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Liberty High School, Liberty Borough, Tioga County PA  1913-1983
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Liberty High School Graduates 1913 - 1983
Submitted by Esther MAYS Harer from yearbook
Page 1913 1934 1943 1951 1957 1964 1969 1974 1977 1982
Class of 1913  
Address Graduate Spouse Death
  Lina Miller H.R. Booth  
Box 81 Liberty PA Leda Hartsock Fred Whitnock  
  Pearl Hartsock J.T. Moore  
RD1 Liberty, PA Emma Hartsock S.A. Riddick  
1900 Ravine Rd, Rm 504 Louisa Brion    
915 Park Ave      
Williamsport, LA Mary Brion G.L. Krise  
  Kathryn Krise    
  Lawrence Keagle    
  Martha Reed Luther Roupp  
Class of 1914      
  Cora Carroll Harry Post  
  Eva Winder William Dennison  
  Mildred Decoursey Chas. Forer  
Cass if 1915      
  Ruth Crist ( Everitt staley)  
  Mabel Bastian    
RD1 Liberty, PA Irwin Sindlinger    
  Glenn Krise Mary Brion  
  Robert Wheeland    
  Charles Dennison    
Class of 1916      
115 N. 3rd St, Hughesville, PA Helen Maneval H.A. Weaver  
Box 49 Liberty, PA Francis Neal Edythe Miller  
  Claribelle Loudenslager Henry Brown  
  Lulu Hartsock L.B. Wagner  
  Ruby Keagle J.K. Linck  
  Grace Searles    
  Ruby Brion L.F. Worthington  
  Mildred Sawyer    
Class of 1917      
42 E Ave Wellsboro, PA Susan Maneval J.A. Frazier  
16 Newland Dr. Troy, PA Charles Reed    
  Allison Valsing    
  Harry Kimble Thelma Taylor  
  Raymon Mase    
  Walter Krotzer    
RR1 Roaring Branch, PA Carrie Miller Clifford Messner  
Class of 1918      
  Sarah Ade Wile Cortwright  
Liberty, PA Myrtle Guernsey Roscoe W. Goodall  
  Paul Sawyer    
Westfield, PA Marjorie Aylesworth W.W. Swimley  
  Maynard Black    
Liberty, PA Ruby Bastian Herbert Beck  
Class of 1919      
817 E Orange St, Lakeland FL Ada Brown John Berger  
  Vada Searles    
Tuscon, AZ Mildred Valsing George Smith  
  Francelia Goldenberg J.J. Breitenbach  
Wellsboro, PA Thaddeus Cohick    
Class of 1920      
Libert, PA Edythe Miller Francis Neal  
243 Valley St., Wmspt., PA Grace Heyd Wilford Phelps  
  Harold Narber    
842 W. 3rd St, Wmspt., PA Harold Krise    
  Harry Nwinder    
Lycoming Ck. Rd. Wmspt., PA Kenneth Brion    
Class of 1921      
Liberty, PA Alta Miller Leon Brown  
Masonic Apts., Renova, PA Charlotte Ostrom    
Lewisburg, PA Carl Ngeiser Lillian Krotzer  
  LaRue Heyler    
Wellsboro, PA Wilford Linck    
Class of 1922      
  Gladys Schanbacher Floyd Mase 5/8/1956
Roaring Branch, PA Elizabeth Decker Karl Schanbacher  
Florida Helen Ade Charles Lovejoy  
York, PA Helen Artley August Gehin  
Liberty, PA Howard Norman    
Newberry St., Wmspt, PA Florence Brion Bright Bitting  
Liberty, PA Frances Sawyer Guy Shaffer  
Lewisburg, PA Lillian Krotzer Carl Geiser  
  Clarence Brown   1/17/1974
Liberty, PA Leslie Kimble    
  Leonard Roupp    
Class of 1923      
  Lillian Moser John Oehrli  
  Edythe Neal James Myers  
Liberty, PA Bena Miller Frank Zeafla  
  Francis Forer   1956
  Marjorie Bastian    
  Dewitt Gorman    
Gertrude Hancher Donald Bronell    
Class of 1924      
  Mary Miller    
  Harriett Alexander Alex Fry 1957
Tioga, PA Julia Good Robert Fry  
Selinsgrove, PA Maxwell Valsing    
  Glenn Brion   May-56
Liberty, PA Harold Schanbacher    
  Walter Urban    
Pt. Washington, Florida Warren H. Steele    
Class of 1925      
Roaring Branch, PA Verus Krotzer Edythe Snyder   
Liberty, PA Floyd Brion    
Columbia, MO Sterl Artley    
  Leroy Hebe Erma Stewart  
  Ezra Heyler    
Cogan Station, PA Iola Roupp George Ball  
  Frank R. Sawyer    
Elmira, NY Mary Sechrist Stuart Reese  
Class of 1926      
Wmspt., PA Edythe Black Dr. Tomkin  
Monreton, PA Arthur Urban    
Liberty, PA Edwin Urban    
Wayland, NY Ella Scarborough Alrnol Plank  
Roaring Branch, PA Edythe Snyder Verus Krotzer  
Miami, FL J.L. Krotzer    
Liberty, PA Winifred Schanbacher Lawrence Black 1/20/1975
Class of 1927 and 1928      
Liberty, PA Walter Sawyer    
Liberty, PA Clinton Repard Gladys Brion  
Liberty, PA Margaret Brion Leslie Kimball  
Liberty, PA Thelma Taylor Harry Kimble  
Eden, NY Ethel Maneval Harry Winters  
Libert, PA Gladys Brion Clinton Repard  
Liberty, pA Floyd Brion    
E. Smithfield, PA Miles Raker    
  Julia Forer Eugene Luxemberger  
  Arnold Weaver Milwaukee, WI  
Williamsport, PA Lydia Long Paul Ritter  
Horseheads, NY Florence Miller Edson Austin  
Tampa, FL Della Brion Clarence Gilbert,2nd Fred Reiners  
Walter Sawyer m& Julia Forer graduated in 1927 only.
