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FIRST ROW: (Boy leaning on drum: Dick Wilson, Trumpet.)1. Al Pryor, Picolo & Flute, 2. Howard Webster, Clarinet, 3. Ben Westgate, Clarinet, 4. Dan Hallaway, Clarinet, 5. Arlande Cooke, Clarinet, 6. Stewart Dunbar, Clarinet, 7. Marjorie Wolfe, Clarinet, 8. Earle Rolison, Clarinet, 9. -----Clarinet, 10. Harry Young, Cornet, 11. Dr. L. B. Mayer, Cornet, 12. Byron VanNoy, Trumpet, 13. Dale Avery, Trumpet, 14. Melville Kilgore, Trumpet, 15. Leo Slingerland, Trumpet, 16. William Manley, Trumpet, 17. Tracy Young, Cornet, 18. Raymond Mitchell, Cornet, 19. James Francis Wilson, Director.

SECOND ROW: 20. Mortimer Briggs, Trombone, 21. Manley O. Wilson, Trombone, 22. Walter DeWitt, Trombone, 23. Conrad Murdock, Trombone, 24. Albert Grace, Trombone, 25. Stanley Packard, Alto, 26. Max Rockwell, Alto, 27. Christine Whipple, Alto, 28. Mrs. Wallace McKnight, Alto, 29. Sam Bailey, Snare Drum, 30. Robery Shook, Drum, 31. Herman Pierce, Drum, 32. Lynn Slingerland, Drum.

THIRD ROW: 33. Andrew Whipple, Baritone, 34. Sam W. Wilson, Baritone, 35. John DeWitt, Baritone, 36. Sophronia Bailey, Bells, 37. Cecile Cowl, C Melody Sax, 38. Russel Cowl, C Melody Sax, 39. Carlton Guild, Alto Sax, 40. George Lewis, Soprano Sax.

FOURTH ROW: 41. Rev. Wallace McKnight, Bass, 42. George Loder, Bass, 43. Charles W. Wood, Bass, 44. Charles Smith, Bass, 45. Earle C. Brooks, Bass.


The band first began meeting at the home of Samuel W. Wilson, in Austinville, Pa. on April 7th, 1937. It was organized September 7th, 1937, and at that time was meeting at the Odd Fellows Hall, Austinville, PA. They purchased the old Austinville Methodist church building and met there for the first time on December 7th, 1937. They wired the building for electric lights before December 14th, 1937.


Carlton F. Guild Alto Sax President

Cora McKnight 3rd Cornet Secretary

Manley O. Wilson Trombone Treasurer & Manager

J. Francis Wilson Cornet Director

Andrew Whipple Baritone Trustee

Sam Bailey Snare Drum Trustee

Harry Young Solo Cornet Trustee

Robert S. Shaylor 3rd Cornet Librarian

Virginia Roblyer Alto Refreshment Com.

Christine Whipple Alto Refreshment Com.

Ruth McKnight C Melody Sax Refreshment Com.

William Bailey, Jr. Trombone

Mortimer Briggs Trombone

Walter DeWitt Trombone

John DeWitt Baritone

Dr. Clifton B. Doane Alto

Stuart Dunbar Clarinet

Harry Eaton Bass

Willis Flick Baritone

Albert Grace Trombone

Melville Kilgore Solo Cornet

George Lewis Soprano Sax

Wallace McKnight 1st Cornet

Stanley Packard Alto

Dr. Herman J. Pierce Snare Drum

Al Pryor Piccolo & Flute

Bud Slingerland Solo Cornet

Earl N. Rolison Clarinet

Max Rockwell Cornet

Walter l. Schmorder E Flat Bass

Theodore Shaylor Alto

Lynn Slingerland Bass Drum

Charles Smith Bass

Sam W. Wilson E-Flat Bass and Baritone

Charles W. Wood E Flat Bass

Tracy Young Solo Cornet

The band picture was taken at Eldridge Park, Elmira, NY, Sunday, Aug. 14th, 1938. It was the first time the new white uniforms were worn. The band was paid $20.00 for playing at the park. They played again on another Sunday, September 4th, 1938 and were given $25.00 for their work. They played concerts at Eldridge Park quite a few years during the life of the band.


