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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Compiled 1988 - Previously Unpublished, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1883, 1884, 1891, 1892 by Mary Kingsley.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling. 

Copies sent by James Streeter, Retyped by Pat Mott Gobea, Formatted and published by Joyce M .Tice 2011

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Note - Date is date of newspaper edition, NOT date of event.
1883 30-May M Adams, C. M. C. M. Adams of Tioga & Miss Emma Ferguson of Mansfield m. last evening at Myron Mills' res., Mansfield, by Rev. Earley. She dau. of Uriah Ferguson, late of Mansfield
1883 25-Jul M Allen, George George Allen of Elmira & Miss Edith Capell of Mansfield to be m. August 16
1883 23-May M Allington, Charles Charles Allington of Lawrenceville & Miss Mary E. Wilkins of Nelson m. Nelson May 13 (?) by Esq. Goodrich
1883 7-Nov M Anderson, John F. John F. Anderson of Elmira, N.Y. & Miss Rachel Hollands of Mansfield m. her home Nov. 1 by Rev. Carter
1883 30-May M Ashton, Henry A. Henry A. Ashton of Little Marsh & Miss Minnie L. Hopkins, Knoxville, m. her home May 22 by Rev. Hayes
1883 28-Mar M Bailey. Wallace J.  Wallace J. Bailey of Richmond Twp., & Miss Vina A. Smith of Sullivan Twp. m. Feb. 25, m. Feb. 1883, bu Rev. King
1883 18-Apr M Benjamin, Gaylord Gaylord Benjamin of Antrim & Miss Ellen A. Evans of Charleston m. at her parents' March 29 by Rev. Evans
1883 17-Jan M Boughton, E. M.  E. M. Boughgton of Tioga & Miss Hannah Heron of Morris Run m. at Block House last week
1883 1-Aug M Brewer, Lyman Lyman Brewer of Wells & Miss Elizabeth Updyke of Rutland Twp. m. Dundee, N.Y. July 26
1883 11-Apr M Brown, Dr. Dorse W. Dr. Dorse W. Brown of Mansfield & Miss Lulu Wentz of Fall Brook to be m. April 17. She step-dau. Of A. J. Owen. Were m. by Rev. Brown (see 4/18)
1883 21-Feb M Bryan, Seth Seth Bryan of Painter Run & Miss Sarah Slingerland of Sullivan Twp. m. February 12
1883 17-Jan M Buchannan, Nelson G.  Nelson G. Buchannan & Miss Della Nichols, both of Elmira, N.Y. m. Mansfield Jan. 10 by Rev. Hard
1883 7-Mar M Buck, John John Buck & Miss Ida Robbins of Covington m. "last Sunday" by Rev. Carter
1883 11-Jul M Burton, Clark Clark Burton & Miss Nellie Parks m. Mansfield June (21?)
1883 4-Apr M Burton, Ralph Ralph Burton of Middleburg (meant Middlebury?) & Mrs. S. M. Milliken of Wellsboro m. Deerfield March 21 by Elder Hunt
1883 18-Jul M Butler, Charles Charles Butler & Miss Jennie Hoffman, both of Delmar Twp. m. at Stony Fork July 8
1883 13-Jun M Cameron, Alexander P. Alexander P. Cameron & Miss May Roberts m. Wellsboro Wednesday by Dr. Shaw. She dau. William Roberts. Will reside at Houtzdale, PA
1883 3-Jan M Carpenter, Charles Charles Carpenter & Miss Hattie S. Brown of Middlebury m. recently at Tioga by Rev. Gamble.
