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Larcom Reunion 1917

The eighteenth annual reunion of the descendants of Job and Betsy Hull Larcom was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Scaife in Covington, Aug. 22, 1917.

The forenoon was spent in renewing old acquaintances and making new ones.  At noon all partook of a bountiful dinner.  Business meeting opened with the following programme:
Song - "America"
Prayer by E. O. Connelly
Song - "O that will be glory for me"
Recitation by Blanche Scaife
Song by Doris and Leah Connelly
Recitation by Delphine Larcom
Song by Lottie and Blanche Scaife
Recitation by Theodore Scaife
Song - "I love to tell the story".

Minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.
A motion made and carried that the present offficers be reelected.
A motion made and carried that the next reunion be held in Bradford County the 4th Wednesday in August, the place to be decided later.

Committee of arrangements:

E. J. Larcom and wife
H. L. Heald and wife
R. L. Rockwell and wife.

Programme Committee:

Delphine Larcom
Leah Rockwell
Nettie Larcom
Lillie Scaife
Doris Connelly

Remarks by A. L. Larcom, E. O. Connelly and others.
Closed by singing "Blest be the tie that binds".

Treasurer Report

Amount on hand                 $ 1.20
   Collection                        $12.25
   Expenses                         $12.41
Amount carried forward       $ 1.04
   Postage for 1918       $   .86
Balance                              $   .18

Delphine Larcom, Secy and Treas.


   Archie Larcom and Ruth Cummings
   Myrtle Larcom and Merton Welch
   Lottie Scaife and Walter Forest
   Marie Larcom and Clifford June

   A son to Mr. and Mrs. Lee Ward
   Twin daughters to Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Crofut

   Thomas E. Ashley
   Allie Pratt
   Harry Crofut
   Archie Treat

Larcom Reunion 1918

The Nineteenth Annual reunion of the descendants of Job and Betsy Larcom, was held Aug. 28th 1918 in the parlors of the Baptist Church, East Granville, Bradford Co, Penna.  The day was pleasant and a larger company asssembled.  The fore noon was spent enjoying old and greeting new acquaintances.  About noon dinner was announced - covers being laid for eighty-two.  After every one had done justice and then some to the good eats.  The meeting was called to order by the President and opened with the following programme.
Song by company
Scripture reading
Prayer - Rev. Seabolt
Recitation - Alice Larcom
Duet - Phoebe Kelly and Lena Rockwell
Song - Blanche Scaife
Recitation- Lena Rockwell
"               Bernice Larcom
"               Lillie Scaife
Song By Company - "God Save our Men"

Then followed the business meeting - reading of the minutes of the last reunion- also reading a letter from Mrs. Elsie Pratt Lacktrup Cannann Wash.

It was moved and carried that the next reunion be held at the home of Mr. Mrs. E. O. Connelly, West Hill, Covington, Pa. the fourth Wednesday in Aug 1919.

Election of Officers
   President - Julian Larcom, Candor, N.Y.
   Vice-President - E. J. Larcom, Granville, Pa.
   Sec'y-Treas. - Margaret Perry, Covington, Pa.

Committee of Arrangements

Mr. Mrs. E. O. Connelly, Covington, Pa.
Mr. Mrs. T. J. Scaife, Covington, Pa.
Mr.Mrs. D. A. Connelly, Covington, Pa.
Mr. Mrs. T. L. Perry, Covington, Pa.

Programme Committee

Lillie Scaife
Doris Connelly
Lena Rockwell
Delphine Larcom

It was moved and carried that this reunion should have a service flag in honor of the relatives who served in the world war.  Collection was taken up for same - amount something over six dollars.  Committee:  E. J. Larcom, T.J. Scaife, H. H. Heald.  As far as can be learned we have the following Honor Roll:
Orrin F. Kline - Tacoma, Wash.
Clifford June - Elmira, N.Y.
Lloyd Eddy - Canton, Pa.
Walter Forrest - Covington, Pa.

Treasurers Report

Amount carried over         .18
Collection                     13.90
Expenses                      13.50
Postage for 1919              .47
Balance                           .11

   Fay Crandall - Leah Rockwell - May 13, 1919

   A daughter to Robert & Edna Kline - Spring of 1919
   A daughter to Mr. mrs. Geo Crippen - Kathryn Marie Aug. 31 1918
   A daughter Mr. Mrs. D. A. Connelly - Alice Phoebe - Nov. 21 1918
   A daughter Mr. Mrs. Merton Welch - Rosalie - May 7 1919
   A daughter Mr. Mrs. Archie Larcom - Grace Evelyn - Mch 10 1919
   A son " Mrs. O. F. Kline - George Orrin Dec. 17 1918

   Orrin F. Kline - Killed july 18 1918 in action at Bois de Coutevil Villars France (in the Soissons sector).
   Pearl Gay - Oct. 26 1918
   Kline Savage - San Francisco Cal.

After remark by several of the company - and a talk by Rev. Seabolt the meeting closed by singing "Shall we gather at the river" everyone feeling they had spent a very pleasant day - loking forward to the next year.

Margaret D. Perry, Sec'y-Treas.

Larcom Reunion 1919

The 20th annual reunion of the descendants of Job and Betsy Larcom was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Connelly, Covington, Penna., the fourth Wednesday in Aug. 1919.  The forenoon was stormy but for all of that a large number were ready when dinner was announced.  The business meeting was called to order with the following programme:
Song - "Let Love Shine In"
Scripture reading and Prayer - Rev. Ferguson
Recitation - Leah Connelly
"              - Alice Larcom
"              - Ethel Wilcox
Song - Blanche Scaife
Recitation - Rebecca Connelly
"              - Verna Wilcox
"              - Lillian Scaife
After the reading of the minutes of the last reunion the followingg officers were elected:
   Pres. Julian Larcom
   Vice Pres. Chas Larcom
   Secy Tres. Delphine Larcom.

Committee of arrangements

Chairman - Emery Larcom & Wife
The following were appointed to assist them
Chas F. Larcom & Wife
R. Y. Rockwell  Wife
Floyd Larcom & Wife
Perley Pratt & Wife
G. S. Eddy & Wife

Programme Committee

Maude Rockwell
Ethel Gay
Lillian Scaife
Eva Larcom

The Service flag having not yet been purchased the committee were to get it by another year.
Remarks by Harvey Heald
Closing song "God be with you till we meet again".

