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Names and Addresses of the School Directors and Teachers of Tioga County
These names are taken from the reports of Secretaries of School Districts, and in each list the names President, Secretary and Treasurer are written in the order named from beginning of list. Teachers are above the line for each township, and directors below
Published in Wellsboro Agitator Nov 02, 1905
Note : These are teachers appointed for term 1905-1906. School Souvenir booklets are listed on site by year of end of term, so booklets for this list will be under 1906.
A. T. Bowen, Prin., Arnot.
May Borden, Arnot.
Elizabeth Ditchburn, Arnot.
Nellie M. Watkins, Arnot.
Johanna Manoix, Arnot.
Agnes C. Blair, Arnot.
Alice T. Breen, Arnot.
Mary Houkins, Arnot.
Rose E. Robena, Arnot.
Kathryn Foeney, Arnot.
Ella Bordun, Arnot.
Robert E. Roberts, Arnot.
Margaret Ditchburn, Arnot.
Nora Coleman, Arnot.
Thomas J. Lowry, Arnot, Pres.
W. Charles Frick, Landrus, Sec'y.
Alfred Peterson, Arnot, Treas.
J. J. Blair, Arnot.
W. E. Williams, Arnot.
Bert Welch, Arnot.
Ernest L. Taylor, Prin., Blossburg.
Bessie A. Williams, Blossburg.
Anna C. Emerick, Blossburg.
Jennie Arrowsmith, Blossburg.
Agnes Hyland, Blossburg.
May Hughes, Blossburg.
Elizabeth Scofield, Blossburg.
Mary Bambury, Blossburg.
Estella England, Blossburg.
Minnie Keating, Blossburg.
Edna Gase, Blossburg.
Zeats Saks, Blossburg.
Bridgie Brennan, Blossburg.
Edward W. Johnson, Blossburg.
J. D. Connors, Blossburg.
Dr. Geo. D. Crandall, Blossburg.
Dr. E. M. Haley, Blossburg.
R. D. Horton, Blossburg.
F. H. Stratton, Blossburg.
Mrs. Mary B. Cornish, Westfield, R. F. D.
Roy D. Simmons, Westfield, R. F. D.
Etta Hunt, Westfield, R. F. D.
Elvira McPeak, Westfield, R. F. D.
Fred McLean, Westfield, R. F. D.
Iva Crawford, Westfield.
Rose Murdock, Austinburg.
Mayme Terry, Austinburg.
F. A. Reynolds, Troupsburg.
C. P. Gill, Westfield, R. F. D. 1.
L. B. Hunt, Westfield, R. F. D. 2.
Edwin Mascho, Westfield, R. F. D. 1.
H. B. Murdock, Austinburg.
W. A. Simmons, Westfield, R. F. D. 1.
Fred Bush, Westfield, R. F. D. 2.
Roy Dockstader, Wellsboro, R. F. D. 8
Alvina English, Wellsboro.
Blanche Fuller, Wellsboro, R. F. D. 14
Mabel N. Evans, Wellsboro, R. F. D. 4
Flora West, Wellsboro, R. F. D. 5.
Ada Kohler, Crooked Creek.
Clara Emberger, Wellsboro, R. F. D. 9.
Lucy Austin, Wellsboro.
Gertrude Everts, Wellsboro, R. F. D. 8.
Bessie Wilkins, Wellsboro, R. F. D. 10.
Anna Collins, Wellsboro, R. F. D. 10.
Ray Hazlett, East Charleston.
W. H. Carson, Wellsboro, R. F. D. 5.
Myrtle Jones, Wellsboro, R. F. D. 5.
Florence Doumanx, Covington, R. F. D.
Emma Thompson, Wellsboro, R. F. D. 9.
J. A. Ludlum, Wellsboro, R. F. D. 8.
J. J. Evans, Wellsboro, R. F. D. 5.
L. W. Wilkins, Wellsboro, R. F. D. 8.
W. S. Neal, Wellsboro, R. F. D. 20.
F. C. Moore, Wellsboro, R. F. D. 11.
B. F. Edwards, Wellsboro, R. F. D. 9.
Walter Wilcox, Prin., Little Marsh.
Kate Monks, Little Marsh.
Ida Ransom, Little Marsh.
Sara Ferris, Little Marsh.
Georgiana Monks, Middlebury Center.
Myrtle Palmer, East Chatham.
Tacie French, Little Marsh.
Joseph Reynolds, Little Marsh.
Helen Carpenter, Little Marsh.
Myra Short, Little Marsh.
Jonnie MacDonough, Knoxville.
F. M. Jackson, Little Marsh.
Joseph Wilson, Little Marsh.
Myron King, Little Marsh.
Dr. R. H. Jones, Little Marsh.
Joseph Cooper, Little Marsh.
Bennett Reynolds, Little Marsh.
Phillip Leet, Prin., Sabinsville.
Nellie Ransom, Westfield, R. F. D.
Royal L. Predmore, Potterbrook.
Pearl D. Short, Sabinsville.
Eva M. Chamberlain, Sabinsville.
Ethel Carpenter, Little Marsh.
Ellen Edwards, Westfield.
Matie Mascho, Westfield.
Daisy Carl, Sabinsville.
Satie Rice, Little Marsh.
J. H. Kernan, Sabinsville.
Winfield Scott, Sabinsville.
A. M. Roberts, Sabinsville.
P. B. Hoffman, Sabinsville.
L. M. Faulkner, Sabinsville.
Samuel Frith, Lansing.
Wm. O. Jenkins, Prin., Covington.
Katherine Lewis, Covington.
Martha L. Brown, Covington.
R. C. Cunningham, Covington.
S. H. Mitchell, Covington.
Dr. S. A. Gaskill, Covington.
W. A. Blanchard, Covington.
Chas. C. Redfield, Covington.
R. J. Taylor, Covington.
M. S. Knowlton, Covington.
Lyman Walker, Mansfield.
Helen Ingalls, Covington.
Florence Johnson, Covington.
Lucy Zittel, Covington.
Martha Gray, Covington.
Hazel Phelps, Covington.
Anna Duggan, Morris Run.
Lula Zimmer, Mansfield.
Hattie Marvin, Mansfield.
David B. Rose, Covington.
Pearl Keeney, Wellsboro.
J. F. Haverley, Covington, R. F. D.
L. R. Walker, Covington, R. F. D.
E. O. Connelly, Covington, R. F. D.
A. H. Doud, Covington.
A. H. Davey, Covington, R. F. D.
John Vaughn, Covington.
Matie Matteson, Knoxville.
Olive King, Westfield.
Emma Bonney, Austinburg.
Alice Westbrook, Knoxville.
Orma Honotor, Knoxville.
Rebecca Holbert, Knoxville.
Delos Owlett, East Chatham.