Dale Avery Cornet

Betty Bailey

Samuel Bailey Snare Drum

Sophronia Bailey Bells

William Bailey, Jr. Trombone

John Baines Bass

Leon Baines Clarinet

Mortimer Briggs Trombone

Earle C. Brooks Sousaphone

Robert Case Trumpet

Marshall Cole

Maxwell Cole

Arlande Cooke Clarinet

Cecile Cowl C Melody Sax

Russell Cowl C Melody Sax

Ray Dann Clarinet

Dart Solo Cornet

Sam Davies

Winnie Deemy Directed

Deming Cornet

Charles Dewey Tenor Sax

John DeWitt Baritone

Walter DeWitt Trombone

Dr. Clifton B. Doane Clarinet

Stewart Dunbar Clarinet

Merritt Dunkle

Harry Eaton

Erma Evans

Leon Evans Alto

Willis Flick Baritone

Albert Grace Trombone

Joan Grimm

Carlton Guild Alto Sax

Dan Hallaway Clarinet

Lewellyn Kennedy Alto

William Kennedy Tuba

Melville Kilgore Cornet

Ross Knowlton

George Lewis Sax

George Loder Bass

William Manley Trumpet

Eugene May Clarinet

Dr. L. B. Mayer Cornet

Cora McKnight Cornet

Ruth McKnight Sax

Mrs. Wallace McKnight Alto

Rev. Wallace McKnight Bass

Raymond Mitchell Cornet

Bill Morris Clarinet

Conrad Murdock Trombone

Stanley Packard Alto

Herman Pierce Snare Drum

Robinson Pierce Cornet

Frederick Pomeroy Trombone

Al Pryor Piccolo & Flute

Grant Roblyer

Virginia Roblyer Alto

Max W. Rockwell Alto

Ralph Roberts Sax

Earle Rolison Clarinet

Floyd Schaffnaker Clarinet

Walter L. Schmorder Bass

Robert S. Shaylor Cornot

Theodore Shaylor Alto

Henry Sherman Trombone or Baritone

Robert Shook Snare Drum

Leo Slingerland Cornet

Linn Slingerland Bass Drum

Charles Smith Bass

Eugene Snedeker Sax

Rexford Soper Alto Sax

Curtis Spalding Baritone

Bono Van Noy Trombone

Byron Van Noy Cornet

Jacob Van Noy Bass Drum

Montague White Oboe

Robert R. Williams Alto Sax

Howard Webster Clarinet

Ben Westgate Clarinet

Andrew Whipple Baritone

Christine Whipple Alto

Carlton Wilson Clarinet and Sax

C. James Wilson Sax

Phil Wilson Bass ?

J. Francis Wilson Director

Manley O. Wilson Trombone

Samuel W. Wilson Bass & Baritone

Marjorie Wolfe Clarinet

Charles W. Wood Bass

Harry Young Cornet

Tracy Young Cornet


Samuel W. Wilson directed the Zim Band, the Horseheads, New York village band, around 1912, 1913, 1914 before his work with the Lehigh Valley Railroad caused a move to Auburn, New York. A railroading injury caused him to leave railroading and he moved to Austinville, Pa. There he became the director of the Austinville Cornet Band. He played many different instruments and "filled in" where ever he was needed in the Western Bradford County Band.

James Francis Wilson, his son, was an Army and Navy man who had spent many years in Army bands and had studied music at the Navy School of Music in Rhode Island. He had done much orchestra work and some of the instruments he played were piano, organ, bass viol, tuba, saxophone and cornet.

Manley O. Wilson was a brother of Sam Wilson and a good trombone player. He, too, loved music.

Richard "Dick" Wilson, the small boy in the picture, was Manley Wilson’s adopted son.


Taken from the Band’s record book and S. W. Wilson diaries.

