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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Compiled 1988 - Previously Unpublished, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1901-1904 by Mary Kingsley.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling. 

Copies sent by James Streeter, Retyped by Pat Mott Gobea, Formatted and published by Joyce M .Tice 2011

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Note - Date is date of newspaper edition, NOT date of event.
1903 27-May M Allen, Fred Fred Allen formerl of Elkland m. recently in Ontario, Can. Mrs. Myrtie Kimball of Addison
1903 25-Mar M Allen, John M. John M. Allen & Miss Mabel Mapes were m. by J. P. Gleason of Elkland
1903 29-Apr M Allen, John  John Allen of Coudersport & Miss Edith Doyle of Caledonia, were m. recently. He is son of J. W. Allen & nephew of late Henry Allen of Mansfield
1903 30-Dec M Andrus, Walter Walter Andrus & Miss Bessie Bartlett of Tioga were m. last week at Corning.
1903 14-Oct M Austin, Daniel Daniel Austin of W. Sullivan was m. (Elk Run item)
1903 20-May M Bailey, W. Donaldson W. Donaldson Bailey of London, Eng. & Miss E. Josephine Doane of Mansfield were m. 18 May 15 Elmira by Rev. F. Keeney. She is dau. Of Edward Doane of Mansfield
1903 4-Nov M Balch, Foster Foster Balch of Deerfield Twp. & Miss Olive Pride of Knoxville were m. last Wed. She dau. A. W. Pride
1903 29-Apr M Ballard, O.D.  O. D. Ballard & Miss Jessie Hillis both of Troy to be m. 5 May
1903 30-Sep M Banker, Alonzo Alonzo Banker & Miss Jerusha Williard both of Delmar were m. by Rev. Dennis
1903 26-Aug M Barnes, Prof. Oren Prof. Oren Barnes of Mansfield & Miss Florence Stewart were m. yesterday at his home near Newark, Oh. By Ref. A. Hixon. He is son of Stuart Barnes of that place
1903 30-Sep M Bates, Frank Frank Bates & Mrs. Lottie Packhard Bates were m. at Alba recently
1903 22-Apr M Batley, George George Batley of Arnot & Miss Dorothy Mae Griffiths of Bloss. Were m. last Wed. at Elmira
1903 27-May M Beach, Earl Luther (Luther Earle) & Miss Mattie Julia Sherwood to be m. 3 Jun in Mansfield by Rev. L. Gates. She is dau. of Andrew Sherwood
1903 15-Apr M Beadle, Wm. H. Wm. H. Beadle & Mrs. Cora Loper of Mansfield were m. at Lawrenceville. He is from Wellsboro
1903 17-Jun M Bean, Orrie Howard Orrie Howard Bean of Knoxville & Miss Irene Holmes to be m. today at Knoxville. She is the dau. Of F. H. Smith
1903 26-Aug M Benson, John John Benson & Miss Nellie Sweely were m. Sun. at Austinville
1903 25-Nov M Besley, Walter Walter Besley of Wells & Miss Georgiana Field of Chemung, N.Y. were m. last week
1903 7-Jan M Birkett, D. M. D. M. Birkett & Miss Bertha G. Horton, both of Mansfield were m. there New Years Eve. She is dau. Of Harvey Horton
1903 22-Jul M Bixby, Dr. Bert Dr. Bert Bixby of Buffalo, N.Y. formerly of Mansfield & Mill Elizabeth Roberts Morgan of Pottsville, Pa. were m. abt. 2 yrs. Ago. Just announced. M.S.N.S. 93 & 94
1903 25-Nov M Bixby, Stephen Stephen Bixby of Covington & Miss Anna Rafferty of Coudersport were m. last week
1903 8-Jul M Blackwell, Ralph Ralph Blackwell & Miss Lota or Lola Lowe were m. at Hoytville
1903 18-Feb M Blair, Walter A. Walter A. Blair & Miss Jessie Husted of Bloss. Were m. last Thur.
1903 14-Oct M Borg, Augustus Augustus Borg of Canoe Camp & Miss Edith S. Mudge of Mansfield to be m. this eve. At her home. She is dau. Of Stephen Mudge.
1903 16-Sep M Bowen, Thomas of E. Charleston & Mrs. Lottie Brown of Mansfield were m. 12 Sep in Elmira by Rev. D. Campbell
1903 18-Nov M Boyd, Harry VanScoy Harry VanScoy Boyd & Miss Nellie Gertrude Goodrich of Pulteney, N.Y. to be m. 25 Nov. at her home. She is dau. of G. Emery Goodrich, formerly of Mansfield
1903 9-Sep M Brace, Harry Harry Brace & Miss Pearl Van Cice both of Mansfield were m. at Rochester on Mon.
