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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Compiled 1988 - Previously Unpublished, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1901-1904 by Mary Kingsley.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling. 

Copies sent by James Streeter, Retyped by Pat Mott Gobea, Formatted and published by Joyce M .Tice 2011

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Note - Date is date of newspaper edition, NOT date of event.
1901 30-Jan M Abbey, T.C. T. C. Abbey & Cora Schoonover were m. at Hector, Potter Co. Jan. 12, 1901
1901 10-Jul M Allen, Henry L. Henry L. Allen of Detroit, Mich. & Miss Fanny L. Sheldon of Sinclairville, N.Y. m. 10 Jul at her home by Rev. Morgan. She former M.S.N.S. faculty member & dau. Of Royal E. Sheldon
1901 27-Nov M Allen, Mr. Mr. Allen & Miss Edith Benington were m. at her sis. In Williamsport, Mrs. Charles W. Scott. She M.S.N.S. student
1901 25-Sep M Andrews, Lewis Lewis Andrews of Jackson Twp. & Miss Gettie Brown of Somers Lane were m. She dau. Of W. B. Brown
1901 11-Dec M Atkins, Lester Lester Atkins of Potter Brook & Miss Estella taylor were m.
1901 19-Jun M Bacon, David David Bacon of Wellsboro & Hellena R. Clayson of Granville Summit were m. at her home this week, Mon.
1901 25-Dec M Bailey, Walter Walter Bailey & Miss Emma Thorp were m. recently (Roseville item)
1901 20-Mar M Baker  A. dau. Born 10 Mar. 1901 to Wm. T. Baker of Wellsboro, former resident of Mansfield
1901 20-Mar M Barker, Charles Albert Charles Albert Barker of N.Y. & Miss Alice Hopkins Albro m. Wed. at Fredonia, N.Y. by Rev. W. Morgan. She dau. Of Dr. Samuel H. Albro fromerly of Mansfield 
1901 18-Dec M Bastian, Gird Gird Bastian & Amelia Rose were m. 12 Dec. at Mansfield (Mainsburg item)
1901 13-Feb M Bateman, Andrew Parker Andrew Parker Bateman & Miss Martha Eddings to be m. Bloss. 14 Feb. 1901. Dau. Of Henry Eddings
1901 1-May M Beach, Welsey J. Wesley J. Beach was m. last Dec. to a Detroit lady he was formerly of Mansfield
1901 5-Jun M Bixby, Harry L. Harry L. Bixby formerly of Mansfield & Minnie A. How were m. 29 May 1901 at Pendleton, Ore.
1901 11-Dec M Bloss, Albert L. Albert L. Bloss & Miss Lottie A. Burt both of Corning, N.Y. were m. Wellsboro 27 Nov. by Justus Davis
1901 6-Mar M Boyce, James of Richmond Twp. & Miss Viola Bennett of Charleston Twp. were m. last Tues. at Lindley, N.Y.
1901 26-Jun M Bradford, Lloyd G. Lloyd G. Bradford & Miss Alice Sarah Strait of Sylvania to be m. tonight at her home. She is dau of Oliver Cole Strait
1901 25-Dec M Broderick, Robert M. Robert M. Broderick of Mainesburg & Miss Kate E. Cudworth of Same, to be m. 25 Dec. by Rev. Prosceus at her home. She is dau. of J. C. Cudworth
1901 18-Sep M Brown, Thaddeus Thaddeus Brown of Jacksonville, Fla. & Mrs. Mary S. Olney of Mansfield were m. 31 Aug. in Elmira. She was wid. Of late R. E. Olney, he is the nephew of John Brown of Mansfield
1901 20-Nov M Brugler, Harry Harry Brugler of Knoxville & Miss Ada Boardman of Austin were m. at her mothers in Sabinsville. He is the son of Editor Brugler of the Knox Currior
1901 13-Mar M Brunning, Rev. B. Rev. B. Brunning & Miss Lavina A. Wetmore both of Mansfield were m. 7 Mar. 1901 in Elmira by Rev. D. Moore
1901 17-Apr M Bruse, Wallace W. Wallace W. Bruse & Miss Jennie M. Boyer were m. 6 Apr. 1901 both of Troy
1901 25-Dec M Buckley, Wm. Wm. Buckley & Miss Minnie Mann were m. Lawrenceville
1901 10-Apr M Bull, George George Bull of Addison, N.Y. & Miss Alice May Edminster of Erwin, N.Y. to be m. today at her home. He formerly of Mansfield
1901 27-Nov M Butler, Oliver W. Oliver W. Butler of Stokesdale & Miss Jeanette Owlett of Wellsboro were m. last week at her home
1901 25-Dec M Chamberlain, Mark Mark Chamberlain & Miss Emma Reynolds of Sabinsville were m. in York State recently
1901 9-Oct M Chappel, Earl L. Earl L. Chappel of Knoxville & Miss Lillian Bellows were m. last Thurs. at Forest Clarks near Cameron, N.Y. She is former Westfield girl
1901 10-Jul M Cole, Harry V. Harry V. Cole of Centre Village, N.Y. & Miss Minnie C. Ackley of Westfield were m.
