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Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
Bradford County PA
1860 Brainard House Census
1860 Census American Hotel and Bovier House
1868 - Early Hotels (Elmira)
Ashland - Baldwin Hotel at Wellsburg
Elmira - Causer's Elmira House 1891
Elmira - Globe Hotel 1882
Elmira - Langwell Hotel
Elmira - Mark Twain Hotel
Elmira - National House 1857
Elmira - Rathbun Hotel
John T. Rathbun
Elmira - D. L. & W. Hotel at Dickinson St.
Elmira - Wyckoff House
Elmira - Western Hotel 1866
Elmira Heights - Oak Ridge Hotel
Big Flats - Buena Vista Hotel
Southport - State Line Hotel
Erin Hotel(s)
Erin - Beckwith Hotel at Park Station
Breesport Hotel
Horseheads - Hoffman House
Horseheads - Platt House
Horseheads - Trembley House (1980 Calendar)
VanEtten Hotel Page
Fischler Hotel - Wellsburg
Other Counties
Galeton (Potter County PA) Hotel Edgecomb
Schaad's Hotel, Mildred PA
Powys Inn (??)
Kane PA - Internal with Jesse Williams
Tioga County Hotels in 1899
Antrim Hotel
Blossburg - Seymour House
Blossburg - Sheffer House - Eagle Hotel
Blossburg - Hotel Bloss
Blossburg - Keefe House
Elkland - Hotel Signor
Elkland - Case House (1875)
Fall Brook Hotel
Gaines - Hotel Vermilyea
Lawrenceville - Cowanesque Hotel
Lawrenceville - Nahant House
Liberty - Sebring House (1899-p326)
Liberty - Smith's Hotel
Liberty - Sempsey's Hotel & Livery
Mansfield - Hotel Allen 1899
French Hotel - Mansfield Hotel
Potter's Hotel - Middlebury Center
Starkey's Hotel - Middlebury Center
Morris - Black's Hotel
Morris - Blackwell House
Potter Brook Hotel
Hawley House at Potter Brook
Roseville - Backer Hotel
Sabinsville - Hotel Rice
Tioga - Park Hotel
Union - Roaring Branch Hotel
Union - Central Hotel at Ogdensburg
Wellsboro - Wilcox House
Wellsboro - Penn Wells Hotel
Wellsboro - Coles House
Wellsboro - Farmer's Temperance Hotel
Wellsboro - Parkhurst House (1875)
Westfield - New American House
Westfield - Smith's Hotel
Athens - Hotel Stimson (4 part from BL)
Athens - Forrest House
Albany - Norton's Hotel
Barclay - Laquin Hotel
Burlington Hotels
Burlington - Mountain Lake 
Burlington - Central Hotel 1865 Ticket
W. Burlington - Bailey Corners
Canton - Packard House
Canton - Park Hotel
Canton - Lake Breeze at Lake Nepahwin
Canton - Minnequa Springs Hotel
More Minnequa Photos
Columbia Cross Roads Hotel
Gillett - Center House
Leolyn (Lycoming County) Half Way House
LeRoy - Lewis Hotel
Milan - Hotel Hickey
Monroeton - Hotel Meredith
Mosherville Hotel
Powell - Hotel Camp
Sayre- Wilbur House
Smithfield Hotel
Sylvania Hotel
Towanda - Hotel Kinney
Towanda - Ward House
Towanda - David Wilmot Hotel
Troy - Eagle Hotel
Troy - Welch Hotel
Troy - Williams House
Troy  - Troy House
East Troy House 1866 Ticket
Party time at Troy House
Troy - Adams House
Ulster - VanDyke House
Valley House Inn - Sheshequin
Wyalusing - Marie Antoinette Lookout
1907 Directory - Bradford County Hotels
 Subj:  Hotels
Date:  05/06/2004 1:52:20 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From:  Ikeesmom
To:  JoyceTice

What a treat to see the old hotels in Westfield and Morris. Thank you for putting them in. I could write a short book  on the great times I had at both places in the very early 50s. By looking at the picture of the New American House in Westfield, I'm pretty sure that during the 50s it was owned by Clyde and Anna Safford. Visiting them were some of the happiest times of my teen years. If I'm not mistaken, this hotel was located acros the street of the movie theater.  Do you have any knowledge of where Joyce and Gary Safford are? I know their parents are long deceased.  Joyce and I kept in contact for years but lost contact in early 60s.

Saffords lived in Morris before moving to Westfield and owned the old hotel with the people in front of in the postcard.

The Black's Hotel was owned by Leo and Doris Smack during the early 50s. I spent many a night there also when my dad went there hunting and fishing for a few days. These pictures sure have brought back a lof of good memories. Thanks again.
Priscilla Alspaugh, Carlisle, PA

In a message dated 3/18/2008 8:07:08 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:
   First I wanted to thank you for the great work you've done putting together this site. I have been able to find out a lot of interesting information concerning my husband's mother's family using your resources. One omission I did notice recently was the lack of a listing for the Valley House Inn ( or just Valley House) in Sheshequin. My husband's great-grandfather, Jacob P Rogers was the owner and proprietor of this establishment from before 1868 until his death in 1902. After that his son, Herbert Rogers, ran the hotel for a few more years until he presumably sold it. I found the inn's exact location on a historic map of Sheshequin Township (circa 1868) and I also found some references to the Valley House in the History of Bradford County Book you have on your site (Pioneers and Patriots...). I sure would appreciate it if you'd add the Valley House to your list.
   Thank you very much for your time. :-)
Miriam Kubinski-Phillips
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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By Joyce M. Tice
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