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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Compiled 1988 - Previously Unpublished, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1883, 1884, 1891, 1892 by Mary Kingsley.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling. 

Copies sent by James Streeter, Retyped by Pat Mott Gobea, Formatted and published by Joyce M .Tice 2011

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Note - Date is date of newspaper edition, NOT date of event.
1884 13-Feb M Allen, Ernest E. Ernest E. Allen of Tioga & Miss Ida Stevens of Middlebury m. Corning, N.Y. Feb. 6 by Rev. E. Hermans
1884 11-Jun M Avery, William William Avery of South Mountain, Bradford Co., & Miss Lydia Tinkham of Mainesburg m. in Mainesburg June 9 by Rev. Fosbinder. (see also 6/25)
1884 2-Jul M Baldwin, H.L. H. L. Baldwin & Miss Mary Urell of Tioga m. there last Thursday by Rev. W. Baldwin
1884 6-Feb M Barker, Dr. P. N. Dr. P. N. Barker of Wellsboro & Miss Cora Knapp of Troy m. her home Jan. 28
1884 9-Jan M Brace, John W. John W. Brace & Miss Lucy L. Baker, both of Rutland, m. at George Baker's res. Dec. 24(?), 1883 by Rev. Rawson
1884 10-Sep M Brown, William M. William M. Brown of Elmer, PA & Miss Nettie Parker, Brookfield Twp. m. Mansfield Sept. 7 by Rev. Ely
1884 2-Jan M Bryan, Fred Fred Bryan of Farmington & Miss Bertha Shaw of Sullivan Twp. m. her home by Rev. S. Earley (no date)
1884 9-Jan M Bryant, S.F. S. F. Bryant of Covington & Mrs. Jane M. Henderson of Richmond m. Covington Dec. 24, 1883 by S. Watkins, Esq.
1884 9-Apr M Burgess, John John Burgess & Miss Marth H. Fletcher, both of Sullivan Twp. m. March 10 by J. of P. Squires
1884 17-Dec M Campbell, Ford Ford Campbell of Pierce, NEB & Miss Tillie Canfield of Minneapolis, MINN m. at her bro. Jay Canfield's Dec. 2 (where?)
1884 18-Jun M Clark, Colin B. Colin B. Clark of Mansfield & Miss Lydia E. Kiley of Covington m. Blossburg April 27 by Rev. Fowler
1884 11-Jun M Clark, Frank A. Frank A. Clark & Miss Ida D. Winfield, both of Mansfield, m. there June 5 by Rev. Ely
1884 19-Nov M Cleaveland, George H. George H. Cleaveland & Miss Lizzie J. Dike, all of Richmond Twp. m. at Canoe Camp Nov. 10 by M. R. Goodall, Esq.
