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Tri-Counties Genealogy & History
Bloss Township & Blossburg Borough, Tioga County PA
This is One of Eighty Township Pages in Three Counties on this Site
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Union Township
Union Township Histories
Union Was formed from Sullivan Township in 1830
Union Township History 1883
Biographies 1883
Union Township History 1885
Union Township History 1897
Ogdensburg Times
Roaring Branch Centennial 1862 - 1962
Township Articles
Township Postcards & Photos
Train Station at Roaring Branch
Post Offices
Ogdensburg PO (1845)
Roaring Branch PO (1862)
Carpenter PO (1869)
Gleason PO (1878)
Union Centre
Villages Past & Present
Union Township Census Records
1800 Census, Tyoga Township, Lycoming County
1820 Sullivan Township Census
1830 Union Township Census
1840 Union Township Census
1850 Union Township Census (REL)
1850 Union Township Census (FM)
1860 Union Township Census
1870 Union Township Census
1880 Union Township Census
1900, 1910, 1920, 1930 (Volunteers Needed)
1850 to 1880 Mortality Schedules
Township Directories
1899 Union Directory 1908 Union Directory
Township Tax Records
1812 Tioga Township Taxables
Union Township Cemetery Records
GPS coordinates are included in the top title of each cemetery page
Ogdensburg Cemetery [1970s]
Ogdensburg Cemetery [2008] Ogdensburg Cemetery Obituaries
Stull Cemetery [1970s]
41.59569 -76.94539
Stull Cemetery [2008] Stull Cemetery Obituaries
Griffin Cemetery - Roaring Branch Cemetery [1970s]
41.56880 -76.94870
Griffin Cemetery - Roaring Branch Cemetery [2008] Roaring Branch Cemetery Obituaries
Roaring Branch, Old Township Cemetery [1970s]
41.56656 -76.95139
Roaring Branch, Old Township Cemetery [2008]
Union Center Cemetery [Swamp Cemetery] [1970s]
41.61988 -76.94817
Union Center Cemetery [Swamp Cemetery] [2008]
North Union Cemetery (1970s list)
41.64135 -76.89859
North Union Cemetery (2001 list) 
North Union Cemetery (2001 with additional sources)

North Union Cemetery 2010

North Union Cemetery Obituaries
Powell Cemetery [1970s]
41.61241 -76.90891
Powell Burial Ground [2008]
Spencer Cemetery (1) (Same as Spencertown)[1970s]  Spencertown Cemetery [2005]
41.62034 -76.87884
Spencertown Cemetery Obituaries
Spencer Family Cemetery [2000]
41.61850 -76.91090
Spencer Cemetery Obituaries
Newelltown Cemetery [1970s]
Newelltown Cemetery [2008] Newelltown Cemetery Obituaries
McNett Family Burial Ground [2008]
41.58950 -76.91753
Rain Burial Ground on English Hill [2008]
41.58776 -76.91811
Gregory Cemetery [2003] Ward Township Rutty Cemetery (Canton Township){1970s]
41.35.985- 76.52.437 
Rutty Cemetery Obituaries
Union Township Schools
Gleason School 1913 Rumsey School No. 3
Ogdensburg School History 1906 Spencertown School
1900 Union Township Teachers & Directors 1901 Union Township Teachers & Directors
1902 Union Township Teachers & Directors 1903 Union Township Teachers & Directors
1904 Union Township Teachers & Directors 1905 Union Township Teachers & Directorsv
1907 Union Township Teachers & Directors
1875 School Districts
District One - Carpenter School
District Two - Spencertown School
District Three - North Union School
District Four - Wynn District
District Five - Swamp School
District Six - Herman School
District Seven - English Hill School
District Eight - Roaring Branch - Loper School
District Nine - Ogdensburg School
District Ten - South Union School
District Eleven - Schelly School
District Twelve - Ward School
1898 School Districts (PO)
Bennett Hill School District (Carpenter)
English Hill School District (Canton)
Herman School District (Ogdensburg)
Roaring Branch School District
Ogdensburg School District
Swamp School (Ogdensburg)
Van Dyke School District (Canton)
1903 Joe Hill School
Union Township Business Histories & Photos
1899 Union Township Business Directory
Hotels in Union Township
Roaring Branch Hotel
Central Hotel at Ogdensburg
Union Township Organizations
1899 Union Societies
Ogdensburg Grange 1874
Union Township Churches
Histories, Records, Photos
1899 Church List From Directory
Union Township Family Bible Records
Roswell Hagar - Hannah Coe Bible
Collster Bible Records
Ayers - Collins Bible
Fitzwater - Newell Bible
Taylor Family Bible
Spencer - Bunn Bibles
Union Township Families & Individuals,
Genealogies, Photos
Pardon Austin - Hepzibah Austin Family
Township Resident Photo Album
Union Township Diaries & Letters 
1864 Cynthia Lodeska to her husband Henry Roberts
Township Wills, Deeds, Legal Documents 
Union Township Military Records
1864 Recruitment, Enlistment, Pension of John E. Bennett
Township Sports 
Population Statistics
1887 Union Township = 1789
1891 Union Township = 1876
1900 Union Township = 1586
County Population Statistics 1810 - 1992
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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