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Elmira Free Academy Alumni - 1862 - 1909
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George Farr loaned us the alumni directory. Pat NEWELL Smith scanned the pages, and Lauralee McIntosh Cotturone typed it for us. Joyce M. Tice formatted and published these pages December 2010.
1862 1871 1875 1880 1884 1887 1889
1891 1894 1896 1898 1900 1902 1904
1905 1906 1907 1908 1909

Over 1700 EFA graduates included in this listing

Students Graduate Year Married Later School Degree Occupation Business Address Last Known Residence
Brooks, Edward (Ulysses) Anderson 1889   Cornell University L.L.B., 1892; L.L.M., 1893 Lawyer, 1894-1901; Clergyman, 1901 A. M. E. Zion Church, Parker St., Auburn, N.Y. 42 Fitch Ave., Auburn, N.Y.
Brown, Margaret A. 1889       Stenographer 109 Lake St., Elmira, N.Y. 804 W. Church St., Elmira, N.Y.
Clark, M. Helen 1889 Chas. A. Titus Shorthand School       855 Grove St., Elmira, N.Y.
Disney, Maud M. 1889 James P. Healy         Dryden, N.Y.
Dunn, Helen L. 1889   Elmira Teachers' Training School   8th Grade Teacher Grammar School No. 11, Elmira, N.Y. 908 Magee St., Elmira, N.Y.
Elmore, Thaddeus P. 1889   Lehigh University C.E., 1894     Am. Bridge Co., 30 Church St., N.Y. City, N.Y. 132 6th Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y.
Gartland, Theresa L. 1889 Judson Connelly Cortland Normal   Teacher School No. 1, Elmira, N.Y. 316 Madison Ave., Elmira, N.Y.
Genger, Josephine Agnes 1889 Charles J. Harrison, 1888         415 1/2 Linden Place, Elmira, N.Y.
Gibbs, Marcia D. 1889 Capt. James T. Barker       1101 Sixth St., S.W., Washington, D.C. 600 L. St., S. W. Washington, D.C.
Gordon, Ellen 1889 Harry H. Bricker         411 Lodi St., Syracuse, N.Y.
Gruber, Minnie Isabelle 1889 Joseph O. Wolf         356 W. First St., Elmira, N.Y.
Haase, Ferdinand G. 1889   University of Buffalo D.D.S., 1901 Dentist 202 Pennsylvania Ave., Elmira, N.Y. 53 Harmon St., Elmira, N.Y.
Hiester, Mary Catherine 1889   Elmira College       813 N. Second St., Harrisburg, Pa.
Hurley, Daniel J. 1889       Grocer 410 Main St., Elmira, N.Y. 323 Roe Ave., Elmira, N.Y.
Hurley, Elizabeth 1889 Jacob Miller         207 Connelly Ave., Elmira, N.Y.
Kellogg, May L. 1889 Bert Gilbert         West Water St., R.F.D. 1, Elmira, N.Y.
Knipp, Elizabeth M. 1889 Nelson A. Wolcott Elmira College B.S., 1904     135 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, Cal.
Lewald, Arthur M., 1889       Lawyer The Roanoke Bldg., Chicago, Ill.  
Little, Mabel 1889   Cortland Normal   Teacher School No. 8, Elmira, N.Y. 527 William St., Elmira, N.Y.
Mack, Patrick Henry 1889       Accountant Sheehan, Dean & Co., Elmira, N.Y. 172 Madison Ave., Elmira, N.Y.
Martin, George Franklin 1889           306 W. 83rd St., New York City, N.Y.
McNamara, Margaret 1889       Teacher School No. 3, Elmira, N.Y. 108 W. Henry St., Elmira, N.Y.
McNamara, Mary E. 1889           108 W. Henry St., Elmira, N.Y.
McNamara, Rose A. 1889 Walter Norwood         1509 S. St., N.W., Washington, D.C.
Merchant, Isabel L. 1889   Elmira College A.B., 1893 Teacher of Biology Morris High School, New York City, N.Y. 101 W. 85th St., "The Brockholst," New York City, N.Y.
O'Connor, Josephine C. 1889            
Solomon, Rachel E. 1889 Isaac Alexander         218 W. 112th St., New York City, N.Y.
Stiles, Darwin Eaton 1889   Genesee Conference School of Theol   Clergyman Pastor of First M.E. Church, Chemung, N.Y. Chemung, Chemung Co., N.Y.
Strait, Lena May 1889 Edward P. Rapelyea, '92         357 N. Main St., Elmira, N.Y.
Symonds, Jessie K. 1889 Daniel J. Mason Syracuse University Ph.B.,. 1884     507 Roe Ave., Elmira, N.Y.
Walker, William Scott 1889       Plumbing and Heating, Etc. 334 E. Water St., Elmira, N.Y. 121 E. Chemung Place, Elmira, N.Y.
Whitlock, Chas. E. 1889       Ass't Sec'y Y.M.C.A. Secretary Y.M.C.A., E. Market St., Elmira, N.Y. 114 1/2 Hoffman St., Elmira, N.Y.
Wilson, David E. 1889       Freight Agent, Penna. R.R. Canandaigua, N.Y. Canandaigua Hotel, Canandaigua, N.Y.
Alliger, Grace M. 1890       Clerk 313 E. Water St., Elmira, N.Y. 349 W. Clinton St., Elmira, N.Y.
Booth, Wilfrid I. 1890       Manufacturing Confectioner 316-318 E. Market St., Elmira, N.Y. 455 W. Gray St., Elmira, N.Y.