G. B. Seamans, Knoxville, R. F. D.
C. M. Woodbury, Knoxville.
K. I. Billows, Knoxville.
Preston R. King, Academy Corners.
S. R. George, Academy Corners.
C. R. Price, Academy Corners.
Genevieve Sabin, Stony Fork.
Edna W. Ogden, Stony Fork.
Cella Schwartz, Wellsboro.
Carrie Roblyer, Wellsboro.
Esther J. Butler, Kress.
Nellie M. Brew, Wellsboro.
Mary Sheidweller, Wellsboro.
Theresa Spencer, Wellsboro.
Elsie Lienhardt, Stony Fork.
Sarah Eberent, Wellsboro.
Wallace Ingerick, Wellsboro, R. F. D. 2.
Mazie Keeney, Wellsboro.
Tina Wheeler, Wellsboro, R. F. D. 2.
Nettie Phippen, Wellsboro.
Clara Hiltbold, Wellsboro.
Katherine Roland, Wellsboro, R. F. D. 6.
Ethel J. Mudge, Wellsboro.
Lois E. Kriner, Wellsboro.
Mable Powers, Wellsboro, R. F. D. 2.
Mary E. Derbyshire, Wellsboro, R. F. D. 7.
Nellie Wetherbee, Wellsboro, R. F. D. 3.
Vernie Powers, Wellsboro, R. F. D. 2.
Mary Willard, Wellsboro, R. F. D. 6.
Florence Buckley, Wellsboro.
Mary Butler, Kress.
Lulu Roblyer, Wellsboro, R. F. D. 6.
Mildred Clark, Wellsboro.
Maude Walbridge, Wellsboro.
Mary Campbell, Wellsboro.
Nellie Valsing, Stony Fork.
H. J. Mitchell, Wellsboro, R. F. D. 2.
S. L. Campbell, Wellsboro, R. F. D. 3.
J. E. Spencer, Wellsboro, B. F. F. 4.
Geo. Hatherell, Wellsboro, R. F. D. 1.
A. B. Carpenter, Wellsboro, R. F. D. 1.
Elwin Steele, Stony Fork.
Raymond Steele, Prin., Antrim.
Isabel Marvin, Antrim.
Lenore O'Connell, Antrim.
Margaret Nash, Antrim.
Mae McDonnell, Antrim.
Anna Swanson, Antrim.
John Nelson, Antrim.
John Clifford, Antrim.
Jas. B. Howell, Antrim. (Not a director.)
Samuel Mitchell, Antrim.
C. E. Burgess, Antrim.
Gus Peterson, Antrim.
W. W. Borden, Antrim.
Claude A. Ely, Prin., Leetonia.
Mrs. Claude A. Ely, Leetonia.
Maude Spencer, Gaines, R. F. D.
Frank Reinwald, Gaines, R. F. D.
Lulu Ranscom, Marshlands.