1903 7-Oct M Bryant, Jerome Jerome Bryant of Sullivan Twp. & Miss Stella Barnard of Rushville, N.Y. were m. 25 Oct.
1903 15-Apr M Burgett, Peter H. Peter H. Burgett of Deerfield Twp. & Miss Maud Cole of Lawrenceville were m. there
1903 25-Nov M Campbell, Chauncey  of Mich. (age 68) & Miss Mary Marsh of Cross Fork, Pa. (age 65) were m. recently
1903 27-May M Campbell, Newton R. Newton R. Campbell of Balsam m. Miss Mazie Webb of Wellsboro last week, Mon. She is dau. Of L. W. Webb, formerly of Charleston
1903 24-Jun M Cannedy, Trumen Trumen Cannedy of Rutland was m. last week to Miss Seeley of Mosherville
1903 25-Nov M Carleton, Arthur Arthur Carleton & Miss Mary Schinke of Tioga, were m. recently at Caton, N.Y.
1903 15-Apr M Chadderdone, John John Chadderdone & Nettie Welch both of Wellsboro were m. in Lawrenceville
1903 15-Apr M Cleveland, Homer Homer Cleveland & Miss Grace Dyke both of Richmond Twp. to be m. today. He is son of Asa Cleveland
1903 22-Apr M Clyde, Samuel Samuel Clyde of Chester, Pa. & Miss Louise Mitchell of Wellsboro to be m. today at Wellsboro. She is dau. Of ex-Sheriff John I. Mitchell
1903 11-Mar M Cole, Charles R. Charles R. Cole and Miss Rose (Mable) Leonard both of Armenia were m. 4 Mar. by J. P., C. W. Kelly of Roseville
1903 8-Apr M Colegrove, Rev. W. S. Rev. W. S. Colegrove & Miss Blanche L. Shaw both formerly of Farmington wree m. 14 Mar. at her home in Reed City, Mich.
1903 17-Jun M Conklin, Leon DeVere Leon DeVere Conklin of Elmira & Miss Rosemary Morse of Troy to be m. 23 Jun at Troy. She is dau. Of Rev. E. P. Morse
1903 11-Nov M Connelly, Dean Dean Connelly & Miss Jennie Packard both of Covington wre m. there last week
1903 22-Apr M Connelly, Elbert Elbert Connelly of Covington & Miss Bertha Ashley of Mainesburg were m. 15 Apr. at her home by Rev. Stoker. She is dau. Of A. S. Ashley
1903 2-Dec M Cook, Frank  Frank Cook of Coryland & Miss Bertha Walker of Columbia Twp., Bradford Co. were m. at her home 25 Nov. by Rev. P. Gates. She is dau. Of Albert Walker
1903 7-Jan M Coolidge, Perley & Miss Agnes Rodgers both of Charleston were m. there  
1903 18-Mar M Cornell, Fred Fred Cornell & Miss Lizzie Tremaine were m. 14 Mar., dau. Of Wm. Tremaine (Lawrenceville items)
1903 18-Mar M Crippen, Almond Almond Crippen & Miss Margaret Jerald both of Richmond Twp. were m. today. She is dau. Of Wm. Gerald
1903 30-Sep M Cross, John John Cross & Miss Satie Bunnell were m. at Corning 17 Sep. both of Corning. (Lambs Creek item)
1903 14-Oct M Crowley, Francis W. Francis W. Crowley of Eldred, Pa. & Miss Anna Gertrude Fitzpatrick of Mansfield to be m. 27 Oct. at her home by Rev. G. Lucas. She is dau. Of Daniel M. Fitzpatrick
1903 30-Dec M Cruttenden, Edwin L. Edwin L. Cruttenden of Lambs Creek & Miss Rosa Bell Gibbs of Mansfield were m. at Lawrenceville 24 Dec. by Rev. L. Gates
1903 7-Jan M Cummings, George of Crooked Creek & Miss Mattie Warren of Chatham Valley were m. at Waterloo, N.Y.