1884 26-Nov M Close, G.B. G. B. Close of Delmar & Miss Cora E. Hart of Charleston m. November 11
1884 17-Dec M Codney, William William Codney of Lyonsville, PA & Miss Mertie V. Ide of Mansfield m. Covington Nov. 4 by Rev. Lamkin
1884 13-Feb M Copp, Sumner M. Sumner M. Copp of Wellsboro & Miss Theresa L. Coon m. Knoxville (Corning, N.Y.) Feb. 6 by Rev. E. Hermans
1884 22-Oct M Cram, John John Cram of Denver, CO & Miss S. Luella Clark m. there (no date). She dau. Albert Clark formerly of Mansfield
1884 16-Jul M Crumb, Edward Edward Crumb, Arnot & Miss Lorena Miller, Mansfield, m. Corning, N.Y. July 3 by Rev. Hermans
1884 28-May M Dann, John L. John L. Dann of Chatfield, Minn. & Miss Esther A. Briggs of Middlebury m. May 19
1884 4-Apr M Doud, George E. George E. Doud of Mainesburg & Miss Carrie K. Smith of Rutland Twp. m. at Sanford Smith's March 26 by Rev. Rawson
1884 30-Jan M Doud, Lucien Lucien Doud & Miss Helen Sarles of Richmond Twp. to be m. tonight at her home
1884 8-Oct M Dunkle, Dr. Dr. Dunkle of Westfield & Miss Dolly Parker of Brookfield m. last Friday. She dau. *. P. Parker
1884 6-Aug M Dunlap, Joh John Dunlap & Miss Marion Mcindoe, both of Morris Run, m. "lately"
1884 2-Jan M Dyke, Asa of Scodac & Miss Ada Watkins of Mulberry Hill m. recently
1884 28-May M Farr, Alphonse Alphonse Farr of Covington & Miss Media Clark of Mansfield m. Mansfield May 17 by Rev. Earley
1884 22-Oct M Freeborn, Frd H. Fred H. Freeborn of Mansfield & Miss Emma A. Wood of Jersey Shore m. Oct. 23. (see also 11/5)
1884 6-Feb M Fuller, John John Fuller & Miss Clara Brown of Westfield m. last Wednesday
1884 14-May M Gallup, J. C. J. C. Gallup of Smethport, PA & Estella Barden of Mansfield m. her home May 13 by Rev. Earley. She dau. J. M. Barden
1884 30-Jul M Gardner, Oliver of Covington & Mrs. Nancy C. Carter of Mansfield m. Mansfield July 28 by Rev. Earley at res. Of J. W. Baker
1884 31-Dec M Hall, John John Hall of Rutland & Miss ___ Beardsley of Mansfield m. recently
1884 26-Mar M Halliday, Will Will Halliday & Miss Sarah Waddell, both of Morris Run, m. last Thursday
1884 28-May M Hambley, John  John Hambley & Miss Jane Ellen Pitchford, both of Fall Brook m. there May 5 by F. Elliott, Esq.
1884 29-Oct M Hawkins, Gen. Bob Gen. Bob Hawkins of Blossburg m. in Corning last Wednesday Mrs. Penie F. Miller (colored)
1884 5-Nov M Henderson, Martin O. Martin O. Henderson Covington & Miss Alpharetta Sherman of Richmond Twp. m. Oct. 15
1884 3-Sep M Henry, Charles Maxwell Charles Maxwell Henry of Maple Hill & Miss Leda M. Hall of Mansfield m. her home Aug. 28 by Rev. Carter
1884 27-Feb M Holly, Nelson Nelson Holly of Sullivan Twp. & Mary G. Wood, same, m. her home Feb. 18 by Rev. Fosbinder
1884 9-Jan M Howe, Frank F. Frank F. Howe of Bradford & Miss Sarah E. Kelly of Butler m. in Bradford last Tuesday. He bro. Of McPherson W. Howe of Mansfield
1884 26-Mar M Ide, Oliver Oliver Ide & Miss Annie Agney, both of Mansfield, m. in Covington March 1
1884 2-Jan M Kingsley, Clarke D. Clarke D. Kingsley of Tioga & Miss Mary E. Clark of Sullivan Twp. m. Dec. 25, 1883 at her home by Rev. Ely. She dau. J. C. Clark.
