Joel Stevens, Henry B. Card
p.287 464 Ham John   Oct. 12, 1860 Middlebury Adm. - P.C. Hoig, Andrew Bartle.
p.289 466 Sayre Bezaleel Oct. 11,1860 Oct. 15, 1860 Charleston Wellsboro Cemetery Heirs - Charles Maxwell, son of my sister, Elizabeth Jonas Seely Maxwell, son of Charles Maxwell. Zerviah, widow of Luman Wilson, my interest in the Adam Hart farm. Nephews - Charles, Samuel & Ebenezer, sons of my brother, James Sayre. Harriet Bentley, Eliza Sayre, Mary Sayre, daughters of my brother, Hector Sayre. Harriet L, Sarah Elizabeth, daughtersof my sister, Zerviah, widow of Luman Wilson. Exec.- James Sayre and Charles Maxwell, Nephews Wit. - G.D. Smith and B.B. Smith.
p.291 467 Decay Henry   Oct. 23,1860 No town Adm. - Job Rexford Bail - George Harvey, Chas. G. Osgood.
468 Rice Solomon J. Oct. 21,1860 Nov. 01,1860 Charleston (died Oct. 21, 1860 Whitneyville.) Adm. - Diana Rice Bail - Solomon N. Rice, Stephen Ludlow.
p.292 469 Kimball James   Nov. 07, 1860 Wellsboro Heirs - Isabella Kimball, Mary Kimball, Josephine Kimball - no relation named. Exec. - J.F. Donaldson, S.F. Wilson Wit. - H.N. Williams, J.W. Bailey
p.293 470 Matteson George   Dec. 13, 1860 No town Exec. - Hiram Matteson Bail - James Beebe, Ezekiel Thomas.
472 Baxter Ira Clark   Dec. 29,1860 Nelson Exec. - Geo. H. Baxter and Calvin Baxter - brothers Wit. - M.H. Brooks, John W. Ryan.
473 Greenleaf Fanny   Jan. 12, 1861 No town Adm. - Jacob Hiltbolt Bail - William Enghish, Roland Reed
p.296 474 Redfield Levi   Jan. 19, 1861 Farmington Wife - Mary Dickinson Redfield. Sons - William Henry, Levi Hamilton, Charles Henry and James Franklin Redfield. Dughter - Sibel Philena Redfield Exec. - Charles H. Starr, Geo. G. Seely, James Tubbs. Wit. - Allen Seely, A.K. Bosard.
474 Redfield  Levi       The following omitted: Srah Jane Starr, Helen Lenora Starr, Martha Drafender.
p.297 475 Barrows Aaron   March 01,1861   of Attleboro, Mass. Adm. - William E. Cone Bail - thomas Allen. 
p.298 476 Roberts Zenos Feb. 27,1861 March 8,1861 Jackson Daggett Hollow Cemetery Wife - Mercy Roberts Heirs - Mary A. Hakes, Elizabeth S. Bailey, Abigail M. Bryan, Polly Ann Odell, Hiram B. Roberts, E.D. Roberts, Seth S. Roberts and Zenos H. Roberts. No relation stated. Exec. - Allen B. Bryan.
p.299 477 Adams William March 7,1861 Mar. 11,1861 Charleston ( died March 07,1861 age 89. Hills Creek Cemetery) Sons - Joseph and Robert Adams Daughters - Mary and Nancy Adams Grandsons - William Shale, Robert Adams. Granddaughter - Nancy Adams. Exec. - Robert Adams, Richard English. Wit. - James Lowery, Jno. Dickunsin, Chas. Herrington. 
p.301 478 Starkweather Amy   Mar. 21, 1861 Delmar Daughters - Sarah Culver, Dolly Carpeter, Mary Kelsey, Loretta Starkweather. Son - Alvin Starkweather Exec. - Son, Alvin and Silas Johnson. Wit. - B.B. Smith, H.S. Cook
479 Clark       Byron, Helen M., Wm. W., children of Josephus Clark, dec'd. Guardian - Amos Mansfield. February 06, 1861
           I returned 1976, three years later, to continue and did not put the number, but have included page numbers. The dates are date of probate.
p.302 Smith Isaac   Mar. 23, 1861 No town Adm. - Ephraim C. Smith
# 479 Mansfield Amos     Accounts as guardian of Clark children see, above # 479. 
p.304 Butts Nancy     minor children of William E. Butts May 27, 1861 Guardian - James C. Mercereau accounts. 