James Bailey, Leetonia.
Gustave Gross, Gaines, R. F. D. 1.
W. T. Schanbacher, Gaines, R. F. D. 1.
J. L. Snyder, Leetonia.
Jos. F. Grimm, Marshlands.
Leslie Lockwood, Leetonia.
H. F. Walker, Prin., Elkland.
May Cloos, Elkland.
Eleanor Donovan, Elkland.
Gertrude Warren, Elkland.
Loie Perry, Elkland.
Anna Encell, Elkland.

C. L. Kenyon, Elkland.
S. H. Parkhurst, Elkland.
A. B. Miner, Elkland.
S. A. Weeks, Elkland.
James Donovan, Elkland.
Jerome Bottom, Elkland.
Jesse Utter, Elkland.
B. S. Rathbun, Elkland.
Fred Dailey, Elkland, R. F. D.
C. F. White, Elkland, R. F. D.
Stephen Rice, Elkland.
Claude Long, Elkland, R. F. D.
John Berg, Nelson.
Fannie Treat, East Chatham.
Charles R. Blanchard, Tioga, R. F. D.
Burr VanDusen, Osceola, R. F. D.
Dora M. Odle, Osceola, R. F. D.
Mrs. Eunice Campbell, Osceola, R. F. D.
Lulu Shaw, Middlebury Center, R. F. D.
Ola E. Davis, Knoxville, R. F. D.
Ada L. Allen, Middlebury Center.
James A. Donovan, Elkland.
Robert H. Austin, Crooked Creek.
J. R. Smith, Osceola, R. F. D. 2.
C. H. Blanchard, Farmington Hill.
O. A. VanDusen, East Chatham.
E. M. Close, Farmington Hill.
C. D. Northrop, Nelson, R. F. D. 1.
T. T. Colegrove, Tioga.
Elsie Schanbacher, Gaines.
Nellie Truman, Gaines.
Flosie Hare, Gaines.
Mrs. Ida Hanscom, Gaines.
Mrs. Hattie Kennedy, Marshlands.
Edna M. Fuller, Manhattan.
Ethel Soper, Marshlands.
Jessie Lindsay, Marshlands.
M. M. Smith, Gaines.
J. D. Strait, Marshlands.
Darwin Barnhart, Gaines.
P. H. Dewey, Gaines, R. F. D.
John Goodwin, Gaines.
Nathan Ludd, Manhattan.
Anna Nelson, Prin., Morris Run.
Marie Wetsel, Morris Run.
Margaret Fogarty, Morris Run.
Mary Duggan, Morris Run.
Mae Churchill, Morris Run.
Isabelle Woodhouse, Morris Run.
Margaret Parflt, Morris Run.
Elizabeth Coleman, Morris Run.
Anna Driscoll, Morris Run.
Hanna Palmer, Morris Run.
Mary Lindle, Blossburg.
Rena Heron, Blossburg.
John X. Jenkins, Morris Run.
Edward F. Hayes, Morris Run.
W. S. Nearing, Morris Run.
Dr. J. H. Kiley, Morris Run.
Robert Lindle, Blossburg.
Martin Suporowski, Morris Run.
Earl Spencer, Millerton.
Pearl Adams, Millerton.
Eula Doud, Tioga, R. F. D.
Ola Shieve, Millerton, R. F. D.
Victor Lefler, Jobs Corners.
Louise Daggett, Millerton, R. F. D.
Blanche Baker, Millerton, R. F. D.
J. B. Matthews, Trowbridge.
Agnes Miller, Millerton.
Laura Gaylord, Millerton, R. F. D.
Roy Dickinson, Jackson Summit.
Albert U. Deming, Somers Lane.
Mrs. Clara Wetherbee, Lawrenceville.
Vera Hulslander, Lawrenceville.
Thos. Olver, Mansfield.
A. H. Inscho, Tioga, R. F. D.
D. W. Gaige, Millerton, R. F. D.
C. L. Updike, Daggett.
E. R. Mitchell, Somers Lane, R. F. D.
S. L. Cummings, Lawrenceville, R. F. D.
Dr. P. W. Honser, Millerton.
C. E. Dietz, Prin., Knoxville.
Frederika Michelfelder, Knoxville.
Julia Strait, Knoxville.
Helen Hendricks, Covington, R. F. D.
Susie Borden, Troy.
Ethel Reese, Knoxville.
Jean Doane, Knoxville.
Lida M. Carpenter, Knoxville.
Mason Lyon, Troy, R. F. D.
Agnes Boyd, Canton.
W. H. Stevens, Knoxville.
C. E. Wainwright, Knoxville.
H. B. Jones, Knoxville.
C. E. Lawrence, Knoxville.
C. E. Martin, Knoxville.
W. H. Edgcomb, Knoxville.
Dorotha Kraiss, Tioga.
Horace G. Roff, Mansfield.
Luella Beach, Nelson.
Anna Tilford, Lawrenceville.
Lou A. Bishop, Tioga.
Blanche VanWie, Tioga.