Conklin, Arthur Stewart 1890   Cornell Univ.; U.S.M.A. West Point, 1897   Capt. Coast ArtIllery Corps, U.S.A. Fort Monroe, Va. Fort Monroe, Va.
Dexter, Daniel W. 1890   Alfred University; Princeton; Chicago Theological Seminary A.B., 1895 Clergyman; Fruit Ranchman White Salmon, Washington White Salmon, Washington
Draper, P. Adelia 1890 Earnest Gardiner         WIllet, N.Y.
Edson, WIlliam Biele 1890       Auditor Am. LaFrance Fire Engine Co., Elmira, N.Y. 426 W. First St., Elmira, N.Y.
Ellis, Susannah 1890           763 Bird Ave., Buffalo, N.Y.
Farley, Mary Catherine 1890 Thomas A. Malone          
Flynn, Josephine B. 1890   Cortland Normal   Teacher 308 W. 126th St., New York City, N.Y. 327 W. Third St., Elmira, N.Y.
Haight, Emma S. 1890   Buffalo Normal   Teacher   119 W. Chemung Place, Elmira, N.Y.
Holbert, Henry H. 1890   Michigan College of Mines B.C. and E.M., 1895 Mining Engineer St. Clair, Mich. St. Clair, Mich.
Hudson, Charles Cornwell 1890       Manufacturer and Jobber, Electrical Goods Holabird, Reynolds & Co. 116 E. Fifth St., Los Angeles, Cal. 1415 Hope St., S. Pasadena, Cal.
Jewett, Frederick Ford 1890       Clerk City Chamberlain's Office, Elmira, N.Y. 109 Columbia St., Elmira, N.Y.
Jones, Lucy C. 1890   Syracuse University M.D. Physician 212 E. 53rd St., New York City, N.Y. 212 E. 53rd St., New York City, N.Y.
Kaufelt, Helen A. 1890   Cortland Normal; School of Commerce   Stenographer Bank of Commerce Bldg., Nassau St., New York City, N.Y. 2224 Amsterdam Ave., New York City, N.Y.
Leavitt, Louise B. 1890 John A. Adams Oswego Normal   Kindergarten Teacher before Marriage   Buffalo, N.Y.
Linneen, Margaret A. 1890       Official Stenographer Chemung Co. Court and Surrogate's Court Court House, Elmira, N.Y. 439 W. Fourth St., Elmira, N.Y.
Lonergan, Richard T. 1890   Cornell University College of Law        
Losey, Cordelia S. 1890 F. Spencer Baldwin Syracuse University   Housewife   42 Newcastle Road, Brighton, Mass.
Miller, Warren L. 1890            
Morse, George W. 1890   Cornell; Col. P.&S., N.Y.; Gross Med. Col. M.D., Gross Med. Col.   Physician; Tuberculosis Specialist Modern Woodmen of Am. Sanitorium, Colorado Springs, Col. Colorado Springs, Colorado
Norwood, Claretta 1890   Elmira College A.B., 1895 Teacher 563 W. 173rd St., New York City, N.Y. 105 Partridge St., Elmira, N.Y.
O'Leary, Mary Catherine 1890       Stenographer   320 Webber Place, Elmira, N.Y.
O'Neil, William J. 1890   Long Island Medical College M.D.      
Reardon, Jane 1890   Geneseo Normal   Teacher School No. 7, Elmira, N.Y. 454 Riverside Ave., Elmira, N.Y.
Roper, Alice Louise 1890            
Scudder, Rita Lord 1890   Elmira College A.B., 1905 Trained Nurse U.S. Naval Hospital, Washington, D.C. 541 21st., St., N.W., Washington, D.C.; (Permanent address, Doylestown, Pa.)
Smith, Mary Katherine 1890   Elmira College A.B., 1895 Teacher Jamaica Training School, Jamaica, N.Y. 723 W. First St., Elmira, N.Y.
Soble, Molka 1890 A.M. Osnes     Teacher in Elmira until Marriage    
Stannard, Jane A. 1890 Mrs. Jane S. Snyder         719 College Ave., Elmira, N.Y.
Stobo, Edith Claire 1890 Francis A. Cave Syr. Univ.; Mass. Col. Of Osteopathy Lit.B. (Syr.) 1896; D.O. Osteopath 22 Cypress Place, Brookline, Mass. 22 Cypress Place, Brookline, Mass.
Tobin, Anna Beatrice 1890 D. Hubert Connelly         75 Johnson Park, Buffalo, N.Y.
Tomlinson, Bertha E. 1890   Elmira College A.B., 1894 Editor The Century Co., 33 E. 17th St., New York City, N.Y. 379 West End Ave., New York City, N.Y.
Tubbs, Sibyl Griswold 1890 William H. Snyder         628 Pennsylvania Ave., Elmira, N.Y.
Vance, Ethel M. 1890 John P. Mosher Postsdam Normal; Clarkson Col. Of Technology   Teacher before Marriage   31 Vick Park B., Rochester, N.Y.
Warnock, Martha S. 1890 Nathaniel B. Spence Elmira College B.S., 1895     112 McKinley Ave., Syracuse, N.Y.
Weyer, Dora Marie 1890   Elmira College       517 William St., Elmira, N.Y.
Weyer, Julia Philipine 1890   Elmira College B.S., 1896     517 William St., Elmira, N.Y.
Wintermute, Peter C. 1890       Draftsman    
Wyckoff, A. Welling 1890   Cornell University M.E., 1896 Pres. A.W. Wyckoff Co. 2323-4 Farmers' Bank Bldg., Pittsburg, Pa. 328 Morewood Ave., Pittsburg, Pa.

Last Updated on 12/12/2010
By Joyce M. Tice