1903 20-May M Dalton, James Curtice James Curtice Dalton of Baldwinsville, N.Y. (formerly of Mansfield) & Miss Edyth Gertrude Spence of Binghamton to be m. tomorrow at same by Rev. J. Cook
1903 3-Jun M Damon, Albert Howe Albert Howe Damon formerly of Mansfield & Miss Grace Henrietta Telfer of Syracuse, N.Y. to be m. 9 Jun at her home
1903 23-Sep M Darby, Geo. E. Geo. E. Darby of Bloss & Miss Belle Monro of Morris Run were m. last Thurs. at her home
1903 20-May M Darrow, James James Darrow of Elmira & Miss Genevieve Haight of Mansfield were m. at her home today by Rev. G. Hutchings. She is dau. Of O. T. Haight
1903 8-Apr M Davis, Arthur H. Arthur H. Davis & Miss Mildred B. Hall both of Mansfield were m. 2 Apr. at her home by Rev. Palmer, her grandfather. She only dau. Of Emmet Hall. He is son of Geo. Davis
1903 26-Aug M Day, Guy Guy Day of Mansfield & Miss Ethel Fish were m. in Corning on a recent Thurs. (Lawrence Corners item)
1903 13-May M DeCoursey, Miles Miles DeCoursey of Arnot & Miss Eva Smauder of Liberty were m. recently
1903 29-Jul M Deihr, Wm. Wm. Deihr of Jersey Shore & Miss Edith Passmore of Bloss were m. last Thurs. in Elmira
1903 24-Jun M Dodson, Wm. S. Wm. S. Dodson of Hazelton & Miss Jennie Agnes Fitzpatrick of Mansfield m. 7 Jul. by Rev. G. Lucus. She is dau. Of D. M. Fitzpatrick
1903 21-Oct M Dorsett, Lewis Lewis Dorsett son of late Samuel Dorsett of Richmond Twp. now of Sayre & Miss Metta Stratton were m. at Addison, N.Y. She is dau. Of Geo. W.
1903 14-Oct M Doumaux, Eugene of Wellsboro & Miss Lizzie Ohliveiler of Gaines were m.
1903 25-Nov M Dunn, Samuel F. Samuel F. Dunn of Wellsboro & Miss Maud C. Goff of Canton were m. in Elmira by Rev. F. T. Keeney
1903 15-Jul M Dyke, Clayton of Richmond Twp. & Miss Stella Cleveland of Mansfield were m. recently at Lindley, N.Y. by H. Stowell, Esq.
1903 30-Dec M Eckert, Albert H. Albert H. Eckert, St. Marys, Pa. & Miss Clara B. Mann of Mansfield were m. last Wed. at Lawrenceville
1903 7-Jan M Edgerton, Frank M. Frank M. Edgerton of Green, N.Y. & Miss Mary A. Hubbard of Westfield were m. at Westfield
1903 7-Jan M Edwards, Charles Charles Edwards of E. Chatham & Miss Mary Chamberlain of Nelson, were m. at Nelson
1903 1-Jul M Ellis, Gorton Gorton Ellis of Buffalo & Miss Lucy Mantor of same to be m. 24 Dec. She is sis. To Mrs. H. W. Ellis & dau. Of Mark Mantor formerly of Mansfield
1903 15-Apr M Evans, Herbert Herbert Evans of Round Top & Miss Nettie Rice of E. Charleston were m. last Sun. at M. E. Parsonage by Rev. B. Anderson of E. Charleston
1903 29-Apr M Fischer, Claude L. Claude L. Fischer formerly of Tioga & Miss Bertha Needham of Wilkes-Barre recently m. will live in Phillipsburg
1903 9-Sep M Foster, F. H. F. H. Foster of Springfield, Mass. & Miss Barbara Crichton of Wellsboro to be m. next Tues.
1903 9-Dec M Fowler, Wm. Wm. Fowler of Alpine, N.Y. & Miss Katherine Gillett of same, to be m. this week Sat. She is dau. Of A.M. Gillett formerly of Mansfield
1903 21-Oct M Francis, Dr. Lee M. Dr. Lee M. Francis of Col. Formerly of Knoxxville & Miss Ethel Waldon of Pueblo, Col. To be m. in Europe
1903 11-Feb M Friends, Fred Fred Friends & Miss Genevive Montogmery wre m. at her home. She is dau. Of Alexandewr Montgomery
1903 17-Sep M Fuller, Louis D.  Louis D. Fuller of Syracuse, N.Y. & Miss Ina Dillistine Barton of Mansfield to be m. her home Sep. 30th by Rev. C. Fessenden; she dau. W. N. Barton
1903 29-Apr M Gardner, Charles W. Charles W. Gardner of Elmira & Miss Jennie E. Backer of Gillett were m. in Elmira
1903 30-Dec M Gates, Wison Wilson Gates of Rochester, N.Y. & Miss Helen M. Davis of Osceola were m. today at Osceola. She is dau. Of L. P. Davis
1903 24-Jun M Geiger, John Arthur John Arthur Geiger of Niverville, N.Y. & Miss Marie M. Love of Mansfield were m. at her home the 23 Jun. By Rev. G. Hutchings. She is dau. Of L. R. Love. His mother lives in Troy, Pa.
