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Ulster High School Alumni 1902-1953
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Ulster High School Alumni : 1902-1953
Submitted by Allan Matthews; Typed by Pat Newell Smith
Columns with red headings are added by Pat, but we keep her way too busy to complete that part of it. This would be a good project for a site guest to complete. Many of the obituaries are already on the site, just need to be tracked down. The site's cemetery listings are also a source of information. The PICO search engine will help locate them . They are our best source for the information in the last four columns. This is an opportunity for some who have not contributed to the site before to participate in its improvement.

Ulster High School discontinued and students were sent to Athens High School after the last graduating class of 1953.

Ulster High School Alumni 1902-1922 1923-1934 1935-1953 History of Ulster Schools
Surname First Name Year Married Alias or spouse Deceased by June 2001 Life Years Cemetery
Class of 1902            
Blair Leila 1902   Y    
Davidson Lena 1902 Fuller Y    
Dixon Edith 1902 Fuller Y    
Matthews Jerusa 1902 Morrison Y    
Rogers Madge 1902 Bazil Griswold Y 1884-1935 Tioga Point Cemetery, Athens
Vought Sumner 1902   Y 1884-1971 Hornbrook Cemetery, Sheshequin Township
Class of 1903            
Alliger Ethel 1903 Brown Y    
Brooks Anna 1903 George C.Reynolds Y 1884-1936 Ulster Cemetery, Ulster
Horton Earl 1903   Y 1887-1981 Ulster Cemetery, Ulster
Horton Mayme 1903 Vorhees Y    
Mather Edna 1903 Thurston Y    
Newman George 1903   Y    
Ransom William 1903   Y    
Rogers Elizabeth 1903 Nicholson Y    
Vought Robert 1903   Y    
Wood Lena 1903 Sherwood Y    
Class of 1904            
Blair Ceceil 1904   Y    
Chaffee Charles 1904   Y    
Havens Nellie 1904 Brown Y    
Mather Lillian 1904 Sawtelle Y    
Class of 1905            
Gray Mary 1905 Andrus Y    
Olstead Mabel 1905 Walters Y    
Ross Winifred 1905 Park Y    
Young Susie 1905 Smith Y    
Class of 1906            
Arnold Guy 1906   Y    
Horton Lora 1906   Y    
King Mattie 1906   Y    
Mallory Frances 1906 Bruggerman Y    
McKee Laura 1906   Y    
Palmer Ethel 1906   Y    
Park Reba 1906   Y    
Snyder Bessie 1906 Sammons Y    
Watkins Leslie 1906   Y    
Class of 1907            
Biles Howard 1907   Y    
Bustin Nellie 1907   Y    
Gore Howard 1907   Y    
Howie Kathryn 1907 Cannon Y    
Olmstead Harry 1907   Y    
Class of 1908            
Bradley Oscar 1908   Y    
Bustin Francis 1908   Y    
Evans Augusta 1908 Farrell Y    
Farrell Trevette 1908   Y    
Holcombe Robert 1908   Y    
Howie Stanley 1908   Y    
Irving Pauline 1908 Walters Y    
McCarty Mary 1908   Y    
Ross Madge 1908   Y    
Snyder Mildred 1908 Smith Y    
Class of 1909            
Lindsley Harold 1909   Y    
Litzelman Marie 1909 Donald Hunter Y 1894-1982 Ulster Catholic Cemetery, Ulster
Reynders Louise 1909   Y    
Reynders Mary 1909   Y    
Ross Mildred 1909   Y    
Watkins Chalres Wesley 1909   Y    
Class of 1910 - No Graduates Took Third Year            
Class of 1911            
Campbell Agnes 1911 Reuss Y    
Farrell Edna 1911 Bradley Y    
Gray Edith 1911 Marr      
Gore Mary 1911 Lawrence Y    
Havens Florence 1911 Duff Y    
Howie John 1911   Y    
Lindsley Carrie 1911 Crediford Y    
Matthews Eleanor 1911 Frazier Y    
McHale Ellen 1911   Y    
Soper Laura 1911 Farrell Y    
Class of 1912            
Haigh Joseph F. 1912   Y    
Haigh W. Louis 1912   Y    
Havens J. Wesley 1912   Y    
Kennedy Paul 1912   Y    
McCarty Leonard 1912   Y    
Classof 1913            
Baxter Florence 1913 Horton Y    
Bides Carrie 1913 Rinehart Y    
Bidlack Leon 1913   Y    
Bustin Bernard 1913   Y    
Bustin Robert D. 1913   Y    
Cramner J. Thomas 1913   Y    
Cramner O. Day 1913   Y    
Evans M. Hugh 1913   Y    
Lewis Evelyn 1913 Rinehart Y    
McHale Anna 1913   Y    
