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Continued from Third of Four Pages

Charles Seeley enumerated 1835 census of Southport with 3 males and 3 females.

Abner Seeley enumerated 1835 census of Southport with 1 male and 1 female.

Timothy Smith Satterlee b. 10 Feb 1810 m. 1833 Mary Anna Seeley.

Moses Odell b. 1800 m. Charlotte Moore daughter of Jesse and Lydia Moore and she d. 10 July 1825 30y 6m 10d (ts) Moore Cemetery, South Creek Township, Bradford County. Moses m. (2)Elizabeth Seeley, known as Betsy, b. c. 1810. Moses first appears on the 1826 assessment list of Wells Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania and last appears on the 1834 assessment list. Enumerated in Mundy Township, Genesee County, Michigan in 1840 and 1850, farmer. Moses d. 27 July 1874 buried with Betsy in Odell Cemetery, Mundy Township.

Lydia Odell b. c. 1833 Wells Township.
Charles M. Odell b. c. 1836 Mundy Township.
Harris W. Odell (fourth child) b. 30 Apr 1838 Mundy Township.
Marion Odell b. c. 1841 Mundy Township.
Sarah Odell b. c. 1843 Mundy Township.
Charlotte Odell b. c. 1847 Mundy Township.
DeWitt Odell b. c. 1849 Mundy Township.

Anthony Haswell b. 2 July 1811 son of David Russell Haswell and Lucinda Beaman m. 23 Sept 1835 Martha Seely b. 23 June 1811. She was most likely a daughter of James Seeley. There were three James Seeleys, all cousins, and all had daughters in the census enumerations of Martha’s age. Resided Tioga County. Anthony d. 13 Mar 1883 buried Coryland Cemetery. Martha d. 22 Dec 1884 Owego, New York. Her death certificate does not name her parents.

David Russell Haswell b. 4 July 1836 served Civil War, d. 12 Feb 1864 27y 7m 8d (ts) Coryland    Cemetery.
Susan Clark Haswell b. 22 Mar 1838 m. Sylvanus Anderson.
James Seely Haswell b. 23 Apr 1842 d. 21 Mar 1843 10m 26d (ts) Coryland Cemetery.
Sarah Adeline Haswell b. 5 Nov 1844 d. 21 Feb 1846 1y 3m 16d (ts) Coryland Cemetery.
Mary Beaman Haswell b. 29 Apr 1849 m. Emmet Gordon.
Frances Jane Haswell b. 21 Sept 1854 d. 25 Jan 1927 buried Coryland.

Ebenezer Seely enumerated 1840 census of Southport, age 40 in the household of A. T. (age 34) and Mary Howell (age 36). Sally Seely, age 35, married, d. July 1849 (1850 Southport census). Ebenezer m. 10 Apr 1851 (Elmira Republican, April 25, 1851) Mrs. Fanny Forrest of Southport.

William Seeley b. 5 Apr 1783 m. 24 Feb 1804 Fanny Gray. Resided Delaware County, New York where they were enumerated in 1810 with two sons and one daughter under the age of ten. They removed to Tioga County, New York. Enumerated in Catharine, Tioga County, New York in 1820 with two males under age ten (b. 1805-10), one male of age twenty six and under age forty five (b. 1776-94), four females under age ten (b. 1811-20, one female of age ten and under age sixteen (b. 1805-10), one female of age twenty six and under age forty five (b. 1776-94). Eumerated in the 1825 census of Tioga County, New York with four males and seven females in the household. Enumerated in Ridgebury, Bradford County, Pennsylvania in 1830. Fanny d. 12 May 1854 64y 11m 2d (ts) and William d. 21 Jan 1857 Ridgebury, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.

Margaret Seeley b. 11 Oct 1805 d. 6 Jan 1806.
John F. Seeley b. 18 Aug 1806.
Hannah Ann Seeley b. 24 Feb 1808 d. 3 Sept 1880 (ts) Hanlon Hill Cemetery.
Benjamin C. Seeley b. 30 May 1810 Delaware County, New York (1855 state census of Chemung,    Chemung County, New York).
Juliette Seeley b. 8 June 1812 Sullivan County, New York m. Joel Peterson.
Betsy Almira Seeley b. 12 Mar 1814.
Eliza Ann Seeley b. 28 Dec 1816 m. James Owen Gordon.
Catherine Emily Seeley b. 16 Dec 1818 d. 11 May 1891 (ts) Hanlon Hill Cemetery.
Polly Seeley b. 16 Oct 1821.
James Seeley b. 4 Oct 1823.
Sarah Jane Seeley b. 30 May 1825.
William Thompson Seeley b. 8 May 1827.
Fanny Emma Seeley b. 17 Feb 1829.
Esther Angeline Seeley b. 3 June 1831.