1903 2-Dec M Giddis, George F. George F. Giddis of Manchester, Ind. & Miss Julia E. Cornwell were m. 20 Nov. at Wallbash, Ind. By Rev. Little. Her parents live in Mansfield
1903 29-Jul M Gilbert, Jerome Jerome Gilbert of N.Y.C. & Miss Mary Bates formerly of Knoxville were m. at same
1903 27-May M Gleason, Henry Henry Gleason of Nelson m. --- of Westfield
1903 22-Jul M Gould, Glenn Glenn Gould & Miss Theresa M. Sweely were m. 28 Jun. In Lindley by H. Stowell Esq. (Rutland item)
1903 25-Nov M Greene, Chester M. Chester M. Greene late of Tioga was m. last week a young woman of Elmira
1903 8-Jul M Griffin, Dan Dan Griffin & Miss Mae Barnes were m. Lawrenceville last Sat. (Lambs Creek item)
1903 16-Dec M Guild, Livingston B. Livingston B. Guild & Miss Gertrude B. Lillie both of Westfield were m. recently at Addison
1903 7-Jan M Hackett, Fred W. Fred W. Hackett & Miss Leah Niles both of Middlebury were m. Wellsobor
1903 28-Jan M Hall, Charles E. Charles E. Hall of Jobs Corners formerly of Mansfield & Mrs. Philena VanSkiver of Seeley Creek were m. 22 Jan. at State Line, N.Y. by Rev. F. Van Kirk
1903 18-Nov M Hamilton, Dr. A. G. Dr. A. G. Hamilton & Miss Helen VanValkenburg, both of Wellsboro were m. there today. She is dau. Of H. A. Valkenburg
1903 25-Mar M Harmons, Wm. Wm. Harmons of Corning & Miss Ruth Johns of Mansfield were m.
1903 15-Apr M Harper, Thomas Edward Thomas Edward Harper of Phila. & Miss Ednal Earl Day of Lambs Creek to be m. tomorrow at same. She is dau. Of Mrs. Anna Day & niece of Wilson Day.
1903 1-Jul M Hassett, James James Hassett of Sayre & Miss Nora Fitzpatrick of Arnot were m. at home
1903 8-Jun M Hathaway, Geo. Geo. Hathaway of Wellsboro & Miss Catherine L. Kuder of S. Livonia, N.Y. to be m. 14 Jun.
1903 19-Aug M Havens, Austin Austin Havens & Miss Myrtle Shaylor were m. recently (Austinville item)
1903 14-Oct M Healy, Daniel Wm. Daniel Wm. Healy of Bradfgord, Pa. & Miss Margaret Ellen Gibson of Mansfield to be m. 21 Oct. at her home by Rev. Ed Gaffney. She is si. Of John C. Gibson
1903 30-Dec M Hilfiger, Guy Guy Hilfiger & Mabel Dewey of Sullivan Twp. were m. 23 Dec. by Rev. W. Burrell. She is dau. Of D. S. Dewey
1903 20-May M Hitchcock, Repr. Andrew B. Repr. Andrew B. Hitchcock of Tioga Co. & Miss Mary A. Woodbury were m. at Cortland, N.Y. last Thurs.
1903 12-Aug M Holland, Rev. C. S. Rev. C. S. Holland of Prince Frederick, Md. & Miss C. Ednal Arbley of Buttonwood, Pa. were m. at Crooked Creek by Rev. W. S. Holland
1903 8-Jul M Hollands, Luther Luther Hollands of Buffalo (Grandson of late Wm. H. of Mansfield, son of Stephen H. of Bloss.) & Alta Belle Miller of Millerton (dau. Of Jonas) were m. at Millerton
1903 4-Feb M Hollister, Stuart Lyle Stuart Lyle Hollister of Hornellsville, N.Y. & Miss Belle Irene Nash of Canton, Pa. were m. Sat. at Painted Post by Rev. W. Crockette
1903 2-Sep M Horton, Thomas T. Thomas T. Horton of Corning, formerly of Rutland & Miss Clara Rose Briggs of Mansfield were m. at Elmira last Thurs. by Rev. F. Keeney. She is dau. Of Elmer Briggs of Mansfield
1903 20-May M Hughes, Dr. Wm. L. Dr. Wm. L. Hughes of Indiana Harbor, Ind. & Miss Neillie F. Richards were m. at her Aunts, Mrs. R. C. Cox in Wellsboro. He was from Bloss
1903 16-Dec M Ingalls, Ray Ray Ingalls of W. Covington & Miss Doris Clark of Richmond Twp. were m. today in Elmira. He is son of Erastus Ingalls. She is dau. Of Henry Clark
1903 2-Dec M Innes, Floyd Floyd Innes & Miss Sue Walter of Canton were m. there Thanksgiving night by Rev. Briggs
1903 13-May M Jackson, Cleve Cleve Jackson & Miss Nellie Tayton of Osceola were m. She is dau .of B. F. Tayton
1903 23-Sep M Jenkins, Maurice C. Maurice C. Jenkins & Alice Clemento both of The Traveling Side Tracked Co. m. at Westfield 10 Sep.
