The Art & Humor of
A. Stanley Johnson of Waupun, Wisconsin

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Mansfield, PA
How We Do Things, Second Ed.
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The Art & Humor of Keeping Cool in a Hot Summer

Johnson's scenes of people finding creative ways to keep cool are not as exaggerated as some, but they tell the story of desperate people trying to cool off in the days before air conditioning. These were produced in 1917.

These use the overprint of Keeping Cool in ...

Examples of this series are uncommon to rare.

Jane 1917 jane
  Most people who see the Annie and Jane cards respond that they actually did that. No exaggeration, just a solution.
frits Frits 1917
Same person as in Joe and Our Hero on this page

hero joe
Our Hero
Joe 1917

Keeping Cool in Jesse, North Dakota

These are images of the same person, both the server and the man being served.

P. 51 of 2013 printed edition
sun Sunshine 1917

Until recently we have had only a scan from a photocopy.
An example of this card was available on online auction in August 2018 and sold for $93.99.

In May of 2019 One was located in Wisconsin and purchased for $2.00 and sent to Joyce for free.

So, be careful on your prices. Value is relative.
triplets Triplets

Paula King acquired this online in 2018.

It is a rare card not often seen in auction.
jonah 1917
Let Go I'm Not Jonah

While not captioned with the Keeping Cool overprint, this seems to fit in this series and was published the same year.

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