G. G. Close, Tompkins.
Willis W. Reep, Somers Lane.
M. S. Baldwin, Lawrenceville.
Frank Lee, Lawrenceville.
Eli Roberts, Lawrenceville.
Delos Colegrove, Lawrenceville.
E. P. Shaw, Prin., Lawrenceville.
John E. Nelson, Lawrenceville.
Elizabeth C. Harrower, Lawrenceville.
Leora M. Smith, Lawrenceville.

W. K. Ryon, Lawrenceville.
John N. Hotchkiss, Lawrenceville.
W. W. Hutchinson, Lawrenceville.
C. W. Chamberlain, Lawrenceville.
E. B. Beattmont, Lawrenceville.
L. G. Seelye, Lawrenceville.
M. E. Haggerty, Prin., Liberty.
Clara B. Reynolds, Liberty.
Dr. G. A. Smith, Liberty.
L. F. Wheeland, Liberty.
Grant Sebring, Liberty. (Not a director.)
B. F. Bastian, Liberty.
H. E. Brion, Liberty.
Israel Farer, Liberty.
W. Ostrom, Liberty.
F. C. Snyder, Liberty.
Anna Dacey, Covington.
Anna Snyder, Liberty.
Fred Harer, East Point.
A. T. Harer, Roaring Branch, R. F. D.
Elma Kehler, Liberty.
Gertrude Randall, Canton.
Clara Miller, Liberty.
Alma Zinck, Liberty.
Mrs. Edith Gleckler, Nauvoo.
John Desmond, Nauvoo.
Peter Gmeiner, Liberty.
Wm. Winder, Liberty.
Samuel Harer, East Point.
George Heyler, Sebring.
O. F. Gleckler, Nauvoo.
John Schanbacher, Sebring.
E. A. Retan, Prin., Mansfield.
Mattie D. Bodine, Mansfield.
Lana Lewis, Mansfield.
(Six grades are taught in Model School of S. N. S.)
H. B. Taylor, Mansfield.
Dr. F. G. Wood, Mansfield.
Frank A. Clark, Mansfield.
U. S. Snoyer, Mansfield.
J. P. Bates, Mansfield.
F. C. Passmore, Mansfield.
Harry Palmer, Prin., Keeneyville.
Edith Bailey, Wellsboro.
Rena Carpenter, Middlebury Center.
Nelissa Coolidge, Keeneyville.
Ernice Bailey, Wellsboro.
Gertrude Webster, Holiday.
Emma Brigden, Hammond.
May Gee, Keeneyville.
Angie Gee, Keeneyville.
Eleanor Sullivan, Wellsboro.
Ethel Taft, Knoxville.
George Spaulding, Hammond.
J. D .Carpenter, Middlebury Center.
G. E. Morton, Middlebury Center.
H. T. Keeney, Jr., Crooked Creek.
P. E. Brown, Crooked Creek.
M. J. Smith, Keeneyville.
Lynn Soper, Prin., Hoytville.
Nellie Hurley, Hoytville.
Nora Ryan, Hoytville.
Kathryn Snyder, Hoytville.
Della Darby, Hoytville.
A. B. Ashley, Nauvoo.
A. Louise Seaman, Morris.
L. Zonlyne Swindell, Nauvoo.
Mayre Guy, Morris.
Mary Plank, Plank.
Eleanor Mitchell, Lloyd.
Joanna Hurley, Lloyd.
Ada Blakely, Hoytville.
G. S. Blackwell, Lorenton.
G. R. Wheeler, Hoytville.
L. W. Hart, Morris.
Orson Williammee, Lorenton.
W. M. Plank, Plank.
Dr. R. F. Robinson, Morris.
Milton B. Carpenter, Prin., Nelson.
Nina A. Woodbury, Nelson.
Estella Pierce, Nelson
John Kelly, Nelson.
William Pepper, Nelson.