1903 10-Jun M Jerald, Charles Thomas Charles Thomas Jerald & Miss Ethel Grover Shaw both of Mansfield to be m. this eve. By Rev. G. Hutchings. She dau. Of Seamore Shaw. He is son of Wm. Jerald
1903 7-Jan M Jolley, George George Jolley of Bowling Green, Oh. & Miss Edna M. Darling of Wellsboro were m. Corning, N.Y.
1903 17-Jun M Jones, James B. James B. Jones of Troupsburg, N.Y. & Miss Bessie Marie Fitch to be m. today at Knoxville
1903 25-Nov M Kelly, Rev. Wm. Rev. Wm. Kelly & Miss Grace M. Hill of Merryall, Bradford Co. were m. recently in Shanghai, China
1903 27-Jan M Kilbourne, Lt. Louis H.  Lt. Louis H. Kilbourne of Wellsboro & Miss Margaret Laird of Okl. City, Ok. Were m. last Wed. in Ok.
1903 9-Dec M Kinney, Grover P. Grover P. Kinney (age 18) & Maude B. King (age 15) wre m. at Croos Fork the other eve. By J. P. Calkins
1903 23-Sep M Kinney, Richard Richard Kinney & Miss Marcia Besemir both of Elkland were m. 13 Sep. in Elmira
1903 25-Mar M Knapp, Fred Fred Knapp of Roseville m. (Roseville items
1903 22-Jul M Knapp, George George Knapp & Mattie Thorp were m. last week Mon.
1903 16-Dec M Knowlton, Chaucey Smith of Canoe Camp & Miss Maude Juanita Landon of Mansfield to be m. at his parents home 24 Dec. He is son of Kelley J. Knowlton. She is dau. Of Mrs. Ella R. Landon & the late Thomas L. K.
1903 16-Dec M Lancaster, Joseph Joseph Lancaster of Mich. & Miss Marie Ford of Kane were m. yesterday. She is the dau. Of Charles Ford, formerly of Covington
1903 2-Dec M Landon, Ernest Eugene  Ernest Eugene Landon & Miss Jennie Alta Owen to be m. at Canton next Wed.
1903 21-Oct M Lawrence, A. Darwin A. Darwin Lawrence & Miss Clara Elizabeth Manley were m. at her home near Canton Turs. By Rev. Martin. She is dau. Of Thomas S. Manley
1903 29-Apr M Lewis, Charles Charles Lewis & Miss Finy Hilfigger were m. a week ago in Elmira (Mainesburg items)
1903 30-Sep M Lewis, Harry Harry Lewis & Miss May Burr were m. at Alba recently
1903 28-Oct M Logan, Robert England Robert England Logay of Arnot & Miss Anna Cedelia Evans formerly of Bloss were m. at her home in Elmira last Wed. She is dau. Of Evan J. Evans
1903 14-Oct M Longwell, Dr. Demorest W. Dr. Demorest W. Longwell of Tioga & Miss Ethel Kathleen Field of Tioga to be m. today by Rev. C. E. Fessender
1903 4-Nov M Loper, Birman Birman Loper of Mansfield & Miss Cynthia Snow of Troy were m. last Fri. at Wellsboro by Rev. A. Dennis
1903 11-Mar M Love, Nelson Nelson Love & Miss Saddie Cleveland were m. last Ed.
1903 25-Feb M Ludlum, Arthur Arthur Ludlum of Wellsboro & Miss Kathryn Buckley of Antrim were m. at Wellsboro. She is dau. Of Mrs. Kathryn Buckley
1903 30-Dec M Lundgreen, Lewis Lewis Lundgreen of Lawrenceville & Miss Pearl --- of New Berlin, N.Y. were m. last week
1903 18-Feb M Mann, Arthur Leicester  Arthur Leicester Mann of Syracuse & Miss Belle Matthewson Cutler m. Feb. 9
1903 4-Feb M Martin, Betrten E. Berten E. Martin of Elmira & Miss Josephine Pitts of Charleston were m. last Sat. by Rev. N. Reynolds. She is dau. Of J. Pitts
1903 15-Jul M Marvin, Frank Frank Marvin & Miss Cora Bunn of Ogdensburg were m. last Thurs. by Rev. G. Hutchings at Mansfield
1903 4-Nov M McConnell, Leon Leon McConnell & Miss Louise Perry both of Arnot were m. last Wed.
1903 15-Jul M McNorenon, George E. George E. McNorenon of Nauvoo & Celia Campbell of Morris were m. in Lindley, N.Y.