1901 1-May M Colony, George George Colony of Mansfield & Miss Suzie Kennedy of Rutland to be m. tomorrow, 2 May 1901 at her home by Rev. D. Stoker
1901 16-Jan M Courtney, Perry Perry Courtney & Miss Edith Dewey of Sylvania were m. recently in Elmira, N.Y.
1901 25-Dec M Curran, Fred W. Fred W. Curran of Knoxville & Miss Vesta Gevevieve Langdon of Mansfield to be m. 25 Dec. by Rev. W. Lattimer. She is dau. Of C. H. Langdon
1901 4-Sep M Curtis, R. F. R. F. Curtis of Mansfield & Miss Carolyn B. Sampson of Covington to be m. 18 Sep.
1901 6-Mar M Dailey, Fred Fred Dailey of Prophets Town, Ill. & Miss Lelia Maude Decker of Mansfield were m. at Prophetstown (last yr.) -just announced. She is dau. Of Ambrose Decker of Mansfield
1901 20-Feb M Day, Wilson Wilson Day & Miss Lydia M. Shaw of Lambs Creek were m. 9 Feb. at Mansfield by Rev. Gates
1901 23-Jan M Deans, Frank A. Frank A. Deans of Wellsboro & Miss Mary E. Houghton of Wrightsville, Pa. were m. yesterday at Wrightsville
1901 25-Dec M Deemer, Wm. Russell Wm. Russell Deemer of Williamsport & Miss Sarah January Grundy of Louisville, Ky. Were m. there last week
1901 25-Sep M Everett, Ernest L. Ernest L. Everett & Miss Etta Friends were m. last Wed. at her home in Jackson Twp. She is dau. Of James K. Friends
1901 12-Jun M Ewing, Thomas Henry Thomas Henry Ewing & Bessie Elbertine Soper of Elmira to be m. 12 Jun. 1901. She is niece of Mrs. W. N. Barton of Mansfield
1901 13-Feb M Faulkner, D. J. D. J. Faulkner of Mansfield & Miss Maude LaValley of Blossburg were m. Mon. at Lawrenceville
1901 3-Jul M Fessler, T. A. T. A. Fessler of Elkland & Miss Maud E. Harrison of Borden, were m. last Wed. by Rev. J. Skattowe of Lawrenceville at her mothers
1901 17-Apr M Field, Wilson Wilson Field & Miss Lettie Parke both of E. Troy were m. 10 Apr. by Rev. I. Hyde. She was dau. of Charles E. Parke
1901 23-Oct M Frazier, David David Frazier of Waterville, Was. & Miss Hannah Richards of Covington were m.
1901 30-Jan M Frost, Will Will Frost & Miss Laura Marvin both of Covington Twp. were m. Jan. 23, 1901 at her parents
1901 3-Jul M Fuller, Norman Norman Fuller of Hoytville & Miss Claudia Hakes to be m. this eve. At her bro's, Willis Hakes, by Rev. W. Hull at Lambs Creek
1901 15-May M Fullwood, Peter Peter Fullwood & Miss Hattie Laurence both of Wellsboro m. May 5 Corning, N.Y.
