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Business: Caulkins
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Submitted by: Various Guests 
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Examples of Caulkins Postcards of Tioga county and Vicinity are countless, and many examples are already on the site as illustrations on various pages. Even when no signature is on them, they are often recognizeable by the distinctive etched script on the label which is illustrated above. Most of the Caulkins' postcard photos show scenes in the villages of Tioga County, but as above, some are photos of the people who inhabited the area. Below is a table, which will be developed over time, of other Caulkins Postcards already on the site.Other postcards will also be added to this page. If you have examples of Caulkins Postcards, please send them to me in HIGH resolution JPG scans. I am sorting out all the ones I already have to get them listed and presented here.

I believe Caulkins operated in the  Mansfield area. One postcard I have that does not have his characteristic etching on its face, says on the back "Put out by Caulkins Mansfield PA." (Shown below)  If you can send in any specific information on him or her, please do. I do not even have a first name or initial for the person. I do not find Caulkins listed as a photographer in the 1908-09 Tioga County Directory which is on the site. The photographs are from the 1900s to 1930s for the most part. Maybe one of you would like to make it a project to hunt down the Caulkins Postcards already presented on the site and give me the URLs so I can link them???

According to one seller on ebay the EKC logo in the stamp box of a Caulkins Postcard dates it to the 1940s.That person also located Caulkins in Morris at that time (1940s). Another guest reports that he was taking photos into the 1950s at least. The highest she had found was a T-127 of the numbered cards.

Anthony Addison Caulkins' Mansfield Postcards
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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 09/13/2004 
By Joyce M. Tice
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 Nelson Caulkins on infrequent occasions signed his cards NAC.  His name was Nelson Adelbert Caulkins and he was born November 29, 1874 in Unidella, New York.  He began his photography career around turn of the century (early 1900s) in the Baltimore Washington area when a man told him to "go to Cammal" and photograph the lumbering industry.  Caulkins had studios in Cammal and Slate Run in the early years, 1906 - 1916.  He outlived 3 wives and in later years had studios at both Morris and Waterville.  From 1917 to 1919 he lived in Watsontown and photographed the Dewart train wreck, which produced some of the most exquisite photo postcard views ever made of Pennsylvania subject material.
I have a brief history of him in my book published last fall, Watsontown, McEwensville and Delaware Township: A Real Photo Postcard History.  Softbound sells for $20.00.  A full description of it can be found on my ebay store by looking up auctions and ebay store items by seller captain.insano
I enjoyed the part of your website in which you describe mistakes made by researchers who make assumptions based on confused place names, time periods, changing names, etc.  I don't fashion myself a historian in as much as I am a writer who happens to be a history enthusiast.  I have a book similar to the one above coming out next week, Turbotville and Lewis Township (Northumberland County).  Anyway, I have always tried to avoid such pitfalls by being skeptical of many "facts" that I come across in my research.  It seems to pay off because I get very very few complaints about inaccuracies in my writing.  I try to double check and cross reference almost everything.
My present project is Pine Creek and mainly Caulkins postcards of the Pine Creek area from Ansonia south to Jersey Shore.  I may include a few of George Clark's postcards of the canyon.  I don't know a lot about Clark, other than he had a studio in Galeton, but will visit the Galeton area this fall to do some research.  I love Pine Creek and Slate Run is one of my favorite places.  I presently live in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.  People here say that this is the most beautiful place in the world.  I guess they have never been to the Pine Creek Valley.
Bob Swope (born literally in Turbotville and raised in the Muncy Hills)