Aug. 11, 1937 Coryland Picnic

Sept. 6, 1937 Fireman Parade, Troy

Sept. 3, 1937 Ice Cream Social, Big Pond

Sept. 23, 1937 Donkey Baseball, Col. X Roads

Aug. 31, 1937 Ice Cream Social Sylvania

Sept. 24, 1937 Church Supper, Col. X Roads

Sept. 29, 1937 Basket Street Grange

Oct. 5, 1937 Towanda Odd Fellows

Jan. 11, 1938 Austinville Concert and supper

April 1938 Troy Minstrel Show

April 27, 1938 Col. X Roads Minstrel Show

June 25, 1938 E. Smithfield Church Social

June 28, 1938 Concert & pancake supper, Austinville

July 9, 1938 Social at East Troy

July 5, 1938 Baptist Church Social, Troy

July 8, 1938 E. Smithfield Odd Fellows Social

Aug. 7, 1938 Fall Brook Old Home Day

Aug. 13, 1938 Coryland Community Picnic

Aug. 11, 1938 Eldridge Park Concert, Elmira, NY

Aug. 25, 1938 Troy Fair Concert—Afternoon & evening

Aug. 26, 1938 Troy Fair Parade—Afternoon & evening

Aug. 27, 1938 Troy Fair Concert—Afternoon & evening

Aug. 29, 1938 Sylvania Ice Cream Social

Sept. 4, 1938 Eldridge Park Concert, Elmira, NY

Sept. 5, 1938 Rome, PA Firemens Parade

Canton Lake Concert

Sept. 13, 1938 Gillett Odd Fellows Social

Sept. 25, 1938 Grover, PA Disciple Church Concert

Canton Lake Concert

June 18, 1939 Eldridge Park, Elmira, NY Concert

June 20, 1939 Gillett IOOF Social

June 22, 1939 E. Smithfield Social

June 24, 1939 E. Troy Social

June 30, 1939 E. Smithfield Social

July 16, 1939 Eldridge Park, Elmira, NY Concert

July 27, 1939 Alder Run Grange Picnic

July 28, 1939 Gillett IOOF Social

Aug. 1, 1939 E. Troy IOOF

Aug. 6, 1939 Fall Brook Old Home Day

Aug. 8, 1939 Mountain Lake Concert

Aug. 18, 1939 Troy at Dr. Boyers

Aug. 23, 1939 Troy Fair

Aug. 24, 1939 Troy Fair

Aug. 25, 1939 Troy Fair & Parade

April 20, 1940 Canton IOOF Parade

June 15, 1940 E. Smithfield Social

July 4, 1940 E. Smithfield Celebration

July 28, 1940 Eldridge Park, Elmira, NY Concert

Aug. 4, 1940 Fall Brook Old Home Day

Aug. 13, 1940 Gillett IOOF

Aug. 21, 1940 Troy Fair

Aug. 22, 1940 Troy Fair

Aug. 23, 1940 Troy Fair

Aug. 24, 1940 Troy Fair (?)

Sept. 19, 1940 Troy Fairground Clam Bake

Dec. 17, 1940 Troy’s Martha Lloyd School Concert

1941 Concerts to 8-5-1941

May 30, 1941 Mountain Lake Cemetery

June 6, 1941 E. Troy Social

June 24, 1941 Troy Bandstand Concert

July 8, 1941 Troy Concert at a carnival

July 18, 1941 Col. X Roads Church Concert

July 22, 1941 Troy Bandstand Concert

Aug. 3, 1941 Fall Brook Old Home Day

Aug. 5, 1941 Troy Bandstand Concert

NOTE: The 1941 list is incomplete as these concert dates were mostly taken from the diaries of my father, Samuel W. Wilson. On August 25, 1941 he joined his son, Francis, in Auburn, NY where they both worked at war work. Sam Wilson returned to his home in Austinville, PA, on March 30, 1944. He died in 1949.

