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Ulster High School Alumni 1902-1953
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Ulster High School Alumni : 1902-1953
Submitted by Allan Matthews; Typed by Pat Newell Smith
Columns with red headings are added by Pat, but we keep her way too busy to complete that part of it. This would be a good project for a site guest to complete. Many of the obituaries are already on the site, just need to be tracked down. The site's cemetery listings are also a source of information. The PICO search engine will help locate them . They are our best source for the information in the last four columns. This is an opportunity for some who have not contributed to the site before to participate in its improvement.

Ulster High School discontinued and students were sent to Athens High School after the last graduating class of 1953.

Ulster High School Alumni 1902-1922 1923-1934 1935-1953 History of Ulster Schools
Surname First Name Year Married Alias or spouse Deceased by June 2001 Life Years Cemetery
Class of 1923            
Campbell Andrew [Dr.] 1923   Y 1907-1958 Park Cemetery - New Section, Canton
Cooper Grant 1923 Mildred Lundy Y 1906-1970 Ulster Cemetery, Ulster
Hillis Clifton 1923   Y    
McCarty Ethel 1923   Y 1905-1997 Ulster Catholic Cemetery, Ulster
McKinney Ellen 1923 John Arthur Shattuck Y 1906-? Ashland Cemetery, Wellsburg, NY
Pipher Gladys 1923   Y 1908-1977  
Rowe Mary Elisabeth 1923 James A. Pierce Y 1903-1997 Union Cemetery, Smithfield Township
Templeton Robert 1923   Y    
Class of 1924            
Bustin Ellen 1924 Golden Y    
Campbell Marguerite 1924 Whipple Y    
Colwell Esther 1924 English Y    
Cooper Sydney 1924   Y    
Grace Carlton 1924   Y    
Grant Marvin 1924   Y 1908-1972 Ulster Cemetery, Ulster
Horton Park 1924   Y    
Keir Bessie 1924 Kenneth M. Ward Y 1908-1991 Bradford County Memorial Park, Burlington
McCabe Peter 1924   Y    
McCarty Elizabeth 1924 Stevens      
McKenna Florence 1924   Y    
Pollock Robert 1924   Y 1906-1965 Bradford County Memorial Park, Burlington
Thomson Mildred 1924 Raymond J. Bradley Y 1905-1981 Tioga Point Cemetery, Athens
Class of 1925 [4th year added]            
Bustin Ellen 1924 & 1925 Golden Y    
Colwell Esther 1924 & 1925 English Y    
Cooper Sydney 1924 & 1925   Y    
Grant Marvin 1924 & 1925 Esther Smith Y 1908-1972 Ulster Cemetery, Ulster
Horton Park 1924 & 1925   Y    
Keir Bessie 1924 & 1925 Kenneth M. Ward Y 1908-1991 Bradford County Memorial Park, Burlington
McKinney Ellen 1923 & 1925 John Arthur Shattuck Y 1906-? Ashland Cemetery, Wellsburg, NY
Pierce Dorothy 1925   Y    
Pollock Robert 1924 & 1925   Y 1906-1965 Bradford County Memorial Park, Burlington
Rowe Elizabeth 1923 & 1925 James Aaron Pierce Y 1903-1997 Union Cemetery, Smithfield Township
Class of 1926            
Isbell Blanche 1926 Sheridan Y 1909-? Ulster Cemetery, Ulster
Osbourne Genevieve 1926   Y    
Class of 1927            
Gilfoyle James 1927   Y 1910-1982 Ulster Catholic Cemetery, Ulster
Isbell Elizabeth 1927 James William Finnerty Y 1907-1997 Gustin Cemetery, Burlington Township
McCue Harold 1927   Y 1909-1971 S.S. Peter & Paul Cemetery, N. Towanda Township
McMorran Irene 1927 Shaffer Y 1908-1991 Ulster Cemetery, Ulster
Smith Esther 1927 Marvin G. Grant Y 1909-? Ulster Cemetery, Ulster
Vought Francis 1927 Doris VanNest Y 1910-1990 Hornbrook Cemetery, Sheshequin Township
Walters Christine 1927   Y 1911-1942 Ulster Cemetery, Ulster
Class of 1928            
Bartholomew Frances 1928   Y    
Burleigh Harold 1928   Y    
Colwell Frances 1928 Stark      
Harvey Lester 1928   Y 1910-1986 Rome Cemetery, Rome Township
Horton Clarence 1928   Y    
Horton Clayton 1928 Marian Hicks Y 1909-1996 Tioga Point Cemetery, Athens
Howie Vivian 1928 Muldoon Y    
Keir Mary 1928 Ervin Harris Y 1910-2000 Bradford County Memorial Park, Burlington Township
Mullen Hubert 1928   Y    
Platt George 1928   Y    
Rogers Howard 1928   Y    
Templeton Herbert 1928   Y    
Class of 1929            
Brown Gladys 1929 Young Y    
Burlingame Ima 1929 Graham Y    
Gilfoyle Joseph 1929   Y 1912-2002 Ulster Catholic Cemetery, Ulster Township
Horton Francis 1929 1- Edna Crane 2- Naomi ? Y 1913-1997 Universalist Church Cemetery, Sheshequin Township
Horton Ruth 1929 Armstrong Y    
Park William 1929   Y    
Potter Leonard [Dr.] 1929   Y    
