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Families of Wells, Wells Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
By J. Kelsey Jones - 2004 Edition
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Fourth Generation:
103.  Benjamin Seeley b. 2 Nov 1804 m. 26 Dec 1824 in Meade County, Kentucky, Jane Craig b. c.    1803 Virginia. Enumerated in Meade County, Kentucky in 1830 with one male under age five, one    male of age five and under age ten, one male of age twenty and under age thirty, one female under    age five, one female of age ten and under age fifteen, and one female of age fifteen and under age    twenty. Enumerated as Benjamin Selly in Coles County, Illinois in 1840 in the same vicinity as his    presumed father William Seeley with one male under age five, one male of age ten and under age    fifteen, two males of age thirty and under age forty, one female under age five, one female of age five   and under age ten, one female of age ten and under age fifteen, and one female of age thirty and    under age forty. Enumerated in Logan County, Illinois in 1850, age 46, wagon maker, born New    York, with a wife, Jane, age 47, born Virginia. Benjamin d. 17 Jan 1852 47y 2m 15d (ts) Reed    Cemetery, West Lincoln Township, Logan County.

  daughter b. 1826-30 (1840 census).
  Samuel Abraham Seeley b. 2 July 1826/12 Dec 1828 Louisville, Kentucky purchased 80 acres on     23 Aug 1852 in Logan County, Illinois, m. 13 Feb 1853 in Postville, Logan County, Elizabeth     Catherine Craig b. 1835 daughter of Lewis Craig. Enumerated in Lincoln, Stafford County,     Kansas in 1880. Samuel d. 25 July 1904 Seward, Kansas and Elizabeth d. 21 Aug 1916 Seward     buried Eden Valley Cemetery, Seward, Stafford County, Kansas. Children, Sarah Ann Seeley b.     1860 Illinois m. John Grannison Gravatt, Mary Catherine Seeley b. 27 Feb 1863, John Seeley     b. c. 1870 Illinois, Parkman Seeley b. c. 1870 Illinois, Albert Seeley b. c. 1873 Illinois, Homer     K. Seeley b. 19 June 1876 Great Bend, Kansas d. 11 Dec 1957 Greensburg, Kansas.
  Adaline Seeley b. c. 1832 Kentucky.
  Louisa Seeley b. c. 1835 Iowa.
  Jesse Seeley b. c. 1839 Iowa.

104.  Alfred W. Seeley b. 2 Jan 1812 was sometimes known as Alfred 2nd to distinguish him from his    cousin of the same name who was about six years older and sometimes known as Alfred 1st. Alfred    sold 70 acres in Wells on 17 Nov 1840 to William S. Ingalls of Wells (Bradford County deed    18:363). Alfred m. Eliza A. Bentley b. 1831. Enumerated in Tioga Township, Tioga County,    Pennsylvania in 1850. Alfred returned to Wells and appears on the 1855 assessment list of Wells    with one cow. Enumerated in Wells Township, Bradford County in 1860. Alfred d. 6 June 1870 59y    5m 3d (ts) and Eliza d. 14 June 1887 (ts) buried Daggett Cemetery, Jackson Township, Tioga    County, Pennsylvania. Will of Alfred probated 8 Aug 1870 (Tioga County, Pennsylvania C:80)    named wife; son, Benjamin F.; daughters, Mahala Jane, Mary Etta and Sarah Ette. Brother, Lewis,    executor. Notes of Norman Charles Seeley (son of Benjamin F.) wrote “my father Benjamin F.    Seeley had two sets of twin sisters. One set burned to death in a fire. The other set became Mary    DeWitt and Sarah Baird. Another sister married Fred Norman.”

  Alfred Seeley an old resident of Jackson, Tioga Co., Pa., was found dead near his house. Deceased    had started for the mill on horseback that morning, and soon his horse returned home without him.    A coroner’s inquest developed the fact that he had died of heart disease, with which he had been    troubled for many years (The Northern Tier Gazette, Troy, Pennsylvania, June 30, 1870).

  Anna M. Seeley b. c. 1849 not enumerated with family in 1860 and perhaps d. young.
  Mahala Jane Seeley b. July 1850 m. 20 July 1872 (Methodist Church marriage record) Elliott     Eugene Updike b. 10 Feb 1849 d. 26 June 1883 m. (2)Fred Norman b. 17 Oct 1857. Jane d.     1908 buried with Elliot at Daggett. Fred d. 16 Jan 1937 Mansfield buried Welsh Settlement     Cemetery, Charleston Township. Child; Emma Janet Updike b. 15 May 1873 m. William James    Thomas.
  Mary Etta Seeley (twin) b. Aug 1854 m. William Force DeWitt and she d. 4 Feb 1924.
  Sarah Etta Seeley (twin) b. Aug 1854 m. David Baird and she d. 1928.
  James Seeley b. 1856.
  Benjamin F. Seeley b. Aug 1858 Fitches Bridge, Chemung County, New York m. 13 Oct 1880 at     Webb Mills, Southport, Chemung County, New York, Mary L. Burrows (2)Anna Louise Rose     and he d. 1920 buried Daggett Cemetery. Had children Franklin, Fred, Elmer b. c. 1889 d. 4     July 1983 Tioga buried Daggett, William, Carrie M., Janie, Pauline Mae, Anna L., and by     Anna had Gertrude V. and Norman C.

105.  Charles Seeley b. 9 June 1814 m. Mahala McIntosh b. 28 Feb 1832. Farmer, enumerated in    Woodbury, Cumberland County, Illinois in 1880. Charles d. 3 Mar 1897 Cumberland County,    Illinois and Mahala d. 10 Jan 1910.

  William P. Seeley b. c. 1849 m. Lydia Toothaker.
  Joseph Elliott Seeley b. c. 1863.

107.  Jonas Seeley b. 30 Dec 1818 was of Coles County (that portion that became Cumberland County),    Illinois when he purchased 160 acres on 29 Sept 1840 in Cumberland County, Illinois. Jonas m.    Elizabeth Anna Ingram b. c. 1821 Indiana. Purchased additional land in Cumberland County.    Enumerated in Woodbury Precinct, Cumberland County, Illinois in 1850. Jonas d. 20 Oct 1866    Cumberland County, Illinois.

  William Seely b. 25 Dec 1844 Cumberland County, Illinois m. 17 Aug 1865 Sarah Jane Adams.
  Celestia Seely b. 9 May 1849 Cumberland County m. William Frank Hallett and 25 Jan 1886     (2)Austin Amos Rice.

108.  Lewis Seeley b. 9 Apr 1821 first appears on the 1842 assessment list of Wells Township, Bradford    County, Pennsylvania with 20 improved acres and 17 unimproved acres. Listed as single on the    1850 assessment list (compiled fall of 1849). Lewis m. 6 Mar 1850 Mary Burr b. 19 May 1832    Newburg, Orange County, New York daughter of Aaron Burr and Sarah Longwell. Enumerated    1850 census of Wells. Lewis last appears on the 1851 assessment list of Wells (compiled fall of    1850). Enumerated in Rutland, Tioga County, Pennsylvania in 1860, 1870, and 1880. Lewis d. 10    Feb 1900 (ts) in Columbia Township and Mary d. 3 May 1919 (marker only has year of death)    buried with Lewis in Watson Cemetery, Roseville, Rutland Township.

  William Seeley b. 22 Apr 1852 d. 8 July 1855 3y 2m 16d (ts) Bentley Cemetery, Rutland Township,    Tioga County.
  Sarah Jane Seeley b. c. 1855 m. 26 Dec 1880 (Wellsboro Agitator, January 4, 1881) at Roseville,     Frank D. Pierce of Michigan.
  Isabelle Seeley b. c. 1858 m. Sheffield McClure.
  Judson W. Seeley b. 1860 m. Bessie VanNess. Farmer, Rutland Township (1899 directory).
  Evaline Seeley b. 1862 d. 26 Sept 1865 3y 5m (ts) Bentley Cemetery.
  Charlotte Amelia Seeley b. 13 May 1865 Rutland Township m. 24 Dec 1890 George Rush     Crippen and she d. 1945 Mansfield, Pennsylvania.
  Harriet Seeley b. 18 Nov 1867 m. 15 June 1888 Asa W. Crippen.
  Letitia Maye Seeley b. 21 Aug 1871 m. 26 Mar 1893 Otis Benson Cook and she d. 1956 buried     Watson Cemetery, Roseville.
  Frances Seeley b. 23 May 1875 m. Bruce Rosa.

