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We now have a local history museum in Mansfield representing the area in and near Mansfield including Sullivan, Rutland, Covington and more
Visit the History Center on Main Street at 83 North Main Street. We also have a locaton at 61 North Main Street.
Regular hours are noon to 3 T, W Th or by appointment.
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The "Old Gym" at Mansfield. The building is gone now, but in September 1962 I spent TWO WHOLE DAYS in this building for a pre-computer era freshman registration. Ah, the good old days. (joke) 
Thank you Photographer Caulkins for giving us this tour of M.S.N.S. a century ago
Photo: Mansfield State Normal Scho0l PA Postcards
Township: Mansfield Borough, Richmond Township, Tioga County PA
Photographer: Caulkins
Postcards sent in by Various Guests and from Joyce's Collection
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The ever enduring North Hall
Dining Hall at M.S.N.S.l
North Hall and Alumni Hall with some good old fashioned Mansfield slush on the road. 
The rotunda at M.S.N.S.

A sorority  meeting room. Detail of logo shown. Identify the organization???
Athenian (Literary Society) Meeting Room
Inside the "old Gym" at M.S. N.S.
The cannon on the corner of campus. This is across from the Methodist church. The cannon was sent in for scrap in World War Two. Alumni Hall (now gone) at right. North Hall shows at left.
The arcade by North Hall
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By Joyce M. Tice
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