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Postcard of Old Methodist Church from Collection of Joyce M. Tice
Created 1855 from Burlington
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The picture is of the West Burlington High girls’ ball club.  The back of the photo had the names listed, but had been glued to black paper.  I managed to read one full name and I think I have the first names of the others.  If anyone has a yearbook from that time we could probably figure out who the girls are.  Here are the names in order they were listed:  Min?? (could be Minnie or Minerva), Mar?? (probably Mary), Amy, Louisa, Elsie, Martha, Frances, Jennie, Esther Baxter.  This photo was on a page of pictures with my great-grandmother, Martha Evans "Smith", so we’re fairly sure she is the Martha in the picture. 

Melanie Long
November 2010

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