109.  Mahala Seeley b. 25 Nov 1823 m. 28 July 1842 (Elmira Gazette, August 4, 1842) at Southport,    Chemung County, New York, Andrew J. Miller b. 3 Nov 1820. Enumerated in Wells, Township,    Bradford County, Pennsylvania in 1850. Removed to Jackson County, Iowa. Andrew d. 25 June    1880 Andrew, Jackson County and Mahala d. 3 Mar 1902 Perry, Jackson County.

   infant dau d. 7 June 1843 (ts) Mosherville Cemetery. Family record states b. 26 May 1843 d. 7 July     1843.
  Philo J. Miller b. 29 May 1844 Wells m. Isabella Jane Harrah.
  Horace W. Miller b. 17 Apr 1846 Wells d. 7 June 1867 Andrew, Iowa.
  Marshall Ervin Miller b. 27 Mar 1848 Wells m. Leonora Ellis.
  Celestia S. Miller b. 17 Dec 1849 Wells d. 10 June 1852 Wells.
  Andrew E. Miller b. 27 Jan 1853 Wells.
  Adella May Miller b. 1 May 1856 Wells m. Cornelius Brown.
  William C. Miller b. 3 Sept 1859 Perry, Iowa d. 6 Apr 1868.
  Malissa S. Miller b. 18 Dec 1862 Perry d. 28 Jan 1868.

111.  Evaline Seeley b. 1 Sept 1827 m. Walter Patterson. Evaline enumerated in Woodbury Precinct,    Cumberland County, Illinois in 1850. Enumerated in Rose, Shelby County, Illinois in 1880.

  William R. Patterson b. c. 1848.
  Charles Patterson b. 1850.
  Julia A. Patterson m. Silas Niccum.

112.  Fanny M. Seeley b. 28 July 1828 m. James Wiener b. c. 1822. Enumerated Woodbury Precinct,    Cumberland County, Illinois in 1850. Fanny d. 22 Jan 1902.

  David Wiener b. c. 1848 Illinois.
  William Wiener b. 1850 Illinois.
  Thomas H. Wiener.
  John E. Wiener.
  Mary E. Wiener.
  Ann M. Wiener.

115.  John Willard Seeley b. 25 July 1834 m. Penelope. John purchased 40 acres on 30 Nov 1869 in    Cumberland County, Illinois. John d. 25 Nov 1872 Cumberland County, Illinois.

116.  William Henry Seeley b. 8 July 1836 m. Catherine Ann Stirewalt b. 5 Nov 1836 Morgan County,    Indiana and she d. 1 Sept 1886 Cumberland County, Illinois. William m. 30 Sept 1887 at Olney,    Richland County, Illinois (2)Rebecca M. Grounds. William m. 26 Jan 1896 in Toledo, Illinois,    (3)Leah Belle Staley b. 17 Jan 1874 Cumberland County. William d. 16 Mar 1905 and Leah d. 26    Nov 1950 Toledo, Cumberland County, Illinois.

  Children of William and Catherine:
  Clarissa Jane Seeley b. 9 June 1857 Cumberland County, Illinois m. 20 Jan 1877 Asa Bader.
  John Willard Seeley b. 20 Feb 1859 Cumberland County m. 26 Feb 1888 Dora Isabel Deppen.
  Mary Elizabeth Seeley b. 22 Oct 1860 Cumberland County m. 19 June 1887 William Asbury     Huffman.
  Helean Seeley b. 21 May 1874 d. 26 Jan 1877.
  Emma Seeley b. 5 Sept 1878 m. 4 Oct 1897 James Cather, Jr.

  Children of William and Leah:
  Inez Winnie Seeley b. 21 June 1896 Cumberland County m. Rono William Bader.
  Daniel Allen Seeley b. 19 Jan 1898 Cumberland County m. 23 Sept 1922 Lora Inez Oakley.
  Jacob Lyle Seeley b. 31 July 1899 Cumberland County d. 29 July 1975 Pekin, Illinois.
  James Oliver Seeley b. 5 June 1901 Cumberland County m. Mabel Anderson.
  Ray/Roy Seeley b. 22 Mar 1903 Cumberland County m. Zeruah Bolin.
  Goldie May Seeley b. 18 July 1905 Cumberland County m. 29 Jan 1929 Richard Figgenbaum.

117.  Martha Jane Seeley b. 3 Apr 1830 m. c. 1846 Cornelius C. Daggett b. 5 Aug 1824 son of Rufus    Daggett and Hannah Sharp. Enumerated in Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania in    1850 and 1860. Cornelius served Company K, 141st Regiment New York Volunteers during the    Civil War. Jane d. 24 June 1897 (ts) and Cornelius d. 10 Mar 1907 (ts) Mosherville Cemetery, Wells   Township, Bradford County.

  The death of Mrs. Martha J. Daggett occurred last night at her home, No. 410 Herrick street, at 9    o’clock. She was sixty-seven years of age, and death was caused by peritonitis. Deceased is survived    by her husband, C. C. Daggett and eight children, Edward of West Superior, Wis., Merritt W., of    Wellsville, Pa., Willis C., George and Leman, of Elmira, Fred of Potter Brook, Pa., Mrs. Charles    Updike, of Jackson Summit, Pa., and Mrs. Judson Buell, of this city. The funeral will be held at the    residence at 1:15 o’clock Sunday afternoon. The remains will be taken to Mosherville, Pa., for    interment. The deceased was a member of the Wells Presbyterian church. She was a devout     Christian. In her home life she displayed the qualities of a true mother, bringing up her children in a   manner worthy of her character. The reciprocated the feeling of love and to them the loss of the    mother is a sad blow (Elmira, New York newspaper, Friday, June 25, 1897).

  H. Alice Daggett b. 7 Jan 1847 m. Henry Griffin Grinnell.
  Edith M. Daggett b. c. 1849 m. Judson Buell, resided Elmira, New York and Montana.
  Isabelle Daggett b. c. 1851 m. Charles Updyke, resided Elmira Heights, New York and she d. 28     May 1936 Jackson Summit, Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania buried Woodlawn     Cemetery, Elmira, New York.
  Edwin Daggett b. c. 1853.
  Merritt W. Daggett b. c. 1855.
  Willis C. Daggett b. c. 1859.
  George Daggett.
  Leman Daggett.
  Fred Daggett.

121.  Julia Seeley b. c. 1812 (census) 1815 (ts) m. Samuel Gordon b. 1814 son of James Gordon and    Esther Owens of Wells Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. Enumerated 1840 and 1850    census of Wells. Julia became a member of the Presbyterian Church at Aspinwall (now Coryland) in    1853. Samuel d. 1853 (ts). Julia renounced her right to administer the estate (Bradford County    probate 911) 10 June 1853. Letters of administration granted to James Gordon on estate of Samuel    Gordon, late of South Creek, 10 June 1853. Administrative bond by James Gordon, P. R. Knapp,    Robert Queal. Inventory 18 June 1853 by Ebin Dunning and Jesse Edsall. Julia d. 1899 (ts) buried    with James in Gillett Cemetery.

  William W. Gordon b. 25 Mar 1840.
  Esther Gordon b. c. 1846.
  Wilmot Gordon b. 1849.
  James Seeley Gordon b. 9 Aug 1851.

143.  Samuel Satterlee Seeley b. 2 Jan 1823 m. 7 Nov 1848 at Boone County, Illinois, Ann Miller b. c.    1832 New York State. Enumerated in Bryant Township, Graham County, Kansas in 1880, farmer.    Samuel d. 22 Mar 1916 Chula Vista, San Diego, California buried Goleta, Santa Barbara.

  William Seeley b. c. 1861 Iowa.

144.  Harriet Mercy Seeley b. 13 Nov 1824 m. 13 Feb 1841 Palmer Fitzalen Newton b. 23 May 1821    Allegany County, New York (History of Fayette County, Iowa; 1878 p. 612). They removed in 1845    to Boone County, Illinois and in 1847 in Rock County, Wisconsin and in Nov 1847 they settled on a    farm of 207 acres in Fairfield Township, Fayette County, Iowa. Farmer, enumerated in Fayette    County, Iowa in 1850, no township listed. Enumerated in Fairfield Township, Fayette County, Iowa    in 1860. Harriet d. 29 Oct 1889 buried Taylorville, Fayette County, Iowa. Names and births of    children from History of Fayette County, Iowa.

  Thomas J. Newton b. 15 Feb 1846 Stephenson County, Illinois m. Matilda C. Keith and he d. 29     May 1927 Tunk Creek, Okanogan County, Washington.
  William Edwin Newton b. 27 Feb 1848 Brush Creek, Fayette County, Iowa m. Amanda Elizabeth     Brooks and he d. 17 June 1921 Brooksville, Hernando County, Florida.
  Robert Lee Newton b. 29 Apr 1850 Brush Creek, Iowa m. 17 Sept 1871 Flora Lackey and he d. 17     Nov 1936 buried Taylorville, Fayette County, Iowa.
  Elizabeth Newton b. 26 Oct 1854 Brush Creek, Iowa m. L. J. Peck and she d. 12 June 1913     Kansas.
  Earl H. Newton b. 22 Dec 1856 Brush Creek, Iowa m. Clara Hull and he d. 3 Mar 1945 Colfax,     Whitman County, Washington.
  Ellen Seely Newton b. 27 Apr 1859 Brush Creek, Iowa m. 25 Oct 1877 James Cooney and she d. 6    June 1912 Oelwein, Fayette County, Iowa.
  Anna Lisle Newton b. 2 Jan 1861 Brush Creek, Iowa d. 1942.
  Bessie Newton b. 29 Oct 1862 Brush Creek, Iowa.
  John Pierre Newton b. 19 Apr 1866 m. Ivy E. Rawson (2)Lydia Hullinger and he d. 22 Jan 1950     Arlington, Fayette County, Iowa.