Treas. Report

Am't carried over           $   .11
Collection                       10.55

Expenses                                     $10.55
Postage for 1920                               .29

      In Debt                   $  .18


Nettie Larcom and Alfred  Van Noy Oct. 22, 1919.
Hazel Larcom & Claudia Wilcox April 6, 1920
Cora Treat and Ernest Andrews De. 5th 1919


A son MerleSidney to Mr. & Mrs. Lee Ward Sept. 20, 1919
A dau. Harriet Calferna to Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Wooster Nov. 9, 1919
A son Laverne Elwin to Mr. & Mrs. Jack Larcom Nov. 10, 1919
A son Burton L. to Mr. & Mrs. Clifford June Sept 8
A dau Doris to Mr. & Mrs. Faye Crandell Dec. 18
A dau Lily May to Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Eddy Dec. 9, 1919
A son Richard LeVerne to Mr. & Mrs. Walter Forrest Nov. 27, 1919


Orrin Middaugh Feb. 19, 1920

Larcom Reunion 1920

The 21st annual reunion of Larcom family descendants of Job and Betsy Larcom, was held on Wednesday, August 25, 1920 at the Baptist Church at Bailys Corners, pA.

The forenoon was occupied by the arrival of the different members of the family and by visiting.  At noon a bountiful dinner was served, following which a programme was rendered and business session had.


Song - "What a Friend We Have in Jesus"
Scripture Reading and Prayer - Rev. Sebolt
Recitation - Alice Larcom
Recitation - Leon Sampson
Recitation - Delphine Larcom
Recitation - Helen Sweeney
Recitation - Lillie Scaife
Recitation - Daisy Larcom
Reading - "Wanted a Carpenter - Rev. Sebolt

Business Meeting

Meeting called to order by Julian Larcom.  Minutes of last meeting read and approved.
Report of Delphine Larcom Sec. and Treas. as follows -
   Collection today                                              $19.40
   Deficit                                         $  .18
   Expenses                             $15.11         $15.29

                    Balance on Hand                               4.16
Moved and carried that report be accepted.
Next place of meeting was then discussed - after considering several places it was decided to hold it at Riverside Park, Elmira, N.Y. on the fourth Wednesday in August which will be August 24th, 1921.
Election of officers followed and resulted as follows.
   Pres. Julian Larcom
   V. Pres. Emery J. Larcom
   Secy. & Treas. Jennie L. Heald.
   Chairman of Arrangements Harvey L. Heald
   Chairman of Programme Jennie Larcom
Following remarks by Rev. Sebolt and E. J. Larcom and singing of "Blest be the Tie that Binds" then we adjourned.

 Jennie L. Heald Secretary


Number present Aug. 20 - 111
Marriages -
   Delphene Larcom to George Bolt Nov. 20, 1920

Larcom Reunion 1921

The 22nd Annual Reunion of the decendents of Job and Betsy Larcom was held at Riverside Park in Elmira N.Y. August 24th, 1921.
Officers Elected for year 1923 were
    President Julian Larcom
   V. President Afton Larcom
   Sec and Treas. Bertha Connelly.
Committees appointed by President
   Chairman on arrangements T. J. Scaife
   Chairman on Program Mrs. Fred Perry.
Place of next reunion at T. J. Scaife's in Covington, Pa.
After a most bountiful dinner the company assembled and had a picture of the group.  No. present 103.
Motion made that a picture be sent to Archie Kline to be paid for out of the treasury.
We were favored with a recitation by Winnifred Crippen.
Remarks made by T. J. Scaife also A. H. Larcom.

Jennie Heald Sec.

Treas. Report - 1921

Balance from 1920               $ 4.16
Collection 1921            $20.70
   Total                                            $24.86

Expences of Reunion            $22.22
Picture for Archie Kline           1.25
   Total                                            $23.47
Balance in Treas.         $ 1.39

   May 14, 1921 Bernice to Archie & Ruth Larcom

Larcom Reunion 1922

The 23 annual reunion of the Larcom Family met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Scaife.
Relative and friends gathered from all directions during the A.M.  After a very bountiful dinner the business meeting was called by the Pres. Julian Larcom.  Minutes of thee last meeting read.  Treasurers report read and accepted as read.

Next came election of Officers
   President Julian Larcom
   Vic-Pres. Afton Larcom
   Sec. and Treas. Bertha Connelly.

Some talk on where the next reunion be held.  Motion made that the 1923 reunion be at Troy Fair Ground. Motion seconded.  After some remarks the motion was withdrawn.  After some discussion a motion was made that the next reunion be in Bradford Co., the place to be decided by the committee on arrangements.  Motion was seconded and carried.  Committee appointed:
   A. L. Larcom and wife
   E. J. Larcom and wife
   Chas. Larcom and wife
   Herbert Larcom and wife

Recitation by Alva Larcom
Remarks by E. B. Robert, Afton Larcom, T. J. Scaife also by President.

Committee to write some kind of word to Aunt Clarissa.  Committee recommend that we send greetings to Aunt Clarissa and that the people asembled express their regrets of her inability to be present by a rising vote.  Voted unanimously.

Motion made that each family bring their knife, fork, and cups to next reunion Com. to buy paper plates and see about other dishes.  Motion carried.

Bertha Connelly, Sec.

Treasurers Report

Balance in treas from 1921             $ 1.39
Collection                                     $21.34
Fund on service Flag turned in           7.00
      Total                                      $29.73

Expenses                               $21.54
      Balance in Treas.                    $  8.19

Bertha Connelly Treasurer

Larcom Reunion August 22nd 1923

The Twenty fourth Annual reunion of the decen dents of Job. and Betsey Larcom was held at the Bailey Corners Church near Granville Center on Aug. 22nd 1923.

A company of 100 gathered from far and near and all seem to be enjoying themselves.  After a very bountiful dinner which all shared, a business meeting was called by the Vice Pres.   Minutes of the last meeting were read.  Treasures report also read. also record of births deaths and marriages that secretary could get.  Motion made that the reports be accepted.  Motion carried.  Then came election of officers.  Motion by Harvey Heald that the present officers be reelected.  Motion carried.

Motion made that the 1924 reunion be held in Tioga Co. place to b e fixed by the arrangement committee.