Bazaleel (Bazaliel, Bezaliel, etc.) Seeley b. 3 Oct 1741 New Canaan, Fairfield County, Connecticut son of Jonas Seeley and Sarah Bartlett m. Zerviah Satterly (Satterlee, etc.) b. 11 Sept 1741 Goshen, Orange County, New York. Bazaleel signed the Revolutionary Pledge in 1775, resident of Cornwall. On 1 Nov 1788 certificate of survey for David Holbrook of lot 129 in the town of Chemung the same being sold to Nathaniel Landon and assignment by Nathaniel Landon to Bezaliel Seely on 20 Nov 1789. On 1 Nov 1788 certificate of survey for Bazaliel Seely and Selah Saterly of lot 128 in the town of Chemung, containing 840 acres of land. On 20 July 1789 Bezaliel assigned his interest to Selah Saterly. Beziliel Seely enumerated 1790 census of Chemung, Montgomery County (that portion that became Southport, Chemung County), New York with six males over age sixteen, three males under age sixteen, five females, one free person, and three slaves in the household. Selah Saterly and family were enumerated next door. Power of attorney from Bezaleel Seely and Selah Slatterly to Hezakiah Howell, to apply for and take out in his name and that of Bezaleel Seely, a patent for lot 123, in the town of Chemung 10 Jan 1792. A petition was presented 3 June 1793, by Amos Park, James Cameron, Nathaniel Seeley, Jr., Henry Sterrett, Peter Loop, Jr., Nathaniel Teal, James Seeley, John Crabtree, to the grand lodge F. & A. M. of New York, for the the establishment of a lodge at New Town, which application was granted 18 June 1793, under the name of Union Lodge, No. 30. The first meeting of the lodge was held at the house of John Konkle, in the village of New Town, 26 Aug 1793. Bazaleel became a member of this masonic lodge as did sons John and Samuel. On 25 Dec 1794 the Susquehanna Company granted Seeleysborough township of several thousand acres in what is now Bradford County, Pennsylvania on Bentley Creek to Bazeleel Seeley and on the same date they granted lots 38 and 53 in Cabot Township on Sugar Creek in what is now Bradford County to Bazaleel Seeley and others. There is a notation that in 1795 Cabot Township was not settled and the grant was withdrawn. They removed to Hector Falls, which is now in the Town of Hector, Schuyler County, New York (formally in Tompkins County, Seneca prior to Tompkins, Cayuga prior to Tompkins and Onondaga prior to Cayuga) where they were enumerated in 1800 in the town of Ovid, Cayuga County with one male under age ten (b. 1791-1800), one male of age sixteen and under age twenty six (b. 1775-84), one male age 45 and over (b. before 1755), one female of age sixteen and under age twenty six (b. 1775-84), and one female age 45 and over (b. before 1755). Bazaleel began a family enterprise, which used the power of Hector Falls. Bazaleel and sons built the first woolen mill in the County on the east side of Seneca Lake at Hector Falls and maintained a trade with water transportation. In 1807 when Thomas Coon, traveling hatter arrived, he found two log houses at what is now Burdett Village and a thriving settlement at Hector Point. Enumerated in Hector, Seneca County in 1810 with one male b. 1785-94, one male b. 1766-84, one male b. before 1765, one female b. 1801-10, one female b. 1766-84, one female b. before 1765, two slaves. Zerviah d. 29 Apr 1816 75y (ts) and Bazaleel d. 28 Jan 1818 77y (ts) Seeley Cemetery, Town of Hector, Schuyler County, New York. All the stones in the cemetery are slate and many are beautifully engraved.

In Memory of Bezaleel Seely who died in 1818 in the 77th year of his life. He emigrated with his family to the western wilds in 1787. Settled in Tioga County, N.Y. Hence made choice of this lot no. 69 in Hector for his residence in preference to any in the country. And did many years before his death made choice of this spot for the interment of his family.

