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Bridge on Wells township (PA) side of state line. Undated. 
From  J. Kelsey Jones Collection
Wells Township
in Bradford County,
Legal Papers
Post Offices
Wells is in the northwest corner of Bradford County, bounded by New York State on the north and Tioga County on the west.
Formed 1813 from Athens Split to form Ridgebury in 1818 and split to form South Creek in 1835
Wells Township Histories
Wells Township History by H. C. Bradsby
Wells Township History by D. C. Craft
Wells Township Historyfrom Seven Counties Outline ...
1884-1885 Bradford Reporter Articles 
Wells Township Historical Facts
History of Aspinwall
Creation of Wells Township
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1820 Warrant Map
1869 Atlas Map
Wells Township Articles
Mosherville Article - 1933
Hector NY to Northern PA
Wells Township Postcards & Photos
Mosherville Photos
Old News From the Neighborhoods and Villages
Aspinwall 1885
Coryland 19111
Judson Hill 1911
Wells 1911
Post Offices
French's Mills (Mosherville)
Aspinwall Corners or Old Hickory PO
Wells PO
Villages Past & Present
Wells Township Census Records
1800 Tioga, Luzerne County 1840 Wells Township Census 1860 Wells Census (Volunteer Needed)
1810 Smithfield, Lycoming County PA 1850 Wells Township Census 1860 Mortality Schedule
1820 Wells Township Census 1850 Mortality Schedule 1869 Map Index
1830 Wells Township Census 1858 Map Index 1878 Wells Citizens
1870 Wells Towsnhip Census 1880 Wells Township Mortality Schedule
1880 Wells Township Census 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930 (Volunteers Needed)
Wells Township Directories
1900 Wells Township Directory 1907-1908 Wells Township Directory
Wells Township Tax Records
1808 Tioga Township, Luzerne County Assessment
1812 Taxables Wells
1814 Wells Township Taxables
1815 Wells Township Taxables
1816 Wells Township Taxables
1817 Wells Township Taxables
1818 Wells Township Taxables
1819 Wells Township Taxables
1820 Wells Township Taxables
1821 Wells Township Taxables
1822 Wells Township Taxables
1823 Wells Township Taxables
1824 Wells Township Taxables
1825 Wells Township Taxables
1826 Wells Township Taxables
1827 Wells Township Taxables
1828 Wells Township Taxables
1829 Wells Township Taxables
1830 Wells Township Taxables
1831 Wells Township Taxables
1832 Wells Township Taxables
1833 Wells Township Taxables
1834 Wells Township Taxables
1835 Wells Township Taxables
1836 Wells Township Taxables
1837 Wells Township Taxables
1838 Wells Township Taxables
1839 Wells Township Taxables
1840 Wells Township Taxables
1845 Wells Township Taxables
Wells Township Cemetery Records AND Obituaries by Cemetery
If You can Provide GOOD Driving Directions or GPS coordinates for any of our 700 cemeteries, please send to Joyce
Introduction to Wells Cemeteries Bly Cemetery
Judson Hill Cemetery Judson Hill Cemetery Obituaries
Coryland Cemetery Coryland Cemetery Obituaries
Gaylord Cemetery Judson Cemetery Brewer Family Cemetery
Kents Corners Cemetery Mosherville Cemetery Mosherville Cemetery Obituaries
North Wells Cemetery Relyea Family Cemetery Tanner Family Cemetery
Wells Township Schools
Mosherville School 1898 Mosherville School 1899
Beckwith School 1899 Beckwith School 1903
Mosherville School 1903 Mosherville School 1904
Mosherville School 1906 Mosherville School 1907 Mosherville School 1908
Mosherville School 1909 Baker Hill School 1910 Wells Graded School 1915
Aspinwall School Report 1886 1900 Knapp School 1929 Mosherville Consolidated School
Wells Graded School 1939
1869 Wells Township School Districts
Orange District Brown District French Mills or Mosierville
Knapp District Beckwith District Baker District
Judson Hill District Rowley Hill District Garrison Hill District
Aspinwall District Wortendyke District (6)
Wells Township Business Histories & Photos
1907 Wells Businesses Mosherville Creamery
History of Shepard's Store in Mosherville
Hotels in Wells Township
Mosherville Hotel
Historic Houses of Wells Township

Photos of Historic Houses in Wells Township
Wells Township Organizations
Wells Township Churches
Histories, Records, Photos
Wells Township Churches (Intro.) by J. Kelsey Jones North Wells Church
Presbyterian Church of Wells & Columbia Mosherville Church
Judson Hill M.E. Church Rev. Riggs Marriages
1865 Rev. Jewell Diary Methodist Church Records
Wells Township Family Bible Records
Bowman-Case Bible Ingalls-Stoner Bible
Jones-Pearson Bible Joralemon-Albert  Bible
Kilgore-Kyte Bible VanKirk-Joralemon Bible
Shirner - Johnson - Canfield Bible Brewer - Schofield Family Bible Oldroyd-Beckwith Bible
Knapp - Ring Family Bible
Wells Township Families & Individuals,
Jemima Collins - Nathaniel Seeley Descendants
Alice ANDREWS & Rev. John SMITH
Davis Family Connections by Art Kieffer
Wells Township Families 2006 ed.
by J. Kelsey Jones
Intro. & Land Warrant Locations
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I J1 J2 K1 K2 L M1 M2 N O P
Q R1 S1 S2 S2b S3 T U V W XYZ
Wells Township Immigrants & Emigrants
West to Bradford County
1830 Migrants from Wells to Medina, Ohio
Wells Township Resident Photo Album
Lois Tice & Lewis Lucas Mary Pellett & George Noble
Helene Corey & daughter Mildred Noble 1901 The Noble Children
Helene Corey - Alonzo Noble Marriage 1887 The Noble Home
Aletta Tice & daughters Frankie & Lena Hakes Sarah Wyker & John Pellett
Township Diaries & Letters 
Wells Township Wills, Deeds, Legal Documents 
Wills of Wells Township Residents on File
1898 - Will of Ruhamah Brown
1864- Deed of Johnson & Shirner
1905 - Deed of Shirner & Canfield
Wells Township Military Records
Civil War Soldiers of Wells
Revolutionary Soldiers of Wells Township
Township Sports 
Township Population Statisticss