1903 3-Jun M Marvin, Martin S. Martin S. Marvin of Corning & Miss Mary Gleason of Tioga to be m.
1903 11-Nov M Messing, Walter E. Walter E. Messing & Miss Grace Miller of Millerton were m. last week in Elmira
1903 17-Jun M Mold, Harry Harry Mold of Bloss & Miss Kathryn Helen Gibson of Mansfield to be m. June 30 by Rev. Dr. Lucus
1903 15-Apr M Moran, Roy S. Roy S. Moran of Elmira & Miss Olive Campbell of Mansfield were m. recently
1903 9-Sep M Mudge, Gilbert C. Gilbert C. Mudge of Cherry Flats & Miss lois E. Gillett of Covington were m. at Lawrenceville 1 Sep
1903 27-May M Moyle, Ernest Ernest Moyle & Miss Clara S. Durand both of Brooklyn were m. 5 May in Brooklyn. She M.S.N.S. class of 87
1903 9-Sep M Naylor, Harry Harry Naylor of Morris Run & Miss Barbara Drysdale of Arnot were m. at Elmira recently
1903 27-May M Noble, Dr. Leonard Dr. Leonard Noble of Oakfield, NY & Miss Elsie Annette Cadogan of Osceola to be m. in Jun. She is dau. Of A. W. Cadogan
1903 30-Dec M Osgood, Irving Irving Osgood & Miss Anna Borg both of Richmond Twp. m. Christmas Eve at his sister's, Mrs. Ruth Thurston in Cardiff, N.Y.
1903 25-Mar M Ostrander, John B. John B. Ostrander of Wellsboro & Miss Ida L. Head of Gaines were m. at Elmira 10 Mar. by Rev. R. L. Williams
1903 30-Sep M Palmer, Lewis M. Lewis M. Palmer of Rutland Twp. & Miss J. Blanche Hanyen were m. at her home 23 Sep. by Rev. F. Smith. She is dau. Of C. B. Hangen of Roseville
1903 18-Mar M Palmer, Edward  Edward Palmer & Miss Annie Inscho were m. at E. Lawrence
1903 22-Jul M Patterson, John John Patterson & Miss Hilda Johnson were m. Arnot
1903 9-Sep M Payne, Arthur Arthur Payne of Morris Run & Miss Effie Drysdale of Arnot were m. at Elmira recently
1903 3-Sep M Peckham, William  William Peckham of Middlebury & Miss Kate Wetmore of Wellsbor m. last Wed.
1903 18-Feb M Peterson, Christopher Christopher Peterson & Miss Elizabeth Hart were m. at Blossburg
1903 17-Jun M Phelps, Dean Dean Phelps of Covington & Miss Nattie Gillett of Mansfield to be m. at Elmira 30 Jun. She is dau. Of F. M. Gillett. He is son of Floyd Phelps
1903 21-Jan M Pitts, Ray D. Ray D. Pitts of Mansfield & Miss Josephine M. Bailey of Newton to be m. today at her Uncle's in Elmira (Roman Bailey). She is dau. Of Clara Bailey
1903   M Pomeroy, F. D. F. D. Pomeroy & Miss S. Louise Compton, both of Troy to be m. 9 Jun.
1903 22-Jul M Pride, Allen T. Allen T. Pride & Miss Maud M. Decker were m. last Wed. at Westfield
1903 25-Nov M Revie, John H. John H. Revie & Anna M. Fish of Arnot to be m. today
1903 21-Oct M Rexford, Clark Hastings Clark Hastins Rexfor of Galeton & Miss Luva Blanche Bailey of Wellsboro were m. today at Wellsboro. She dau. Of Myron Bailey
1903 19-Aug M Reynolds, Geo. George Reynolds of Canton & Miss Lulu Gustin of E. Smithfield were m. at her home today
1903 18-Mar M Rice, Hugh Hugh Rice & Leah Campbell were m. last Thur. At E. Charleston M.E. Parsonage
1903 2-Dec M Richmond, Fred Fred Richmond of Sullivan Twp. & Edith May Howard of Shortsville, N.Y. were m. at her home Thanksgiving Day by Rev. M. Covell. She is dau. Of Mrs. Angelia Dyer
1903 30-Dec M Ripley, Leon Leon Ripley of Jobs Corners & Miss Rose Benson of Rutland Twp. wre m. 24 Dec., Pine City, N.Y.
1903 21-Oct M Rolfe, John F. John F. Rolfe, formerly of Lawrenceville, now Corning & Miss Bertha Emily Butterworth were m. last week in Elmira. He is son of Maro O. Rolfe, author of a history of Tioga co.