1883 18-Apr M Clark, Archibald Archibald Clark of Delmar & Miss Lina Starkwether of Millport, N.Y. m. at res. Of Rev. Early (Mansfield) April 17
1883 7-Feb M Clark, J. E. J. E. Clark & Miss Nellie Anmiller of Blossburg m. abt. "two weeks ago"
1883 14-Feb M Clark, Samuel Samuel Clark of Morris & Miss Hannah Brion of Liberty m. at Stony Fork Feb. 3 by Rev. Boyce
1883 17-Oct M Cole, Oscar Oscar Cole of Hammond & Miss Anna Lugg of Farmington m. last Wednesday
1883 19-Dec M Cruttenden, William William Cruttenden & Miss Ida M. Kelley, both of Lambs Creek, m. Mansfield Dec. 16 by Rev. Earley
1883 28-Feb M Dangle, John John Dangle of Wellsboro & Miss Tibbie Rexford of Gaines m. her home "last Wednesday", she dau. C. H. Rexford
1883 21-Mar M Daniels, Peter Peter Daniels & Miss Mary Pettigrew of Tioga m. "last Wednesday
1883 20-Jun M Davis, Frank Frank Davis of Westfield & Miss Ida Hoffman of Hammersley Flas m. "Recently"
1883 20-Jun M Davis, Otto H. Otto H. Davis of Wellsboro & Miss Nellie Beaman of Millerton m. Elmira "last Wed." by Rev. Hard
1883 4-Jul M Day, Orrin Orrin Day of Lambs Creek & Mrs. Mary Booth of Mansfield m. "one day last week"
1883 28-Nov M Decker, Frank Frank Decker & Miss Hattie Ackley of Rutland Twp. m. in Blossburg Wednesday by Rev. Fowler
1883 27-Jun M Dewey, J.A. J. A. Dewey of Fall Brook & Miss Fannie Barnes of Wilkes-Barre m. at Mrs. M. M. Harvey's in Mansfield June 21 by Rev. S. Earley
1883 26-Dec M DeWitt, Millard Millard DeWitt of Jackson Twp. & Lottie Morehouse of Webb Mills, N.Y. m. Mansfield Dec. 25 by Rev. Earley
1883 10-Oct M Doumaux, Eugene Eugene Doumaux & Miss Sarah E. Jones, both of Charleston, m. there October 4 by Rev. Evans
1883 25-Jul M Elliott, Samuel Samuel Elliott & Miss F. S. Thomas, both of Lawrenceville, m. there last Wednesday by Rev. Purdy
1883 23-May M Emmos, George George Emmons & Miss Mattie Hunt of Westfield m. last week
1883 25-Apr M Erway, Dennis H. Dennis H. Erway & Mattie Atwell m. Cowanesque April 14 by Elder Kellogg
1883 25-Jul M Ewing, J.T. J. T. Ewing & Miss Mollie M. Potter of State Bridge, N.Y. m. there July 3 by Rev. Ernst. He at M.S.N.S.
1883 31-Jan M Fish, James E. James E. Fish & Saide E. Brewster of Wellsboro m. "last Wed." at her home by Rev. A. Shaw.
1883 21-Nov M Ford, D.C. D. C. Ford of Lawrenceville & ___ of Jamestown, N.Y. m. six years ago, "Just announced"
1883 31-Oct M Fredenburg, John John Fredenburg of Elkland & Miss Addie Hopkins of Marathon, N.Y. m. her home last Wed.
1883 15-Aug M Frisbey, Byron Byron Frisbey & Miss Emma Shiver, both of Tioga, m. there Monday
1883 17-Oct M Frost, Charles of Covington got married
1883 3-Jan M Gerow, E. A. E. A. Gerow & Mrs. C. L. Stone, both of E. Charleston, m. Jan. 1, 1883 at Aaron Kirkpatrick's, Mansfield, by Rev. Earley.
1883 3-Jan M Goldmyer, Louis Jr. Louis Goldmyer Jr. & Miss May Ramsdell m. Mansfield Jan. 1, 1883 by Rev. Brown. He son of Lewis G. Sr.
1883 20-Jun M Gould, E.W. E. W. Gould of Boston & Miss Mary Lincoln of Mansfield m. Blossburg May 12
1883 24-Jan M Griffiths, Isaac I. Isaac T. Griffiths & Miss Jennie N. Jones of Blossburg m. Jan. 17 by her grandfather Rev. W. Beach
1883 21-Mar M Harned, Rev. Edward W. Rev. Edward W. Harned of Delmar & Miss Mary E. Bonham of Osceola m. at Osceola "last Wednesday week" by Rev. Dayton.
1883 10-Oct M Hart, Daniel O. Daniel O. Hart of Mansfield & Miss Lucina Shermerhorn of Canisteo, N.Y. m. at Lawrenceville, PA by Dr. Purdy Sept. 22
1883 31-Jan M Heavens, Eugene Eugene Heavens & Hattie Evans m. "last Wed." at Lawrenceville
1883 24-Oct M Higgins, James H. James H. Higgins & Mrs. Martha Chapman, both of Ulster, PA, m. at A. P. Sherman's, Richmond Twp., Oct. 7 by Rev. Whiting
1883 17-Jan M Higgon, Elezer Elezer Higgon & Miss Martha Ann Lloyd of Morris Run m. there Jan. 6 by Rev. Evans
1883 7-Mar M Hoag, John John Hoag & Jennie Pattetann of Arnot m. "recently" by Rev. Schenck
1883 27-Jun M Hollands, William William Hollands, Jr. of Elkland & Lyda Cady, same, m. in Elkland June 24 by Rev. Dayton.
