The Art & Humor of
A. Stanley Johnson of Waupun, Wisconsin

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How We Do Things, Second Ed.
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The Art & Humor of     Stanley Johnson of Waupun, Wisconsin

When all else fails, Johnson's characters resort to brute force to move their oversized crops

Grapes 1909
  This card is from the earliest batch of October 1909. It was also produced as an RPPC as part of the test market that preceded marketing nationally. This High resolution detail of the rope shows that it is hand drawn on the image as part of the finishing process. rope
Loading Cabbage (1909) loading 
These men are putting all their muscle into forcing the cabbage into the box car. The man in the bowler hat is a character in several of Johnson's cards. In all cases, his role is to stand around and watch everyone else do the work. 
Citron (1911) citron 
  The man in the bowler hat appears in this scene with his hands in his pocket as usual. The boy and man rolling the melon also appears in Musk Melon. 
Cellery (sic) (1910)
cellery  This "Cellery" card is one of Johnson's classic misspellings. I believe that Johnson himself may be the model in this scene. It compares to photos we have of him, but is not certain. There are also many photos that include the man with the pipe.

The celery is well coordinated in this composition with the posed are position.
Hard Work (1912) hardwork 
Sauerkraut (1913)  sauerkraut 
Peanut Crop (1913) peanuts 
Peanut Crop demonstrates an innovative way to manually move a large object. In this scene, the background and foreground peanuts are not on the same scale as the much larger peanut being carried. 
A Tight Squeeze (1913) squeeze 
  In a Tight Squeeze, the various corn cobs are in good scale to each other. The men using poles as pry bars look a little bit "dressed up" for the task they are performing. 
Dill Pickles (1913)  dill 
Rolling Them In (1916) rolling 
  This scene took some planning. The man on the right is lifting the cucumber with a pry bar while the other man inserts a small log to roll it on.