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Submitted by Emily BLANCHARD  Geschwindt
Part One Part Two 1934 Mail List
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1934 Larcom Family Reunion Mailing List

Submitted by Emily Blanchard Geschwindt from records of Doris CONNELLY Williams Jones.

The following list is one of several used for Larcom Family Reunions. The original is a typed manuscript dated 1934 and therefore perhaps of some value to those searching the 1930 census.

Mrs. Ernest Andrus - Horseheads, N.Y. R.D. #5

Mrs. Ella Andrews - Owego, N.Y. Star Route

Mrs. George Bolt - Granville Summitt, R.D.

Mrs. H. L. Bruster - North Barton, N. Y.

Mrs. Oscar Burtch - Otego, N. Y.

Edward Chapman - Binghamton, N. Y. 70 Washington St.

Mrs. E. O. Connelly - Covington, Pa.

Bradford Connelly - Covington, Pa.

Dean A. Connelly - Elmira, N. Y.

Mrs. D. A. Connelly - Covington, Pa.

Mrs. Ray Casteline - Union, N. Y. R.D.

Mrs. Elmer Clark - Covington, Pa.

Mrs. George Crippen - Bath, N. Y. 5 Lackawanna Ave.

Mrs. Lloyd Eddy - Monroeton, Pa.

Mrs. John Fletcher - Mansfield, Pa.

Mrs. Walter Forrest - Elmira, N. Y. R.D. #3

Mrs. Will Gay - Powell, Pa. R.D.

Harvey L. Heald - Troy, Pa. R.D.

Mrs. Della Hess - Newfield, N. Y. R.D.

Mrs. Clifford June - 601 Cedar St. Elmira, N. Y.

Mrs. Will Jenkins - Towanda, Pa. 5 Bridge St.

Mrs. Chas. Kinch - Canton, Pa.

Archie W. Kline - 217 Denny Bldg. 1408 Second Ave. Seattle, Wash.

Mrs. Elsie Lacktrup - Camano, Wash.

Mrs. Herbert Frissell - Seattle Wash. 2214 N. 38 St.

Emery J. Larcom - Canton, Pa.

Herbert J. Larcom - Granville Summitt, Pa. R.D.

Mrs. C. F. Larcom - Granville Summitt, Pa. R.D.

Mr. Floyd B. Larcom - Troy, Pa. R.D.

Archie Larcom - Port Allegheny, Pa.

Mrs. Jennie Larcom - (blank)

Julian C. Larcom - Candor, N. Y.

Herbert C. Larcom - Milan, Pa. R.D. 3

John C. Larcom (Jack) - Granville Summit, Pa. R.D.

Miss Alice E. Larcom - Ithaca, N. Y. 109 Catherine St.

John Larcom - Covington, Pa.

Ira Larcom - Skaneateles, N. Y.

Mrs. Rosie McClellan - Hector, N. Y.

F. L. Perry - Covington, Pa.

R. D. Pratt - Towanda, Pa. R.D.

Horace Pratt - Elmira, N. Y. 760 Mt. Zoar St.

Perley Pratt - Granville Summit, Pa. R.D.

Mrs. Melvin Robison - Candor, N. Y.

Mrs. E. B. Robert - Mainesburg, Pa.

Lynn Robert - Friendship, N. Y.

Mrs. R. L. Rockwell - 158 Orange Ave. Suffern, N. Y.

Delmar Swain - Granville Summit, Pa. R.D.

Mrs. T. J. Scaife - Covington, Pa.

Mrs. Fred Sampson - Mansfield, Pa. R.D.

James Sherman - Candor, N. Y.

Mrs. Herman D. Sweeney - Mainesburg, Pa.

Mrs. Emma Tubbs - Lockwood, N. Y.

Lloyd Tubbs - Waverly, N. Y. 468 Cayuta Ave.

Mrs. W. A. Updyke - Friendship, N. Y.

Claude Wilcox - Covington, Pa..R.D.

Wm. Wilcox - Mainesburg, Pa.

Mrs. Elnora Webster - Horseheads, N. Y.

Mrs. Lee A. Ward - Union, N. Y.

Mrs. Merton Welch - Union, N. Y.

Harold Wilcox - Covington, Pa.

Alfred Wilcox - Mainesburg, Pa.

Morris Wilcox - Covington, Pa.

Alfred Vannoy - Troy, N. Y.

Mrs. Lawrence Vannoy - Granville Summit, Pa.

Charles Middaugh - Elmira, N. Y. R.D. #3

Archie Larcom - Milan, Pa. R.D. #3

Mrs. Archie Wiggins - Canton, R.D.

A. H. Larcom - Chambers, N. Y.

Mrs. Emma Andrus - Newark, N. J. 99 Wright

Mrs. Clifton Allen - Powell, Pa. R.D. #1

Mrs. Robert Freeman - Rochester, N. Y. 232 Laburnum Ave.

Edwared Sherman - Ithaca 216 E. Seneca St.

Mrs. Clarence Jones - (blank)

Mrs. Clyde Bird - (blank)

Mrs. Delos Baker 99 Palcott St. Owego, N. Y.

Mrs. James Nelson - (blank)

Mrs. Henry Leonard - (blank)

Mrs. B. A. Harris - (blank)

Robert Eaton - (blank)

Mrs. Robert Brown - (blank)

Mrs. Fred Bowen - Medina, N. Y. 169 N. Glenwood Ave.

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