145.  DeWitt Clinton Seeley b. 28 Dec 1828 m. Eliza Jane Little b. 1832. Enumerated in Rock Run,    Stephenson County, Illinois in 1850. Eliza d. 1866 Waterloo, Iowa. DeWitt m. (2)Lola. DeWitt    enumerated in Ponca, Dixon County, Nebraska in 1880, occupation house builder. DeWitt d. 16 Dec   1915 Missoula, Montana.

  Charles L. Seeley b. 1852 Rock Run, Illinois.
  Minnie S. Seeley b. 1854 Rock Run.
  Albert H. Seeley b. 1859 Rock Run.
  Ora Fay Seeley b. 18 Jan 1863 Waterloo, Iowa m. 1882 William Austin Buswell and she d. 24 Jan     1930 Tekoa, Washington.

146.  Fletcher O’Fling Seeley b. 4 Oct 1829 was enumerated in Belvidere Township, Boone County,    Illinois in 1850, residing in a Downs household. Fletcher m. 1 Apr 1857 in Dubuque, Dubuque    County, Iowa, Maria Nurse Jones b. c. 1832. Enumerated in Polk Township, Bremer County,    Iowa in 1880, farmer. Fletcher d. 26 Nov 1889 Horton, Bremer County.

  Nellie M. Seeley b. c. 1867.
  Bertha L. Seeley b. c. 1870.

147.  Clarissa D. Seeley b. 26 Mar 1832 m. John Peter Moine b. c. 1816. Farmer, enumerated in    Fairfield Township, Fayette County, Iowa in 1860. Clarissa d. 25 Mar 1894.

  Clinton Moine b. c. 1854.
  Marion Moine b. c. 1855.
  Terene Moine b. c. 1857.
  Clara Moine b. c. 1859.

155.  Julia Pierce b. 6 Sept 1821 m. Emanuel Young b. c. 1820 New York. Carpenter, enumerated in the   village of Delavan, Walworth County, Wisconsin in 1850, 1860, and 1880.

  Emma Young b. c. 1848 Wisconsin.
  Charles Young b. c. 1854 Wisconsin.
  Fred Young (twin) b. c. 1858 Wisconsin.
  Frank H. Young (twin) b. c. 1858 Wisconsin.

159.  James Monahan b. 30 Sept 1824 m. 8 Apr 1848 (Southport, Chemung County, New York marriage   record) Nancy Seeley b. 1829. They removed to Cameron, Steuben County, New York by 1850    when James was assessed for 30 acres. Enumerated in Cameron in the 1855 state census, James a    millwright with Nancy and three children. James m. 1864 (2)Mary Jane Owens b. 29 Oct 1832    Cameron and widow of David Leach and the mother of three children. Enumerated in Cameron in    1860. Enumerated in Cameron in the 1865 and 1875 state census. James d. 17 Apr 1904 Jasper,    Steuben County, New York buried Stuart Burying Grounds, Cameron.

  Children of James and Nancy:
  Edward Monahan b. 5 Mar 1849 Grove, Allegany County, New York m. Ida Bernice Leach.
  Volney Monahan b. 10 Feb 1850.
  Harriet Monahan b. c. 1854.

  Children of James and Mary Jane:
  Frank A. Monahan b. 1864 Cameron Mills.
  Grace Bell Monahan b. 2 Apr 1868 Cameron.
  Hortense Monahan b. 1871.
  Judson James Monahan b. 7 June 1873 Wellsburg, Chemung County, New York.
  Mabel Monahan b. 1875.
  Floyd Monahan b. Nov 1879.

173.  Henry J. Morris b. c. 1837 m. Mary Jane Moore b. c. 1840 Vermont. Enumerated in Rockdale,    Crawford County, Pennsylvania in 1870 and 1880, farmer.

  Mary Ella Morris b. c. 1865 b. Richburg, Allegany County, Couty, New York m. William K.     Hyde and joined DAR on Samuel Seeley.
  James O. Morris b. c. 1869 Pennsylvania.
  Virgelia Morris b. c. 1873 Pennsylvania.
  Harry Morris b. c. 1875 Pennsylvania.

224.  Caleb Seeley b. c. 1802 was enumerated in the 1825 state census of Southport, Chemung County,    New York with three males and two females in the household. Enumerated in the 1830 census of    Southport, Chemung County, New York with four children in the household, but no wife. If he had a   first wife who was deceased, son Fillmore was perhaps in another household being cared for. There    is an eight year span between the birth of Fillmore and Robert, which may indicate two marriages.    Caleb first appears on the 1835 assessment list (compiled fall of 1834) of Wells Township, Bradford    County, Pennsylvania. Enumerated in Wells Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania in 1840.    Enumerated in Wells in 1850 with wife, Mary b. c. 1806 New York. Caleb and Mary deeded    acreage (Liber 36:266) in Apr 1852 to James A. Wilson and deeded acreage (Liber 37:195) in Apr    1852 to Henry Colony. On 9 June 1854 Caleb and Mary of Wells deeded (Liber 98:23) 2 acres to    Sabrina Seeley (there is no known Sabrina Seeley and this perhaps refers to Sabra Seeley wife of    Strong Seeley) of Wells near Partial Mpaes, R. R. Beckwith, and George Beckwith. In Dec 1854    Caleb and Mary deeded (Liber 43:77) the remainder of their land in Dec 1854 to James A. Wilson.    Caleb last appears on the 1855 assessment list (compiled fall of 1854) of Wells. Caleb and Mary    with children Julia, Fillmore, and Robert settled in Portage County, Wisconsin and were enumerated   in Almond Township in the 1855 state census enumeration. Enumerated in Pine Grove Township in   1860, Caleb age 62 and Mary age 59, Mary unable to read and write. John T. Crandall and Elizabeth   Hagerman were enumerated in the next household, also having resided in Wells Township. Caleb,    age 71, and Mary, age 68, enumerated in Pine Grove in 1870, daughter Julia and her children    residing with them. Caleb and Mary buried Plainfield Cemetery, Waushara County, no markers.

  John K. Seeley b. c. 1822 New York first appears on the 1843 assessment list of Wells assessed for     one horse. Single on the 1844 assessment list. Assessed with two oxen in 1845. Still single on the     1849 assessment list. John does not appear on the 1850 assessment list. On the 1851 assessment     list he is John Rheuell Seeley. Does not appear in 1852 and later.
  Benjamin Seeley b. c. 1824 New York appears on the 1845 assessment list of Wells, single. He     appears again in 1852 as Benjamin 2d to distinguish him from his grandfather. On the 1855     assessment list (compiled fall of 1854) he had transfered his property to John Brownell.      Enumerated 1860 census of Pine Grove Township, laborer in mill, wife, Lydia b. c. 1827 New     York and daughter Mary J., b. c. 1854 Pennsylvania in household. Benjamin and wife Amelia b.     c. 1833 enumerated in Pine Grove in 1870, farmer, with her children by a previous marriage, John    Crandall, age 15, born Illinois, George Crandall, age 13, born Illinois, Anna Crandall, age 10,     born Wisconsin, Sophrona Crandall, age 8, born Wisconsin, Joshua Crandall, age 6, born     Wisconsin, and their children, Julia Seeley, age 3, and Caleb Seeley, age 1, in household.
  William Seeley b. c. 1826 New York appears on the 1848 assessment list of Wells assessed for one     cow, listed on the 1849 assessment list as single, m. 5 July 1850 (Waushara County marriage     3:52) in Waushara County,  Wisconsin, Jerusha Hill b. c. 1833. Enumerated in Almond      Township, Portage County, Wisconsin in the 1855 state census enumeration. Enumerated in Pine     Grove Township in 1870, farmer, no children in the household. William d. 21 Sept 1880      Waushara County. Jerusha m. (2)Frank Rathermel. Jerusha d. 17 Jan 1897 buried Plainfield     Cemetery. Had children, Alice Seeley m. S. R. Cannon, Annis Seeley b. 21 Apr 1853 m. 8 Aug     1869 Frank C. Cram, Mary Melvina Seeley b. 1858 d. 2 Nov 1863.
  Julia Seeley b. 2 Aug 1828 New York m. Charles Casler. Enumerated in Pine Grove Township,     Portage County, Wisconsin in 1860, farmer, with children Willis, age 8, and Herbert, age 3. Julia    and children, Willis, age 19, Herbert, age 12, Edwin, age 10, Charles, age 8, and Mary, age 6,     were enumerated with her parents in 1870. Herbert N., and Edwin O., were enumerated in Pine     Grove Township in 1880, farmers.
  Fillmore Seeley b. c. 1830 New York appears on the 1854 assessment list of Wells, single.      Enumerated in Pine Grove Township with his parents in 1860, farmer, and wife Anna b. c. 1837     Pennsylvania.
  Robert Seeley b. c. 1838 Pennsylvania, enumerated with parents in 1860, farmer, is related to have     d. shortly after arrival in Pine Grove buried Plainfield Cemetery, no marker.
  Alice G. Seeley b. c. 1841 Pennsylvania d. 29 Oct 1850 9y 4m 20d (ts) Mosherville Cemetery.