Olmstead Luella 1913 Layman Y    
Pruyne Edith M. 1913   Y    
Shaw Sara 1913 Kreider Y    
Snyder Laura 1913 Evans Y    
Watkins Ethel 1913 Chaffee Y    
Class of 1914            
Eastabrook Elisabeth 1914 Butters Y    
Farrell Josephine 1914 Leon Fice Y 1896-1990 Ulster Cemetery, Ulster
Goeway Lillian 1914 Huber Y    
Golden Louise 1914 McCarty Y 1896-1983 Universalist Church Cemetery, Sheshequin
McMorran W. Frank 1914   Y    
Class of 1915            
Bustin Agnes 1915 Humptin Y    
French Blanche 1915 Zufall Y    
Gillette Marguerite 1915 Lancaster      
Horton Lucille 1915 Conlon      
Horton Rodney 1915   Y 1898-1963 Universalist Church Cemetery, Sheshequin
Litzelman J. Henry 1915   Y    
Mallory Laura 1915   Y    
Mallory Rodney 1915   Y    
Matthews Gordon 1915   Y    
McCarty Mary 1915   Y    
McCarty William 1915   Y    
Ryan Merle 1915   Y    
Stevens Hilbert 1915   Y    
Class of 1916            
Bustin Mary 1916   Y    
Cole William 1916   Y    
Evans Harry 1916   Y    
Gori Josephine 1916 Evans Y    
Isbell Mary  1916 Allen Y    
Lewis Etta 1916 VanNess Y    
Lindsley Lela 1916 Stevens Y    
McMorran Isabelle 1916 Kennedy Y    
Merrill Julia 1916 Page Y    
Vallilee John 1916   Y    
Class of 1917            
Dolan Kathryn 1917 Chambers Y    
Evans Roscoe 1917   Y    
Forest Luella 1917 Wandell Y    
Horton Faith 1917 Howard R.Murphy Y 1899-1978 Bradford County Mem. Park, Burlington
Layman Agnes 1917 Chaffee Y    
Lewis Grace 1917 Rowe Y    
Overpeck Dorothy 1917 King Y    
Palmer Leland 1917   Y    
Pollack Mildred 1917 Kaupp Y    
Roman Mary 1917 Vetter Y    
Shores Francis 1917 Shipman Y    
Stevenson Eleanor 1917 Sluyter Y    
Watkins Vera 1917   Y    
Class of 1918            
Bustin Rose 1918   Y    
Griffith Carlyle 1918   Y    
Horton Robert [Rev.] 1918   Y 1900-? Hornbrook Cemetery, Sheshequin Township
McCarty Huey 1918   Y    
Pruyne Grace 1918 Elsbree Y    
Sinclair Marguerite 1918 McCarty Y 1899-1963 Ulster Cemetery, Ulster
Class of 1919            
Bustin Henry 1919   Y    
Cotton Marjorie 1919 Hurd Y    
Grace Dorman 1919        
Haigh Lillian 1919 Duggan      
Isbell Clara  1919 Bayloff Y    
Kellogg Mary 1919   Y    
Lindsley Alice 1919 Tyrell Y    
Mallory Janie 1919 Spencer Y    
McCarty Tillie 1919 McKee Y    
Newton Audrey 1919 Howard Bidlack Y 1900-1989 Tioga Point Cemetery, Athens
Scott Mary 1919   Y    
Tompkins Mae 1919 Phelps Y    
VanDyke Aileen 1919 Gublo      
Warren Betrice 1919 French Y    
Watkins Mary 1919   Y    
Class of 1920            
Bustin William 1920   Y 1903-1981 Ulster Catholic Cemetery, Ulster
Campbell Emily 1920 Miller Y    
Johnson Eunice 1920 Morton J. Roberts Y 1902-1995 Universalist Church Cemetery, Sheshequin
Merrill Rosena 1920   Y 1900-1991 Ulster Cemetery, Ulster
VanDyke Ralph 1920   Y    
Class of 1921            
Arnold Hazel 1921 Silvertrim Y    
Pollock Frances 1921 Bustin Y 1904-1995 Ulster Cemetery, Ulster
Roberts Emily 1921 Cass Y    
Searfoss Sara 1921 Ammerman Y    
Tompkins Mary 1921 Learn Y 1904-? Universalist Church Cemetery, Sheshequin
Turner Ewart [Rev.] 1921   Y 1904-?  
Watkins Florence 1921 E. Howard Sturdevant Y 1904-1980 Ulster Cemetery, Ulster
Class of 1922            
Ammerman Ronald 1922 Ellen McKinney Y 1905-1990 Ulster Cemetery, Ulster
Horton Murray 1922 Edna Pauline French Y 1905-1992 Tioga Point Cemetery, Athens
Johnson Carl 1922   Y 1905-1973 Bradford County Mem. Park, Burlington
McMorron Edith 1922 Paul H. Brown Y 1905-1992 Ulster Cemetery, Ulster
Rowe Frances 1922 Homer Jenney Y 1901-1988 Union Cemetery, Smithfield
Smith Helen 1922   Y    
Swingle Clarence 1922   Y 1904-1988 Ulster Cemetery, Ulster
Tompkins Bertha 1922   Y    
Tompkins Ralph 1922   Y 1905-1990 Universalist Church Cemetery, Sheshequin
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Tioga County PA
Published On Tri-Counties Site On 02 OCT  2010
By Joyce M. Tice
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