D. W. VanDyke, Nelson.
Arthur Stevens, Nelson.
E. E. Rates, Nelson.
J. E. Hazlett, Nelson.
Students Schooled in other townships
L. B. Brown, Elkland.
D. M. Brown, Elkland.
C. F. White, Elkland. (Not a director.)
O. P. Babcock, Elkand.
F. B. Brown, Elkland.
Charles W. Kelley, Elkland.
Robert Babcock, Elkland.
Edward E. Marvin, Prin., Osceola.
Mrs. Lulu B. Marvin, Osceola.
Mary A. Wilson, Osceola.
Kate J. Donovan, Elkland.
W. H. Clark, Osceola.
Chas. Tubbs, Osceola.
Frank J. Seely, Osceola.
W. H. Long, Osceola.
John W. Hammond, Osceola.
Arthur L. Baker, Osceola.
Andrew Nelson, Mansfield.
Myra Gaige, Mansfield.
Mrs. Jennie Avery, Mansfield.
E. Louise Bates, Mansfield.
Susie VanNess, Mansfield.
Bert W. Richmond, Mansfield.
Valeda Bartlett, Mansfield.
Julia Strange, Mansfield.
Daniel Mudge, Mansfield.
Eva M. Reese, Mansfield.
Mrs. Stella Frait, Mansfield.
Harry E. Elliott, Mansfield.
J. C. Rexford, Mansfield.
F. H. Pratt, Mansfield, R. F. D.
Grant Lewis, Mansfield.
W. W. Inscho, Canoe Camp.
P. H. Whittaker, Mansfield, R. F. D.
Volney Ripley, Mansfield, R. F. D.
Celia Leiby, Rutland.
A. C. Young, Rutland.
J. W Avery, Rutland.
Dr. O. S. Nye, Rutland.
J. T. Stont, Rutland.
A. I. Davis, Rutland.
C. W. Kelly, Rutland.
C. R. French, Millerton.
Harriet Case, Mansfield.
Sylvene Nye, Rutland.
Emily Updyke, Mansfield. Pumpkin Hill School
Bertha Benson, Rutland.
Maude Allen, Middlebury Center.
Louise L. Davis, Rutland.
Edna Garrison, Jobs Corners.
F. E. Webster, Jobs Corners.
Clara Garrison, Jobs Corners.
E. E. Wood, Rutland.
F. M. Lawrence, Mansfield, R. F. D.
George Frost, Rutland.
J. Oldroyd, Rutland.
J. M. Longwell, Rutland.
A. E. Garrison, Jobs Corners.
Effie Sheehat, Westfield.
Nora Knowlton, Wellsboro.
Anna Kerwin, Wellsboro.
Ina Phillips, Wellsboro.
Mary Crane, Ansonia.
Louha Plumley, Wellsboro.
Mabel Kennedy, Wellsboro.
Eloise Borden, Wellsboro.
Eugene S. English, Wellsboro.
Henry T. Schanbacher, Ansonia.
Chester L. Scranton, Marsh Creek.
W. C. Reyman, Ansonia.
Chas. Jones, Delmar.
J. M. Campbell, Ansonia.
Eleanor Rew, Mansfield, R. F. D.
Georgia Austin, Mainesburg.
George Bardwell, Mainesburg.
Ernest Webster, Mansfield, R. F. D. 8.
Albert Wetmore, Mansfield.
Fred Sutton, Sullivan. 
John C. Strange, Mainesburg Elk Run School
The following five were mistakenly listed with Knoxville instead of Sullivan
Ada Holly, Columbia X Roads, R. F. D.
Lota Roberts, Mansfield, R. F. D. 4.
Mildred Spaulding, Mainesburg. 
Frank Ashley, Mainesburg.
Belva Robbins, Mansfield, R. F. D. 