225.  Alexander Seeley b. c. 1804 first appears on the 1831 assessment list (compiled fall of 1830) of    Wells Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, acquiring property of John Leonard 3rd. On the    1836 assessment list Alexander had transfered his property to his brother in law, John T. Learned.    On the 1840 assessment list Alexander transfered property to Nathan Shepard. On the 1842    assessment list he was assessed for 146 unimproved acres. Enumerated in Wells Township, Bradford   County, Pennsylvania in 1850 with no wife or children in the household. On the 1854 assessment    list assessed for one cow. Enumerated 1860 census of Wells with wife, Mary Jane b. c. 1823. On 4    Dec 1867 Alexander Seeley and Mary Jane Seeley his wife of Wells deeded 27 acres to James A.    Wilson (Bradford County deed 95:62). Enumerated 1870 census of Wells. Alexander was admittted    to the County Home in Bradford County on 25 Apr 1881, age 71, from Wells Township. Alexander    d. there 14 Sept 1883 buried County Home Cemetery.

226.  Alfred Seeley b. c. 1806 first appers on the 1827 assessment list (compiled fall of 1826) of Wells    Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. On the 1830 assessment is the notation “left the town.”    Alfred again appears on the 1832 assessment list. Listed as single on the 1833 assessment list. On    the 1835 assessment list refered to as “Alfred Seeley 1st” to distinguish him from his cousin of the    same name and about six years younger. On the 1836 assessment list he transfered his acreage to    Henry Colony. Alfred does not appear on the 1837 list, but does again in 1838. Listed as single on    the 1841 and 1843 assessment lists. Alfred last appears on the 1846 assessment list (compiled fall of   1845). At that time he perhaps removed to Ohio where he perhaps met wife Rachel b. c. 1820 Ohio    and where their eldest child was born. Returned to Wells and enumerated 1850 census, farmer.    Again appears on the 1851assessment  list (compiled fall of 1850) of Wells. On the 1854 and 1855    assessment lists, assessed for one cow. Enumerated 1860, 1870, and 1800 censuses of Wells    Township. On 21 July 1891, Alfred Seely, age 86, of Wells was admitted to the County Home,    discharged 21 July 1897.

  Permelia Seeley b. c. 1845 Ohio.
  Hiram R. Seeley b. c. 1847 Pennsylvania.
  Laura Seeley b. 1850 Pennsylvania.
  Nathan Seeley b. c. 1853 Pennsylvania.

227.  Aletta Seeley b. 19 Aug 1807 m. 25 Jan 1826 in Columbia Township, Bradford County,     Pennsylvania, John Townsend Learned b. 2 July 1804 Shadagar Falls, Vermont son of John    Learned and Patty Townsend of Columbia Township. Enumerated in Columbia Township in 1830.   John first appears on the 1834 assessment list of Wells Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.    In 1839 their property in Wells was transfered to William Burgess. Enumerated in Troy Township,    Bradford County in 1840. John d. 24 Mar 1879 Alba, Bradford County (Bradford Argus, Towanda,    Pennsylvania, April 10, 1879). Aletta survived him eighteen years and survived all her children save   one daughter, Mrs. Crowell where she d. 6 July 1893 at Southport, Chemung County, New York    buried Alba.

  Laura Maria Learned b. 22 Oct 1826 Columbia Township m. James R. Crowell b. 30 Nov 1822.     Enumerated in Southport, Chemung County, New York in 1880. James d. 2 Feb 1899 Chemung     County, New York and Laura d. 21 Mar 1917 (obituary) buried Pine City Cemetery, Pine City,     Town of Southport, Chemung County, New York. Children, Henrietta Crowell b. 1846 and     Frances Crowell b. 1848.
  Berry Seely Learned b. 1828 m. Mary Rockwell Alvord b. 1841. Seely d. 1892 and Mary d. 1912.    Daughter, Cora Learned b. Troy m. Gaylors B. Seely.
  John Boardman Learned b. 5 July 1834 Wells Township d. 1 Apr 1853 18y 8m 16d (ts) Pine City     Cemetery.
  Guy Toser Learned b. 22 Dec 1837 Wells Township m. Melissa Mosher.
  Victor Eugene W. Learned b. 2 Mar 1846 Springfield Township m. 29 July 1871 Edna Wood.

  Seely Learned, the well-known horseman, died at his home near Troy one day last week. He was for    some time a resident of Pine City, and had many friends along the plank road and through this    section (undated obituary from The Advocate, Millerton, Pennsylvania).

228.  Emily J. Seeley b. c. 1810 m. Harwood Miletus Badger b. c. 1812 son of Samuel Badger and    Abigail Miles. Farmer, enumerated Elmira, Chemung County, New York in 1850. Emily d. 27 Dec    1863 51y (ts) Second Street Cemetery, Elmira, New York. Harwood, farmer, enumerated in Elmira    in 1880 with wife Jane D. Emily, Mattie, Frank, and Ralph Badger inscribed on one marker with no   dates for Frank and Ralph.

  Martha L. Badger, known as Mattie, b. July 1841 d. 19 Dec 1867 26y (ts) 26y 5m (Elmira City     death record) Second Street Cemetery.
  Frank R. Badger b. 1848.

229.  Sarah C. Seeley b. 3 July 1812 m. Henry Colony, Jr., b. c. 1808 New York. Henry first appears on   the 1833 assessment list (compiled fall of 1832) of Wells Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.   On the 1834 assessment list Henry had acquired property of Estill Wilson. Henry purchased (11:343)   65 acres from brother Elijah Colony, Aug 1834, land that had been patented to James Hall and sold    to John Brownell who in turn sold to Elijah Colony. This same property, now called 70 acres, was    sold (12:639) July 1835 to Hiram Ranney of Bainbridge, New York, signed Henry Colony and Sally    C. Colony. On the 1837 asssesment list Henry had transfered property to William S. Ingals.    Enumerated 1840 census of Wells and 1850 in Tioga Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. Henry   and Sarah were enumerated with daughter Milly and family in Hornellsville, Steuben County, New    York in the 1855 state census. Henry enumerated with brother Charles Colony in 1860 in Wells. In    June 1860 Henry and wife Sarah of Southport sold (58:271) 300 acres in central Wells on warrant    parcel 1388 to George Beckwith, signed Henry Colony and Sarah C. Colony. Henry d. 19 (ts) 20    (probate) July 1864 Hornellsville, Steuben County, New York, intestate, buried Hope Cemetery,    Hornellsville. Sarah was appointed administratrix. Sarah enumerated 1865 state census in the town    of Southport, Chemung County, New York residing with her mother. Sarah d. 11 Sept 1878 (ts) Pine   City Cemetery, Southport, Chemung County, New York.

  Milicent M. Colony b. 1833/4 Wells m. 10 Nov 1852 in Wells, Adna Chapin Conn b. c. 1825/6     Essex County, New York. Enumerated in Hornellsville, Steuben County, New York in 1855.     Removed to Hillsdale, Michigan in 1857 and to Oconto County, Wisconsin where they were     enumerated in 1860.
  Millard Colony b. c. 1835 (not enumerated with family in 1840, but with family in 1850 and     presumed not to be their biological child).
  Edwin R. Colony b. 23 Mar 1843 (enumerated as adopted on 1855 New York State census) at or     near Daggett, Jackson Township, Tioga County, enlisted at Hornell, Steuben County, New York     9 May 1861 as a private 23rd regiment, age 21, during the Civil War, removed to Brown County,     Wisconsin m. 5 Dec 1868 in Pittsfield, Brown County, Susan Lucia b. c. 1853 and she d. 28 Dec     1876 Pittsfield. Edwin m. 24 Sept 1881 Ellen Boston b. Nov 1853 Massachusetts and she d. 12     Aug 1912 Menominee County, Michigan in the Bark River Settlement buried Bark River      Cemetery, Bark River Township, Delta County, Michigan. Edwin d. 24 June 1926 Mansfield     Township, Iron County, Michigan buried Evergreen Memorial Cemetery, Crystal Falls, Iron     County. Children: Henry Colony b. 11 Nov 1869/70 Pittsfield m. Charlotte Millington, Fred     Charles Colony b. 1 December 1875 Little Suamico, Oconto County, Wisconsin, Louis E. Colony    b. 1 May 1891.

230.  Millicent Seeley b. c. 1816 m. her second cousin John McCormick b. c. 1810 New York son of    Joseph McCormick and Mary Hetfield. Enumerated in Covington Troy Township, Fountain    County, Indiana in 1850, Justice of the Peace.

  Rebecca McCormick b. c. 1836 Indiana.
  Celestia McCormick b. c. 1838 Indiana.
  Permelia McCormick b. c. 1840 Indiana.