Pruyne James 1929   Y    
Sweet Genevieve 1929   Y    
Vought Esther 1929 Musser Y 1912-2000 Mifflinburg, Union County, PA
Class of 1930            
Brown Marjorie 1930 William Blair Pruyne Y 1911-1980 Bradford County Memorial Park, Burlington Township
Eiffert J. Andrew 1930 Grace Breece Y 1911-1958 Ulster Cemetery, Ulster Township
Forrest Loren 1930   Y 1911-1999 Tioga Point Cemetery, Athens
Horton Harland 1930   Y    
Lundy Mildred 1930 Grant N. Cooper Y 1912-2008 Ulster Cemetery, Ulster Township
McCue Paul 1930   Y 1912-1993 New Port Richey, FL
Payne Carlton 1930   Y 1912-1999 Bradford County Memorial Park, Burlington
Platt Edith 1930   Y    
Rice Glenn 1930   Y    
Smith Adelbert 1930   Y    
Sweet Carl 1930   Y    
Templeton John 1930   Y    
Young Reuben 1930   Y    
Class of 1931            
Anthony Harry 1931   Y    
Colwell Charlene 1931 Manley Simons Y 1912-2005 Bradford County Memorial Park, Burlington Township
Forrest Christine 1931 Babcock      
Hess Robert 1931   Y    
Keir George 1931 Elizabeth Krieder y 1912-1998 Universalist Church Cemetery, Sheshequin Township
Lane Ellen 1931   Y 1912-1978 Bradford County Memorial Park, Burlington Township
Pruyne Charles 1931   Y 1913-1979 Tioga Point Cemetery, Athens
Shores Earl 1931 Elizabeth LaBarre Y 1913-1999 Wysox Cemetery, Wysox Township
Templeton Joseph 1931 Marian Louise Morningstar Y 1914-1999 Ulster Cemetery, Ulster Township
Vallilee Grace 1931 Dickson Y    
Walborn Charlotte 1931 Bidlack      
Class of 1932            
Ammerman Diantha 1932 Burdick Y    
Bresee Clyde 1932        
Bresee Gladys 1932   Y    
Burleigh Helen 1932 Coe      
Colegrove Gladys 1932 Newberry Y    
Evans Grace Mary 1932 Alger      
Gerould Irene 1932 Hamilton Y    
Gerould June 1932 Hamilton      
Ludlum Laura 1932   Y    
Ludwig Leo 1932   Y    
Lundy Marjorie 1932 White Y    
McKenna Mildred 1932   Y    
Payne Marie 1932 Horton Y    
Phelps Miriam 1932 May Y    
Potter Dorothy 1932 Orser      
Rensel Mildred 1932 Decatur      
Rogers Bessie 1932   Y    
Smith Sydney 1932   Y    
Wilbur Leona 1932 Vallilee Y    
Class of 1933            
Anthony Hayden 1933   Y    
Burlingame Leland 1933        
Cunningham Amy 1933 Todaro      
Horton Foster 1933   Y    
McCue Eleanor 1933 Allyn Y    
Payne Irene 1933 Rumsey      
Rensel Ester 1933 Ludwig Y    
Rogers Ethel 1933 Maddy      
Shaffer Sylvia 1933 Gordon      
Smith Harold 1933   Y    
Templeton James 1933   Y    
Class of 1934            
Chubb Edith 1934 McMorran Y    
Davidson Harold 1934   Y    
Horton Elizabeth 1934        
Johnston Irma 1934 Barnes Y    
Keir Delbert 1934   Y    
Place Euleta 1934 Kasson      
Schatz Margaret 1934 Franco Y    
Shores Perl 1934        
Snyder Roberta 1934 Sickler Y    
Sweet Festus 1934   Y    
Sweet Iris 1934 Gerould      
Swingle John 1934   Y    
Van Winkle Olene 1934 Bailey Y    
Walters Charles 1934   Y    
Class of 1935            
Bradley Phylis 1935 Smith      
Brethren Marjorie 1935 Burleigh Y    
Crawn Gordon 1935   Y    
Dunham Florence 1935   Y    
Gallup Robert 1935   Y    
Gloeckler Naomi 1935 Blemle Y    
Hammerle Anna May 1935        
Lenox Leroy 1935   Y    
Lenox Winifred 1935 Betts      
Miller Arthur 1935   Y    
Mowry Maxine 1935 Beeman Y    
Olmstead Allan 1935   Y    
Wickizer Lester 1935   Y    
Class of 1936            
Bustin Ellen 1936        
Colegrove Mary 1936   Y    
Daugherty Harold 1936   Y    
Hardenstine Dorothy 1936 Van Derlyke Y    
Miller Eleanor 1936 McCrutchan      
Rice Virginia 1936 Boudman      
Rogers Edna 1936 DeHoan      
Rowe Dewitt 1936   Y    
Watkins Robert 1936   Y    
Wolfe Glenola 1936 Kotalik      
Young Ruth 1936 Kinney Y    
Class of 1937            
Crawn Genevieve 1937 Murphy      
Handenstine John 1937   Y    
Henley Leo 1937   Y    
Murphy Fenton 1937   Y    
Phelps Harold 1937        
Shaffer Monica 1937 Belotti Y    
Storer Louise 1937 Cori Y    
Vought Marjorie 1937 Meyers      
Watkins Clara Rose 1937 Robbins Y    
Wickizer Frank 1937        
Class of 1938            
Boudman Doris 1938 Toaspern Y    
Gallup Orson 1938        
Gloekler Ruth 1938 Muller      
Horton Blair 1938   Y    
Johnston Mildred 1938   Y    
McKeon Elizabeth 1938 Young      
Morrison Aileen 1938 Gallup      
Olmstead Eugene 1938   Y    

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By Joyce M. Tice