 1.  Sarah Seeley b. 20 Oct 1762.
 2.  Hannah Seeley b. 2 Aug 1764.
 3.  Elizabeth Seeley b. 13 July 1766.
 4.  Azubah Seeley b. 10 Dec 1768.
 5.  Zerviah Seeley b. 17 Oct 1771.
 6.  Martha Seeley b. 28 May 1774.
 7.  Jonas Seeley b. 23 July 1776.
 8.  John Bartlett Seeley b. 25 Apr 1779.
 9.  Samuel Satterly Seeley b. 7 Dec 1782 Chester, Orange County, New York.

Second Generation:
 1.  Sarah Seeley b. 20 Oct 1762 m. 7 Mar 1782 (Goshen, New York Presbyterian Church record) Jesse    Carpenter. Will of Jesse dated 8 Jan 1815 Elmira named wife Sarah and children Joseph, Jesse,    Clarissa and Hannah; to free bond woman Lucy within one year. Executors, sons Joseph and Jesse.    Probated 11 Feb 1815. Sarah d. 8 May 1827 Lowman, Chemung County, New York.

  Joseph Carpenter b. 30 Sept 1783 m. Olive Taylor and he d. 21 May 1829.
  Clarissa Carpenter b. 7 Oct 1785 m. David Roe and she d. 2 Feb 1844.
  Jesse Carpenter b. 5 July 1787 m. 3 July 1810 Emma Sayre and he d. 11 July 1859 Lowman, New     York.
  Hannah Carpenter b. 21 June 1791 m. George Cunningham Edwards, first judge of Steuben County    and he d. 1837. Hannah d. 29 June 1875 Bath, New York.

 2.  Hannah Seeley b. 2 Aug 1764 m. Jonathan Cooley and she d. Dec 1822. Will dated 30 July 1822    Elmira. Stated she was executor of late hsuband Jonathan Cooley. Named nephews, Jonathan C.    Carpenter, son of Jesse; Robert Carpenter, son of Joseph; James Sayre. Nieces, Eloise Carpenter,    Zerviah Maxwell, and Hannah Edwards. Sisters, Sarah Carpenter, Elizabeth Sayre, and Azubah    Baldwin. Executors, Joseph and Jesse Carpenter of Elmira. Witnesses, William Maxwell and Azuba    Seely. Probated 10 Feb 1823.

 3.  Elizabeth Seeley b. 13 July 1766 m. Ebenezer Sayre and she d. 28 Nov 1834 buried Maple Grove    Cemetery, Horseheads, New York.

  Harriet Sayre b. 8 Nov 1793 d. 17 Sept 1817 Horseheads, New York.
  Hezekiah Sayre b. 11 Apr 1795 d. 18 May 1795 Horseheads.
  Abagail Sayre b. 4 May 1796 d. 27 May 1816 Horseheads.
  Hector Sayre b. 23 Feb 1798 m. Mary Strong.
  Joseph Sayre b. 29 Apr 1800 d. 18 May 1814.
  Bazaleel Seely Sayre b. 19 Oct 1801 d. 11 Oct 1860.
  Elizabeth Sayre b. 23 May 1803 m. Charles Maxwell and she d. 15 May 1885.
  James Sayre b. 28 Feb 1806 m. Harriet Seely and he d. 23 Feb 1889.
  Zerviah Sayre b. 7 May 1808 m. Luman Wilson.

 4.  Azubah Seeley b. 10 Dec 1768 m. 22 Nov 1789 William Baldwin b. 26 Aug 1767 son of Isaac    Baldwin and Patience Rathbun. William d. 25 June 1842 74y 10m (ts) and Azubah d. 1 Apr 1847    78y 3m 22d (ts) buried Wisner Cemetery, Elmira, New York, removed to Second Street Cemetery.

  Elvira Baldwin b. 25 Jan 1790 m. 28 Oct 1813 Elijah Carpenter.
  Grant Baldwin b. 18 Mar 1792 m. 29 Feb 1816 Myrilla Sayre daughter of James Sayre and Mercy    Seeley and they had children: James William Baldwin b. 30 Dec 1816, Julia Baldwin b. 4 Mar     1819, Josiah Seely Baldwin b. 22 Mar 1821, Isaac Morris Baldwin b. April 1823.
  Morris Baldwin b. 25 Dec 1794 d. 7 Jan 1810.
  Zerviah Baldwin b. 27 Dec 1795 m. William Maxwell.