1903 5-Aug M Rose, Fred Elliott Fred Elliott Rose & Miss Laura E. Strange to be m. 12 Aug. at her home. She is dau. Of Mrs. M. Strange of Mansfield. He is son of W. D. Rose
1903 22-Apr M Rosetti, George George Rosetti & Miss Mary Flynn both of Stokesdale, to be m. in Wellsboro
1903 30-Dec M Rusling, Harry Palmer Harry Palmer Rusling of Chicago formerly of Tioga & Miss Marie Judson of Rochester, N.Y. to be m. 1 Jan.
1903 15-Jul M Safford, Percy Niles Percy Niles Safford of Muskegon, Mich. & Miss Jean Martin Allen of Wilkes-Barre to be m. at her home today. She is dau. Of F. M. Allen & granddau. Of Mrs. Jane M. Allen of Mansfield. M. by Rev. J. Bickford
1903 14-Jan M Schembs, P. S. P. S. Schembs of Phila. & Dr. M. Louise Bowen of Wellsboro were m. 5 Jan. 1903 (Dentist)
1903 16-Sep M Scudder, Wm. Wm. Scudder of Cov. & Miss Vancise were m.
1903 2-Dec M Seamans, Orrie Orrie Seamans & Miss Nina Leach both of Westfield were m. recently at Whitesville, N.Y.
1903 29-Apr M Seaman, Lester W. Lester W. Seaman & Emiley R. Myers both of Williamsport were m. at Corning. He is grandson of Ernest Schneider of Wellsboro
1903 23-Sep M Sears, Alonzo (Albert) of Kingston & Mary Belle Blackwell were m. at Blackwell last week
1903 22-Jul M Sebring, James James Sebring & Miss Lizzie Milnor to b. m. today. She is dau. Of Sheriff Milnor of Lycoming Co.
1903 18-Nov M Seelye, Albert Albert Seelye of Mansfield & Miss Harriet Mae Berry of Gillett were m. in Elmira 8 Nov. by Rev. F. Shearer. She is sis. Of Mrs. G. L. Newell of Elmira
1903 20-May M Shaw, Llewellyn Llewellyn Shaw of Keeneyville & Miss Lulu Kohler of Mardin were m. recently
1903 9-Sep M Shaw, H. C. H. C. Shaw of Galeton (formerly of Wellsboro) & Miss Minnie Hunt of Buffalo were m. at Addison, N.Y.
1903 30-Dec M Shaw, Leon Leon Shaw & Maude Dewey of Sullivan were m. 23 Dec. by Rev. W. Burrell. She is dau. Of D. S. Dewey
1903 2-Dec M Shepard, James O. James O. Shepard & Miss Margaret Young both of Antrim were m. last week by her father, Rev. Wm. Young
1903 25-Feb M Sherman, Miss Florence was m. to --- of Westchester, Pa. dau. Of Simon Sherman of Mansfield
1903 4-Feb M Smith, Thomas Thomas Smith of Antrim & Miss Maud Spellman of Hammon were m. 23 Jan. at Wellsboro by Father O'Toole
1903 4-Mar M Smith, Dr. Morton Hartmen Dr. Morton Hartmen Smith & Miss Alice Snowdon of Hughsville were m. recently. Son of J. M. Smith of Mansfield
1903 15-Apr M Smith, Walter Walter Smith of Wellsboro & Miss Ethel Mosher of little Marsh were m. at Lawrenceville
1903 15-Jul M Smith, Wm. M. Wm. M. Smith & Miss Florence E. Bailey were m. at her cousins (Mrs. Frank A. Thompson) in Beaver Dams, N.Y. recently. Bride was formerly of Mansfield. M.S.N.S.
1903 18-Feb M Snyder, Eugene Eugene Snyder & Miss Mildred Brown formerly of Elkland were m.
1903 1-Jul M Stage, Nathan  Nathan Stage & Miss Cora Middaugh both of Morris Run were m. Wellsboro
1903 15-Apr M Stauffer, Hambilton Hambilton Stauffer & Miss Myra Osgood both of Mainesburg were m. at Lawrenceville
1903 21-Oct M Stebbins, Clayton M. Clayton M. Stebbins of Wellsboro & Miss Hedwigh Karchan of Cross Forks wre m. last Wed.