Motion made by T. J. Scaife that the gathering give the Committee on this reunion a rising vote of thanks.  Vote was given.

Story by T. J. Scaife.  Remarks by E. B. Robert, Alice Larcom and Vice Pres Afton Larcom.  All were invited to write in Cousin Kate's birthday book.
Story about Murphy's Cat told by Harvey Heald. talk Will Wilcox
Committee for next reunion.
   E. O. Connelly and wife
   T. J. Scaife and wife
   Fred Sampson and wife
   Will Wilcox and wife
   Fred Perry and wife
   and any other they want to call on.
Closing Song.  "What a Friend We have in Jesus"
Benediction T. J. Scaife

Bertha Connelly, Secretary

Aug 22nd 1923
   Balance in Treas. from 1922                                  $  8.19
   Collection 1923                                              $20.73
   Expenses ( meat 4.23 napkins .40 rolls 2.40
      butter .45 church 3.00 help 4.00 ice c. 6.25)
   Balance on hand.                                                   $ 8.19

July 8th 1925 to E. J. Larcom for flag                            2.00
Aug. 19


August 26, 1903

Name and Address

T J Scaife   April 18, 1868
May Scaife   Jan. 3, 1874
Lottie May Scaife   April 27, 1897
Lillie Scaife   July 9, 1900
Blanche Scaife   July 21, 1903
E. O. Connelly   Sept. 25, 1861
Ashley, Bertha Connelly   Feb. 21, 1874
Dean A. Connelly   Sept. 25, 1885
      Candor Tioga
George Chapman
Rosa Chapman
Fredy R. Chapman
      Covington Tioga
Otis Larcom Jan. 12, 1863
Jenni Larcom   Aug. 5, 1865
Bertha Larcom   Jan. 9, 1894
Marie Larcom   June 22, 1899
John Larcom   Dec. 13, 1875
Nancy Larcom   Jan. 16, 1872
Arlehi (?)Larcom   March 24, 1884
Adda Larcom

Julian C. Larcom   Candor, N.Y.   Oct. 4, 1853
Sarah F. Larcom   Jan. 8, 1860
Lucy A. Larcom   Nov. 23, 1876
Ella M. Larcom   Jan. 7, 1884
                          Ithaca N.Y. 423 E. Seneca St.
Alice Larcom   March 6, 1866
Mrs. E. F. Larcom   Granville Center, Pa
E. F. Larcom   Granville Center Pa.
Lucy F. Pratt   West Burlington Pa.
Ephraim Pratt   West Burlington Pa.
                       Franklindale Pa.
W. O. Gay   March 29, 1866
Minnie Gay   April 5, 1870
Ethel Gay   August 29, 1895
Pearl Gay   August 5, 1899
Edith Gay   May 1, 1903
                  Covington R.F.D.#2
Phoebe C. Connelly   March 10, 1840
                  West Burlington Pa.
Daniel W. Pratt   Oct. 2, 18939
Cecelia R. Pratt   Oct. 29, 1845
L. D. Pratt   Dec. 29, 1871
Horace ? Pratt   March 27, 1886
                   West Franklin Pa.
Floyd B. Larcom   Jan. 26, 1883
Nellie Larcom   Oct. 10, 1888
Nettie M. Larcom   March 15, 1901
                    Granville Center
A. L. Larcom
Kate Larcom
Ashley Larcom
Herbert Larcom
Perlie Pratt      West Burlington
Cora Pratt
                       West Burlington
H. C. Larcom    Jan. 21, 1861
Zada Larcom   March 26, 1864
Archie Larcom   March 13, 1892
                        West Burlington
G. W. Larcom   May 14, 1830
Clarissa Larcom   Dec. 18, 1840
Homer Eddy   June 14, 1886
George Eddy   Oct. 29, 1854
Etta Eddy   July 29, 1866
Minnie Eddy   Dec. 21, 1889
Lloyd Eddy   March 28, 1892
Bertha B. Eddy   July 9, 1895
Dewey Eddy   April 1, 1898
Raymon Rockwell Granville Smt. R#1 Pa.
Maude Rockwell          "
Leah Rockwell             "
Lena Rockwell             "

Larcom Reunion 1924
Locust Auto Park Aug. 27th 1924

The twenty-fifth Annual reunion of the Larcom family held August 27th 1924
Relative gathered from far and near bringing a large supply of good things to eat so that when dinner was ready the tables were loaded with eats.  After dinner the Pres. called the meeting to order for the business session.
Prayer by Pres. Julian Larcom.
Minutes of last meeting read and accepted.
Election of officers came next.  Motion made that the same officers be reelected.  Motion carried.
Motion made by Mr. Andrus that the next reunion be held in Elmira at Riverside Park.  Motion carried.
Committee on arrangements
   Ernest Andrus and wife
   Elnora Webster and husband
   Otis Larcom and wife
   Clifford June and wife
   Horace Pratt and wife
   and any others they call on.
Some talk on having flag stars & stripes - also a banner for the reunion.  Motion made that we have them.  Motion carried.
Committee to get the same E. O. Connelly, T. J. Scaife, and Emory Larcom.
Motion made that the reunion extend a vote of thanks to the ones who own the park.  Rising vote was given.
Some talks by T. J. Scaife and Afton Larcom and others.
Motion made that the gathering send their regrets to the absent ones by the relatives.
Story told by Julian Larcom about the Laplander.
All business being finished we departed feeling we had a profitable day.

Betha Connelly, Sec'y.