 5.  Zerviah Seeley b. 17 Oct 1771 m. 20 Dec 1787 Dr. Joseph Hinchman, Revolutionary Soldier, d. 28    July 1802 40y (ts) Old Baptist Cemetery, Elmira, New York, removed to Woodlawn. “Zeviah”    Hinchman widow relict of Joseph Hinchman of town of Newtown, Esq., dec’d, d. intestate. “Zeviah”    Hinchman and Vincent Mathews appointed adiministrators of estate (Tioga County Estate A:34).    Zerviah m. (2)Isaac Baldwin, as his second wife, b. 8 Jan 1765, Revoutionary Soldier. Zerviah d. 17    May 1810. Isaac m. (3)Ruth Drake McDowell and he d. 21 Nov 1815.

  Stella Hinchman b. 1788 m. 4 Nov 1806 John H. Avery.
  Lesbia Hinchman b. 10 May 1791 m. 15 June 1814 William Platt.
  Hiram Hinchman.
  Guy Maxwell Hinchman b. 29 Nov 1795 m. 16 Aug 1816 Susan G. DeCamp.
  Felix Hinchman b. 21 Feb 1799 m. Catherine Palmer.
  Zerviah Hinchman.

 6.  Martha Seeley b. 28 May 1774 m. 1794 Henry Tower and she d. Mar 1818.

 7.  Jonas Seeley b. 23 July 1776 m. 11 Dec 1799 Abigail Seeley b. 20 Mar 1783 daughter of John    Seeley and Mary Garner. Abigail d. 26 Sept 1841 buried VanVleet Cemetery, Romulus, Seneca    County, New York and Jonas d. 5 Aug 1851-7 buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Varick, Seneca County,    New York.

  Zerviah Seeley b. 5 Feb 1801 m. 29 Jan 1822 James Finton and she d. 10 Apr 1880.
  Hiram Seeley b. 19 Sept 1802 m. 27 Apr 1827 Laura Seely and he d. 19 Oct 1858.
  Martha Seeley b. 13 Apr 1805 m. 25 Jan 1826 Henry Simpson and she d. 1 Aug 1875.
  Leshia Seeley b. 27 Apr 1807 m. 13 Dec 1826 William T. Johnson.
  Edward Seeley b. 29 Jan 1809 d. 7 Apr 1874.
  Emma Seeley b. 16 Sept 1810 m. 30 Apr 1834 Stoddard Conkling.
  Mary Seeley b. 28 July 1817 m. 31 Oct 1839 John S. VanHorne.
  Elizabeth Seeley b. 28 June 1821 m. 24 Dec 1842 Peter S. Van Liew.

 8.  John Bartlett Seeley b. 25 Apr 1779 m. Sarah Seeley b. 6 July 1786 daughter of Nathaniel Seeley,    Jr., and Elizabeth Sayre. John is related to have kept the first store in Hector at Hector Falls.    Enumerated in Hector, Seneca (that portion that became Tompkins and then Schuyler) County, New    York in 1810. John d. 19 Nov 1812 34y (ts) Seeley Cemetery, Town of Hector. Nathaniel Seeley and    Lucy Kelsey bible records his date of death as Dec 1812. Sarah m. (2)William Patten. Sarah d. 25    Dec 1839 (Nathaniel Seeley and Lucy Kelsey bible).

  Charles Seeley b. 21 Nov 1802.
  Azubah Seeley b. 5 May 1804 m. Hiram Tuthill and she d. 3 May 1885 Erin, Chemung County,     New York.
  Sarah Seeley b. 23 Aug 1806 d. 28 Jan 1825.
  Stella Seeley b. 28 Oct 1807 m. Abraham Bull.