1883 16-May M Hooker, William E. William E. Hooker & Miss Stella Loop of Nelson m. there May 10
1883 12-Sep M Horton, I.S. I. S. Horton of Lawrenceville & Miss Mary Warren of Nelson m. last week Wednesday
1883 11-Jul M Howe, George H. George H. Howe & Miss Nettie J. Giles, both of Rutland Twp. m. Mansfield July 4 by Rev. Earley
1883 5-Dec M Howe, John F. John F. Howe of Farmington & Miss Hattie DeWitt of Jackson Center m. Nov. 14 in Elmira, N.Y. by Rev. Ford
1883 11-Jul M Howells, David David Howells of Antrim & Miss Prisilla Row of Arnot m. Arnot July 3 by Rev. D. Jones
1883 17-Jan M Jack, William William Jack of Tioga & Miss Anna Hewyt of Morris m. at Block House last week
1883 25-Jul M Jackson, David David Jackson of Blossburg & Miss __ Weaver of same m. (When & where?)
1883 17-Jan M Johnson, Porter Porter Johnson of Covington & Miss Carrie Brown of Cherry Flats m. her home Jan. 1, 1883 by Rev. Mathews
1883 10-Jan M Keefe, John John Keefe & Katie Crowley, both of Blossburg m. Dec. 31, 1882
1883 17-Oct M Kelts, R.C. R. C. Kelts of Westfield & Miss Anna Rexford, same, m. recently
1883 12-Sep M Kinner, Jesse Jesse Kinner & Alice Edsall of Millerton m. last Saturday in Elmira, N.Y.
1883 2-May M Knox, Herman Herman Knox (son of A.D. Knox of Deerfield) & Miss Carrie Everett, dau. Of Noah Everett of Deerfield, m. her home "last Wednesday" by Rev. C. Weeks
1883 25-Jul M Krusen, Richard Richard Krusen of Westfield m. Miss Sarah I. Lewis (excounty superintendent) "recently"
1883 14-Feb M Lamb, Henry Henry Lamb of Manfield & Miss Viola English of Cherry Flats m. February 4 in Wellsboro by A. Brewster, Esq.
1883 7-Nov M Lewis, Grant Grant Lewis & Miss Mary L. Gerrald m. Mansfield Nov. 4 by Rev. W. Beach
1883 7-Nov M Lewis, Mart G. Mart G. Lewis & Miss Ella Dartt, both of Blossburg, m. last week Wednesday
1883 28-Nov M Lundy, Robert Robert Lundy & Mary Garland, both of Fall Brook m. there August 25 by F. Elliott, Esq.
1883 9-May M Maich, William R. William R. Maich of Middlebury & Miss Jennie O. Smith of Cherry Flats m. Mansfield res. Of Rev. Early, May 2
1883 12-Dec M Maine, E. R. E. R. Maine of Mainesburg & Miss Clara Cochran of Muncy m. recently
1883 19-Dec M Maine, Howard P. Howard P. Maine of Mainesburg & Miss Mary E. Elliott of Mansfield m. her home Dec. 13 by Rev. Carter
1883 15-Aug M Maloney, John John Maloney of Wellsboro & Miss Rosa Burns of Tioga m. Tioga last week Tuesday by Rev. Lynott
1883 29-Aug M Mason, Mr. Mr. Mason & Miss Lizzie Brooks, both of Arnot, m. last Wednesday by Rev. Brown (in Mansfield?)
1883 5-Dec M Mathews, John I. John I. Mathews of Mansfield & Miss Carrie Steeples of Elmira, N.Y. m. her home last week Tuesday
1883 26-Sep M McClure, Sheaff Sheaff McClure & Miss Belle Seeley, both of Rutland Twp. m. her home Sept. 18
1883 7-Feb M McCollum, Jacob Jacob McCollum & Mrs. Sarah Mosier of Nelson m. at Lawrenceville "last week Monday" by Rev. Pardy
1883 21-Feb M McFadden, Hugh Hugh McFadden of Bloomington, Ill. & Miss Kate Parkhurst of Lawrenceville m. February 15 her home by Rev. Schall. She dau. Mrs. J. A. Parkhurst
1883 12-Sep M McIntyre, Loren B. Loren B. McInyre of Beech Tree Junction, PA & Miss Mary Curren of Blossburg m. last Wednesday in Blossburg by Rev. Fowler
1883 9-May M Mekeel. R. D. R. D. MeKeel of Covington & Miss Anna E. Ford of Harrington, Ontario, Canada, m. Mansfield res. Of Rev. Early May 2
1883 28-Nov M Moore, Lincoln Lincoln Moore & Jennie Williams, both of Morris Run m. in Fall Brook Nov. 24 by F. Elliott, Esq.
