The Art & Humor of
A. Stanley Johnson of Waupun, Wisconsin

presented by The History Center on Main Street,
Mansfield, PA
How We Do Things, Second Ed.
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1908 Homecoming  and  1908 Oshkosh Parade

1909 Crop of 1909 : The Test Market

1909 to 1913 Handling Giant Produce: Itemized Below

Because there are so many cards in this period of highest productivity, I am arranging them in subject categories just to break the pages up to a manageable size. It gives us the chance to see the humorous ways Johnson imagined dealing with items too large for tools, space or mobility.

Giant Produce and How to Handle it.
Moving Produce by:
       Manual Cart
       Goat Cart & Kid Power 
       Horse Wagon 
       Motor Vehicle 
Storing Produce Too Big For the Barn
Using Outsized Produce - A Group Effort
A Class by Themselves: Oddities

The One That Got Away: Fishing Exaggeration
1909 1909-10 RPPC 1910-1911 1912 1913 1917 1918 1921

1910-1912 Hunting

1915 Scene on the Road

1916 Who Cares For an Auto

1917 Keeping Cool

1918 Winter and More

1923 Locked Up

1926 Camping

Original Background Photos That Became Cards

And Some That Didn't

Pennant Message Cards

Hal Reid Pioneer Life Cards

Waupun State Prison

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