p.304 Landis Matilda   April 22, 1861 Liberty Adm. - Isaac Harman Wit. - H.S. Archer, Reg. of Wills
p.305 Kilburn Sally   June 03, 1861 No town Sons - Capt. Chas. S. Kilburn of U.S. Army Exec. - Chas. S. Kilburn.
p.306 Spurr D.H.   June 07,1861 No town Wife - Huldah Spurr Adm. - Horace Davis Bail - J.M. Phelps, Amos Bixby.
p.306 Moss William   June 08,1861 No town Widow - Sally Moss Adm. - Daniel Holliday Bail - B.B. Holliday, L.I. Mann.
p.307 Demarest Gertrude F.   July 10, 1861 Lawrence Husband - Woodham Demarest, Exec. Heir - Sister - Mary Gillett Demarest. Wit. - Daniel Calhoun, K. Parkhurst.
p.308 Berry John   June 24,1861 Tioga Exec. - Judith Berry Sister.
p.308 Colton Priscilla   July 11, 1861 Delmar Heirs - Henrietta, wife of Levi Stewart and Juliet, wife of Hiram Deming. Exec. - Israel Stone. Wit. - John S. Robinson.
p.309 Hurd Norman   July 27, 1861 Lawrenceville Citation to heirs - Horace Hurd, Philander Hurd, Lucretia Smith to show why they should not adm. Adm. - Philander Hurd. Wit. - Simeon I. Powers, James Kinsey.
p.310 Taylor David   Sept. 11,1861 No town Wife - Elizabeth Taylor, Exec. Wit. - David Coates, John Daily.
p.310 Scott William   Sept. 09,1861 Sullivan Widow - Seba Scott Son - Truman I. Scott. Daughters - Adella, wife of Horatio Allen. Exec. - Horatio Allen, Wm. H. Peck Wit. - E.A. Fish, G.E. Stauffer.
p.312 Sabin Stephen Sept. 18,1861 Sept. 30,1861 Delmar Stoney Fork Cemetery Widow- lucinda Sabin Heirs - Moses Sabin, Elsa Saban, Abner Saban and Lucius Sabin. Relationship not stated. Exec. Job W. Simons Wit. - Russell Lawton, Warren Lawton.
p.313 Norris Beulah   Oct. 04,1861 Delmar Husband - John Norris Exec. - James I. Jackson, Nephew Wit. - M.P.I. Dickinson.
p.314 Gould Gardner   Oct. 09,1861 Rutland Widow - Janice Gould Sons - Henry, Naham, Nelson Gould Daughter - Ursula Gould Exec. - Naham Gould Wit - P.W. Rockwell, Ezra Wood.
p.315 Mitchell Thomas   Nov. 12,1861 No town Widow - Elizabeth Ann Mitchell Exec. - Thomas B. Mitchell Bail - Wm. K. Mitchell, Richard Mitchell
p.315 Miller Nathan   Nov. 12,1861 No town Widow - Fanny Miller Adm. - William Miller Wit. - H.S. Archer, Reg. of Wills
p.316 Prutsman George M. 1861 Jan. 08, 1862 Tioga ( died 1861 born 1822 Evergreen Cemetery) Adm. - Caroline Prutsman, D.L. Aiken, B.C. Wickham. Request by Mary Prutsman Spaulding, Emma E. Smith, Inez Smith Brigham, Mary Smith Kemp, Harry D. Stevens, Gertrude A. Stevens, M.B. Prutsman, Henrietta Prutsman, all appeared to show that Caroline Prutsman was now Blackwell. David L. Aiken, & Benj. Wickham both dec'd. Adm. - by Leon B. Berry Oct. 17, 1905 Wit. - W.D. Van Horn, W.W. Miller 
p.317 Newberry Nathan Dec. 18,1861 Nov. 11,1862 Rutland Widow - Elizabeth Newberry Son - John Newberry, exec. Daughters - Susannah Benson, Julia A. Ely Other heirs - Martha and Fanny Ely, daughters of Julia Ann Ely. Wit. - Peter V. Van Ness, Geo. Tanner.
p.318 Merrell James   Feb. 05, 1862 Liberty Widow - not named Adm. - Chas. F. Veil, C.C. Merrell, Wm. Reagle
p.318 Gilkey Edward S.   March 8,1862 No town Widow - Lovina Gilkey Adm. - Lovina Gilkey, Jacob Quackenbush Wit. - A. Frazer, J.F. Donaldson
p.319 Hagar Isaac   Mar. 15, 1862 Sullivan Widow - Sally Hagar Daughters - Julia Bailey, Malinda Hagar Sons - Martin Hagar, Caleb S. Hagar, Jacob Hagar, Philetus Hagar. Exec. - Isaac Squires Wit. - Myron Rockwell.
