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The following undated article was sent in by Susan Saulding. If anyone knows thedate, let me know. Please reference this page.

Flames Make Quick Work of the Largest and Best Hotel in Tioga County Last Friday

Last Friday morning, shortly after 11 o’clock, the cry of “Fire” was heard and very promptly a general alarm was sounded as the first to be startled by the ? saw smoke issuing from the fourth story windows of the Park Hotel, and it was early evident that no power within reach could save the doomed structure. 

Soon the Mansard roof within forty feet of the west end of the building was a ? mass of flames from which arose and floated off a cloud of smoke as black?  ?uld have issued from a burning oil tank. With some delay, on account of ? of organization of the fire company, four streams of water were doing all that ? be accomplished to deaden the blaze and prevent the spread of the fire ? buildings.

This was the largest and finest hotel building in Tioga county, and was erected about 1873 at a cost of nearly $45,000. Upon the decision of Judge David Cameron that the county should remain “dry” for at least a year the Messrs. Crawford, who conducted the place, decided to close it rather that operate it at a loss, and had only a few hours before the fire broke out locked the doors and left town.

The house was left furnished, and it also contained the clothing emporium of Harry Finesilver and the feed store of J. H. Howe.  Mr. Finesilver carried a stock of about $12,000 worth of clothing and furnishings, on which he had an insurance of only $8,000. Mr. Howe had a stock of 1,800 sacks of grain and feed, 200 sacks of which were saved, making his loss about $2,000. The hotel and contents were insured for only $12,000 which, of course, goes only a short way toward squaring the loss, as practically nothing was saved.

Owing to the splendid work of the fire fighters, who willingly and persistently risked life and limb, and a plentiful supply of water, the rest of the business portion of the village was saved, and with no great amount of damage. Streams were directed on the Red Men’s Building, Howe’s feed store, (formerly the Smith meat market), the Wickham block, and the business places opposite on Main street were protected by other small streams. The heat shattered the glass in the Urell stores and Harvey china department, and but for the heroic efforts of the firemen much more damage would have resulted there.

After the wood work of the building had been consumed many of the high brick walls were left standing and were considered a menace to the public safety so the Boro Council employed men to dynamite them. By Saturday evening more of the walls had been demolished without accident, although there was a very narrow escape from serious injury to those people in the drug store when a brick flew through the window and traversed the length of the room, shattering a mirror at the rear. The remaining walls blew down Sunday afternoon, slightly damaging the Red Men’s and Howe’s buildings.

The hotel was owned by the estate of I. G. Weaver, of Williamsport, and it is not thought by those supposed to be acquainted with inside facts, that the estate will rebuild it, but several parties have been looking the premises over since the fire and it is rumored that some are willing, or anxious to secure the ruins, for which they seem to have a definite use in view. We hope they may fall into the hands of someone who will erect an ornament to the place.

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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 18 DEC 2001
By Joyce M. Tice
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