231.  Frances Seeley b. c. 1816 m. Hiram M. Ranney b. Aug 1802 who first appears on the 1836    assessment list of Wells Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. Enumerated in Wells in 1840.    Hiram d. 6 Oct 1848 46y 1m 24d (ts) Coryland Cemetery, Wells Township. Frances Ranney,    Adaline Seeley, and Harrison Seeley b. c. 1839 Pennsylvania all in same household in 1850 in    Wells. The 1865 state census of Southport relates Frances had no children, residing with her mother.   Frances enumerated with her parents in Southport, Chemung County, New York in 1860.

232.  Elizabeth Jane Seeley b. c. 1818 m. a Bravo and was of Pine City, Chemung County, New York in   1883 when brother Alexander died.

235.  Adaline A. Seeley b. c. 1827 enumerated with sister Frances in 1850 in Wells Township, Bradford    County, Pennsylvania. Will of Hiram M. Ranney dated 25 Nov 1847 Wells (Bradford County    probate 642), entire estate to Adaline A. Seely. Esteemed friend, Alonzo C. Noble, executor.    Witnessed by John Brownell and Elizabeth H. Seely. Filed 13 Oct 1848. Inventory 2 Nov 1848 by    John Brownell and John Osgood, $575.01.

237.  Ellen M. Seeley b. 3 Oct 1831 m. after the 1855 state census enumeration J. E. Stever and she d.    17 Oct 1856 25y 14d (ts) Pine City Cemetery, Town of Southport, Chemung County, New York.

238.  Harrison Seeley b. c. 1833 enumerated with sister Frances in 1850 in Wells Township, Bradford    County, Pennsylvania. On 4 Nov 1869 Harrison Seeley and Mary F., his wife, of Wellsville,    Allegany County, New York deeded 40 acres in Wells Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania to    Arvine C. Barrett of Wells (Bradford County deed 95:65).

241.  Hila Seeley b. c. 1820 m. John J. Perry b. c. 1815. Enumerated in Athens Township, Bradford    County, Pennsylvania in 1840 and 1850. John appears on the 1840 assessment list of Athens    Township with 1 cow and same through 1847. On the 1848 assessment list assessed for 95     unimproved acres, 5 improved acres, 2 oxen, and 1 cow; 1849, 5 improved acres, 70 unimproved    acres, 2 oxen, 1 cow; 1850, 15 improved acres, 50 unimproved acres, 1 oxen, 2 horses; 1851, 7    improved acres, 57 unimproved acres, 1 oxen, 2 cows. On the 1852 assessment has transfered land    to S. Bosworth. John first appears on the 1854 (compiled fall of 1853) assessment list of West    Burlington, Bradford County with 1 cow, same for 1855, and 1 cow and 2 oxen in 1856. John does    not appear on the 1857 through 1859 assessments, but appears again in 1860 with 1 cow.     Enumerated in West Burlington Township, Bradford County in 1860, farm laborer. Residence was    on Vroman Hill. John appears on the 1861 and 1862 assessments with 1 cow and does not appear    thereafter. John perhaps d. in the 1860’s as Hila was enumerated with son Charles in Franklin    Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania in 1870. Likely place of interment for John would be    Vroman Hill Cemetery near their residence and where son Seth is buried. John has no marker. Hila    m. 10 May 1871 (Bradford Reporter, Towanda, Pennsylvania), Philetus P. Tillotson of Leroy    Township b. c. 1820 son of Ansel Palmer Tillotson and Anna Parkhurst. The first wife of Philetus   was Lavina Hoagland. Philetus and Hila enumerated in Leroy Township in 1880, farmer. Philetus    d. 5 July 1890 at his residence in Leroy (Bradford County probate 5034).

  daughter b. c. 1838-9 (1840 census enumeration) d. young.
  George H. Perry b. Oct 1840 Athens Township first appears on the 1869 assesment list (compiled     fall of 1868) of Franklin Township, Bradford County with two horses, m. 18 Feb 1869 (Bradford     Reporter, Towanda, Pennsylvania) Louisa Welton Downing b. June 1845 Covington, Tioga     County, Pennsylvania. On the 1870 assessment list he was assessed for three horses and one cow.     George continues to appear on the Franklin assessments through and including 1877. Enumerated    in Leroy Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania in 1880, farmer. Enumerated in Bergen,     Marathon County, Wisconsin in 1900, farm laborer and in Bergen in 1910, mail carrier.      Children: Ella May Perry b. 10 Apr 1871 Franklindale and Hila Perry b. Sept 1882 Bradford     County d. 5 June 1900 Marathon County.
  Charles W. Perry b. Jan 1844 Athens Township served Civil War in Battery B, 3rd New York Light    Artillery, m. Lucy Jane Lantz b. Apr 1846 daughter of William Lantz and Amelia Maria     Arnold. Enumerated in Franklin Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania in 1870, farm     laborer; Franklin Township in 1880, farmer; Leroy Township in 1900, farmer. Charles d. 16 Feb     1916. Lucy d. 28 Mar 1925 Canton, Bradford County buried at Franklindale with Charles who has    only a GAR Co B Veteran marker. Lucy mother of ten children, eight living in 1900. Children:     Dayton G. Perry b. c. 1866, Lloyd R. Perry b. Feb 1868 m. 11 June 1889Jennie Wilcox     (2)Ethel M. Orr and he d. 1947 (ts) Leroy Cemetery, Bertha Perry b. May 1870, Hattie E.     Perry d. 28 Apr 1871 buried Franklindale, Horace Perry b. c. 1873 m. 10 Jan 1900 Nora Owen,     Mary Perry b. c. 1875, Rosa E. Perry b. 23 Apr 1877 m. Lewis Eugene Tillotson, Vergie M.     Perry b. Nov 1883, Harry Perry b. July 1887 m. 15 May 1918 (2)Maude Smith, his first wife d.     12 Aug 1917, and Edna M. Perry b. Apr 1889 m. 25 Nov 1908 Daniel P. Nailen.
  Barney Perry b. Sept 1848 Athens Township m. Delphine Savacool b. June 1855 daughter of     Andrew Savacool and Lydia T. Sipley. Enumerated in Leroy Township in 1880, laborer, and     1900, farmer. Delphine d. 4 July 1923 and Barney d. 6 Mar 1933 Troy, Bradford County buried     East Canton Cemetery. Children: Jay Perry b. 18 Sept 1876/7 m. Ruby Jenkins d. 1962 (ts)     Leroy Cemetery, John Leslie Perry b. 21 May 1879 m. Clara B. Smith, Ethel Mae Perry b. Jan     1891 m. 17 Sept 1910 Fred Shaffer Drum as his second wife.
  Seth Perry b. c. 1851 Athens Township m. Emma M. Barto b. 1858 daughter of Willis Barto and     Mary Ellen Pratt. Enumerated in Leroy Township in 1880, laborer. Children: Violette M. Perry    b. 19 Dec 1880 m. 3 July 1901 Lewis Alonzo Herrington and Mary Jane Perry b. 14 June 1882     m. 15 Jan 1902 John Frederick Depew. Seth d. 27 Oct 1928 (ts has year of birth of 1853 which     may not be correct and year of death but not month and day) and Emma d. 25 Feb 1941 (ts has     year of birth and death no month and day) Vroman Hill Cemetery, West Burlington Township,     Bradford County.
  Eunice Perry b. c. 1854 is related to have d. young of a rhumatic heart (family letter).

242.  Jane Seeley b. c. 1823 m. William Sible b. c. 1824 son of Peter and Mercy Sible of Orcutt Creek    (now Wilawana), Athens Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. Enumerated in Athens    Township, residing Orcutt Creek, in 1850. Enumerated in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in 1880, grocer.

  Julia E. Sible b. c. 1845 was of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania when she m. 10 Feb 1864 C. H. Orcutt of    Washington, District of Columbia.
  Edson Sible b. c. 1847.
  Eugene Sible b. c. 1862.

243.  Nathaniel Seeley b. c. 1830 first appears on the 1853 assessment list of Athens Township, Bradford   County, Pennsylvania as single, m. Nancy Sible b. c. 1836 Pennsylvania daughter of Peter and    Mercy Sible of Orcutt Creek. They removed to Michigan for a few years and then returned to Orcutt   Creek (now Wilawana), Athens Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. Nathaniel was deceased    before 1900 when Nancy was listed in the 1900 Directory of Bradford County in Athens Township.    Buried Wilawana Cemetery.

  George Seeley b. c. 1856 Michigan.
  Elmer T. Seeley b. 1860 Athens Township, farmer, resided Wilawana, d. Feb 1940.
  Jane Seeley b. c. 1863 Athens Township.
  William Seeley b. c. 1870 d. 1950 (ts) Wilawana Cemetery.

  Elmer Seeley of Wilawana, age 79, died Tuesday at Tioga County General Hospital, burial     Wilawana. Survived by brother William of Waverly, several cousins (The Valley News, Friday,    March 1, 1940).

