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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Compiled 1988 - Previously Unpublished, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1901-1905 by Mary Kingsley.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling. 

Copies sent by James Streeter, Retyped by Pat Mott Gobea, Formatted and published by Joyce M .Tice 2011

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Note - Date is date of newspaper edition, NOT date of event.
Note that the mothers, having relinquished their names and identity at the time of their marriage, are not mentioned in the birth notices. They were apaprently not considered significant participants in the event.
1904 20-Jan B Adriance a son born to J. B. Adriance 15 Jan. of Mill Creek
1904 11-May B Aldrich, Benjamin dau. b. to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Aldrich of Rutland recently
1904 30-Mar B Bailey son b. to Donaldson & Josephine Bailey last Fri. in Mansfield
1904 16-Nov B Ballard son to Fred Ballard of Covington last week
1904 12-Oct B Barnes, Mary Ellen b. 11 Oct. Mansfield to Pr. O. J. Barnes
1904 22-Jun B Benedict dau. b. to Harry Benedict of Mardin on Mon.
1904 22-Jun B Bly dau. B. 18 Jun. To Charles Bly of Richmond Twp.
1904 10-Feb B Brace dau. b. 28 Jan to Mr. & Mrs. Harry Brace of Mill Creek
1904 13-Apr B Brennan dau. b. to Mr. & Mrs. Henry Brennan of Tioga
1904 9-Nov B Buck son b. last Sat. to Leon Buck of Ogdensburg
1904 7-Dec B Burrell son b. to Rev. Burrell of Covington last Sun.
1904 14-Sep B Carleton son b. last Wed. to Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Carleton of Tioga
1904 7-Dec B Clarendon dau. B. to Harry Clarendon of Tioga Tues.
1904 12-Oct B Clemons son b. to John Clemons of Covington
1904 13-Apr B Cleveland son b. 30 Mar. to Homer Cleveland of Richmond Twp.
1904 24-Feb B Colestock son b. to Dr. Colestock of Mansfield Normal
1904 27-Apr B Comfort son b. 25 Apr. to Wm. Comfort of Mansfield
1904 24-Aug B Cory son b. to F. L. Cory of Lawrence Corners on 19 Aug.
1904 10-Aug B Crum  son b. to Theodore Crum
1904 13-Jan B Cruttenden son born to Charles Cruttenden of Lambs Creek 10 Jan.
1904 2-Nov B Davis  dau. B. last week to Arthur Davis of Mansfield
1904 14-Dec B Dewey son b. 9 Sep. to Philip Dewey of Marshalds
1904 14-Dec B Dewey dau. B. to Wm. Dewey of Marshland 4 Dec.
1904 20-Jan B Fish dau. B. 12 Jan to B. A. Fish
1904 27-Apr B Flaig  son b. 24 Apr. to Walter Flaig of Canoe Camp
1904 17-Aug B Gardner son b. to Geo. Gardner Mainesburg 16 Aug.
1904 31-Aug B Gee  dau. B. to Morgan Gee of Hammond
1904 25-May B Gerow son to Joseph D. Gerow of E. Charleston recently
1904 11-May B Goodall dau. B. to Herbert Goodall of Canoe Camp, this morn. 
1904 16-Nov B Greene, Chester M. son b. (theodore David) to John & Catherine Parker Greene, 6 Nov. in Mansfield
1904 21-Dec B Griffin  son b. to Dan Griffin of Lambs Cree 19 Dec.
1904 20-Apr B Grover  dau. B. to Fred Grover of Lawrneceville
1904 29-Apr B Harkness son b. 15 Apr. to Ed Harkness of Mainesburg
1904 26-Oct B Horton  dau. B. to Jesse Horton last week of Tioga
1904 5-Oct B Ingalls  son b. to Raymond C. Ingalls of Lambs Creek 1 Oct. Mother was Doris Clark
1904 11-May B Jerald dau. B. to Charles Jerald of Mansfield 5 May
1904 5-Oct B Jones son b. to Albert Jones of E. Charleston
1904 6-Jul B Jones  dau. B. to Benjamin Jones of Mansfield
