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Athens Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania 1812 Taxpayers 
Bradford County PA
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Early Taxpayers of Athens Township

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Residents at the organization of Bradford Co., PA, 1812-13. The taxable inhabitants (all males 21 years and over and females owning property) as ascertained from assessment rolls, voting lists and other sources. Taken from Clement F. Heverly's Pioneer and Patriot Families of Bradford Co., Pa., 1800-1825, Vol. II, 1915, reprint pages 189-200. Typed for the Tri-Counties Site by John Hoff of Oklahoma.

Athens Township

Includes present day Litchfield and parts of Ridgebury and Sheshequin Twps.

Arnold, Oliver Granger, Alfred Merrill, Eleazer Shepard, John
Ballard, Joseph Grant, Asa Merrill, Eleazer Jr.  Shippey, John
Ballard, Josiah Greene, Harry Merrill, Solomon Smith, Asahel
Batterson, Jeptha Greene, Lodowick Middaugh, Elias Snechenberger, Francis
Batterson, Joseph Greene, Samuel Miller, Andrew Snell, Abraham
Bosworth, David Griffin, John Miller, Johnston Snell, Abraham Jr. 
Bosworth, Solomon Harkness, Abner Miller, William Snell, Jacob
Briggs, David Harris, Alpheus Moore, Daniel Snell, John
Brigham, Timothy Harris, Jonathan Moore, James Snell, Samuel
Brookins, Erastus Harris, Samuel Moore, John Spring, Ozias
Brown, John Headlock, Geo.  Morley, Isaac Squires, Nathaniel
Campbell, Samuel Herrington, James Morley, Isaac Jr.  Squires, Peter
Campbell Samuel Jr. Hilman, Samuel Munce, Thomas Spalding, John 2nd
Chandler, John Hopkins, Stephen Murch, David Spalding, Margaret
Clark, Elijah Hulett, Benoni Murray, Abner Stephens, Chester
Cook, Brazilla Huston, Thomas Orcutt, Daniel Stephens, Ransom
Crans, Adam Jennison, Parley Ovenshire, Samuel Stephens, Sibyl
Crans, Andrew Jennison, Peter Paine, Clement Swain, John
Crans, Philip Jennison, Twiss Paine, David Tharp, William
Crans, Wm.  Johnson, J.A. Jacob Paine, Enoch Tozer, Julius
Credit, Amos Johnson, Stephen Park, Daniel Travis, Absalom
Crocker, Josiah Jones, Isaiah Park, Moses Tyler, Francis
Decker, Elisha Lewis, Elnathan Park, Samuel VanAllen, James
Decker, Jeremiah Loomis, Erastus Park, Thomas Vangorder, Samuel
Decker, Polly Loomis, Theodorus Pierce, Isaac Vangorder, William
Dutton, Asahel Loomis, Wright Porter, Asahel Watkins, John
Eaton, Abel Marsellius, Jacob Porter, Nathaniel Welles, George
Elwell, Dan Matthewson, Constant Prentice, John O.  Westbrook, John
Everson, Nicholas Matthewson, Eliz.  Rath, James White, Josiah
Farlin, Arthur McAlhoes, Robert Reddington, John Wilcox, Thomas
Farlin, Joseph McAlhoes, Samuel Rice, Levi Willoby, Elijah
Farlin, Wm.  McDuffee, Daniel Rice, M. Abisha Wilson, Samuel
Flower, Nathaniel McDuffee, Daniel Jr.  Roddy, William Wilson, Thomas
Flower, Zephon McDuffee, Hugh Root, Curtis Wisner, William
Franklin, John McDuffee, John Ross, David Wolcott, Wlijah
Fuller, Stephen McDuffee, Neil Saltmarsh, Elizabeth Wolcott, John
Gernert, William McKinney, Samuel Saltmarsh, John Wolcott, Silas
Gillett, Alpheus Mead, William Satterlee, Daniel Wynkoop, Benj. 
Gillett, Freeman Satterlee, Elisha
Satterlee, John F. 
Satterlee, Nathaniel

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