  Mrs. Mary Bosworth Seeley daughter of Solomon and Sally Bosworth died April 25th West Hill near    Waverly, age fifty four, buried Wilawana, survived by husband, son Clair (Bradford Star, Towanda,    Pennsylvania, April 30, 1908).

244.  Milicent Seeley b. c. 1825 m. Humphrey Wilson b. c. 1832 Wells Township, Bradford County,    Pennsylvania son of James A. Wilson and Mary Mosher. Resided on farm of his parents in Wells,    involved in dairy farming. Humphrey d. 5 Apr 1888 56y (ts) Mosherville Cemetery. Milla was living   in the 1880 census enumeration. She has no marker in Mosherville Cemetery.

  William H. Wilson b. 1 Sept 1857 m. Catherine E. Beers.

246.  William Hoffman Seeley b. c. 1832 first appeared on the 1853 assessment list of Wells Township,    Bradford County, Pennsylvania as Huffman Seeley and the same in 1854 operating a business with    brother in law Humphrey Wilson. On the 1856 assessment list he was listed as “W. H. Seeley” and    assessed for one pair of oxen. He last appears on the 1857 assessment list, d. Wisconsin.

247.  Hiram H. Seeley b. 1836 first appears on the 1857 assessment list (compiled fall of 1856) list of    Wells Township, Bradford County,  Pennsylvania. Hiram was among a list of men from Wells    drafted at Towanda on 16 Oct 1862 during the Civil War. Hirma m. Julia Nichols b. 1842. Wagon    maker, resided Southport, Chemung County, New York. Julia d. 6 Aug 1900 (obituary; ts has year    only) and Hiram d. 1910 (ts) Pine City Cemetery.

  Lina Seeley (twin) b. 1872 Webb Mills, Town of Southport m. a Morrell and resided Cayuta, New     York.
  Lena Seeley (twin) b. 1872 Webb Mills, Town of Southport d. 4 Sept 1873 1y 3m 15d (ts) Pine City     Cemetery. Elmira City Death record states she d. 38 Pennsylvania Avenue, age 16 months.
  William Hoffman Seeley b. c. 1875, resided Pine City, d. 5 Apr 1939.
  Lysander Seeley b. c. 1877.
  Harry M. Seeley b. 1879 d. 1906 (ts) Pine City Cemetery.
  Lewis Seeley.

251.  Sarah Seeley b. 15 Mar 1815 m. 31 Mar 1838 at Reading Center, New York, Reuben LaFever as    his second wife b. 18 Aug 1797 New Jersey son of Lewis I. LaFever and Nancy Dickerson.    Reuben m. 9 Jan 1819 at Reading Center, Sophia Keeler who d. from childbirth complications one    day after her eighth child was born, 19 Nov 1837 36y 11m 23d (ts) Reading Center Cemetery,    Schuyler County, New York. Sarah d. in childbirth 3 July 1849 34y (ts) Reading Center Cemetery.    Reuben m. 20 Feb 1850 (3)Elsie Garrison widow of Richard Garrison. Reuben d. 5 May 1859 age    61y 8m 17d (ts) Reading Center Cemetery. Elsie removed to Elmira, New York and d. buried    Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira.

  Eugene Seely LaFever b. 30 Jan 1846 Reading Center d. 12 Apr 1901.
  Sarah LaFever b. 3 July 1849 d. 3 July 1849.

253.  Harriet M. Seeley b. 13 Sept 1819 m. Rev. John T. Seeley, a Baptist clergyman, b. c. 1814    Pennsylvania son of Nathaniel (b. c. 1789 Connecticut) and Elizabeth Seeley. Enumerated in the    City of Syracuse, Onondaga County, New York in 1860. Harriet d. 31 July 1905 Pittsburgh,    Pennsylvania.

  James E. Seeley b. c. 1843 New York.
  Harriet Seeley b. c. 1856 New York.

254.  Albert Seeley b. 19 Aug 1822 first appears on the 1844 assessment list (compiled fall of 1843) of    Wells Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, single. Albert appears on the 1845 assessment list,   but not the 1846 list. Albert m. 10 Jan 1846 (Rev. Riggs marriage) in Wells Township, Martha Ann   Kinner b. c. 1826 daughter of William Kinner and Patience Miller of Jackson Township, Tioga    County, Pennsylvania. Albert again appears in 1847 through 1850. Enumerated with his parents in    Southport, Chemung County, New York in 1850. Assessed in Wells in 1851 through 1855.     Enumerated in the Town of Elmira, Chemung County in the 1855 state census, farmer, one year in    town, his parent’s and sister Ellen residing with them. They returned to Wells Township, and    resided on a farm in the Hammond Creek Valley between Millerton and the state line. Albert d. 5    Apr 1904 81y 7m 17d (Woodlawn Cemetery record) Elmira, New York and Martha d. 16 Oct 1912    86y 2m 18d (Woodlawn Cemetery record) Elmira.

  Albert Seely, an old time resident of this section whose homestead is located near State Line, died at    the Home for the Aged in Elmira Tuesday afternoon April 5th, aged 78 years. Mr. Seely was at one    time manager of the Home for the Aged but resigned the position and returned to his home a few    years ago in the spring of 1901, becoming an inmate of the same institution. His disease was cancer    of the stomach and he was ill about two months. He was a man of strict honesty and integrity and    was universally honored and esteemed. He leaves a wife and son, William H. Seely. The funeral was    held in Elmira Thursday at two o'clock p.m.; burial in Woodlawn Cemetery (Millerton Advocate,    Millerton, Pennsylvania - undated obituary from scrapbook collection).

  Mrs. Martha Kinner Seeley's death occurred in Elmira Wednesday, October 16, 1912 at the age of    86 years. She was the daughter of Patience Miller and William Kinner and the wife of the late Albert   Seeley, whose death preceeded her's eight years. She leaves one son, William Seeley; a grand    daughter, Mrs. Martha Seeley Strong, and two grandsons, Albert and Charles Seeley. Mrs. and Mrs.    Seeley were residents of Seeley Creek (so named for the Seeley family) where they spent most of    their lives upon their farm, where they lived, loved and toiled for those who were near and dear to    them and dispensed charity for those less fortunate than themselves, for their hearts and hands were    ever open to the needy and their doors to the friendless. One can hardly think of Mrs. Seeley without   in the same moment thinking of Mr. Seeley also, so close was the companionship of husband and    wife and the time that bound them so dear that when adversity came and failing strength to them    with their weight of years, they were thankful that they had been spared to one another and bravely    without a murmur turned from the pleasant home, the wide spreading fields, where they had planted   and garnered for many seasons that were their's no longer and took the pittance that was left and    entered the Home for the Aged as inmates where they at one time served as matron and     superintendent. Mr. and Mrs. Seeley did not live in vain although they were not successful from a    wordly point of view. What a grand reward there must be now and one can almost hear "Well done,    thou good and faithful come up higher." Mrs. Seeley won the love of all and in her sweet face was    mirrored the grand character within. When the life clouds, which were many, were the darkest and    her heart torn with anguish, there was ever the same calm exterior, giving hope and strength for the    help of others. Yes, a beautiful earth life ended when Martha Kinner Seeley closed her eyes here and   entered into the rest that she had been longing for through the many long wearly months of illness.    She had devoted care of a loving granddaughter and kind attendance of other friends but she    gradually drifted away from our shore to the "Bright Forever". Just as she was about to cross the    sunset bar, a friend took her hand saying "you will soon have a happy meeting for Mr. Seeley is    awaiting you upon the other shore," and although suffering so she could not speak she pressed the    hand that held hers and smiled, happy that God's call was near. The following was written by Miss    Maria Bennett, a blind and aged lady of the Home for the Aged, while Mrs. Seeley was matron: May   God reward you for your care Always will be my humble prayer. Rich blessings may his hand bestow   Through all life's hours where 'er you go. His word is faithful, kind and true, All that is promised He   will do. And when this mortal life shall end New pleasures He will still extend. Such lovely treasures   as He'll show Eternal joys with heavenly peace, Life that will never feel decline Each soul will in His   image shine. Yes, God's image all divine.

  William H. Seeley b. 15 Apr 1847 Southport, New York (birth record) served in Company C, 17th     Regiment, United States Infantry during the Civil War, m. 4 Jan 1870 Adelia May Kelly b. 10     Apr 1849 daughter of Harvey Kelly. Enumerated in Wells Township in 1880. Adelia d. 22 Nov     1905 (ts has year only) and William d. 1932 (ts) Pine City Cemetery, Town of Southport,      Chemung County, New York. Children: John T. Seeley b. 13 Jan 1871 d. 23 Mar 1890 (ts) Pine     City Cemetery, Martha Seeley b. 31 May 1874 m. 26 June 1901 Clarence Strong and she d.     1970 (ts) Pine City Cemetery, Albert W. Seeley b. 8 Apr 1877 was of Wells when he m. 6 Jan     1906 (Bradford Star, Towanda, Pennsylvania, January 11, 1906) Edna Mattison of Mansfield,     Pennsylvania, and Charles W. Seeley b. 1 Aug 1885 d. 1956 (ts) Pine City Cemetery.
  D. M. Seely (daughter) b. c. 1850 d. young and was not enumerated with the family in 1855 and     1860.

