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The 1908 Homecoming Auto Parade of Oshkosh, Wisconsin

This card is in the collection of the Waupun Historical Society. Steve Biever of Waupun identifies it as another shot from the same area as the Rock River Carp card. The Commercial Hotel on the left (still standing, just refurbished) from Main St. Looking north on Commercial St. In Waupun. It is not dated but is presumably of the same 1908 era as the other homecoming cards.




I have 8 Johnson RPPC's that show highly decorated cars that were in some kind of an auto parade in Oshkosh in 1908.  The cars are all decorated with various flowers. All of the auto are convertibles. Looks more like a flower parade than just an auto parade as all the cars have many flower decorations. Riding in the back seats of most of the cars are women all dressed up in white dresses with white parasols. The drivers of the cars are men all in white or black with chauffeur type caps on.   

Four of the Johnson RPPC cards are postmarked.....


1.  Milwaukee, Wis,  August 8, 1908

2.  Oshkosh, Wis, Sep 14, 1908

3.  Oshkosh, Wis, Jan 23, 1920

4.  Railroad postmark, 1908

The RPPC's have Johnson Post Card Works, Waupun, Wis. printed on the backside.


One card has written on the back, "I got this card at Oshkosh.  Taken in the auto parade there."


The cards have numbers printed on them on the front side in white ink. No's. 172, 175, 176, 179, 204 and 234.  So there must be more images out there.  Have not found any new such images for many, many years.


Private Collection of Morgan Williams

This photo of the 1908 Oshkosh Auto Parade was part of the Homecoming of August 1908. The card is postmarked 14 SEPT 1908, a railroad postmark, and addressed to Harriet Lupno of Westboro, WI. from Leen.

"This is not my car for mine is in the foundry.... I got this card at Oshkosh. Taken in the auto parade there."


Oshkosh 1908
Postmarked Milwaukee 30 August 1908.

The Oshkosh Homecoming, which included this parade, was held 24 to 29 August, so this is a very newly printed card. Johnson was able to turn them around fast.
auto parade
Postmarked Oshkosh, 14 SEP 1908. To Miss Lillian Jensen of Sheboygan from Mr. George Leon Varney.

"Word of Advice - when you get tired of 0 and 2 at school you ought to take a ride in this auto."

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