Nelson Holly, Columbia X Roads.
E. H. Robert, Mansfield, R. F. D. 1.
Charles Smith, Mainesburg.
Claude Harvey, Mansfield, R. F. D. 1..
A. D. Ballard, Sullivan.
Lewie N. Wilson, Prin., Tioga.
Fredrika Klegor, Tioga.
Harriette Boughton, Tioga.
Joseph Krieger, Tioga.
Daniel Berry, Tioga.
H. L. Baldwin, Tioga.
J. M. Peck, Tioga.
J. D. Saxton, Tioga.
R. D. Brigham, Tioga.
Arthur Dann, Prin., Tioga.
Rosa Lechner, Tioga.
Reese B. Alford, Tioga.
Anna B. Greene, Tioga.
Louise J. Gramenstetter, Tioga.
Ida M. Rawson, Tioga.
Clark Steele, Tioga.
Susie Allen, Tioga.
Helen Kraiss, Tioga.
Mazie Dewey, Tioga.
R. H. Kelts, Tioga.
D. W. Hurd, Tioga.
Wm. Redner, Tioga.
F. Valentine, Tioga.
John G. Kentch, Tioga.
Wm. West, Tioga.
Wallace Button, Tioga.
S. H. Landon, Prin., Roaring Branch.
Josie Randall, Roaring Branch.
Mary Barrow, Ogdensburg.
Alice Gibbon, Gleason.
Jennie Preston, Roaring Branch.
Margaret Kinkley, Ogdensburg.
Lucy Thomas, Roaring Branch.
Nellie Landon, Gleason.
Olive Plank, Roaring Branch.
Belle Carl, Roaring Branch.
Carrie Krise, Roaring Branch.
B. L. Thomas, Roaring Branch.
Louisa Harvey, Roaring Branch.
Jessie Randall, Roaring Branch.
G. J. Smith, Gleason.
F. B. Austin, Ogdensburg.
B. H. Landon, Gleason.
Stephen Spencer, Roaring Branch.
Charles Schinenzle, Roaring Branch.
T. G. Ward, Roaring Branch.
Bera B. Nash, Sullivan.
Norma Snyder, Canton.
Carolyn Lyon, Troy, R. F. D. 65.
Maude Lyon, Troy, R. F. D. 65.
Gertrude Hill, Canton, R. F. D.
Majorie Snyder.
Wallace Chase, Fall Brook.
T. P. Furman, Canoe, R. F. D. 73.
Hiram Lyon, Troy, R. F. D. 65.
F. C .Schraeder, Canton, R. F. D. 73.
R. J. Purvis, Mainesburg.
Herman Bruce, Canton.
H. E. Raesly, Prin., Wellsboro.
M. F. Jones, Wellsboro.
Stella T. Doane, Wellsboro.
R. L. Butler, Wellsboro.
Minnie B. Truman, Wellsboro.
Clara E. English, Wellsboro.
Nanni E. Johnson, Wellsboro.
Pearl Reed, Wellsboro.
Sarah L. Young, Wellsboro.
Margaret Roberts, Wellsboro.
Grace Bastian, Wellsboro.
Pauline Ortman, Wellsboro.
Addie R. Mills, Wellsboro.
Katherine Borden, Wellsboro.
Louise VanValkenburg, Wellsboro.
Francis M. Scheffer, Wellsboro.
J. W. Mather, Wellsboro.
W. D. VanHorn, Wellsboro. (Not a director.)
Leonard Harrison, Wellsboro.
R. S. Houghton, Wellsboro.
R. H. Smith, Wellsboro.
F. R. Field, Wellsboro.
W. E. Blair, Prin., Westfield.
Carrie Thomas, Westfield.
Mabel Zimmer, Westfield.
Clare Baxter, Westfield.
Mrs. M. N. Edwards, Elkland.
Mabel Gibson, Ulysses.
Minnie Argetsinger, Westfield.
Mrs. Sarah I. Krusen, Westfield.
Mrs. Alice E. Strang, Westfield.
E. M. Tucker, Westfield. (Not a director.)
J. E. Hervey, Westfield.
L. E. Knapp, Westfield.
J. C. Edgcomb, Westfield.
J. N. Losey, Westfield.
Ida Grace Kimball, Westfield.
Bessie M. Kimball, Westfield.
Edith Whipple, Westfield.
Helen Buck, Westfield.
Edna Seaman, Westfield.
Bertha Rolison, Westfield.
Edna Weeks, Westfield.
Rilla Briggs, Westfield.
Ava Guile, Westfield.
Mildred Crout, Westfield.
Emma Rugsbey, Westfield.
Dana Learn, Westfield.
H. H. Buck, Westfield.
H. L. Gufle, Westfield.
Vernon Labar, Westfield.
Mrs. B. M. Weeks, Potterbrook.
J. S. Swimeley, Westfield.
Annual Report of the Superintendent of Schools of Tioga County for the year 1903-4.