257.  Ellen M. Seeley b. 19 Aug 1831 was enumerated in the 1855 state census of Elmira, Chemung    County, New York, residing with her brother and his family, m. Enoch Copley b. c. 1833. Marble    merchant, resided Louisville, Blount County, Tennessee.

258.  Hiram Seeley b. 28 Nov 1820 and wife Catherine b. c. 1826 were m. 29 Jan 1844. Farmer,    enumerated 1850 census of Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania.

259.  Edward Seeley b. 25 Mar 1822 m. 6 Mar 1845 (Elmira Gazette, March 13, 1845) Laura E. Miller    b. 19 July 1826 daughter of Nathaniel Miller and Fanny Kelly. Farmer, resided Jackson Township,   Tioga County, Pennsylvania. Laura d. 30 Dec 1886 60y 5m 11d (ts) and Edward d. 28 Apr 1893 73y   1m 3d (ts) Seeley Cemetery. Will of Edward named son Bert Seeley, daughters Fannie wife of    William Tillinghast and Ella wife of John B. Woodhouse. Son, Bert Seeley to pay my grandson    Jonas A. Seeley $100. Daughters to pay my son Nathan $25. Excecutor, brother in law and life long    friend, Daniel Friends (Book F page 536).

  Another Old Resident Gone
  Edward Seeley, one of Jackson’s foremost citizens, who was held in general esteem, died at the    home of his daughter, Mrs. William Tillinghast, on Seely Hill, last Friday morning, after a lingering   illness of consumption. Mr. Seeley had been gradually failing in health for several years past, but we   believe was not confined to his bed until during the past winter. A few weeks since he was removed    from the old homestead near Alder Run iron trestle to the house of his daughte, as above mentioned,   where every thing was done for his comfort that themost loving care could devise; but nothing could    stay the ravages of the dread disease, and he died peacefully and without evident pain, conscious to    the last, at the time before stated. Mr. Seeley had passed the alotted age of man, last fall having    brought his seventy-third birthday. He was a scion of old pioneer stock and a life-long resident of    this region. His wife, whose death ocurred about six years ago, was a sister of William and George   K. Miller, Mrs. Seth Corwin, and Mrs. John E. Barnes. Their family was composed of six children, a   son and daughter of whom are dead; the living members being Nathan Seeley, of Canton, Pa., Bert    Seeley and Mrs. Wm. Tillinghast, of this place and Mrs. John E. Woodhouse of Elmira. As a kind    and accomodating neighbor, a public-spirited citizen and a man of strict integrity, the deceased    possessed the friendship and high regard of all who knew him. The death of such a man is a serious    loss to a community, and expressions of sorrow are heard on all sides. The funeral was largely    attended at the home of Mrs. Tillinghast on Sunday last, after wich the remains were buried by the    side of other deceased member of the family in the Friends cemetery, but a short distance away. The    ADVOCATE has been requested to tender thanks on behalf of the bereaved family for many kind    offers and welcomes of sympathy, so freely extended in their time of sorrow (The Advocate,    Millerton, Pennsylvania).

  Jesse Seeley b. c. 1846 m. Sarah Friends b. 20 Feb 1851. Jesse d. 24 Feb 1877 31y (ts) Seeley     Cemetery. Sarah m. (2)Lafayette Miller. Enumerated in Southport, Chemung County, New York    in 1880. Sarah d. 10 Mar 1883. Children, Jonas A. Seeley b. 25 Apr 1867 m. 13 Nov 1887 Ella     Danelia Barnes and Phoebe Seeley b. 1869 d. 1885. Lafayette and Sarah had son William, age 1,    in 1880 census enumeration.
  Nathan H. Seeley b. c. 1848 m. 14 Jan 1868 (Northern Tier Gazette, Troy, Pennsylvania, January     23, 1868) in Jackson Township, Helen D. Sturdivant of Granville Township and had children     Edward Seeley, Margareta Seeley, and Grace Seeley.
  Margaret A. Seeley b. 3 Dec 1850 m. Moses S. Baldwin and she d. 23 Oct 1881 30y 10m 20d (ts)     Seeley Cemetery.
  Fanny M. Seeley b. Mar 1854 m. Fred Kolb. She was a widow in the 1880 census of Lawrence     Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania, son Lewis residing with her, m. 6 Nov 1883 at the First     Congregational Church, Elmira, New York, (2)William Tillinghast b. May 1838 as his second     wife, first m. to Amelia Wilson. Fanny d. 1920 (ts) Millerton Cemetery. Children, Lewis B. Kolb    b. c. 1876, Laura Tillinghast b. 1886 d. 1887, Leah Susan Tillinghast b. Feb 1889 m. Frank     Hamilton.
  Ella J. Seeley b. c. 1857 m. 18 June 1879 (Methodist marriage record) John Woodhouse and had     children Orange Woodhouse and Fred Woodhouse.
  Burton Seeley b. 14 Dec 1867 m. Edith LaFrance and had children Hosea Seeley, Burton Seeley,    Laura Seeley, and Avis Seeley. Burt d. 10 Jan 1903 near Millerton when killed by a train,     survived by wife and four children (Bradford Argus, Towanda, Pennsylvania, January 29,  1903).

260.  Maria Seeley b. 2 July 1824 m. 22 Jan 1844 Chester Stewart b. 2 Oct 1821 and she d. 21 July    1847 24y 18d (ts) Seeley Cemetery, Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. Chester d. 21    June 1890 (ts) and his second wife Eliza E., d. 29 Apr 1921 (ts) buried Bechtol Cemetery, Jackson    Township.

261.  Jane Elizabeth Seeley b. 16 Jan 1827 m. 2 Feb 1845 Daniel Friends b. 14 May 1822 Beaver Dams,   New York son of James Friends and Polly Millard. Farmer, resided Jackson Township, Tioga    County, Pennsylvania. Daniel d. 20 Oct 1894 (ts) and Jane d. 14 Dec 1902 (ts) Alder Run Cemetery,   Jackson Township.

  Maria Friends b. 1847.
  Charles H. Friends b. 1851.

262.  Charles W. Seeley b. 27 Jan 1811 m. Sarah Knapp b. 1817 Connecticut. Enumerated in Goshen    Village, Elkhart County, Indiana in 1850, farmer. Charles d. 1 May 1868 (ts) Goshen, Indiana and    Sarah d. 1886 (ts) Oak Ridge Cemetery, Elkhart County.

  Elizabeth Seeley b. c. 1838 Pennsylvania.
  Helen Seeley b. c. 1842 Pennsylvania.
  Charlotte Seeley b. c. 1844 Pennsylvania.

263.  James F. Seeley b. 18 July 1819 m. 1846 Lydia Ann Judd b. c. 1822. Enumerated in York,    Washtenaw County, Michigan in 1850, tanner and currier. Enumerated in Ypsilanti, Washtenaw    County in 1870, retired, and on Washington Street, Ypsilanti in 1880, retired.

  Amanda E. Seeley b. c. 1851 Michigan m. Herbert Sweet.

264.  Southland Moore Seeley b. 15 Aug 1826 m. 7 Apr 1852 Sarah Thompson.

277.  Angeline Seeley b. July 1820 m. 12 Oct 1847 (Elmira Gazette, Elmira, NewYork, Thursday,    October 21, 1847) in the Town of Southport, Chemung County, New York (Southport vital record)    Miller McHenry b. 11 Dec 1823 son of Abraham McHenry and Ruth H. Brewster. Enumerated    in Southport in 1860, farmer. Angeline d. 23 Mar 1878 57y 8m 1d (Elmira death record) 3d    (Woodlawn Cemetery death record) town of Southport, buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira.

  Abram McHenry b. 4 July 1848 m. 28 Feb 1872 Sarah Ward.
  Sarah Frances McHenry b. 9 Aug 1850.
  Nattie S. McHenry b. 21 July 1852 d. 21 Dec 1858 6y 6m (Woodlawn Cemetery death record).

278.  Morris Seeley b. 20 Aug 1822 m. 7 Mar 1849 (Elmira Gazette, Elmira, New York, Thursday,    March 15, 1849) at Candor, New York, Sarah Euen b. 19 July 1830 New Jersey daughter of Dr.    William Euen of New York City. Enumerated in Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania    in 1850 and 1860. They removed to Elmira, New York. Enumerated in Elmira in 1880, merchant.    Morris d. 1 July 1881 58y 10m 10d (Woodlawn Cemetery record) and Sarah d. 28 Dec 1890 buried    Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, New York.