Della Brion graduated in 1928 only
Floyd Brion graduated in 1925 & 1928
The others all graduated in both 1927 & 28
Class of 1929      
  Sarah Ruth Moser Andrew Avery 1954
Cogan Station, PA Vada Brion Paul Koch  
Liberty, pA Winnifred Raker    
  Edith Fields Charles Schanbacher  
Elmira, NY Dorothy Neal George Watkins  
Lemont, PA Leslie Moyer    
Cogan Station, PA Myrton Halderman    
Wmspt, PA Kenneth Brion Mary Reed  
  Orrin Brion Leda Beck  
St. Helena CA Glenn C. Emick    
Class of 1930      
  Erma Stewart LeRoy Hebe  
Blooming Grove Rd., Wmspt., PA Dorothy Menne Ray Bickle  
  Genevieve Alexander George Patterson  
Cedar Run, PA Lulu Scarborough Howard Johnson  
Lawrenceville, PA Betty Woodford John Deming  
Trout Run, PA Paul Helsel    
Salladasburg, PA John Raker    
Williamsport, PA Paul S. Roupp Mary Forer  
Louisville, KY Theron Stroud    
  Freeman Smith    
Williamsport, PA Grant O. Roupp Lydia Reed  
  Chester Cohick    
Elmira, NY Ernest Black    
Liberty, PA Lawrence Plank Lois Moyer  
Liberty, PA Louis E. Zeafla Bernice Farrham  
Williamsport, pA Frank H. Maneval    
Class of 1931      
Weatherly, PA Gertrude Urban Tony Tutolo  
  Lois Moyer Lawrence Plank  
Liberty, PA Romaine Harer Mildred Brion  
  Delaney Roupp    
Liberty, PA Howard Norman    
  Russell Miller    
Liberty, PA Foster Mase Winnifred Harer  
Class of 1932      
Williamsport, PA John K. Day    
Lewisburg, PA Charles Yoder    
Liberty, pA      
Liberty, pA Blanche Schmouder Archie Cristy  
Liberty, pA Mary Snyder Clay Love  
Dunn, NC Jeanette Messner Hershall Hill  
  LeRoy Hebe    
  Raymond Maneval Twice 1925-1932  
Liberty, pA Edwin Urban Twice 1926-1932  
Williamsport, PA Evelyn Taylor Claire E. Updegraff  
  Kathryn Kreger ______ Bierwiler  
Linden, PA Mabel Antes    
Williamsport, PA Francis Miller    
Mt. Jewett, PA & Fairbanks, AK Ellsworth McCarty    
Roaring Branch, PA Bert Miller    
Liberty, pA Winnifred Harer Foster Mase  
Williamsport, PA Dorothy Houser Harolkd J. Mulliner  
Vestal, NY Bernice Krise Roger Oconner  
  Leah Sawyer    
  Alvin Raker    
  Mildred Clark Lester Lowe  
Class of 1933      
  Leatha Alexander Maynard Patterson 1958
  Robert Brion Alma Snyder  
Williamsport, PA Mildred Crist Orville M. Wise  
  Ruth Evelyn Custer    
Liberty, PA Lawrence Forer    
  Ammon Harrer    
Liberty, PA Clay Love Mary Snyder 1980
Liberty, PA Louise Messner Norman Barner  
Roaring Branch, PA Eleanor Messner Charles Moyer  
Roaring Branch, PA Charles Moyer Eleanor Messner  
Elmira, NY Dobald Moyer    
Jersey Shore, PA Lora Persun Howard Ulmer  
Morris, PA Karl Urban    
  Hazel Zeafla Paul Wirth  
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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