            Treas. Report
Balance from 1923       $ 1.19+ flag fund 7.00 = 8.19
Collection                                              $17.74
Total                                                            $25.93
Expenses                                                 17.74
In hands of Treasurer                                        8.19

Paid to E. J. Larcom for flag   2.00
Paid to Jennie Connelly for banner   4.00
Paid for Postal cards   .50

Twenty Sixth Annual Larcom Reunion Aug. 26, 1925

Reunion called to order at Elmira, N.Y. by President  Julian Larcom.
Minutes of last meeting read, also Treas. report.  Motion made by T. J. Scaife that the reading be accepted.  Motion seconded and carried.
Next meeting to be in Bradford Co. place to be left to committee on arrangements.
Motion made by  Herbert Larcom  Seconded by Tom Scaife that Julian Larcom be next President.  Motion was seconded and carried.
Motion made, seconded , and carried that Doris Connelly be Secretarry and Treasurer.
Committee on arrangements
   Harvey Heald and wife
   E. J. Larcom and wife
   R. L. Rockwell and wife
   Floyd Larcom and wife
   Geo. Bolt and wife
   Perley Pratt and wife
   Delmar Swain and wife
   and any they call on.
   Mrs. Ella Andrews
   Theodore Scaife
   Bradford Connelly
   Delphine Bolt
   Adda Larcom
   Mrs. Lawrence Vannoy
   Clifford June and wife
Next came new business.
Talks on expenses of gathering by Julian Larcom and Hattie Larcom.
Motion made that we all take our baskets and committee buy ice cream, tea and coffee.  Motion was seconded and carried.
Talk by Jennie Larcom on changing day, to make it  more convenient for larger attendance.
Motion made by Julian Larcom that the day be changed to the Fourth Saturday in August.  Motion was seconded by Afton Larcom and carried.
Motion made by Afton Larcom the reunion give the Committee and the manager of the grounds a rising vote of thanks..  Vote was given.
Motion made and carried  that the Flag and banner committee have a vote of thanks.
Some music by Alice Andrews and Vivian Tubbs.
Adjourned with all having enjoyed the day and all the good things that came with it.

Bertha Connelly Sec.

Larcom Reunion 1926

Ther Twenty seventh  Annual Larcom Reunion was held at "The Elms"    near Troy August 28, 1926 with 75 in attendance.

The meeting was caled to order by E. J. Larcom in the absence of the Pres.  Sfter prayer by E. O. Connelly the minutes of the  last meeting were read and accepted.  Julian Larcom President , Vice Pres. were re-elected and Lottie Forrest was elected Sec'y and Treas.

Invitation was extended for next reunion to be held in Tioga County, Pa. and accepted, the place to be decided by committee on arrangements.  Claud Wilcox was appointed chairman, after which he selected as helpers, with privilege of selecting others later, the following  Thos J. Scaife, Fred Sampson, E. O. Connelly, Elmer Clark, Fred Perry, John Larcom, John Fletcher and wives and Jennie Connelly.

Motion made by Floyd Larcom and seconed by Afton Larcom that a copy of minutes be sent to Julian Larcom, our faithful President, with regrets of his absence.

Motion made and carried that we pay Mr. Leonard $5.00 for the use of the grounds after which a rising vote of thanks was also extended Mr. Leonard.

Motion made and unanimously carried the the date of reunion be changed back to the fourth Wednesday of August.

It was suggested that the Committee on Arrangements act as a Program Committee.

Dismissed by E. O. Connelly.

Treas. Report for year 125-26.
   Coll $13.58 expenses 11.98.
      Balance in Treasure $1.60



Gordon Bryan to Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Burch June 28, 1926
Mary Elizabeth to Mr. & Mrs. Claud Wilcox June 19, 1926
Leo Wayne to Mr. & Mrs. Merton Welch Oct. 4, 1925
Hubert Gay Allen to Mr. & Mrs. Clifton Albert Feb. 27, 1926


Chas. F. Larcom   March 29, 1926
Lloyd Eddy   May 9, 1926
Hattie Ashley   July 6, 1926

Doris Connelly Sec'y

Larcom Reunion 1927

5.25. in Treas.

The twenty-eigth annual reunion of the Larcom family was held at Smythe Park, Mansfield Pa. on Aug. 24, 1927 with 71 in attendance.  Meeting called to order by president.  Prayer by president Julian Larcom.  Long What a Friend in Jesus.  Programme.  Rec. by Vivian Wilcox, Bernice Larcom Thomas Forest, Righard Forest.  Minutes of Last meeting read & approved as read.  Election of officers President Herbert Larcom, V. Pres. Julian Larcom Secy and Treasure Ruth Larcom.  Motion made and seconded tht the next reunion be held at the home of Herbert Larcom, Bradord Co.  Emery Larcom Chairman of Committee of Arrangements Harvey Heald & Wife, Archie Larcom zzzzz7 Wife Geo Bolt $& Wife, Claude Wilcox & Wife, Clifton Allen & Wife, Archie Wiggins & Wife, Floyd Larcom, Purley Pratt & Wife, Delmer Swain & Wife, Afton Larcom & wife with the privilege of selecting other lter.  Motion made & carried that the sec'y get cards and send to flowing who on account of ill health were unable to attend the reunion vis:  Mrs. Margaret Perry, Mrs. Otis Larcom, Mrs. Aton Larcom & Miss Genieve Borden.  Motion made & carried that the committee of arrangements buy paper plates and saucers for next reunion & each bring their own silver & cups.

There being no more business we adjourned to visit.

Treasures Report
   Balance on Hand   $1.60
   Expenses for 1927 reunions   $12.67
   Post cards sent & cards for sick members plus postage   $1.08
   Collection at 1927 reunion   $17.40
   Balance in Treasure Aug. 24, 1827   $5.25

L. Forrest (Treas.)


Morris Wilcox to Louise Mason
Bertha Larcom to Russell McWilliam
             May 18, 1927


Vaudine Wilcox to Mr. & Mrs. Harold Wilcox


Horace Heald
Mrs. Nettie Vannoy
Harrison Larcom
Ed Roberts Oct. 10, 1927
Milford Chapman Feb. 1927

Lottie Scaife Forrest (Sec'y)

Larcom Family Reunion 1928

Thetwenty-ninth annual reunion of the Larcom family met Aufust 22 1928 at the home of Herbert Larcom for dinner.  There being 84 present.
Business Meeting opened with Prayer by Julian Larcom
Minutes of last meeting read and approved after which the followinging officers were elected.
   President - Afton Larcom
   V. President - Julian Larcom
   Sec. and Treas. - Ruth Larcom.
It was voted to hold the next meeting in Elmira.  Place to be decided by committee.
George Crippin appointed Chairman of Committee.
The following Program was given
   Thomas Forrest -  Rec.
   Walte and Richard Forrest - Duet
   Richard Forrest - Rec.
   Winnifred Crippen - Rec.
After which the New Chairman appointed his committee for the next year as follows:
   Clifford June and wife
   Mr. and Mrs. Walter Forrest
   Mr. and Mrs. Francis Webster
   Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Andrews
   Mr. and Mrs. Otis Larcom
   Mr. and Mrs. Emery Larcom
   Mr.. and Mrs. Archie Larcom
   Adah Larcom
Motion made and seconded to accept picture of Job and Betsy Larcom (to be displayed at Reunion each year).
Meeting closed by singing "God be with you 'til we meet again".
Treasurers Report
   Balance in treasury Aug. 22, 1927   $ 5.25
         Cards sent                                    .75
   Expenses for 1928 Reunion              10.73
   Total                                               11.48
   Collection 1928                                12.50
   Leaving                                             1.02
   Balance in Treas 1928                        6.27

Ruth Larcom Sec.