1901 26-Jun M Griswold, German H. German H. Griswold of Sayre & Miss Mary Nichol Blaksley of Athens to be m. tommorow at Athens. She is dau. Of M. U. Blaksley formerly of Mansfield. He is formerly of Canton.
1901 11-Dec M Haddow, Winfield Winfield Haddow of Morris Run & Miss Edith Taylor of Covington were m. 28 Nov. at Elmira
1901 4-Dec M Handson, Fred Fred Handsom & Miss Ada Freeman both of Mansfield were m. there by Rev. B. Bruinning recently
1901 27-Nov M Hertle, Lafayette Lafayette Hertle of Mansfield & Miss Mammie Geisenhoff of Elkland m. a few days since.
1901 2-Jan M Hilfiger, Walter C. Walter C. Hilfiger of Lawrenceville & Miss Edna L. McIntyre of Baldwin, N.Y. were m. at Baldwin by Rev. P. Smith
1901 4-Sep M Hoard, Harry Reed Harry Reed Hoard of Mansfield & Miss Susan Glenn Cameron to be m. Sep. 17 at Wilkinsburg, Pa. She is dau. Of Peter Cameron. Will be m. by Revs. Pollock & Perry
1901 26-Jun M Howe, Van Victor  Van Victor Howe of Mansfield & Miss Lena Emily Smith of Farmington were m. yesterday
1901 31-Jul M Howe, Dr. Wm. Dr. Wm. Howe of Shinglehouse & Miss Laura R. Guild of Hector, Pa. to be m. tomorrow. She is M.S.N.S. student
1901 12-Jun M Hoxey, Charles Charles Hoxey & Miss Kate LeBalley m. Mon. at her home in Covington by Rev. Appleman
1901 17-Jul M Hughes, Jessie A.  Jessie A. Hughes & Miss Ana Bingham both of Mitchells Creek were m. Corning, N.Y.
1901 26-Jun M Jelliff, Glen J. Glen J. Jelliff & Miss Sarah Edna Clemons both of Mansfield were m. today in Mansfield by Rev. W. Hull. She dau. Of Margaret Clemons. He is son of Eli Jelliff
1901 2-Jan M Jessup, Will Will Jessup & Gertie Edwards, both of Covington were m. Dec. 19th, 1900
1901 30-Jan M Johnson, Patrick Patrick Johnson & Hattie Parker were m. 13 Jan. at Hector, Potter Co.
1901 2-Jan M Jones, Albert Albert Jones & Miss Blanche Austin of Mainesburg were m. 24 Dec. 1900 at her parents, Jesse Austin by Rev. W. Yard
1901 2-Oct M Jones, Benjamin Benjamin Jones of Mansfield & Miss Rose Graves of Blossburg to be m. tomorrow at E. E. Braces in Elmira
1901 27-Mar M Jones, Wm. Wm. Jones & Miss Mable Gee VanValcolnar both of Mansfield were m. today, Elmira, N.Y. by Rev. F. Reynolds
1901 16-Oct M Kear, Ernest L. Ernest L. Kear of Mansfield & Miss Martha Crittenden of Whitesville, N.Y. to be m. tonight at her home
1901 25-Sep M Keating, Charles L. Charles L. Keating & Miss Harriet B. Maneval of Liberty were m. last Wed. in Elmira
1901 22-May M Kelley, Charles Charles Kelley of Knoxville & Miss Annetta Hoose of Westfield were m.
1901 23-Oct M Kelley, John John Kelley & Miss Mazie Clemons both of Covington twp. were m.
1901 12-Jun M Kelley, Peter  Peter Kelley & Miss Kate Duel were m. 6 Jun at Elmira Hghts. She probably dau. Of James Duel or sis.
1901 16-Oct M Keppel, Dr. F. D. Dr. F. D. Keppel of Montour Falls & Miss Mary R. Hearne of Georgetown, Ky. Were m. Wed. at her home
1901 20-Nov M Kilburn, Sherry Sherry Kilburn & Miss Kate Linsley both of Lawrenceville were m. at Corning, Nov. 13
1901 2-Oct M Kinner, Lewis Lewis Kinner of Pine City, N.Y. & Miss Lizzie Horton of Mitchells Creek, Pa. were m. 25 Sep. at her home by Rev. C. Figles
1901 30-Oct M Lawrence, Dr. Frank Dr. Frank Lawrence of Elmira & Miss Nan Elliott of Mansfield were m. Thurs. eve. At Eugene Hills in Elmira
1901 26-Jun M Lawrence, Wesley Wesley Lawrence & Miss Cora Klock both of Covington were m. today at Covington. She is dau. Of Edward Klock
1901 11-Sep M Lefler, Max R. Max R. Lefler & Miss Hattie G. Carley of Jackson Twp. were m.
1901 2-Jan M Lilley, Carl W. Carl W. Lilley & Miss Amy Elizabeth Bull were m. last eve. In Mansfield at her parents, Albert Bull by Rev. S. Darby
1901 2-Oct M Loasch, A. H. A. H. Loasch of Mansfield & Miss Ethel Knowlton of Richmond Twp. were m. She is dau. Of Hanover Knowlton
1901 30-Jan M Lundgreen, Edward Edward Lundgreen & Miss Grace Vastbinder were m. Lindley, N.Y. by Rev. C. Jenkins
1901 1-May M Maine, Melville of Raleigh, N.C. & Miss Mary Blackwell of Mansfield m. at Raleigh. He is son of late Horace Maine, once res. Of Mansfield & nephew of late Dr. G. D. & Edward Maine of Mainesburg. She is dau. Of late Enoch Blackwell of Mansfield
1901 20-Mar M McClelland, N. N. N. N. McClelland & miss Lena Riley of Troy were m. last week in Elmira, N.Y.
1901 7-Aug M McConahy, Boyd Boyd McConahy & Miss Nettie M. Jenkins both of Willard, N.Y. were m. 28 Jul. in Watkins, N.Y. by Rev. Lattimer. She is dau. Of Abner Jenkins of Lambs Creek
1901 17-Jul M McConnell, Charles W. Charles W. McConnell of Richmond Twp. & Miss Anna Glenright were m. Mon. by Rev. W. Hull
1901 20-Feb M Moore, Owen J. Owen J. Moore of Canton or Sullivan & Nina May or Bell Ingerick of E. Charleston be be m. 20 Feb. 1901. She is dau. Of G. E. Ingerick
1901 13-Feb M Monell, Francis G. Francis G. Monell & Miss Blanche Hartford wre m. at Elmira, N.Y. last Sun. She is granddau. Of Officer McClelland
1901 30-Jan M Morrison, Morris I. Morris I. Morrison formerly of Westfield & Miss Sarah Katz of N.Y. to be m. 31 Jan. 1901
1901 11-Dec M Muchant, John John Muchant of Buffalo & Miss Anna Emderle of Syracuse (formerly of Tioga) were m. recently
1901 30-Jan M Neal, Floyd Floyd Neal & Mrs. Maggie Peters both of Hills Creek were m. Tues. in Wellsboro
1901 22-May M Nelson, J. M.  J. M. Nelson of Colville, Wash. & Miss L. Pearl Brown of Arnot were m. May 6 at Spokane. She is sis. Of Andrew Brown of Mansfield
1901 10-Jul M Nichols, Dr. Hibbard B. Dr. Hibbard B. Nichols of Pultney & Miss Edith Goodrich were m. She is dau. Of G. E. Goodrich of Mansfield
1901 6-Nov M Nickerson, Dr. Leon Dr. Leon Nicherson of Dubois & Miss Katherine Wilson were m. She is sister of Mrs. Arthur Precitt of E. Charleston
1901 3-Apr M Osgood, Benjamin Benjamin Osgood of Richmond Twp. & Miss Margaret Elizabeth (Libby Taylor) were m. last Wed. 27 Mar. 1901 at Mansfield by Rev. L. Gates
1901 14-Aug M Palmer, Mr. - Mr. Palmer & Miss Nellie Smith of Elk Run wre m. recently. She is dau. Of Lyman Smith
1901 25-Dec M Passmore, Willard Willard Passmore & Miss Isabel Walker of Cov., to be m. 1 Jan. 1902 at her home; dau. Of M. R. Walker of Covington twp.
1901 11-Dec M Porter, George M. George M. Porter & Miss Daisy Clayson of Windfall were m. at Canton
1901 27-Mar M Prentiss, Willard A. Willard A. Prentiss & Miss Bertha Goodrich to be m. 4 Apr. 1901 Pultney, N.Y. She is formerly of Mansfield
1901 6-Nov M Richard, Ray Ray Richard & Miss Josephine Wilcox of Covington m. recently at Liberty
1901 8-May M Riley, Rev. Edwin  Rev. Edwin Riley of Susquehanna, Pa. & Miss Margaret Almira Harrison of Elmira, N.Y. were m. at Elmira, N.Y. by Rev. A. Eastman. He was former Presb. Minister at Mansfield. She is dau. Of J. H. Harrison of Elmira, formerly of Westfield
1901 5-Jun M Ripley, Elmer E. Elmer E. Ripley of Elmira & Miss Jennie Schenks of Trenton, N.J. wre m. at Trenton (Lambs Creek item)
1901 20-Mar M Rockwell, James James Rockwell & Miss Myra A. Benson of Troy were m. last week in Elmira
1901 20-Mar M Rose, Elmer Elmer Rose & Miss Hattie Brainard were m. Elmira several days ago, both of Roaring Branch
1901 4-Sep M Roy, Harold Harold Roy & --- were m. 20 Aug. at Buddy's home, College Hill, Ohio
1901 25-Dec M Russell, George George Russell & Mrs. Ada Johnson to be m. tomorrow at Lambs Creek
1901 25-Sep M Sampson, Miss Carol B. Miss Carol B. Sampson of W. Covington & Mr. Reubin F. Curtis were m. last Wed. He is of Mansfield
1901 25-Sep M Sampson, Miss Mary H. Miss Mary H. Sampson of W. Cov. & James J. Lyon of Covington wre m. last Wed.
1901 24-Jul M Sawyer, John V. John V. Sawyer of Liberty & Miss Grace Maneval of Jackson, Lycoming Co. to be m. today
1901 25-Dec M Saxton, John M. John M. Saxton formerly of Troy & Miss Marie M. Henckley both of Willimsport to be m. 26 Dec.
1901 16-Jan M Seeley, Merrill Merrill Seeley of Wellsboro & Miss Mary Elizabeth Curtis of Mansfield wre m. yesterday by Rev. W. Hll. She is the dau. Of Reuben Curtis
1901   M Sharp, James James Sharp & Mrs. Fanny O. Brace were m. last ev. At Mansfield by Rev. W. Hill. She dau. Of Mrs. H. Lamb. (no date)
1901 19-Jun M Shaw, Andrew Wells Andrew Wells Shaw & Miss Celia Evelina VanNess both of Mansfield to be m. 26 Jun. By Rev. W. Hull. She is dau. Of H. P. VanNess. He is son of Wm. Shaw
1901 20-Feb M Sherwood, Hugh N. Hugh N. Sherwood of Mansfield & Miss Tasy M. Bloom of Williamsport were m. there yesterday. He was son of Andrew Sherwood. She is dau. Of W. H. & Mary E. Bloom
1901 20-Nov M Smith, Harry L. Harry Smith of Knoxville & Miss Martha L. Class of Little Marsh were m. at her home 14 Nov.
1901 3-Apr M Smith, W. B. W. B. Smith & Miss Flora Love both of Mansfield were m. last eve. By Rev. Hull
1901 26-Jun M Smythe, James James Smythe of Troy & Mrs. Clara H. Wheeler of Mansfield were m. last eve. In Mansfield by Rev. S. Derby
1901 17-Sep M Soper, James James Soper of Covington Twp. & Mrs. Mary Coveney of Mansfield were m. last Thurs. at Lawrenceville
1901 20-Feb M Spencer, Carl Carl Spencer & Miss Edith M. Miller both of Mansfield were m. 16 Feb. at Corning
1901 25-Dec M Sperry, Mr. Mr. --Sperry & Miss Lillian Quich formerly of Mansfield were m. recently at Stillwater, Minn.
1901 20-Feb M Stewart, Allen T. Allen T. Stewart & Miss Mattie Moody wre m. at Towanda, Tues.
1901 18-Sep M Stout, Jacob Jacob Stout of N.Y.C. & Mrs. Matilda Shepard of Mansfield were m. last Sat. in Elmira by Rev. D. Kepper
1901 25-Dec M Strait, Thad B. Thad B. Strait formerly of Mansfield & Miss Julia O'Foole were m. E. St. Louis, Ill. Foremr res. Mansfield
1901 23-Oct M Sutton, Robert W. Robert W. Sutton of Addison, N.Y. & Miss Martha Doud were m. at her mother's, Mrs. Geo. Smith of Addison. She is dau. Of Warren Doud of Sullivan Twp., m. by Rev. D. Mackay
1901 13-Feb M Tebo, Lewis Lewis Tebo & Miss Clara Austin of Union Twp. were m.
1901 20-Feb M Tomlinson, Fred Fred Tomlinson & Miss Bertha Coveney both of Mansfield were m. at Lawrenceville last Sat.
1901 20-Mar M Tuttle, Charles Charles Tuttle & Miss Alice Ladd wer m. recently at Bentley Creek, N.Y.
1901 17-Jul M Updike, Austin H. Austin H. Updike of Jackson Summit & Miss Matilda Woodhouse of Monroeton were m. recently
1901 5-Jun M Van Hart, Millard Millard Van Hart & Miss Laura Pruner both of Mansfield were m. at Lindley, N.Y. last Wed. by Rev. C. Jenkins
1901 11-Dec M Van Order, Frederick Frederick Van Order of Wellsboro & Miss Stella Haight of Charleston Twp. were m. 30 Nov. at Lawrenceville by Rev. A. Stuart
1901 14-Aug M Walker, Delos H. Delos H. Walker & Mrs. Lydia Rodgers both of Mansfield were m. last Wed. at Elmira by Rev. F. Reynolds. She is mother of Mrs. L. E. Hoyt of Buffalo, N.Y.
1901 27-Feb M Walker, Joseph R. Joseph R. Walker & Mattie A. Slingerland were m. 20 Feb. at Mansfield by Rev. Gates
1901 29-May M Walker, Wm. Wm. Walker of Mansfied & Miss Addie VanDyne were m. last eve. At her home
1901 31-Jul M Walker, Wm. Wm. Walker & Miss Jennie Nelson of Covington to be m. today at Wellsboro
1901 27-Feb M Warriner, Walter Walter Warriner & Miss Helen Stroup of Coudersport were m., he is formerly of Wellsboro
1901 4-Sep M Weller, Charles Frederick Charles Frederick Weller of Wash., D.C. & Miss Eugenia Winston to be m. 18 Sep. 1901 in Chicago, Ill. She is a former M.S.N.S. faculty member.
1901 27-Nov M Weller, Frank R. Frank R. Weller of Wellsboro & Miss Selma Carlquist of Kane were m.
1901 21-Aug M Williams, Gomber H. Gomer H. Williams & Miss M. Libby Farrer were m. at Canoe Camp 20 Aug. by Rev. W. Brown
1901 3-Jul M Womelsdorf, E. Guy E. Guy Womelsdorf of Wanamie, Pa. & Miss Sarah E. Dewey of Sullivan Twp. were m. 26 Jun. 1901 at her home by Rev. W. Burrell. She is dau. Of Addison Dewey
1901 23-Jan M Woodard, Charles N. Charles N. Woodard formerly of Elkland & Miss Clara B. Hatway of Croos Forks were m.
1901 29-May M Youmans, Mark Mark Youmans of -- & Miss Edna Frost of Frost Settlement were m. last Thurs. at Lawrenceville. She is dau. Of Lewis Frost
1901 26-Jun M Youmans, Myron L. Myron L. Youmans of Westfield & Miss Myrtle Stull of Farmers Valley to be m. today at her home

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