1903 7-Oct M Stevens, Joseph Joseph Stevens & Dora Dunham were m. in Farmington last Wed. She is dau. Of F. L. Dunham
1903 18-Nov M Stock, Francis Francis Stock of Phila, formerly of Blossburg & Miss Iva LeHuquet of Blossburg were m. recently
1903 1-Jul M Story, Wm. Wm. Story of Johnstown & Miss Lydia Randall of Canton were m. at her home recently. She is dau. Of D. W. Randall
1903 1-Apr M Stull, Ray Thomas Ray Thomas Stull of Nunda, Ill. & Miss Taylor, Lena Brosivs, to be m. 15 Apr. dau. Of Harry D. Taylor of Mansfield by Rev. C. Fessenden
1903 17-Jun M Taylor, Edwin Hart Edwin Hart Taylor of Cortland, N.Y. & Miss Huldah Annette Hathaway formerly of Knoxville m. at her home in Elmira, yesterday
1903 7-Jan M Tipperman Tipperman & Lottie M. Evans both of Charleston were m. there
1903 29-Jul M Titus, Albert  Albert Titus & Miss Amanda Wieble were m. a month ago at Coudersport, now res. In Wellsboro
1903 25-Feb M Tong, Eli Eli Tong of Horseheads & Miss Phoebe Miller of Mansfield wre m., dau. Of Frank Miller
1903 21-Oct M Townsend, L. Ward L. Ward Townsend of Syracuse (now) & Miss Lida M. Rittenhaus of N.Y. were m. Sat. last, 17 Oct., youngest son of Mrs. Orson A. Benedict of Mardin
1903 15-Apr M Tubbs, Henry Henry Tubbs of Woodhull, n.Y. & Mrs. May Watkins of Mansfield were m. 12 Apr. at his home by W. R. Colbin, J.P. He is son of James H. Tubbs of Woodhull
1903 29-Jul M Van Ness, Barney Barney Van Ness of Rutland Twp. & Miss Lucy Hutcheson of Blossburg were m. at Lawrenceville Mon. He is son of W. H. Van Ness. She is dau. Of John Hutcheson
1903 25-Feb M Warner, Bert A.  Bert A. Warner of Burlington & Miss Bernice Campbell of Leonai to be m. 5 Mar. She is dau. Of Mrs. Elizabeth Campbell & sis. Of Mrs. H. E. Harkness of Mainesburg & Ashley Campbell
1903 29-Apr M Watkins, Frank Ray Frank Ray Watkins of Troy & Miss Christiana Dunlop of Morris Run m. in Elmira.
1903 17-Jun M Weldy, Morgan & Miss Lydia Benedict to be m. 30 Jun at Powerll, Pa. She is well known here.
1903 15-Apr M Wells, Vern G.  Vern G. Wells of Elmira & Miss Mattie Youmans of E. Charleston were m. at Covington last week, Mon. by Rev. U. Whtie. She is dau. Of Alfonso Youmans of Charleston. He is son of J. E. Wells of Richmond Twp.
1903 14-Oct M White, Fred Fred White & Miss -- Doty were m. Sun. She is dau. Of Me. Doty, will res. In Roseville
1903 7-Jan M White, Olin Olin White, son of E. E. White of Mansfield & Miss Gertrude Byrne of Charleston, W. Va. Were m.
1903 24-Jun M Whitman, Mr. F. E. Mr. F. E. Whitman & Miss Nell Walters of Canton were m. last week
1903 30-Dec M Wightman, Wm. Wm. Wightman & Miss Maude Francis to be m. this eve. At Wellsboro
1903 7-Jan M Wilson, Charles Charles Wilson of Wellsboro formerly of Mansfield & Miss Anna Blanchard of Covington were m. recently at Lawrenceville by Rev. H. H. Witham
1903 30-Sep M Wilson, Elmer E. Elmer E. Wilson of Benezette, Pa. & Miss Lottie Walker of Rutland Twp., were m. at her uncle's (John Walker), Rathmel, Jefferson Co., Pa. 16 Sep. by Rev. A. Week
1903 23-Dec M Windell, Gale J. Gale J. Windell & Miss Artelissa Steele were m. at Millerton
1903 7-Oct M Wood, Dana Leonard Dana Leonard Wood of Boston & Miss Lydia Rice Dunham to be m. at her home in Cambridge, N.Y. today. He is bro. Of Edwin C. Wood & Mrs. Charles Thompson of Mansfield 
1903 8-Jul M Woodhouse, Orange Orange Woodhouse formerly of Mansfield & Miss Cora Mae Munson of Erwin, N.Y. were m. at same. Will res. In Elmira
1903 14-Jan M Wray, Mayor William of Oskaloosa, Io. & Mrs. Dora Burr, formerly of Wellsboro were m. 1 Jan. 1903
1903 11-Mar M Wright, Walter S. Walter S. Wright of Eldredsville, Pa. & Grace L. Rumsey of Mainesburg were m. 4 Mar. at her home by Rev. D. Stoker
1903 9-Sep M Wright, George George Wright & Miss Helen Elizabeth Hitchcock were m. at Auburn, N.Y. today. He is son of Mrs. Gusta Wilson Wright

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