Lois Jannette Welch
Harvey Lawrence Vannoy
Lloyd A. Frissell - Dec. 16, 1928 - Seattle, Wash.


Blanche Scaife - Clarence Jones
Irene Clemens - Bradford Connely
Alice Andrew - Delos Baker
Edna Lacktrup -  Herbert A. Frissell  Feb. 21, 1928


Oscar Burtch
Celia Larcom
Minnie Wooster June 27, 1928

Larcom Reunion 1929

The Thirtieth Annual Reunion of the descendants of Job and Betsy Larcom was held at Brand Park, Elmira on August 21, 1929.  There were 66 present.  Following a bounteous dinner a meeting was called to order and all joined in singing "Blest Be the Tie that Binds".
Prayeer was offered by E. O. Connelly and minutes of last reunion read and approved.

The officers for the for the coming year were elected:
   President - Afton Larcom
   Vice President - Julian Larcom
   Sec & Treas - Doris Connelly

Greeting were sent to those who werre ill after being signed by those present.

Motion was made and seconded that song cards should be purchased to be used from year to year.

Motion was made and seconded that secretary procure cards to be sent to absentees.

Thanks were extended to the committees who acted for the day.

Short talks were given by Julian Larcom, T. J. Scaife, Emery Larcom, Alice Larcom, Geo Crippen, Otis Larcom, E. O. Connelly, R. D. Pratt, Maude Rockwell, Ray Casterline, Clifford June, Lucy Casterline, Walter Forrest.

Motion was made and carried that the next reunion be held in Tioga County.  Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Connelly were appointed as Chairmen to select committee.

Meeting adjourned.

Treasurer's Report
   Balance in Treas 1928                  6.27
   Collection 1929                    10.23
   Postage                                         .65
   Ice Cream, Rolls, Dishes, etc.    8.80
   1929 Balance in Treas                   7.05


Creighton Roy Ward Apr. 8, 1929 to Mr. and Mrs. Lee Ward
Dorothy Louise Wilcox Nov. 25, 1928 to Morris and Louise Wilcox


Francis Webster
Dorothy Loouise Wilcox Dec. 25, 1928
Irving Tubbs Feb. 1929

Larcom Reunion 1930

The 31st Annual Reunion of the descendants  of Job & Betsy Larcom was held at the home of Mr.  & Mrs. E. O. Connelly August 27,1930.  After a bountiful dinner had been served to 65 relatives and many aqquiantances had been renewed a meeting was called to order by President Afton Larcom.  The gathering joined in  singing " My Faith Looks up tp Thee".  Prayer by E. O. Connelly.  Minutes of last year and treasurer's report were read and approved.  The same officers were again elected as follows:
   Pres. Afton Larcom
   Vice Pres.  Julian Larcom
   Secy & Treas Doris Connelly

The invitation was made by Herbert Larcom for the next reunion to be held at Lake Ondawa - Big Pond.  The Committee appointed for arrangements were:
   Herbert C. Larcom Chairman
   Archie Larcom & wife
   E. J. Larcom & wife
   Harvey Heald & wife
   H.L. Van Noy
   Geo. Bolt & wife.

Short talks were made by Julian Larcom, T. J. Scaife, Claud Wilcox, Harvey Heald, Ell Connelly, Will Wilcox, Bertha Connelly, May Scaife, Emery Larcom, Geo Barden, Mrs. Charlotte Barden.

A motion of thanks was extended to E. O. Connelly and wife for entertaining the reunion in their home.

Greetings were sent to Otis Larcom, Kate Larcom, Frankie Larcom, Ettie and Archie Wiggins and Genevieve Barden.

An uncompleted list of Job and Betsy Larcom was read.

The treasurer's report was read and meeting was dismissed by singing one verse of "God Be With You".

Doris Connelly, Sec'y.

Bal in Treas 1929                      7.05
Collection 1930                $13.45
Coffee, Rolls, Butter, help          3.71
Invitations                                   .68
Greetings                              .45
                                             $ 4.84

Balance in Treas                     $15.66


Lawrence Douglas Welch - Sept. 24, 1929 to Mr. & Mrs. Merton Welch
Arloween Elsie Jones - Nov. 30, 1929 to Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Jones
Lawrence Kenneth - Jan. 2, 1930 to Mr. & Mrs. Walter L. Forrest
Nettie June - July 1930 to Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Bird
Ann Marie - Oct. 1929 to Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Barden


Bernice Larcom - Clyde Bird
Ivan Larcom - Lillian Chamberlain Nov. 19, 1929
Addah Larcom - Robert Freeman Jan 17, 1930
George Barden - May Tina Feb. 28, 1930
Arthur Barden - Mary McBlane


Irwin Wilcox Dec. 23, 1929
Will Gay Aug. 4, 1930
eo. Chapman June 1930
Mrs. Eleanor Maxwell Aug. 4, 1930

Larcom Reunion 1931

The 32nd Annual Reunion of the descendants of Job and Betsy Larcom was held at Lake Ondawa on August 26, 1931.

After renewing acquaintances a bounteous picnic dinner was served.  The group assembled on the hillside and were photographed, after which they returned to the hall for business meeting and program.

The meeting was opened by song and prayer.  The secretary&Treasurer's report was read and accepted.  The same officers were re-elected.  The Reunmion  ext year is to be held in Elmira, Brand Park on 4th Wed. in August.

The Comm ittee on Arrangements appointed were Clifford June & Wife and Junie Larcom.

The Program consisted of:
   Talks by Julian Larcom, May Scaife, Jennie Larcom, Afton Larcom, Geo Barden
   Reading by Cora Ketchen
   Music by Grace & Bernice Larcom
   Reading by Emery Ketchen
   Music by Archie Wiggins.