1884 31-Dec M Kinney, H. H. Kinney & Miss Anna Peck m. Covington Nov. 29 (rumor)
1884 9-Apr M Lamb, W. L. W. L. Lamb & Miss Frankie L. Clark, both of Lambs Creek, m. her home March 29 by Esq. Ripley
1884 20-Aug M Lean, J. T. J. T. Lean of Susquehanna Co. & Miss S. Lizzie Lewis of Covington m. her home August 14, she dau. Of John Lewis
1884 16-Jul M Leonard, Fred C. of Spring Mills, N.Y. & Miss Estella G. Cook of Wellsboro m. last Thursday
1884 23-Apr M Matteson, Francis Francis Matteson & Edna King of Deerfield m. recently
1884 19-Nov M Merrick, Ellis Ellis Merrick of Wellsboro & Miss May White, same, to be m. there tomorrow
1884 27-Aug M Morgan W. H. W. H. Morgan & Miss Nettie Bockus, both of Wellsboro, m. at Mansfield Aug. 24 by Rev. Carter
1884 26-Mar M Mudge, Menzo Menso Mudge & Miss Stella V. Welch, both of Sullivan Twp., m. Mansfield March 19 by Rev. Earley
1884 12-Nov M Niles, Russell Russell Niles & Miss Adeline Giles, both of Tioga, m. Mansfield Nov. 6 by Rev. Earley
1884 10-Sep M Osgood, Richmond A. Richmond A. Osgood & Miss Alice L. Miller, both of Mansfield m. there Sept. 7 by Rev. Earley
1884 31-Dec M Owens, John John Owens & Miss Melinda Davis, both of Morris Run m. last Wednesday. She dau. John D. Davis
1884 1-Oct M Palmer, John John Palmer of Mansfield & Miss Ann Robinson of Corning, N.Y. m. last week Monday
1884 5-Mar M Parmerter, Henry W. Henry W. Parmerter of Jackson Twp. & Miss Marth Woodhouse of East Lawrence m. February 26
1884 9-Apr M Petrie, Melvin Melvin Petrie of Wellsboro & Miss Cora Francis of Charleston m. March 3
1884 9-Jan M Piercy, George George Piercy & Miss Mary Blanchard, both of Covington, m. there Dec. 19)?), 1883 by Rev. Tilden
1884 30-Jan M Preston, Alvin Alvin Preston of Lindley, N.Y. & Miss Minnie Ball of Lawrenceville m. Monday
1884 26-Nov M Rhinesmith, Joseph Joseph Rhinesmith & Miss Alcie Miller, both of Jackson Twp. m. November 12
1884 24-Sep M Ripple, J. H. J. H. Ripple of Larned, KA & Miss Hattie Edwards of Charleston m. her home Sept. 10
1884 2-Jan M Roberts, Howard Howard Roberts & Miss Effie Tate, both of Blossburg, m. "last month"
1884 12-Mar M Rolason, John John Rolason of Armenia & Miss Nettie Kiff of Chase's Mills m. March 5
1884 6-Aug M Rosa, Nelson Nelson Rosa of Morris Run & Miss Dora Soper of Blossburg m. "lately"
1884 2-Jan M Shale, George R. George R. Shaler & Miss Lucy Judge, both of Mansfield, m. in Tioga Dec. 24, 1883, by Rev. Webber
1884 13-Feb M Shay, John John Shay of Morris Run & Miss Bambry of Blossburg m. last Thursday
1884 15-Oct M Shoemaker, L. E. L. E. Shoemaker of East Lawrence & Miss Nellie A. Shepard of Somers Lane m. Oct. 9
1884 5-Mar M Smith, Charles E. Charles E. Smith of New York & Miss Carrie E. Radaker of Lawrenceville m. her home last Thursday
1884 11-Jun M Smith, Jasper Jasper Smith of Sullivan Twp. & Mrs. Landon of Union Twp. m. June 5
1884 2-Jan M Spear, William R. William R. Spear of Richmond & Miss Esther A. Mosher of Springfield, PA m. Sylvania, PA Dec. 24, 1883 by J. Bristol, Esp.
