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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Compiled 1988 - Previously Unpublished, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1901-1905 by Mary Kingsley.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling. 

Copies sent by James Streeter, Retyped by Pat Mott Gobea, Formatted and published by Joyce M .Tice 2011

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Note - Date is date of newspaper edition, NOT date of event.
1904 25-May D Adams, Mrs. Catherine of Westfield d. last week
1904 12-Oct D Adams, Moses d. 28 Sep. b. in Deerfield
1904 26-Oct D Adams, Mrs. Elizabeth d. last week Tues. of Tioga, Pa. bur. Charleston. Mother of Frank of Mansfield, Mrs. Geo. Adams of Tioga & Rev. C. M. Adams
1904 25-May D Albee, Eleazer Eleazer Albee d. Osceola last week age 78 yrs.
1904 12-Oct D Aldrich, Benjamin d. Tioga last Mon. age 89 yrs. Bur. Tioga. Long time res. Father of Mrs. Judson Baker
1904 5-Oct D Ames, David d. Wellsboro last week age 91 yrs. on 23 Jun. Bur. Mansfield, a native there
1904 3-Feb D Ames, Elijah d. Farmington Sun. night age 65 yrs. Bur. Keeneyville
1904 8-Jun D Anderson son b. to Rev. E. A. & Mrs. E. Anderson of E. Charleston last Sun. Baby d. & was bur. 5 Jun. Mother was a Beers
1904 20-Jan D Austin, Edward d. Richmond Twp. last Sun. age 62 yrs. Bur. Lawrence Corners, a lifelong res.
1904 20-Apr D Ayers, Mrs. Libbie d. 16 Apr. of Daggett
1904 20-Jul D Babcock, Enos Earl d. Galeton last week, funeral & bur. Tioga, son of F. G. 1 ch.
1904 1-Jun D Babcock, Mary E. d. Nelson last week. Wid. Of Buel Babcock
1904 31-Aug D Baker, Elisha of Deerfield d. Wed. last, at county home. Bur. Niles Valley
1904 21-Sep D Balfour, Rev. Alexander of delmar d. last week in Wellsbor9o, age 87 yrs. B. Scotland, came here age 25 yrs. -4 ch.
1904 7-Dec D Barnes, John L. d. Delmar Fri. age 78 yrs. M. 4 times several children
1904 16-Mar D Barnes, Miles d. Sat. in Lambs Creek. Bu'd Hope Cem.
1904 29-Jun D Bartlett, Mrs. O. E. d. last Wed. in Mansfield, age 77 yrs. Nee Brown
1904 2-Mar D Bartlett, Warren d. 1 Mar. in Mansfield age 66 yrs.
1904 4-May D Batley, Mrs. George of Arnot d. in Stroudsburg, Pa.
1904 11-May D Beagle, Fred of Morris d. last Wed. in Draddock, Pa. age 21 yrs. Bur. Morris
1904 14-Sep D Benn, Ebenezer d. Hume, N.Y. age 60 yrs. 1 dau. formerly of Knoxville
1904 10-Aug D Benson, Stanley d. 20 Jul age 3 yrs. Son of Anthony & Helen Newverry Benson in Rutland
1904 2-Mar D Bixby, Emma d. Erie, Pa., last Fri. Bur. Oakwood Cem., Mansfield, widow of Arthur Bixby b. Sullivan Twp.
1904 11-May D Blackwell, Enoch d. last week at Blackwell age 80 yrs. B. in Blackwell
1904 10-Feb D Bloomer, Mrs. Mary A. d. Wellsboro last week, age 78 yrs.
1904 13-Jul D Bookmiller, Mrs. Herman d. last week in Gaines formerly of Wellsboro
1904 14-Sep D Bowen, Geo. W. d. Farmington last week age 60, left 4 sons
1904 9-Nov D Boyce, Mrs. James A. d. last Fri. in Wellsboro (Isabella Doud) of Sullivna Twp. daus. (2) m. 5 Oct. 1865 Rev. Boyce, dau. of Ripley & Joanna Doud
1904 20-Apr D Brace, Mrs. Wm. d. Mon at Mill creek age 73 yrs. Dau. of ---Walters
1904 9-Nov D Brew, Patrick J. d. Phila. Last week age 33, son of Mrs. Wm. Brew of Wellsboro
1904 5-Oct D Briggs, Wm. