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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Compiled 1988 - Previously Unpublished, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1901-1904 by Mary Kingsley.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling. 

Copies sent by James Streeter, Retyped by Pat Mott Gobea, Formatted and published by Joyce M .Tice 2011

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Note - Date is date of newspaper edition, NOT date of event.
1902 9-Jul M Adams, Clyde Clyde Adams & Miss Lizzie Biddle, both of Blossburg, m. at Liverpool, NY June 28th
1902 13-Aug M Allen, George E. George E. Allen of Elmira (well-known in Mansfield) & Etta Farnham Perry to be m. Aug. 5th at Westfield by Rev. Schultz: she dau. J. Fraisee of Westfield
1902 10-Dec M Austin, Frank (corrected 12/17/1902 to: Justus P.), of Richmond Twp. & Miss Blanche Whiting of Mansfield m. her home "last week Wed."; she dau. I. N. Whiting
1902 1-Jan M Austin, Louis Ray Louis Ray Austin of Mansfield & Miss Beatrice Dalliver of Ridgway, Pa. to be m. "today" at her aunt's (Mrs. Sarah Krusen) in Westfield
1902 6-Aug M Bailey, Arthur L. Arthur L. Bailey of Wellsboro & Miss Alice Petty to be m. "today"; he son of L. L. Bailey of Wellsboro
1902 22-Oct M Bailey, Dell M.  Dell M. Bailey of Mansfield & Miss Lucy J. Peck of Lambs Creek, m. Elmira Oct.15th; she was dau. of W. E. Peck
1902 5-Mar M Bailey, Paul M. Paul M. Bailey & Miss Lina A. Colony, both of Mansfield, m. there "last Wed." by Rev. W. Latimer; she dau. William Colony
1902 23-Apr M Baker, Guy Guy Baker of Troy & Miss Minna Walker of Rutland Twp. m. at Hornellsville, N.Y., Apr. 17th by Rev. L. Squire
1902 10-Sep M Bates, William Albert William Albert Bates of Mansfield & Miss Helen Estell Leach of Chinchilla, Pa. to be m. Sep. 15th her home; she dau. Of Mrs. Emily Leach
1902 1-Jan M Baynes, Arthur C. Arthur C. Baynes of Sheffield (formerly of Mansfield) & Miss Fanny Matie of Tylersburg m. Dec. 18th 1901
1902 23-Apr M Beach, B. Ellsworth B. Ellsworth Beach of Mansfield & Miss Ora Hutchinson of Blossburg m. "this week Mon." at Waverly, N.Y.
1902 12-Nov M Benson, Charles Charles Benson & Miss Clarina Sherman m. at State Line "Sat." by Rev. Van Kirk
1902 19-Mar M Bixby, Mr. Mr. Bixby of Sylvania & Mill Nellie Haight of Mansfield m. (no date)
1902 25-Jul M Bostwick, John John Bostwick of Corning & Miss Edith Louise Mulford of same, m. "last week."
1902 6-Aug M Bouncer, Thomas Thomas Bouncer of Arnot & Miss Maggie Mason of same. M. (no date)
1902 8-Jan M Boyce, C.E. C. E. Blyce of Mansfield & Miss Laura Warters of Lambs Creek m. at Lawrenceville Dec. 26th 1901; she dau. Elmer Warters
1902 16-Apr M Brotherhood, A. J. A. J. Brotherhood of New York & Miss Lillian Rumsey of Ulysses m. her home "yesterda"; she dau. E. G. Rusney fromerly of Mainesburg
1902 9-Apr M Broughton, Arthur Arthur Broughton & Miss Lena Dainels of Gillette, m. "recently."
1902 4-Jun M Bruce, Charles Robert Charles Robert Bruce & Esther M. Davis, both of Canton, m. at Elmira "last Sat."
1902 20-Aug M Burr, J. D.  J. D. Burr of Blossburg & Miss Nina Porter of New Castle m. Aug. 6th at her home
1902 24-Sep M Button, Albert Albert Button of Bath, N.Y. & Miss Anna VanSkiver of Jasper, N.Y. m. at Westfield "last week" by Justice Parsons
1902 6-Aug M Caldwell, John Fletcher John Fletcher Caldwell of Athens & Miss Evelyn Harper Blaksley, same, to be m. Aug. 14th; she formerly of Mansfield & dau. Of Mrs. Mary U. Blaksley of Athens. Married by Rev. W. Simpson
1902 19-Nov M Cass, Ross M. Ross M. Cass of Mansfield & Miss Fanny N. Howe, same m. "Mon." at Mansfield by Rev. L. Gates; she dau. J. F. Howe
1902 24-Sep M Cherry, Jesse Jesse Cherry & Miss May Padgett of Wellsboro m. "last Wed." by Rev. Shaw (Double wedding with Harry Whitney)
1902 21-May M Clark, Floyd Floyd Clark formerly of Lambs Creek m. --- of Galeton "2 weeks ago last Sun."
1902 5-Feb M Clark, Morris B. Morris B. Clark & Miss J. Annie Calkins m. Mansfield "last Wed."; she dau. Mrs. Maria Calkins
1902 19-Mar M Clemons, John John Clemons of Covington & Miss Eva Mae Johnson m. her home, Covington "last Wed." by Rev. J. Hobbins: she dau. George J.: he son of David C.
1902 26-Mar M Cleveland, Leon of Mann Creek m. ?
1902 15-Jan M Colegrove, J. E. J. E. Colegrove & Miss Alcie Brockway, both of Bear Creek m. at Corning, N.Y. by Elder Hubbell (no date)
1902 2-Jul M Coleman, Judson O. Judson O. Coleman of New Albany & Miss Cosenne Spencer of Mountain Lake m. June 18th at her home. He M.S.N.S. '99
1902 30-Jul M Colony, Charles Charles Colony of Mansfield & Miss Flora Wakeman of Stokesdale m. "est." in Elmira; he son of William Colony of Mansfield
1902 3-Dec M Comfort, Albert  Albert Comfort & Miss Rose Van Hart, both of Mansfield, m. Nov. 23rd
1902 24-Dec M Coryell, Harry C. Harry C. Coryell of Elmira & Miss Iva Blanche Rarick of Osceola m. Elmira "last Wed."
1902 13-Aug M Crane, R. B.  R. B. Crane of Wellsboro & Mrs. Anna B. Williams of Galeton m. (no date)
1902 13-Aug M Crittenden, S. E. S. E. Crittenden of Oswayo & Mrs. Cora Simmons of Elkland m. (no date) her home; she dau. Amos Fenton
1902 1-Oct M Curtis, Romeo Romeo Curtis & Miss Charlotte Saks, both of Blossburg m. "Last Wed." there: she dau. M. J. Saks
1902 22-Oct M Dinehart, Harry Harry Dinehart of Elkland & Miss Bessie Hoaglin of Nelson m. at Addison Oct. 12th
1902 1-Jan M Dyke, Harry Harry Dyke, formerly of Newtown Road (Richmond Twp.) & Miss Ella Root m. Dec. 24th, 1901 at Penn Yan
1902 28-May M Elliott, Edward Martin Edward Martin Elliott of Coundersport, formerly of Mansfield & Miss Edith Kent of Brookland, Pa., m. "yest." at Brookland; she dau. W. L. Kent; he son late O. V. Elliott of Mansfield
1902 17-Sep M Ellis, Herbert W. Herbert W. Ellis of Buffalo, N.Y. & Mrs. Elizabeth A. Manton, formerly of Mansfield, m. "last Thurs." at ---.
1902 2-Jul M Farr, Edward B. Edward B. Farr of Skinners Eddy, Pa. & Miss Sara Morris, formerly of Mansfield m. at Newark, N.Y. "today"
1902 12-Nov M Flaig, Walter Walter Flaig of Richmond Twp. & Miss Huldah Buttom of Mansfield to be m. Nov. 18th
1902 29-Nov M Foster, Jesse Miles Jesse Miles Foster & Miss Lulu Aileen Palmer, both of Mansfield m. her home "today" by Rev. Gregory; she dau. Henry V. Palmer
1902 27-Aug M Gaige, Herman Herman Gaige of Jackson Summit & Miss Mina Lewis of Mansfield to be m. tomorrow her home by Dr. E. Rosengrant; she dau. Charles Lewis
1902 21-May M Gardner, Charles  Charles Gardner of Covington & Miss Edna Clara Wilcox of Stony Fork m. (where?) recently" by Rev. H. Witham
1902 30-Apr M Gardner, Henry J. Henry J. Gardner of Elmira, N.Y. & Miss Rowena B. Avery, same, m. there Apr 23rd by Rev. F. Reynolds; she former res. Of Rutland Twp.
1902 22-Oct M Gentry, Dr. J. M. Dr. J. M. Gentry of Stoney Fork & Emily J. Wilcox of Wellsboro m. "last Wed."; she dau. Of Mrs. E. E. Wheeler
1902 23-Jul M Gillett, Fred Fred Gillett of Mansfield & Miss Mabel Phillips of Tioga m. "last week Mon."
1902 23-Jul M Greenfield, L. H. L. H. Greenfield & Miss Anna Shaut, both of Gaines m. at Addison, N.Y. (no date
1902 8-Jan M Gunderman, John W. John W. Gunderman age 50 & Nettie B. Greatsinger, 20, m. in Elmira Dec. 31st 1901 by Rev. C. Crawford
1902 9-Jul M Hamilton, John John Hamiltoy of Corning & Miss Millie Beard of Painted Post m. June 2erd by Rev. Libbey
1902 12-Feb M Harrington, Eugene J. Eugene J. Harrington of Beaver Dams, N.Y. & Miss Stella Seeyeye m. at Lawrenceville (no date); she dau. Charles Seeleye of Lawrenceville
1902 3-Dec M Heck, Frederick Frederick Heck of Tioga & Miss Bertha Holt of Blossburg to be m. Dec. 4th
1902 24-Sep M Hilfiger, F. C. F. C. Hilfiger, & Miss Emma Webster of Jobs Corners m. at Lindley by Rev. C. Crowl (no date)
1902 12-Nov M Hill, Frank D.  Frank D. Hill of Tioga & Miss Elsie L. Muchler of Leetonia m. "last Wed." at Corning
1902 8-Oct M Hill, V. W. V. W. Hill formerly of Troy, m. "recently" Miss Harriet L. Beebe of South Haven, Mich.
1902 8-Jan M Hillman, Edward Edward Hillman & Miss Mattie Abrams, both of Galeton, m. ---; he M.S.N.S. '02
1902 24-Sep M Hudson, Harry Harry Hudson & Miss Jessie Cleveland, both formerly of Jackson Summit m. Sep. 3rd, New York City (?)
1902 11-Jun M Hughes, Mr. Frank Mr. Frank Hughes & Miss Josephine Griffin of Lambs Creek m. Elmira "last Week"
1902 8-Jan M Hurd, Harry Harry Hurd & Miss Nellie Hamm m. at Tioga Dec. 25th 1901 by Rev. J. Coldough
1902 23-Jul M Husted, Harry A. Harry A. Husted of Mansfield & Miss Ida A. Meaker of Mitchells Creek m. her home "today" by Rev. E. Rosengrant; she dau. Mrs. Bettie E. Meaker; to reside in Idaho
1902 2-Apr M James, J. A. J. A. James of Radnor, Ohio & Miss Clara M. Webster of Mainesburg m. Mar. 26th by Rev. J. Jones of Ebensburg
1902 5-Nov M Johns, H. B. H. B. Johns of Phoenixville & Mrs. Lottie Ouderkirk of Elmira, formerly of Elkland, m. (no Date) Elkland by her father J. P. Windsor Gleason
1902 26-Feb M Johnson, Edward Edward Johnson & Miss Gertie Updyke m. at Lawrenceville "last Sun." residing in Mansfield
1902 8-Oct M Jones, Leroy Leroy Jones of Elmira Heights & Miss Mattie Deming of Lawrenceville m. (no date)
1902 23-Jul M Jones, M. E. Principal M. E. Jones of East Bloomfield, N.Y. & Miss Katherine Barden of Bellona, N.Y. m. "recently"; she related to Rd. J. M. Barden of Rutland Twp.
1902 31-Dec M Jones, Verne D.  Verne D. Jones & Miss Hattie English, both of Mills, m. at Lawrenceville Dec. 24th by Rev. A. C. Stuart; he nephew of Mrs. B. C. Mann of Mansfield
1902 14-May M Jupenlaz, Frederick L.  Frederick L. Jupenlaz of Mansfield & Miss Mathilde Bauer of Philadelphia m. "today" in Richmond Twp.
1902 5-Nov M Kane, Michael Michael Kane & Miss Mollie Hickey, late of Mitchells Creek m. "last Wed." at Tioga by Rev. O'Toole
1902 31-Dec M Kennedy, Fred E. Fred E. Kennedy of Delmar Twp. & Miss Bertha Munson of Shippen Twp. m. "last week" at Wellsboro
1902 30-Jul M Kidder, John John Kidder of Corning & Miss Leone Ingalls of Mansfield m. Corning "last Sat."
1902 24-Dec M Kohr, Harvey A. Harvey A. Kohr of Washington, D.C. & Miss Sophia Louesa Doty of Elmira (formerly of Mansfield) m. Dec. 20th Washington by Rev. J. Muir
1902 31-Dec M Landon, Mort A. Mort A. Landon & Miss Lillian Miller m. at Alba (no date)
1902 19-Nov M Lang, John John Lang & Miss Anna Reardon m. (announced in Arnot)
1902 31-Dec M Lawrence, Ross Ross Lawrence & Miss Maud McConnell both of Rutland Twp. m. Dec. 14th at State Line, N.Y.
1902 12-Nov M Lleslie, Norman B. Norman B. Leslie of Wellsboro & Mrs. Florence L. Wood, same m. Wellsboro Nov. 5th by Rev. N. Reynolds
1902 24-Dec M Le Valley, Lynne Lynne Le Valley of Coudersport & Miss Alice Frost of Covington m. Dec. 15th at Covington by Rev. W. Burrell
1902 31-Dec M Le Valley, Mark Mark Le Valley of Covington & Miss Ida Van Dyke of Blossburg m. her home "Christmas"
1902 19-Mar M Lewis, Walter Walter Lewis of Ulysses & Blanche Mastin of E. Charleston m. at Ulysses "last week Wed."
1902 9-Jul M Little, John C. John C. Little of Bath & Miss Jennie Lee Sutton of Sunderlinville m. recently her home; she M.S.N.S.'00
1902 10-Dec M Longwell, William H. William H. Longwell of Rutland Twp. & Miss Nellie E. Smith of Elk Run m. at State Line Dec. 2nd by Rev. Van Kirk
1902 30-Jul M Lownsberry, Reuben Reuben Lownsberry of Canoe Camp & Miss Florence Hertle of Mansfield m. "last Sat."; she dau. Charles Hertle
1902 8-Jan M Ludington, Perley K. Perley K. Ludington & Miss Sarah M. Wilcox m. in Elmira Jan. 1st by Rev. G. Haigh; she dau. Of G. W. Wilcox of Leroy, both of East Sullivan
1902 26-Nov M Lunden, Carl Carl Lunden & Miss Alice Williams of Blossburg m. in Elmira (no date)
1902 14-May M Lyons, Walter of Canton & Miss Irene Riley of Susquehanna, Pa. m. "recently"
1902 17-Dec M Manning, Leon of Niles Valley & Miss Mamie Westbrook of Crooked Creek m. "recently"
1902 7-May M Marvin, R. T. R. T. Marvin of Covington & Miss mary Johnson of same m. there "last Wed." by Rev. J. Brown; she is dau. Of A. L. Johnson
1902 31-Dec M Mathers, George R. George R. Mathers of Wellsboro & Miss Lou Landrus of Wellsboro to be m. at her home Jan. 3, 1903. She is dau. Of the late Henry J. Landrus
1902 24-Dec M Mattison, Leon A. Leon A. Mattison of Mansfield & Edna M. Johnson of Covington were m. in Mansfield Dec. 23 by Rev. L. Gates. She is dau. Of Frank Johnson of Covington
1902 1-Jan M Megie, Burtis W. Burtis W. Megie & Miss E. Myra Ball m. at East Troy last Wed. He is the bro. Of Miss Margaret L. Megie of Mansfield
1902 17-Sep M Messersmith, Samuel C. Samuel C. Messersmith & Miss Flora Anzolette Thurston both of Brooklyn to be m. in Brooklyn Sep. 17. She former M.S.N.S., the dau. Of Lewis L. Thurston
1902 2-Jul M Mitchell, Ray Ray Mitchell, former res. Of Jackson Twp. m. at Santa Paula, Ca. June 21
1902 1-Jan M Monroe, Henry Henry Monroe of Sylvania & Miss Grace Smith of East Sullivan m. at her home Dec. 23, 1901. She is the dau. Of Frank Smith
1902 15-Jan M Moore, Frank L. Frank L. Moore of Raymond & Miss Ethel Dennis of West Bingham (both Potter Co.) m. Wellsville, N.Y. "Christmas"
1902 5-Nov M Mosher, Ephraim Ephraim Mosher of Burlington & Miss Harriet A. Young were m. "last week in Elmira" She is from Troy
1902 25-Jun M Mott, John to be m. "today" at Indianapolis, In. Son of C. P. Mott formerly of Mansfield
1902 14-May M Murphy, Ralph Ralph Murphy of Rochester, N.Y. & Mrs. Elizabeth L. Anthony (formerly Mrs. C. E. Boyce) m. Elmira "Sun." by Rev. F. W. Reynolds
1902 24-Sep M McClelland, Sidney Sidney McClelland & Miss Anna Wilson to be m. "today" at Troy
1902 22-Oct M McDonough, William D. William D. McDonough of Costello & Miss Carrie E. Perry of Osceola m. at Wellsboro
1902 19-Feb M McMullin, William K. William K. McMullin & Miss Mina R. Doud formerly of Blossburg m. Corning, N.Y.
1902 8-Jan M Norman, George of Liberty & Miss Mary Laird of Arnot were m.
1902 25-Jun M Obourn, Louis Louis Obourn & Mrs. Clara A. Lucas of Mainesburg m. "this afternoon" at Canton by Rev. J. Martin
1902 5-Nov M Olin, E. E. E. E. Olin of Woodhull & Miss Lena Fisk of Knoxville m. "recently"
1902 27-Aug M Orr, Harry Harry Orr & Miss Blanche Gentry both of Stony Fork m. "last Tue." at Wellsboro
1902 23-Apr M Osborn, Ira Ray Ira Ray Osborn & Miss Anna Scanlon both of Stony Fork m. "recently" at Corning, N.Y.
1902 20-Jan M Oyer, Edward J. Edward J. Oyer of Alven, Ill. & Estella Warters of Upper Lambs Creek m. at her home "Sun." Jan. 26 by Rev. W. Latimer. She is the dau. Of Elmer Warters
1902 9-Jul M Parker, Ambrose Lee Ambrose Lee Parker of Brookfield & Miss Lucy Ruth Lawrence of Westfield, m. Westfield 2 Jul. She dau. M. D. Lawrence
1902 18-Jun M Perry, Eugene Eugene Perry of Roseville & Miss --Jones, dau. Of Manford Jones of Painter Run m. Roseville Sat. by G. Kelly, J.P.
1902 15-Jan M Pratt, Dr. Frank L. Dr. Frank L. Pratt of Bentley Creek & Miss Pearl Wilcox of East Smithfield m. at Wellsburg, N.Y. 10 Jan. by Rev. D. Showers
1902 26-Feb M Presit, Albert Albert Presti of Mansfield & Miss Minnie Bort of Elkland m. Addison, N.Y. last Thur.
1902 18-Jun M Reese, Com. Thomas M. Commissioner Thomas M. Reese & Miss Gertrude Davies of Charleston m. last Thur. At her home by Rev. Wilkins; she dau. T. J. Davies
1902 8-Jan M Reese, Roy Roy Reese & Miss Stella Smith married during the Holiday Season
1902 11-Jun M Rice, Charles Charles Rice son of Benjamin Rice, formerly of Lambs Creek & Miss Minnie Murray of Farmington m. (no date)
1902 12-Feb M Rider, Dr. W. L. Dr. W. L. Rider of Troy & Miss Edna Geige of Mainesville, Pa. m. (no date)
1902 19-Feb M Roberts, Edward M. Edward M. Roberts of Wellsboro & Miss Mildred Matson of Elmira, formerly of Wellsboro, m. (no date)
1902 25-Jun M Rouse, George George Rouse & Mrs. -- Rice m. in York State on Sat.
1902 1-Oct M Rowley, Oral Oral Rowley & Miss Lavinia Ludlow of Osceola m. recently at Painted Post, N.Y.
1902 3-Dec M Rumsey, Charles Charles Rumsey formerly of Tioga Co. & Miss Ethel L. Smith of Williamsport m. at her home 28 Nov. by Rev. W. Robbins
1902 8-Jan M Russel, Warren Warren Russel & Ada Clark Johnson of Lambs Creek, m. recently, now res. At Lawrenceville
1902 1-Oct M Ryon, Walter Walter Ryon & Miss Laura Hemingway, both of Crooked Creek, m. last Sun., Lawrenceville
1902 27-Aug M Sawtelle, Andrew H. Andrew H. Sawtelle of Sayre & Miss Nellie Knapp Blaksley of Athens to be m. Sep. 9th Athens; she dau. Mrs. M. U. Blaksley, formerly of Mansfield
1902 9-Jul M Scaife, George George Scaife & Miss Lizzie Peach of Troy m. in Elmira Tur. Last.
1902 9-Jul M Shaft, Eskey Eskey Shaft of Osceola & Miss Nellie Beard of Painted Post m. Jun. 23rd; she dau. Of Edward Beard, formerly of Osceola. (Shee Hamilton, John)
1902 9-Apr M Shaw, Ed Ed Shaw of Lambs Creek & Miss Teressa Withero of Patton, Pa., m. (no date: he son of Mrs. Susan Brewster of Lambs Creek
1902 18-Jun M Shunk, Howard Patton Howard Patton Shunk, of Port Allegany & Miss Genevieve Baldwin of Mansfield m. this afternoon (Tur.) June 19th, her home by Rev. Burrell. She dau. W. W. Baldwin
1902 11-Jun M Smith, Harry L. Harry L. Smith & Elba B. Smith, both of Tioga m. Lawrenceville by Rev. H. Witham (no date)
1902 25-Jun M Smith, Louis N. Louis N. Smith of Waverly, N.Y. & Miss Lettie Austin of Mainesburg m. her home June 186h by Rev. W. Shugg, she dau. Jesse Austin
1902 29-Oct M Smith, Ross Ross Smith of Chandlersburg & Miss Mayme E. Lounsbery of Canoe Camp m. Oct. 19th at Lawrenceville by Rev. Witham
1902 2-Apr M Snyder, Wright R.  Wright R. Snyder & Miss Lulu Suttles, both of Marshalds m. at Wellsboro (no date) by Rev. Shaw
1902 12-Nov M Spencer, Donald E. Donald E. Spencer & Miss Jennie Blair, all of Delmar Twp. m. her home Nov. 6, she dau. J. O. Blair
1902 17-Dec M Spencer, James T. James T. Spencer & Miss Ida Fuller of Morris Run m. at Lawrenceville, she formerly of Lambs Creek
1902 2-Apr M Sperry, E. G. E. G. Sperry of Fort Slocum, N.Y. & Miss Etta M. Harnoun to be m. tomorrow at Spencerport, N.Y., he bro. Of Nettie & Edith Sperry of Mansfield
1902 8-Jan M Steele, Ferris Ferris Steele of Butte, Montana & Miss Sara F. Axtell, formerly of Troy m. during the Holiday Season
1902 8-Jan M Stevens, Glenn Gleen Stevens & Miss Nellie Porter of Granville m. during the Holiday Seasons
1902 9-Apr M Stevens, Charles Wallace  Charles Wallace Stevens of Elk Run & Miss Nellie Harvey of Austinville m. at Roseville, Apr. 6th by Rev. D. Stoker
1902 16-Apr M Stock, Mr. Mr. -- Stock of Tonawanda & Miss Mollie Stevens of Coudersport to be m. June 26th; she former M.S.N.S.
1902 12-Mar M Stone, John K. John K. Stone of Addison, N.Y. & Mrs. A. E. Rolfe of Lawrenceville m. last Tues. at her home
1902 13-Aug M Stone, William William Stone of Gaines m. recently; son of --Stone of Painter Run
1902 8-Jan M Tanner, John John Tanner & Miss Nettie Hart of Sullivan Twp. m. (no date)
1902 1-Jan M Taylor, Walter D. Walter D. Taylor of Troy & Miss Carrie E. Saxton of Wells m. her home 25 Dec. 1901 by Rev. D. Stoker
1902 29-May M Thomas, Charles H. Charles H. Thomas & Eva Mae Kennedy both of Troy Twp., m. 15 May 1901 at Southport, N.Y. by Rev. A. Cameron at res. Of W. H. Peck 
1902 12-Nov M Thompson, Fred Fred Thomspon of Indianapolis, Ind. (formerly of Mansfield) & Miss Jessie M. Walker m. last Sun. in Elmria, she dau. Late Nelson Walker of Mansfield
1902 1-Jan M Thompson, Fred Fred Thompson of Blossburg & Miss Alice Hage of same (formerly of Canoe Camp) m. at Lawrenceville last Tues.; she granddau. Of D. B. Lamb of Lambs Creek
1902 3-Dec M Tubbs, Frederick Frederick Tubbs & Miss Ora Butler m. last Sat. at Mansfield; she dau. J. T. Butler
1902 12-Nov M Tubbs, Frederick  Frederick Tubbs of Sylvania & Miss Ora Butler of Mansfield to be m. Nov. 29; she dau. T. F. Butler
1902 25-Jun M Vasy, Dr. J. Price Dr. J. Price Vasy of Philadelphia & Miss Clara Warren of Elkland to be m. today
1902 15-Oct M Vedder, Bert M. Bert M. Vedder of Mansfield & Miss Mary Colegrove, same to be m. today at New Haven, Ct. She dau. A. D. Colegrove
1902 22-Jan M Walbridge, George George Walbridge of Chicago, Ill. & Miss Helen McCauley, same, m. Sun. before last at Chicago. He former M.S.N.S. student
1902 8-Jan M Waters, T. J. T. J. Waters & Miss Josephine Morley m. during the Holiday Season
1902 16-Jul M Watrous, Frank L. Frank L. Watrous & Miss Minnie Stickler m. in Corning last week
1902 9-Jul M Watson, Enos A. Enos A. Watson & Miss Mary E. Wheeler, both of Richmond Twp. to be m. Jul. 20 at Mansfield; she dau. William Wheeler of Tioga
1902 10-Dec M Welch, Eugene Eugene Welch & Miss Emma Tanner m. last Wed. at her home - George Tanner of Armenia
1902 23-Jul M Werline, Charles Henry  Charles Henry Werline of Grover & Miss Frances Isabelle Patchen to be m. Covington, 30 Jul, by Rev. A. C. Jones; she dau. Thomas W. Patchen
1902 24-Dec M Westbrook, Claude H. Claude H. Westbrook (formerly of Tioga?) & Miss Bessie Tomalin to be m. Neward, N.J. (no date)
1902 11-Jun M Wheeler, Homer Homer Wheeler & Jennie Gardner, both of Mansfield m. by Rev. H. Witham in Lawrenceville (no date)
1902 1-Jan M Whipple, Dr. Cullen H. Dr. Cullen H. Whipple & Miss Mary Valentine, both of Barberton, Ohio m. before Christmas, he formerly of Mansfield
1902 24-Sep M Whitney, Harry Harry Whitney & Miss Minnie Suhr of Wellsboro m. last Wed. by Rev. Shaw. (Double wedding with Cherry, Jesse.)
1902 16-Apr M Whitteker, Vincent  Vincent Whitteker & Miss Mae Ingalls of Covington m. her home 9 Apr by Rev. F. Appleman; she dau. A. H. Ingalls
1902 24-Dec M Wilcox, Carl Carl Wilcox of Jersey Shore & Miss Lizzie Smith of Covington m. her home last Wed.
1902 18-Jun M Willard, Mr. A. L. Mr. A. L. Willard of Wellsboro & Miss Mary Clark m. Wed. at Lyons, N.Y. by Rev. W. Hull. She dau. Henry Clark
1902 8-Jan M Wilson, John B. John B. Wilson of Wellsboro & Miss Sarah E. Clemmons m. Elmira, N.Y. 1 Dec. 1901 by Rev. W. Henry
1902 11-Jun M Wolcott, Harry L. Harry L. Wolcott of Athens & Mrs. Gertrude Brown, dau. Of W. W. Brown, formerly of Mansfield m. recently
1902 24-Dec M Wood, Albert Albert Wood & Miss Sophia Stone m. Dec. 20 at State Line
1902 22-Jan M Wright, Charles Albert Charles Albert Wright of New York City & Miss Mary Delaney Babcock to be m. Tioga next Sat. by Rev. S. Darby. She sis. Of Mrs. Tom Moore Urell of Tioga

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