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Elk Run School District # 12, Sullivan Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania
Sullivan Township
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Elk Run School
Holly School
Scouten Hill School
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Elk Run School District from 1875 Atlas
School: Elk Run School
Township: Sullivan Township, Tioga County PA
Teacher - John C. Strange
Year: 1906
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The Elk Run School District borders Rutland Township on the North and Columbia Township in Bradford County on the east.  The school is near the top of a very steep hill. Later than 1875, one of the Smith women married a Richmond, so the place labeled C. G. Smith on the map was under the name of Richmond, and the hill is now called Richmond Hill.
John C. Strange, Teacher (6956)
Bessie Fethers (4323)
Nellie Smith (14798)
Lillian Smith (11391)
Irene Smith (11392)
Sadie McConnell (2467)
Kittie Squires (19075)
Mildred Mudge (169)
Edna Kilgore
Pearl Wood (47143)
Mildred Gray (19691)
Fern Hulslander (3085)
Maysel Hulslander (11382)
James McConnell (2236)
Harry Smith (3173)
Grant Fethers (4075)
Lee Richmond (17126)
Augustus Welch (3622)
Fay Kilgore
Irvin Hager (45460)
Neil Austin (19690)
Edgar Vanderpool
Lynn Williams (5076)
John Wood (47141)

This May 1997 photo of Joyce M. Tice was taken by Joan NASH O'Dell. The location is the old stone wall on the Amos Mudge /Lucy Bronson property, right where it meets the stone wall that divides it from the Obadiah SMITH / Ann WELCH property. This shows on the map on the right side of the Gray Valley Road in the southern part of the Elk Run District between the A. Mudge and O. Smith labels. Lucy and Amos are great great grandparents of Joyce, and this property was in the Mudge family from the 1840s until 1954 when Great Uncle Harold died. To get to the school, children from this area had to go all the way down the hill of Gray Valley Road to Elk Run and then up the very steep hill to the school. I can picture my grandmother, Mildred Mudge, herding her younger siblings, Helen and Harold, down the hill and up the next in the 19teens. While my father approached from a different direction, (See the D.T. Smith label on the 1875 map) he too had to climb that hill (1920s/30s) and remembers "bawling" all the way pleading for his older brother and his friend to wait for him, which they never would do. Those who came from the direction of Tears Corners had an equally steep climb, but what GREAT sledding in the winter. 
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