1883 2-May M Morgan, H.S.  H. S. Morgan of Armenia & Miss Alice Harvey of Mansfield m. Mainesburg April 30 by Rev. King
1883 7-Feb M Northrup, Josiah B. Josiah B. Northrup of Norwich, N.Y. & Miss Pamelia Church of Deerfield Twp. m. at her home Jan. 30 by Rev. Hayes
1883 11-Jul M Nungent, James C. James C. Nungent & Miss Kate Bradley of Wellsboro m. last week by Rev. Lynott
1883 18-Apr M Owens, William H. William H. Owens & Miss Rose M. Bailey, both of Lawrenceville m. at Somers Lane April 10 by Rev. Stratton
1883 18-Apr M Owlette, Andrew Andrew Owlette & Miss Anna Bosard m. Nelson residence of her bro. J. J. Bosard "last Wednesday
1883 18-Jul M Pattison, Thomas Thomas Pattison & Miss Pauline Smith of Wellsboro m. last week Tuesday at Wellsboro by Rev. Meigs
1883 31-Oct M Phelps, C.A. C. A. Phelps of Mansfield & Miss France Eddy of East Syracuse, N.Y. m. her home Aug. 18 by Rev. Swift
1883 4-Jul M Phelps, Edward C. Edward C. Phelps of Covington & Miss Celia Richards of Nelson m. Mansfield last Saturday by Rev. Carter
1883 14-Mar M Potman, Samuel O. Samuel O. Potman of Covington & Miss Mary Holiday of Crooked Creek m. her home March 6 by D. Holiday, Esq.
1883 31-Oct M Ripley, Dwight Dwight Ripley Jr. & Miss Carrie A. Ripley, both of Sylvania, Pa., m. Mansfield October 22 by Rev. Earley at the res. Of Oliver Ide.
1883 19-Dec M Rorapaugh, Clarence B. Clarence B. Rorapaugh & Miss Emma Lawrence, both of Rutland Twp. m. by Rev. Ely (Mansfield?) Nov. 20
1883 17-Jan M Rose, Morgan E.  Morgan E. Rose & Miss Nellie Miller, both of Sullivan Twp. m. Covington Dec. 20, 1882 by Rev. Mathews
1883 5-Sep M Rowland, Frank S. Frank S. Rowland of Wellsboro & Miss Jennie Hosie of Boston, Mass. M. Horseheads, N.Y. recently
1883 6-Jun M Rugaber, J. F. J. F. Rugaber of Westfield & Miss Caroline S. Bauer m. (when & where ?)
1883 23-May M Shutter, Charles  Charles Shutter & Miss Kate Smith, both of Tioga, m. May 19 by Rev. Gamble
1883 14-Mar M Sickles, James James Sickles of Mitchell's Creek & Miss Helen Jones of Havana, N.Y. m. Tioga "recently"
1883 10-Jan M Simpson, Albert C. Albert C. Simpson of Wellsboro & Mrs. Lucinda Simpson of Granville, PA m. recently
1883 24-Oct M Slingerland, Alfred Alfred Slingerland of Mansfield & Miss Ella M. Rice of Lambs Creek, m. Mansfield Oct. 10 by Rev. Earley
1883 6-Jun M Smith, Tristram Tristram Smith of Rutland Twp. & Mrs. Faith C. Decker of Sullivan Twp. m. Mansfield May 31 by Rev. Earley
1883 2-May M Stevenson, Mr. J. Mr. J. Stevenson & Miss Hattie Sweet, both of Knoxville m. April 18 at Knoxville by Rev. Hayes.
1883 13-Jun M Stratton, F. H. F. H. Stratton & Miss Marie Bowen to be m. He son of D. H. Stratton, she dau. Ex-sheriff Stephen Bowen
1883 27-Jun M Stratton, Frank H. Frank H. Stratton & Miss Maria Bowen m. Blossburg last Wednesday by Rev. Flowler
1883 7-Feb M Sutton, Harry Harry Sutton & Miss Elizabeth Rayment, both of Elmira, N.Y. m. Deerfield Twp. Jan. 3 by Rev. Knapp
1883 23-May M Taft, Isaac Isaac Taft of Knoxville & Miss Effie Master of Westfield m. last Wednesday
1883 9-May M Thomson, Rev. F. C. Rev. F. C. Thomson of Nelson & Miss Edith Walters m. Apri l12 at her father's (John Walters) in (in Mansfield?)