Doris Connelly, Sec'y.

Balance in Treas 1930   15.66
Collection 1931         10.97
Dinner Expense                      10.94
Postage                                     .54
Balance                         15.15


Nancy Jane May 19, 1931 to Robert and Addah Freeman
Kathryn Marie June 10, 1931 to Blanche and Clarence Jones
Melvin Duane Nov. 5, 1930 to Elmer and Alberta Clark
Marilyn Percilla April 13, 1931 to Myrtle and Merton Welch


Raymond Kinch and Elizabeth Leonard July 1931
Claude Larcom -


Elbert O. Connelly Nov. 11, 1930
Otis U. Larcom Mar. 31, 1931
Adelbert Larcom June 18, 1931
Leo Larcom (Delos boy) May 17, 1931

Larcom Reunion 1932

The 33rd Annual Reunion of the descendants of Job and Betsy Larcom was held at Brand Park, Elmira on August 24, 1932 with 79 in attendance.  After much visiting, enjoying the recreations afforded by the Park and partaking of a bountiful dinner a meeting was called to order by our President Afton Larcom.  Prayer was offered by Tom Scaife.  The minutes of the last years gathering were read and accepted.  A motion made by Harvey Heald and seconded by Emery Larcom that the same officers be re-elected was carried.  Afton Larcom President; Julian Larcom Vice Pres. Doris Connelly Sec'y & Treas.

An invitation was extended by Ella Andrews for us to come to her home between Candor and Owego for our next reunion, the fourth Wed. of August.

The Committee for arrangements were appointed:
   Mr. & Mrs. Fred Andrews
   Mr. & Mrs. Ray Casterline
   Mr. & Mrs. Julian Larcom
   and any others whom they wished to choose.

A rising vote of thanks was given to those who worked on the committee this year.

A program consisteds of remarks by most of the Adult relatives present.

Balance in Treas 1931  15.15
Collection 1932         10.45

Expenses Dinner  8.50
Postage & Cards   .50
Balance             16.60


Daughter to Clyde & Bernice Bird
July 22, 1932 Son - Chas Thomas to George & Delphine Bolt


Robert Casterline & Dorothy Waltman June 16, 1932
Leon Treat & Gertrude Clark Feb. 13, 1932
Leah Connelly & George Hendricks Oct. 15, 1921


Mariah Larcom May 7, 1932.

Larcom Reunion 1933

On August 23, 1933, despite the continued rain throughout the day, 77 descendants of Job & Betsy Larcom gathered at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Fred Andrews near Owego, N.Y. for their 34th reunion.

After renewing acquaintances with much visitiing, and when all had arrived, dinner was announced.  We gathered around the tables heavily laden with a very bounteous dinner and enjopyed.

Owing to the illness of our President, Afton Larcom, the business meeting was called by Julian Larcom.  Claude Wilcox offered the opening prayer.

The minutes of the last meeting were read and accepted.

Motion was made, seconded & carried that the same officers be reelected for another year.

Motion was made and carried that the next reunion be held at Smythe Park, Mansfield on Aug. 22, 1934.

Committee on Arrangements appointed:
   Hattie Sampson
   Claude Wilcox & wife
   Elmer Clark & wife.

Entertainment Committee appointed
   Mary Scaife Covington
   Carrie Wilcox
   Alice Baker Owego 99 Talcott St.
   Marie June Elmira.

Letters were read from Mildred Bowen and Edna Frissell.

A short program followed:
   Recitation by Theresa Forrest
   Reading by Carrie Wilcox
   Reading by Fred Andrews
   Reading by Lucy Casteline
   A number responded with stories or short talks when called on by the acting president.

Treasurers Report
   Balance in Treas 1932   16.60
   1933 Collection              8.24
   Total                            24.84
   Dinner Expenses                       7.67
   Postage, Cards & Greetings         .80
   Bal in Treas                  16.37

Doris Connelly, Sec'y


Harold Eugene - Sept. 1, 1932 - Robert & Ada Freeman
Theodore Allen - Oct. 1, 1932 - Raymond & Elizabeth Kinch
Richard Erwin - Oct. 23, 1932 - Harold & Viola Wilcox
Martha Mai - Jan. 14, 1933 - Blanche & Clarence Jones
Phillip                                       Chas        Middaugh
Leo James -         1933- Marie & John Crawford (Delos)
Mary Eva -           1933 - Harold Larcom (Jack' Son)
James Earl -          1933 - James Larcom (Jacks Son)
Helen Marie - Aug. 16, 1933 - Bernice & Burton Terry (Tubbs)
Son -                     1933 - Nettie & Harry Allen (Tubbs)
Jerry - July 1933 -  Bernice & Clyde Bird
Chas Robert - Oct. 5, 1932 - Leland & Anna Pratt (Perlie)


Minifred Crippen & Lloyd Kranz - Mar 4, 1933
Geo Barden & Emma Kennedy
Helen Sweeney &       Jerome


Oct. 7, 1932 Kate Larcom
May 10, 1933 Will Jenkins
Oct. 3, 1932 Genevieve Barden
                    Bertha Roberts

Larcom Reunion 1934

The 35th Reunion of the family of Job & Betsy Larcom was held at Smythe Park Mansfield on August 22, 1934.

After an enjoyable forenoon had been spent in visiting a bountiful picnic dinner was spread before 77.  Due to a heavy downpour of rain immediately after dinner we all gathered in the pavillion and our business meeting was called to order by Vice President Julian Larcom.

The minutes of last years meeting treasurer's report and records were read and accepted.

The officers elected for the coming year were
   President Julian Larcom
   V. Pres. Herbert C. Larcom
   Sec'y& Treas Doris Connelly.

Motion was made and seconded that the  next reunion be held at Elmira the 4th Wed. of next August.

Committees:  Clifford & Marie June
                     Walter & Lottie Forrest
Entertainment Committee:
   May Scaife - Carrie Wilcox
   Alice Baker - Lottie Forrest

   Song by Christine Clark
   Song by Melvin Clark
   Recitation Theresa Forrest
   Readings Carrie Wilcox
   Talks by different members who responded when called on by President.
   Vote was cast to send greetings to Hattie Sampson, Etta Wiggins, Ella Andrews, Frankie Larcom
   Meeting was closed by Prayer by T. J. Scaife.