The past year has been one of hard work.  Everybody has been working and results have been very gratifying.  School officers have been active and the teachers, as a whole, have never done better.  The books adopted by the Reading Circle Committee have been generally road, our educational meetings have been well attended and of her evidences of progress of our teachers have been very manifest.  The children, too, seemed to catch the spirit so much in evidence, for, considering the extremely severe weather, the attendance was never better.

Our Annual Institute was held in Wellsboro, November 4-8 inclusive.  The instructors were Dr. A. T. Smith, Mansfield State Normal School, Dr. Henry Houck, Deputy State Supt., Dr. Preston W. Scarch, Worcester, Mass., Mrs. Mary Hunt, Boston, Mass., Profs. H. E. Cogswell and William Day Crockett, Mansfield Normal.  Miss Louise B. Taylor was our regular entertainer.

Our evening attractions were as follows: Monday, Rogers Grilley Company; Tuesday, Rev. Frank Dixon; Wednesday, Maro, the Magician; Thursday, Mrs. Maud Ballington Booth.  With such a list of names comment upon the quality of the work of the Institute, or the character of the attractions seems entirely unnecessary.  The attendance was unusually large both day and evening.  The Auditorium, seating a thousand people, was taxed to its full capacity at several sessions--both teachers and citizens manifesting great interest in the proceedings.  It is very gratifying to note the growing interest in both day and evening programs shown by the citizens of Wellsboro and vicinity, and I might add the county in general.  Besides the annual Institute there were 14 teachers meetings held--13 Local Institutes, and the County Teachers' Association--all of which had excellent programs and were well attended.  Several Boards gave their teachers Friday for the Local Institute and this enabled them to close the session at noon on Saturday.  I commend the plan.

The Directors' Association was held at Wellsboro, May 20th.  Addresses were made by J. W. Mather, Esq., Maj. G. W. Merrick, Hon. David Cameron and the County Superintendent.  An excellent paper on the Director of the 20th Century was read by W. W. Inscho, of Richmond township, and was followed by a general discussion.  The attendance was the largest in the history of the Association, and the consensus of opinion of those in attendance seemed to be that it was the best.  I look for a larger attendance at our next meeting.  I am satisfied it would be much larger could the Association meet during Institute week and I trust that our next Legislature will pass an amendment to the present law leaving the time of convening the Association entirely to the County Superintendent and directors.  Officers for the following year are as follows: President, Hon. Charles Tubbs, Osceola, (re-elected); Vice President, J. W. Mather, Esq., Wellsboro; Secretary and Treasurer, B. F. Edwards, Charleston township.