 9.  Samuel Satterly Seeley b. 7 Dec 1782 m. 17 May 1806 (Goshen, New York Presbyterian Church    record) Rebecca Hopkins daughter of Reuben Hopkins and Hannah Elliott. Resided Hector,    Schuyler County, New York (formally in Tompkins County, Seneca prior to Tompkins, Cayuga prior    to Tompkins and Onondaga prior to Cayuga). Samuel was not enumerated as a head of household in    Hector in 1810 but is presumed to be included in the household of his parents as both a male and    female of Samuel and Rebecca’s age were in the household and a daughter under the age of ten.    Rebecca d. 3 Mar 1816 35y (ts) Seeley Cemetery, Hector, New York. Samuel m. (2)Hannah     McDowell. Enumerated in Hector, Tompkins (that portion that became Schuyler County), New York    in 1820 with three males b. 1811-20, one male b. 1805-10, two males b. 1795-1804, two males b.    1776-94, one female b. 1811-20, one female b. 1805-10, one female b. 1776-94, and one female b.    before 1775. Enumerated in Hector in the state census of 1825. Samuel was president of the Hector    Catharine Turnpike Board & Bridge Company. Samuel d. 2 (cemetery record) 3 (obituary) Feb 1839    Addison, New York. Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, New York has the following records - Samuel    Seeley died 2 Feb 1839 56y 1m 21d transfered 10 July 1861 and Hannah Seeley died June 2, 1836 45y   7m 15d transfered 10 July 1861. They are related to have been first buried in the First Baptist    Cemetery (Wisner Burying Ground), Elmira.

  DIED Suddenly, in Addison, Steuben Co., on Sunday last, Mr. Samuel S. Seely of this village, age    46. His remains were brought to Elmira for interment (Elmira Gazette, Elmira, New York, Saturday,    February 9, 1839).

  An error last week in publishing the age of Mr. Seely. His age should be 56 (Elmira Gazette, Elmira,    New York, Saturday, February 16, 1839).

  Children of Samuel and Rebecca:
  Joseph Hinchman Seeley b. 21 July 1806 d. 25 Oct 1806 3 months 4d (ts) Seeley Cemetery.
  Stephen Hopkins Seeley b. 5 June 1808 d. 29 June 1808 3 weeks 3d (ts) Seeley Cemetery.
  Catharine Seeley b. 26 Aug 1811 m. 7 May 1839 (Elmira Gazette, Saturday, May 11, 1839) Ichabod    Conklin b. 1 Mar 1807. Enumerated in Elmira in 1850, Ichabod, age 40, carpenter and joiner;     Catharine, age 39; Ledyard D., age 10; Mary A., age 8; Pauline W., age 6; William H., age 1.     Ichabod d. 26 Sept 1878 and Catharine d. 21 June 1879 buried Woodlawn.
  Harriet Seeley b. 9 Mar 1814 d. 14 July 1815 1y 4m 5d (ts) Seeley Cemetery.

  Children of Samuel and either Rebecca or Hannah:
  daughter b. 1811-20.
  son b. 1811-20.
  son b. 1811-20.

  Children of Samuel and Hannah:
  Jonas Seeley b. 12 Mar 1820 d. 26 Jan 1821 10m 14d (ts) Seeley Cemetery.
  Martha T. Seeley b. 1 Dec 1821 m. 10 Jan 1841 (Elmira Gazette, Saturday, January 23, 1841) at     Trinity Church in Elmira, Alexander Hess of Elmira b. c. 1805. Enumerated in Bath, Steuben     County, New York in 1850, druggist with children and Martha’s siblings Zerviah Seeley, Hannah     Seeley and Samuel Seely in household. Alexander d. 11 Apr 1862 57y (ts) and Martha d. 24 June     1880 59y (ts) Grove Cemetery, Bath, New York. Children: Hannah E. Hess b. 2 Oct 1842 d. 27     Jan 1846 (ts), William A. Hess b. c. 1846 d. 16 Sept 1868 21y (ts), Martha Hess b. c. 1848, Mary     Hess b. 2 Apr 1850 d. 7 Aug 1850 (ts), Samuel S. Seeley Hess b. Apr 1853 d. 23 July 1853 (ts and    Steuben Farmers Advocate, Bath, New York, Wednesday, July 27, 1853), Charles M. Hess b. 4     Aug 1854 d. 5 Dec 1854 (ts), Roland A. Hess b. 1855 d. 7 Oct 1897 42y (ts).
  Zerviah B. Seeley b. 6 Dec 1832 m. 26 Dec 1855 (Steuben Farmers Advocate, Bath, New York,     Wednesday, January 2, 1856) at St. Episcopal Church, Bath, New York, Benjamin F. Metcalf of     New York.
  Samuel S. Seeley (twin) b. 13 Apr 1834 d. 1911 (ts) Grove Cemetery, Bath, New York.
  Hannah Seeley (twin) b. 13 Apr 1834 m. 26 Dec 1855 (Steuben Farmers Advocate, Bath, New York,    Wednesday, January 2, 1856) at St. Episcopal Church, Bath, New York, William A. Rice of     Albany, New York.

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