Treasurer's Report
   Bal. in Treas. 1933                16.37
      Collection 1934                    7.38
   Dinner Expense                     10.25
   Postage Card & Greeting           .80
      Bal. in Treasury                $12.70


   George Morton Jr. to Geo & Bertha Crippen Bath NY  Jan. 2, 1934
   Edna Kathleen to Bradford & Irene Connelly Dec. 12, 1933

   Alice Pratt and Gordon Treat 1934
   Lucille Ward and Chas Clayton Cawley Apr. 10, 1934

   Afton L. Larcom  Aug. 25, 1933
   Emma Tubbs 1934
   Chas Kinch July 17, 1934
   Mrs. Sam Barden Feb. 7, 1934

Larcom Reunion 1935

The 36th Reunion of the Larciom Family was held at Brand Park, Elmira, Aug. 28, 1935 with 61 in attendance.  After dinner the meeting was called to order by the President, Julian Larcom.  The minutes of the last meeting, treasurer's report and records were read and accepted.

The motion was made and carried to reelect the present officers:
   President Julian Larcom
   Vice President Herbert C. Larcom
   Sec'y & Treas. Doris Williams.

The invitation to Bradford County, the place to be selected by the Committee for next year's reunion was accepted.  Committee appointed were:  Emery & Minerva Larcom.  They selected Archie & Ruth, & Herbert Larcom, George & Delphine Bolt.

The gathering voted to have the secretary secure cards and send greetings to the following who could not attend on account of illness:  Hattie Larcom, Geo. & Delphine Bolt, Etta & Archie Wiggins, Harvey & Jennie Heald, Minnie Gay, WElsie Kinch, Alice Larcom.

We were entertained by a recitation by Laurence Forrest.  Songs by Melvin & Christine Clark.

A rising vote of thanks was given to the committee of arrrangements.

Meeting was closed by song "Near the Cross" and prayer by T. J. Scaife.

Doris Williams Secy.

Treasurers Report
   Bal in Treas 1934            12.70
   Collection of Day              5.25
      Total                           17.95
      Dinner                7.94
      Notice Cards         .60
      Greeting Cards      .48
Bal in Treas.                        8.93


   Carmellia Blanche to Blanche & Clarence Jones Nov. 28, 1934
   Robert Casterline to Dorothy & Robert Casterline Dec. 7, 1934
   Chas Rodney Cawley to Lucille & Chas Cawley Jan. 24, 1935
   Mary Larel Hendricks to Leah & Geo Hendricks Mar 26, 1935
   Gerald Duane to Leland (Perlie's son) & Anna Pratt Sept. 18, 1934
   Thelma May to Edith & Clifton Allen Nov. 20, 1934

   Doris Connelly & Lynn A. Williams Jan. 23, 1935

Larcom Reunion 1936

The 37th Larcom Reunion was held at "The Elms" near Troy Aug. 26, 1936 with 100 in attendance.  After a bounteous dinner the meeting was called to order by president, Julian Larcom, assisted by Tom Scaife. Prayer, Claude Wilcox.  Minutes and reports were read and accepted.  The same officers were reelected
   President Julian Larcom
   Vice Pres. Herbert Larcom
   Sec. & Treas Doris Williams

Invitation was given to hold reunion in Elmira indefinitely and also to come to Covington next year.  A discussion followed and vote was taken.  Seven voted to go to Elmira indefinitely and fourteen to go to Covington next year.

Claude Wilcox was appointed as Committee Chairman.

Reuniion greetings were sent to Jessie Wilcox, Frankie Larcom, Ella Andrews Bertha Connelly, Elnora Webster.

Vote of thanks was given to dinner committee.

Former invitations were recalled and it was voted that we would hold our next reunion in the vicinity of Candor N.Y.  The place to be decided by the Committee.  Nmely Ray Casterline, Lee Ward and Milton Welch.

A poem was read by Lucy Casterline.

A song, composed & sung by Claude Wilcox.

Many remarks were made by members present.

Doris Williams, Secy.

Treasurers Report
   Bal in Treas 1935             8.93
   Collection 1936           10.55

   Dinner Expenense             7.81
   Hall                                 3.00
   Invitations                          .60
   Greetings                            .25
      Total Expense                        11.66

   Balance in Treasury                         7.82

   Lucille Elaine to Bradford & Irene Connelly Feb. 21, 1936

   Ethol Wilcox and Wesley Brewer Aug. 22, 1936
   Eleanor Larcom and Floyd Freeeman Aug. 24, 1936

   Mary Laurel Hendricks Mar. 29, 1936
   Archie Wiggins June 4, 1936
   Minerva Larcom Aug. 4, 1936

Larcom Reunion 1937
The 38th Larom Reunion was held a Enjoie Park, Endicott, N.Y. Aug. 25, 13 with an attendane of 65.  We welcomed the famly of Earl Tubbs sho had never met with us before.  After  dinner, a busines meeting was oened by prayer by Julian Larcom.  The minutes were read and accepted.  Same oficers were elected.  A motion was made to change the day of next reunion from 4th Wednesday to 3rd Saturday for 1 year tial.

An invitation to Covingon was accepted.  Theodore Scaife was appointed Chairman of arrangements, and due to his absence his helpes wer to b named later.

A vote of thanks was etended to the commitee of the day.

Greetings were sent to Jennie Larcom, Minnie Bruster, Ettie Wiggins and Maude Rockwell.

Bal. in Treas               7.82
Collection                8.70
Dinner Expense           8.70
Invitations                     .54
Greetings Postage          .32
Bal n Treas                1937   6.96

Doris Wiliams Sec'y & Treas.