p.320 Sheive John 1862 Mar. 27,1862 Jackson died 1862 age 77 - Jobs Corners Wife - Dorothy Sheive Sons - Albert, Lowden, Levi, George, Jacob, Charles, and Joel Sheive. Daughetr - Caroline Garrison Exec. - Levi B. Sheive, Edmund Garrison. Wit. - Nathaniel Smith, S.S. Parmenter
p.321 Gerould Henry   April 12,1862 Covington Wife - Sally Gerould Adm. - Christian P. Gerould, P.P. Putnam Bail - Tilly Marvin, Ira Patchen
p.321 Evans Matthew   May 03, 1862 Blossburg Adm. - H.K. Husted Bail - Aaron Baldwin, Henry Allen.
p.322 Prutsman Jacob   1862 Tioga Sons - Andrew, John, Abram, George M, adam Prutsman Daughters - Rachel Prutsman, Sally Smith Sahw, Catherine Westbrook, wife of Thomas, Polly, wife of Elias Westbrook, Margaret, wife of E. C. Goodrich. Other heirs - David and Sally Smith. Exec. - David L. Aiken, John W. Guernsey Wit. - Thomas Rockwell, J.S. Bush, E. O. Etz.
p.324 Purple Ansel   May 15, 1862 Deerfield Adm. - Martin V. Purple ( a stone in Academy Corners bears his name, but no dates. Wife - Maria d. 1881 ) Widow was not named in Adm.
p.325 Austin Chauncey   May 26, 1862 Delmar Son - Edgar S.F. Austin Daughters - Susan Emeline Walker, Caroline P. Austin, Sophia C. Alexander. Exec. - Israel Stone Wit. - John O. Johnson, Daniel Monroe.
p.326 Everitt David   June 02,1862 No towm Adm. - S.W. Smth Wit. - H.S. Archer, Reg. of Wills
p.326 Billings Rachel S.   July 24,1860   age 61 late of Elmira, chemung county, New York Husband - Silas, dec'd. Sons - David T., Silas X., Charles F. Billings Daughters - Laurette Johnson, Nancy Temple, Abby Mc Neil, Mary C. Billings. Exec. - David T. Billings of New York Wit. - Theodore North, Uriah S. Soner of Emira, N.Y.
p.327 Metcalf Marvin B.   Jan. 06,1862 Brookfield Daughters - Hector Ann, Sarah Matilda, Ruth Aminda Metcalf. Exec. - Joanna B. Metcalf Wit. - G.W. Northrop, C.H. Plank.
  Harrower Benjamin   Jume 11,1862   Adm. - Kasson Parkhurst.
p. 329 Robbins George   June 16, 1862 Elkland Wife - Mary A. Robbins Sons - John A., George, and Edwin Robbins. Daughters - Huldah A., Julia E., Mary A., Jane Louise, and Laura Priscilla Robbins. Exec. - Mary A. Robbins Wit. - Chas. Ryan and S.B. Brooks.
p.330 Furman Willam April 01, 1862 June 25,1862 Gaines Brookside Cemetery Wife - Polly furman Daughetr in law - Eunice J. Furman Mentions daughters of sons, but none named. Exec. - Geo. Hildrith, Julius Dort Wit. - J.S. Ogden, D.H. Furman.
p.331 Updike William   June 27,1862 Rutland Adm. - Hannah M. Wood of Jobs Corners Bail - Almon A. Updike, Aaron Wood.
p.331 Sheive Albert A.   Aug. 05,1862 Jackson Wife - Louisa Sheive Son - Albert Alanson Shieve Daughters - Amelia, Helen Sophia Sheive. Exec. - Chas. Sheive, E.B. Garrison Cemetery lot in Jobs Corner.
p.333 Herrington Reuben April 17, 1862 Aug. 09,1862 Shippen ( died April 17, 1862 age 71 - Ansonis) Wife -Eunice Herrington Sons - Horace, youngest. Others not named. Son - In - Law - John T. Purvis Exec. - Eunice Herrington and Horace Herrington Wit. - Horace Broughton, J.F. Calkins and Doretta C. Kleinhaus. 
p.334 Howland A. B.   Aug. 26,1862 No town Adm. - Wm. C. Ripley
p.334 Smith Elisha   no town or date   Adm. - Susannah Smith Bail - B.I. Rew, Alva Cornwell
p.335 Impson Nathaniel   Sept.08,1862 No town Adm. - Uriah Impson.

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