Carlton Wilson


June 28, 1945 Concert at Canton

June 13, 1945 Troy Bandstand Concert

July 24, 1945 Troy Bandstand Concert

Aug. 14, 1945 WW2 Victory Concert


May 30, 1946 Concert at Mt. Lake & Luthers Mills

July 4, 1946 Troy Fair Ground & Parade

Aug. 4, 1946 Fall Brook Old Home Day

Aug. 6, 1946 Troy Bandstand Concert

Aug. 15, 1946 Troy Fair

Aug. 16, 1946 Troy Fair

Aug. 20, 1946 Troy Bandstand Concert

Sept. 17, 1946 Troy Bandstand Concert

Sept. 28, 1946 Bradford County Home Concert


July 22, 1947 Troy Bandstand Concert

Aug. 3, 1947 Fall Brook Old Home Day

Aug. 5, 1947 Troy Bandstand Concert

Aug. 12, 1947 Coryland Church Concert

Aug. 26, 1947 Troy Bandstand Concert

Sept. 1, 1947 E. Smithfield Concert

Sept. 12, 1947 Troy Bandstand Concert

Sept. 19, 1947 Troy Bandstand Concert

Oct. 5, 1947 Bradford County Home


Aug. 1, 1948 Fall Brook Old Home Day

Aug. 17, 1948 Troy Bandstand Concert

Aug. 18, 1948 Canton Concert

Aug. 31, 1948 Concert

Sept. 8, 1948 Troy Bandstand Concert

Sept. 9, 1948 Concert

Sept. 23, 1948 Concert


June 30, 1949 Concert

July 21, 1949 Concert


Oct. 1, 1950 Bradford County Home

The 1937 to and including 1947 concert dates were mostly taken from the S. W. Wilson diaries. The 1949 and 1950 dates were taken from programs found lying loose in the incomplete band record book.

The last meeting recorded in the book was dated August 20, 1952, and was a business meeting held at the Civic Building in Troy, President Charles Smith presiding. New officers were elected:

President Floyd Schaffnaker

Trustee Sam Davies

Trustee Richard Wilson

Trustee Byron Van Noy

Secretary Joan Grimm

Treasurer Manley Wilson

Manager Manley Wilson

There was a discussion about selling the band hall to Lorenzo Davis and also Sam Davis was appointed to represent the band on the Troy Community Chest Drive. No action was taken on the selling the band hall to Davis.

The last two entries in the record book before this one were dated October 3, 1939 and October 10, 1939. As Francis Wilson was moving to Auburn, NY., Carlton Guild was elected Director to succeed him. It was reported that there were 28 members present at the Oct. 10th rehearsal.

Written By -- A. Carlton Wilson, Troy, PA -- December 20, 1991
Submitted to site by Ben Briggs

Typed by – Pat Smith Raymond

Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Organizations of the Tri-Counties
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
L to R - standing: "Herm" Pierce, Jim Tobin, Clarence Wheeler, Bob McMahan,  Rolla Holcombe.

Second Row - sitting: Arthur Case, Fred Jenner, Steve Hickok, Sam Johnson, Percy King, James Mack.

Front Row - sitting: George Mitchell, Newt Boyce, Bob Weigester, Erny Boyce.

Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Organizations of the Tri-Counties
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
Left to Right: Jas. Biesel, drums; Julia Costello, piano; Anna Case, violin; Harry S. Mitchell, banjo; Henry B. Van Dyne, saxophone; Tony Orbank, cornet; Henry Sherman, trombone.
The Boilermakers Orchestra
(TGR Mar. 2, 1950)