   Russell Myron to Bernice & Russell Tubbs Jan 5, 1937
   Barbara Jean to Winifred (Crippen) & Lloyd Kranz April 1, 1937
   David Le Roy to Myrtle (Larcom) & Merton Welch June 25, 1937
   Richard Chas to Eleanor (larcom) & Floyd Freeman July 2, 1937

   Vivian Clark & Elwood Sisson Jan. 16, 1937
   Martha Connelly & Leo Blanchard Mach 25, 1937
   Lucille Ames & James Sampson
   Leah Rockwell & Watson  G. White July 10, 1937
   Rebecca Connelly & Leon Butler Aug. 21, 1937

   Marha Mai Jones (daughter of Blanche Scaife Jones) Sept. 18. 1936
   Elnora Webster Feb.  1937
   Hattie Larcom June 2 or 3 1937

Treas. Report 1938
Bal. forward from 1937                $6.96
Days Collection                          6.05
Total                                         $13.01
Dinner Expense                             6.73
Invitations                                       .50
Greetings                                         .21
Total Expenditures                      7.44
Bal. in Treas. 1938                         5.57

Larcom Reunion 1938

Te 39th Larom Reunion was held at The Old Home Day Pavillion at Mainesburg, Pa. on Aug. 20, 1938 with 47 in attendance.  After a bountiful dinner the meeting was called to order by Vice Pres. Herbert Larcom.  The minutes of last year were read and approved.

A communication from Edna Rissel of Seattle, Wash. was read.

The election of officers were Pres. Herbert Larcom Vice Pres. Emery Larcom. Sec & Tres Doris Williams.  We voted to hold our next reunion at Elmira.  After a lengthy discussion it was voted to hold the reunion on the fourt Wednesday as fomerly.  An invitation was extended by peple of Covington for the reunion next year if it was incovenient to ave it at Elmira.  A rising vote of thanks was extended to the committe of the day.

Mr.. & Mrs. Walter Forrest were appointed as chairmen of next years committee.  They to selet their helpers.  Greetings were extended to Ettie Wigins, Maude Rockwell, Margaret Perry, Minnie Brewstr, Hazel Wilcox, Jennie Larom.

The meetimg was closed by Pryer by Claude Wilcox.

Doris  Williams, Secy.

   Grace Louise to Blanche (Scaife) & Clarence Jones
   Charlotte Edna to Herbert & Edna (Lacktrup) Frissel May 14, 1935
   Jean Ray to Lucille (Ward) & Charles Cawley Dec. 15, 1937
   Barbara Ann to Dorothy & Robert Casteline July 29, 1938
   James Wilford to Bernice (Tubbs) & Burton Terry Feb. 18, 1938
   Roert Lee to Eleanor (Larcom) & Floyd Freeman July 10, 1938

   Chas Lacktrup-Johanna Laten Jan 15, 1937
   LaRue E. Eddy-Eleanor E. Wenck May 14, 1938
   Lyle Ward-Ruth Ingalls April 27, 1938

   Fred W. Lacktrup March 10, 1936
   Julian Larcuom April 11, 1938

Larcom Family Reunion 1939

The 40th Annual reunion of the Larcom family was held in Eldredge Park on Wed. Aug.23, 1939 with 59 in attendance.  After a bountiful picnic dinner the business meeting was called by President Herbert Larcom with a prayer by Claude Wilcox.  Minutes of 1938 were read and approved.  The following officers were then elected.  Pres. Herbert Larcom. Vice Pres. Claude Wilcox. Sec'y & Treas Doris Williams.  An invitation was extended for the next meeting to be in Bradford Co. on the 4th Wed. of August 1940.

A rising vote of thaks was given the committee of the day.

Also, a vote of thanks was sent to the Elmira Park Commission for the accomodations given at Eldridge Park.

Jennie and Harvey Heald were appointed chairmen of next years committee.  They to select assistants.

Greetings were sent to Cliford June (later rescended as he came), Minnie Gay, Ettie Wiggins, Hattie & Fred Sampson, Alice Larcom, Claude Wilcox, Elsie Kinch.

Meeting was closed with prayer by T. J. Scaife.

Treas. Report
Bal. from 1938                        5.57
Collection of day                   8.00
Total                                     13.57
   Dinner expense                     7.50
   Notice cards                           .55
   Greeting Cards                       .20
Total                                       8.25
Balance in treasury 1939           5.32

   Russell Lyle to Lyle & Ruth Ward Nov. 20, 1938
   Robert Laverne to Bernice & Russell Tubbs Feb. 10, 1939
   Gordon Ernest to Gordon Treat Aug. 28, 1938
   Alice Andrews and Clark Potter
   Franklin Larcom April 5 or 6 1939

Larcom Family Reunion 1940

The 41st Annual reunion of the Larcom Family was held in the Pavillion at Lake Ondawa, Bradford Co., Aug. 28, 1940.  Altho the day was cold and rainy 61 gathered and enjoyed the day.

The business meeting was called to order by Herbert Larcom opening with prayer by Claude Wilcox.  The minutes & records of 1939 were read and approved.  The officers were reelected namely Pres. Herbert Larcom, V. Pres. Claude Wilcox Secy & Treas. Doris Williams.  The invitation for next meeting in Tioga Co. was given by T. J. Scaife.  The President appointed Claude & Maude Wilcox chairmen to select their committee.

Communications were read from Elsie Pratt Lacktrup and a friend of Chas & Bertha Kline.  Greetings were sent to Alice Larcom, Bertha Connelly, Ettta Wiggins & Anna Tubbs.

Talks & stories were giveen by Harvey Heald, T. J. Scaife, Lynn Williams, Robert Freeman, Lee Ward & Emery Larcom.

After a vote of thanks was extended to the dinner committee the meeting was closed by singing "The Old Rugged Cross" & prayer by T. J. Scaife.

Doris Williams Secy.

Treas Report Bal For'd 1939          5.32
Collection of day 1940                   8.89
Total                                           14.21
   Hall                                            3.00
   Dinner exp.                                 7.95
   Notice cards & greetings                .60
Total                                           11.55
Balance in Treasury  1940              2.66

   Dorothy Virginia to Leland & Anna Pratt Apr. 27, 1940
   Lyle L. to Lyle &   Larcom May 1, 1940
   Edw. Neal to James & Lucille Sampson July 16, 1940
   Dorothy Marie to Winifred & Lloyd Krantz Sept. 2, 1939
   Grace Larcom & H. Mettler Henrich Jan. 26, 1940
   Bernice Larcom & Gordon Robbins Sept. 28. 1939
   Kenneth Van Noy & Gladys Wilbur March 22, 1940
   Muriel Ward & Eugene Olson Aug. 24, 1940
   Cora wife Perlie Pratt Feb. 27, 1940
   Bertha Kline May 10, 1940

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