1904 5-Oct B Jones  son b. to Will Jones of Mansfield this morning
1904 7-Dec B Keeney  dau. B. to Clarence Keeney of Tioga on Tues.
1904 27-Apr B Kelley  son b. to W. H. Kelley of Lambs Creek 26 Apr
1904 3-Feb B Knowles son b. to Alfred Knowles of Knoxville last week
1904 20-Jul B Knowlton  son b. to M. S. Knowlton of Covington
1904 14-Sep B Kriner son b. to Mrs. James Kriner of Wellsboro last Thurs.
1904 23-Nov B Krise dau. B. to C. B. Krise of Mainesburg on 19 Nov.
1904 17-Aug B Lamb son b. to Lorain Lamb of Lambs Cree 10 Aug.
1904 16-Nov B Lent  dau. B. to Fred Lent of Lambs Creek 13 Nov.
1904 16-Nov B Lewis  dau. B. 2 Nov. to Charles Lewis of Armenia
1904 22-Jun B Loveless son b. to Fred Loveless Mon. of Mill Creek
1904 22-Jun B Lownsberry son b. 16 Jun, to Frank Lownsberry of Richmond Twp. 
1904 17-Feb B March dau. B. to Editor March of Westfield
1904 20-Jan B Miller  A son b. to Alva Miller of Tioga last week
1904 21-Dec B Mitchell George F. Mitchell of Tioga had a son b. last week
1904 24-Feb B Monro  A dau. B. to H. H. Monro of Voltus 19 Feb.
1904 26-Oct B Mosher A dau. B. to R. J. Mosher of Bloss
1904 29-Jul B Mudge A son to Orrie E. Mudge of Sullivan Twp.
1904 26-Oct B Mudge A dau. B. to Coran Mudge of E. Charleston Frio.
1904 17-Feb B Neal A dau. B. to F. E. Neal of E. Charleston recently
1904 17-Feb B O'Melion A dau. B. to Peter O'Melion of Mansfield on 8 Feb.
1904 10-Aug B Owlett A dau. B. to Thomas Owlett of Mansfield last Thurs.
1904 19-Oct B Oyer A son b. to Joe Oyer of Lambs Creek 15 Oct.
1904 10-Aug B Patchen  son b. to W. H. Patchen of Cov. Last Thur.
1904 17-Feb B Powers  son to Reed Powers of Mansfield 14 Feb.
1904 4-Sep B Ramsdell son b. to Curtis Reed Ramsdell of Richmond Twp., 1 Sep.
1904 24-Aug B Robinson son to Fred Robinson of Covington, last Wed.
1904 17-Aug B Rogers twins b. to Fred Rogers of Covington, last Mon. (boy & girl)
1904 7-Dec B Rose  son b. to Fred Rose of Mansfield last week, 7 Dec.
1904 27-Jan B Rugaber dau. B. to J. F. Rugaber of Westfield on 18 Jan.
1904 14-Dec B Safford, Margaret Elizabeth b. 7 Dec. to Percy N & Jean Allen Safford
1904 6-Jul B Shaw son b. to E. P. Shaw of Lambs Creek, 5 Jul.
1904 29-Jun B Smith dau. B. yesterday to Jud Smith of Canoe Camp
1904 30-Apr B Soper  son b. to Llewellyn Soper of Roseville 17 Apr.
1904 9-Nov B Soper dau. B. to Wm. Soper of Covington last week
1904 13-Apr B Sours  son b. to L. D. Sours of Mansfield Sat. last. This boy named Clari9on d. 2 Jun.
1904 11-May B Van Nocken  dau. B. Thurs to M. B. Van Nocken of Rutland
1904 20-Jul B Vance a son b. John Vance of Rutland
1904 14-Sep B Varner A dau. B. last Thurs. George Varner of Wellsboro
1904 20-Jul B Walker Dau. B. to Ray Walker of Mansfield
1904 17-Feb B Warters son b. 12 Feb. to Elmer Warters of Lambs Creek
1904 2-Mar B Warters son b. 26 Feb. to Alonzo Warters of Lambs Creek
1904 6-Apr B Watkins  dau. B. Wed. last to Fred Watkins of Covington
1904 27-Jul B White Dau. B. to M. D. of Richmond Twp., last week
1904 12-Oct B Wilkins son b. last week to Lute Wilkins of Covington
1904 24-Feb B Williamson dau. B. Sat. to Dr. J. E. Williamson of Mansfield
1904 4-May B Wilson  dau. B. to Philip Wilson of Mansfield
1904 30-Mar B Wood  Son b. last Sat. to Dr. Wood of Mansfield
1904 29-Jun B Wood dau. B. 24 Jun. To Dallas Wood of Richmond Twp.
1904 7-Sep B Youmans dau. B. 1 Sep. to Walter Youmans of Richmond Twp.

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