1884 4-Apr M Spencer, C.V. C. V. Spencer of Topeka, KA & Miss Ida A. Stokes of Larned, KA, m. March 28. He formerly of Mansfield
1884 17-Dec M Starr, George George Starr of Lawrenceville & Mrs. Bertha Mann of Mansfield m. Mansfield Dec. 4 by Rev. Ely
1884 25-Jun M Sutton, John H. John H. Sutton & Miss Maggie Covley, both of Blossbug, last Thursday
1884 3-Dec M Tennant, R. T. R. T. Tennant Jr. of Preston, PA & Miss Minnie D. Cole of Ulysses m. at Ulysses by her father Rev. S. Cole. She niece of Dr. A. J. Cole, Mansfield
1884 2-Jan M Thorp, William William Thorp of Roseville & Miss Jennie Pierce of Chandlersburg m. Dec. 29, 1883 by Rev. S. Earley
1884 21-May M Van Duxen, Fred Fred Van Dusen of Farmington & Miss Hattie Foster of Lawrenceville m. last Wednesday
1884 30-Jul M Van Norman, H. J. H. J. Van Norman & Miss Cora H. Losey of Lawrenceville m. "today"
1884 11-Jun M Van Vleck, W.H. of Friendship, N.Y. & Miss Grace Wilson of Mansfield m. May 31 at Friendship, N.Y. by Rev. Alvord
1884 27-Aug M Vannauker, G.N. G. N. Vannauker of Eckley (?), PA & Miss Renza Woodcock of Clymer Twp. m. Westfield Aug. 17 Rev. Mason
1884 3-Sep M Walker, George E. George E. Walker & Miss Mary Ann Starkey, both of Wellsboro, m. Mansfield August 14 by Rev. Earley
1884 10-Sep M Weaver, Samuel Samuel Weaver of Union Twp. & Miss Eva Burton of Richmond Twp. m. Mansfield Sept. 6, by Rev. Earley
1884 26-Nov M Webster, Myron L. Myron L. Webster of Rutland & Miss Emma R. Moore of Charleston m. Wellsbor August 10
1884 2-Jan M West, George D. George D. West of Elmira, N.Y. & Miss Ida Covert of Mansfield m. Dec. 18 at E. C. Dorman's in Mansfield by Rev. Ely. (1883)
1884 12-Nov M Willard, Charles Charles Willard of Charleston & Miss Emma H. Warters of Lambs Creek m. Mansfield Nov. 10 by Rev. Ely
1884 13-Feb M Williammee, Martin Martin Williammee of Morris & Miss Isabel Collby of Rutland m. Mansfield Feb. 7 by Rev. Earley
1884 17-Sep M Wilson, James A. James A. Wilson of Richmond Twp. & Miss Ella M. Ellis of Tioga m. Mansfield Sept. 11 by Rev. Earley
1884 27-Feb M Wood, Frank L. Frank L. Wood of Sullivan Twp. & Josephine Dann of Elk Run m. her home Feb. 14 by Rev. Fosbinder
1884 5-Mar M Woodward, John B. John B. Woodward & Miss Elsie M. Slingerland, both of Sullivan Twp., m. Mainesburg February 26 by Rev. Fosbinder
1884 12-Mar M Young, A.C. A. C. Young of Austinville & Miss Mary Hickok of Columbia X-Roads m. March 2
1884 3-Sep   Ashley Reunion The family of Pioneers Forest & Deborah Ashley met at A.S. Ashley's, Sullivan Twp. Sons: Orange, Rich, Floyd & Addison S. all of Sullivan Twp., Mrs. J. M. Haverly, Cherry Flats; Mrs. D. S. (Diantha) Foster, Was., D.C. "Phoebe
1884 16-Jan   Canfield, Frank d. Lillte, Nebraska, age 28 yrs. 3 mos. & 28 days son of A. E. & S. J. Canfield
1884 23-Jul   Pritchard, Hiram sketch of his life, a miller in Corning, formerly of Lawrenceville, named 3 children, Truman S., Mary & Albert
1884 15-Oct A Hulslander, Peter Peter Hulslander & wife of Sullivan Twp. m. 50 yrears "tomorrow"
1884 15-Oct A Robbins, W. E. W. E. Robbins & wife of Sullivan Twp. m. 46 yrs. Last Thursday
1884 24-Sep A Steele, James James Steele & wife of Morris m. 60 yrs. Last week Friday. He b. 1800 & his father settled in Ansonia 1805

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