The Tioga County Centennial was observed by our schools on Friday, March 25th.  A program was furnished all the schools allowing such changes as circumstances necessitated, and I must here express my appreciation of the general response by the teachers to the appeal made by the County Superintendent to observe the day.  I know of only two districts that failed to do so, and that was on account of their schools closing for the term several days previous to the date designated.

A number of school libraries have been furnished by teachers holding entertainments, etc.  Antrim's teachers, always alive to the best interests of their school, raised $60 by means of an entertainment given as the opening of their Local Institute.  This means a valuable addition, to their library.  One of our teachers has made a resolution that she will leave a library in every school that she teaches.  So far she has succeeded admirably.  I refer to Miss Alma Zinck, of Liberty township.  I wish more of our teachers would make that resolution.  It would hasten the day when every school will have its library.

The question of Centralization still receives considerable attention from our citizens.  Richmond township, voted upon this question at the February election, and, I regret to say, those opposed to the plan proved to be in the majority.  I really feel that many patrons voted against their own interests.  Our boys and girls must have better educational advantages.  The little school house has served our people well--but does not meet the demands of the present.  It must give place to the Graded and High School.

On the whole I am sure that the Compulsory Law has been more faithfully carried out the past year than any previous year--and yet there is still room for improvement in some districts.

During the year I have examined 372 applicants for certificates, made 341 visits to schools and attended 18 educational meetings, besides attending to a large correspondence and many other duties belonging to this office.

It has always been my policy to encourage directors to seek the aid of the County Superintendent in the selection and placing of teachers, and in every other way that his counsel and services would be helpful to them in the discharge of their several duties, and in this I feel that I have been quite successful.  It is only through this co-operation that the best results can be reached.

In conclusion, I would acknowledge the courteous treatment received from directors, teachers and patrons, and would thank all who have contributed in any way to the success of our schools.

W. R. Longstreet, County Superintendent.

Schools of Tioga County.
Summary of Annual Statistical Report of Superintendent for the year 1903-4.
Number of school houses 304
Number of school rooms 406
Seating capacity 14,957
Number of good school houses 240
Number of male pupils enrolled 5.941
Number of female pupils enrolled 5,675
Whole number of pupils enrolled 11,616
Number of schools  381
Number of graded schools 138
Number in which the Bible is read 365
Number in which any higher branches are taught 146
Number of public examinations held during year 15
Number of provisional certificates granted 212
Number of professional certificates granted 4
Number of applicants rejected 166
Number of male teachers employed 77
Number of female teachers employed 312
Number of teachers who hold provisional certificates 178
Number of teachers who hold professional certificates 27
Number of teachers who hold permanent certificates 15
Number of teachers who hold State Normal School certificates or diplomas 169
Number of teachers who are graduates of Colleges 5
Number of teachers who have had no previous experience 71
Number of teachers who have taught five or more terms 135
Number of visits to schools by Superintendent 331
Number of educational meetings attended by Superintendent 18
Number of Directors 246
Number of women who are members of school boards 3
Number of school districts 41
Local Institute Districts
I. Westfield (borough and township), Clymer and Brookfield.
II. Gaines and Elk.
III. Delmar, Shippen and Wellsboro.
IV. Duncan and Morris.
V. Liberty (borough and township.)
VI. Bloss, Blossburg, Fall Brook and Hamilton.
VII. Covington (borough and township).
VIII. Roseville, Rutland and Sullivan.
IX. Jackson.
X. Mansfield and Richmond.
XI. Tioga (borough and township), Lawrence and Lawrenceville.
XII.  Elkland, Farmington, Nelson and Osceola.
XIII. Deerfield and Knoxville.
XIV. Chatham and Middlebury.
XV.  Charleston.
XVI. Ward and Union.
The teachers of the different Local Institute districts will elect their executive officers, consisting of a Chairman and a Secretary, on Tuesday November 1, at the close of the afternoon session of the County Institute.
Dear Joyce,  I just checked out the listing of teachers and school directors in Tioga County  (1905) and there was my Mom  teaching in Clymer and my grandfather Short as board president in Chatham.  I have such a happy feeling that they have been remembered in this way and am sure that other descendants will love you for posting it. THANK YOU.
 Gratefully, Melva C.
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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