  William Carlton Seeley b. c. 1850 d. c. 1892 buried Woodlawn Cemetery.
  Rollin Starr Seeley b. 1853 m. Sarah Swellinger and he d. 19 Apr 1928 age 75 buried Woodlawn.
  Mary E. Seeley b. 1858 m. James N. Ward.
  Alice Eloise Seeley b. 26 Jan 1862 Daggett, Jackson Township m. 20 Dec 1882 in Elmira, New     York, Alvah S. Carter, Jr., b. 6 Jan 1861. Had children, Sarah Carter m. Charles L. Hunt, Joseph    S. Carter m. Myrtle Antes, and Margaret Carter m. a Woodhouse.

  William Carlton Seeley died at the Arnot-Ogden hospital, Friday. Death was caused by Bright’s    disease of the kidneys. His age was forty-two years. He was the oldest son of the late Morris Seeley, a   commission merchant of this city. The deceased was an exemplary man in many respects. The    funeral was held from the residence of A. S. Carter, at No. 964 Walnut street, yesterday afternoon, at   3 o’clock, Rev. Thomas K. Beecher officiating. The remains were interred in Woodlawn (obituary).

287.  Adaline Seeley b. c. 1831 was enumerated in the 1855 state census of Southport, Chemung County,    New York, m. as the second wife of Levi C. Retan b. 10 Dec 1829 son of Joseph B. and Hannah    Retan. Levi m. 1 Mar 1854 (1)Phebe A. Frost of Rutland, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. Levi and    Adaline enumerated in Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania in 1860, blacksmith.    Adaline d. 25 Oct 1874 43y (ts) Millerton Cemetery, Jackson Township. Levi m. (3)Abigail Mosher   Wilson of Wells Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania b. 3 May 1830 daughter of Humphrey    and Abigail Mosher and widow of William Wilson. Levi d. 20 Apr 1894 64y 4m 10d (ts) Millerton   Cemetery and Abigail d. 14 Sept 1907 77y 4m 11d (ts) Mosherville Cemetery.

  Child of Levi and Phebe:
  Hannah J. Retan d. 21 Feb 1860 4y 9m 12d (ts) Millerton Cemetery.

  Children of Levi and Adaline:
  Mark Retan b. 1864 d. 16 Mar 1872 7y 6m 11d (ts) Millerton Cemetery.
  Seely Retan b. c. 1869.

293.  Elvira Seeley b. c. 1847 (twin), single in 1870, m. 11 Feb 1880 (Methodist Church record)     Henry O. Trowbridge b. 1850 son of Henry Trowbridge and Sarah Jane Hunter. Henry was the    first postmaster at Trowbridge, Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. Henry buried 23    Feb 1931 and Elvira buried 28 Oct 1933 Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, New York.

294.  Almira Seeley b. c. 1847 (twin), single in 1870, m. a Murdough and she d. 12 Aug 1874 27y    (ts) Seeley Cemetery.

295.  John Curren Seeley b. 1831 was enumerated as a clerk with C. E. Rathbone, merchant of Canton,    Bradford County, Pennsylvania in 1850, m. Sarah M. Garrison b. 23 June 1836 (age at death    would place birth at Dec 1835) daughter of Richard A. and Elsie Garrison. Enumerated in    Southport, Chemung County, New York in 1860. Sarah d. 5 Jan/June 1866 30y 5m 12d Elmira,    New York of childbirth. John m. 9 Nov 1873 Harriet Louise Carrier Robinson. John d. 19 Dec    1897 66y buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, New York. Will of John (Chemung County 5413 and   5414) named wife Harriet L., daughters Ella wife of Dr. Henry Flood and Mary S. Seeley, sister    Nannie Seeley and brother N. R. Seeley. Harriet d. 1/7 Jan 1935 age 90.

  John C. Seely, a native of Millerton, died at his home in Elmira the other evening, aged 66 years. He   was the owner of much valuable property in Jackson township (The Wellsboro Gazette, December    30, 1897).

  Child of John and Sarah:
  Ella Louise Seeley m. Dr. Henry Flood, resided Elmira, New York.

  Child of John and Harriet:
  Mary S. Seeley b. 26 Jan 1885 m. Irving Dennison Booth.

296.  Nathaniel Randolph Seeley b. 24 Aug 1834 m. 22 June 1859 (Steuben Farmer’s Advocate, Bath,    New York, Wednesday, June 29, 1859) at Painted Post, New York, Mary Catherine Stewart of    Painted Post, Steuben County, b. 1840. Nathaniel studied medicine with Drs. D. A. Towner and    Patrick W. Gray in Elmira, New York, graduated with distinction from Homoeopathic Medical    College in Cleveland, Ohio. Nathaniel became one of the most distinguished and successful    physicians in the state, practiced in Corning, New York and then returned to Elmira in 1868.    Nathaniel d. 4 Mar 1888. Mary d. 14 July 1904 Agra, India buried with Nathaniel in Woodlawn    Cemetery, Elmira.

  Mary Donna Seeley b. 2 Aug 1861 Corning, New York d. 4 May 1871 9y 9m 2d (Elmira City death    record) buried Woodlawn Cemetery.
  Frederick S. Seeley b. 5 June 1868 Elmira m. at Buffalo, New York, Delia Brown.
  Florence Wetmore Seeley b. 4 Nov 1871 Elmira m. 4 Nov 1891 John Magee of Watkins Glen,     New York , b. 2 Dec 1867 Watkins d. 15 July 1942 Pebble Beach, California and Florence d. 14     Nov 1952 buried Glenwood Cemetery, Watkins Glen.
  Nathaniel Randolph Seeley, Jr., b. 28 June 1876 resided Elmira, d. 25 July 1923 47y Avonmore,     Pennsylvania buried Woodlawn Cemetery.

  Died in this city on Thursday May 4, 1871 Mary Donna only daughter of Dr. N. B. and Mary C.    Seeley, aged 9 years 9 months and 2 days (Daily Advertiser, Elmira, New York, Saturday, May 6,    1871).

298a.Mary Hetfield b. 1808 m. 23 Dec 1835 Charles Kline. Mary d. 2 Jan 1893 Elmira, New York.

  Elizabeth Kline b. 29 Apr 1839 d. 25 Nov 1865.

299.  Hiram H. McConnell b. c. 1824 and wife Catherine b. c. 1827 enumerated in Horseheads,    Chemung County, New York in 1860, Hiram a cosntable. Enumerated in Horseheads in 1880 with    wife Eliza b. c. 1828, Hiram a railroad depot agent. Hiram d. 22 Jan 1907 buried Maple Grove    Cemetery, Horseheads.

  Ella L. McConnell b. c. 1852.
  Horace McConnell b. c. 1854.
  Frederick W. McConnell b. c. 1859 d. 16 Apr 1935 buried Maple Grove Cemetery, Horseheads.
  Susan McConnell b. c. 1861 d. 20 June 1890 buried Maple Grove Cemetery, Horseheads.
  Jay McConnell b. c. 1862.
  Nettie McConnell b. c. 1864.
  Nannie McConnell  b. c. 1867.
  Mary McConnell b. c. 1870.
  Clarence McConnell b. c. 1873.

299a.Elizabeth H. McConnell b. c. 1826 m. 15 Sept 1842 (Elmira Gazette, Sept 29, 1842) in Southport,     Chemung County, New York, Robert Sample of Southport. Enumerated in City of Elmira, New     York in 1880, Robert a blacksmith. Elizabeth d. 26 Aug 1886 and Robert d. 20 June 1891 buried     Maple Grove Cemetery, Horseheads, New York.

  Guy Sample b. c. 1845.
  Nancy Sample b. c. 1855.
  Samuel Sample b. c. 1859 d. 5 Jan 1912 buried Maple Grove Cemetery, Horseheads.
  Harriet Sample b. c. 1862.

307.  Merrick Crandall Seeley b. 5 Feb 1832 m. Keziah Frost b. 10 Nov 1833 daughter of Lyman    Frost and Hannah Uford. Enumerated Petersburg, Jackson County, Minnesota in 1870, farmer, and   1880. Merrick d. 12 Sept 1907 Lummi Island, Washington and Keziah d. 15 Feb 1915 Lummi    Island.

323a.Esther Ann Seeley b. c. 1821 m. 19 Sept 1841in Elkhart County, Indiana, James Salisbury b. c.    1803 New York as his second wife, a widower with two children. Enumerated in York Township,    Elkhart County in 1850, carpenter. James perhaps d. 16 Apr 1857. Esther d. 1 July 1869 Elkhart    County.

  Adelbert Salisbury b. c. 1844 Indiana.
  Edward Delavin Salisbury b. 24 Feb 1847/8 Bristol, Elkhart County.
  son b. 1850.

329.  William Benson Knapp b. 19 Nov 1820 m. 21 Dec 1848 Almira Baldwin. Enumerated in    Addison, Steuben County, New York in 1850, harness maker. Enumerated in Southport, Chemung    County, New York in 1860, harness maker. Removed to Elmira, New York with a harness     manufacturing business at 75 Water Street and a home on High Street. William d. 11 Apr 1875    Elmira buried Woodlawn Cemetery.

  Frances B. Knapp b. c. 1853.
  William R. Knapp b. c. 1856.
  Clarissa Knapp b. c. 1859.

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