The above picture of the Boilermakers taken thirty years ago this winter.  This famous old orchestra was formed about 1914 and was probably the first “Jazz Orchestra” in Northern Pennsylvania.  With various changes of personnel, the orchestra remained active until about 1921.  During these years the Boilermakers played for hundreds of dances in Troy, Canton, Sayre, Towanda and other towns.
For several years they furnished music for the annual Charity Ball held in Towanda on Christmas night, and once made a trip to Renovo to play at a Masonic party following which the Renovo Masonic Glee Club returned the compliment by coming to Troy by train at their own expense and giving a concert in the Troy Masonic club rooms.
For several years the orchestra played for dances that were held following the basketball games in the old gym at the Civic Building and during World War I they played for innumerable dances thus raising several thousand dollars for the Red Cross.  During the years the orchestra was in existence the members played without charge for any party the proceeds of which were for charity or any public cause.  In cases where the orchestra did receive compensation, the money was used for public benefit.  The Boilermakers presented the Troy schools with a piano, music racks, and stage flood lights for the auditorium of the Van Dyne Civic Building.  As an echo from the past, they even made a small contribution to the boys of World War II when a long forgotten balance that has lain dormant for over thirty years was discovered in the bank and given to the U. S. O.
From time to time the personnel of the orchestra changed as members left Troy or others with musical talent came into this community.  While it may not be a complete list, one of the members of the Boilermakers recalls playing with the following at one time or another in the orchestra: Frank Flick, Trombone ) for whom the Brooks-Flick American Legion Post is named); Julia Costello – one of the finest pianists and singers ever in Troy; the old “Maestro” and March King, Henry Sherman, an artist on the trombone; Ralph Burr and his hot cornet; Anna Case-Still (?) Troy’s leading violinist; Dr. George Boyer at the piano and double on the violin; Pat Ballard – violin, clarinet, and drums; John Canedy, piano; Harry Mitchell, banjo; Tony Orbank, cornet; Mrs. James Briesel, violin; Mrs. Edward Overton, Towanda, violin; Benjamin Mitchell, Troy, banjo; Marion Sweet (now Mrs. Jack Barrett), banjo; Peg Joralemon (Mrs. Edward Fanning), piano; Carlton Guild – youngest of the Boilermakers, saxophone; Francis Wilson, bass viol and accordion; Herman J. Pierce, drums; Mrs. Roy Soper, Sylvania, violin (with Roy calling for square dances and little Rexy (prominent Troy Mortician) asleep on the floor under the piano.
Claude Guthrie, famous old time square dance caller who was “guest artist’ when the Boilermakers played in the old Moose Hall at Cross Roads, and probably others whose names after thirty years or so, the writer does not recall.  Many members of this old orchestra have passed away, others have moved to other towns, but there are still in Troy enough of the old Boilermakers to put together an orchestra even though their music might not be bebop or roll the “Hep Cats” in the aisles.
--Picture and story through the courtesy of Henry B. Van Dyne

Photo and label from Don Stanton March 2010

Written on the back:
Boilermakers of Troy

On the piano:
 Dr. Geo. Boyer – violin
 Henry B. Van Dyne – Banjo
 John Canedy – Pianist

L to R:
 Pat Ballard – Banjo
 Henry Mitchell – Banjo
 Herman Pierce – Drums

The orchestra active from 1914-1921, mostly fund raising projects playing for dances etc. They never charged for their services.

Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Organizations of the Tri-Counties
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
It was made up of local youngsters.My husband and his twin sister played the fiddles.Leon Evans was from Granville Center.They played for different events .They rehearsed at the Leroy school.Some of them went on to play in the Canton High School band and orchestra.
Submitted by Phyllis LONG Rockwell
First Row: Pauline Evans, Betty Bly, Julia Knapp, Leon Evans
Second Row: Bruce Morse, Erma Evans, Betty Rockwell, Jack Riley, Bob Rockwell, Betty Duart
Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Organizations of the Tri-Counties
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
Troy Paper Nov 5, 1953. 

Front Row, left to right: Durkin McKean, Clarence Selleck, Ed Selleck
Back Row: Will Blackwell, Norman McKean, Willis Rockwell, Will Coe, Larentus Ward, Julius Phillips, Issac McKean, Will Riley, Dallas Johnson, Frank Bodine, Howard Cole, J L Rockwell.

A picture of the West Burlington Band, circa 1880, taken in front of the home occupied by Howard Smith Sr. 

West Burlington Page

Hi - (July 2006)

I was looking at your web site last night and came upon some photos of the West Burlington Band. Much to my surprise  in the photo was Ed Selleck - he was a drummer in the Civil War and we have the drum he used     - probably the one in the photograph. He is Martin and Brent's  GG Grandfather.
Take good care

Engine Company Band of Troy PA
Engine Company Band of Troy PA
From Don Stanton
Troy High Harmonica Band:  From the left, first row, Stephen Cornell, Earl Campbell, Rex. Overacker, Lincoln Raplee.  Second row, George Mott, Joe Overrein, Marvin Stanton, Warren Porter.

News clipping of the Troy High Harmonica Band.  .  I don't have a date on this one, but my grandfather, Rex Overacker graduated in 1942 so it was probably between 1939-1942.
Submitted by Melanie Long July 2011


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