1883 21-Feb M Tinderman, Hiram  Hiram Tinderman & Miss Cora Stevens of Knoxville m. in Lawrenceville "last week Saturday"
1883 18-Apr M Tinney,. Herbert Herbert Tinney & Miss Sarah Price, both of Farmington, m. "last Tuesday" by Rev. C. Gillette.
1883 30-May M Torpy, Alfred H. Alfred H. Toirpy & Fida M. Symonds, both of Stony Fork, m. there May 220 by Rev. Boyce
1883 15-Aug M Utley, C.D. C. D. Utley & Miss Josephine Van Order, both of Blossburg, m. April 2 in Mansfield by Rev. Brown. "Just announced"
1883 23-May M Vail, Chester S. Chester S. Vail of Denver, Col. & Miss Eunice L. Palmer, formerly of Mansfield, m. Denver May 1 by Rev. Manly
1883 31-Jan M VanNess, Thu Thu & Miss Sarah E. Davis, both of Mansfield, m. "last Wed." at her sister's, Mrs. David Clemons, Copp Hollow, by Rev. Lamkin
1883 20-Jun M Wainman, Burt A. Burt A. Wainman & Miss Alce M. Townsend, both of Stony Fork m. June 10 by Rev. Boyce
1883 10-Jan M Waters, Stephen Stephen Waters of Lambs Creek & Miss Kittie Lownsbery of Canoe Camp m. Dec. 25, 1882
1883 25-Apr M Whitmarsh, Charles S. Charles S. Whitmarsh & Miss Lena May Watts, both of Knoxville m. April 14 by Rev. B. Brown of Mansfield
1883 17-Jan M Whittaker, John D. John D. Whittaker of Canoe Camp & Miss Allie P. Rockwell of West Covington m. Jan. 9 her home by Elder Cutts. She dau. Of Philander Rockwell
1883 3-Jan M Whittaker, Nelson L. Nelson L. Whittaker of Richmond Twp. & Carrie M. Knowlton of Covington m. Canoe Camp by M. R. Goodall, Esp. (no date given)
1883 16-May M Wilcox, Frank Frank Wilcox & Miss Charlotte Ely, both of Blossburg, m. at Tioga March 15 by Rev. Gamble
1883 14-Mar M Williams, George W. George W. Williams & Miss Ida Horton of Wellsboro m. Monday at her home.
1883 10-Jan M Williams, Orson Orson Williams & Miss Delia Richmond, both of Sullivan Twp. m. Troy, PA Dec. 24, 1882 by Rev. Moyer
1883 20-Jun M Wood, Seth Seth Wood of Rutland Twp. & Miss Emma Morgan of Armenia m. June 16 by I. S. Woodburn
1883 7-Feb M   Divorces granted: Lucy M. vs. P.P. Pitts, Charles C. Layton vs. Mary, William Copping vs. Emily
1883 16-May A Baity, Elias Elias Baity & wife m. 50 yrs. Last week Monday, reside Richmond Twp., children include Mrs. Enos Rose & Mrs. Thomas R. Bowen
1883 17-Oct A Bennett, L.C. L. C. Bennett & wife of Wellsboro m. 25 yrs. Last Thursday
1883 17-Jan A Cameron, Charles Charles Cameron & wife of Osceola m. 50 yrs. Jan. 1
1883 21-Feb A Campbell, John N. John N. Campbell & wife of Mansfield m. 25 years "last week Saturday"
1883 21-Feb A Greene, George George Greene & wife of Delmar Twp. m. 15 yrs. "last Week Tuesday"
1883 31-Jan A Hoffman, John John Hoffman & Mary Ann Mann m. 50 yrs. Feb. 20. She dau. Of Asa Mann, founder of Mansfield; now resides in Mendota, Ill.
1883 14-Mar A Jackson, C. J.  C. J. Jackson & wife of Blossburg m. 25 yrs. "last Friday", m. in Wales, have 5 children
1883 28-Feb A Kelley, James James Kelley & wife of Wellsboro m. 50 years last week Monday
1883 18-Apr A Leibe, Mr. & Mrs. of Wellsboro m. 50 years "last week"
1883 27-Jun A Mather, Mr. & Mrs. C.C. Mr. & Mrs. C. C. of Wellsboro m. 7 years ago last Tuesday. Her sister Mrs. H. F. Marsh & husband m. 1 year ago same day
1883 15-Mar A Phelps, Warren Warren Phelps & wife of Farmington Twp. m. 50 years (no date)
1883 12-Sep A Walker, James James Walker & wife m. 50 yrs. Sept. 1, part at son-in-law's, A. T. James of Blossburg

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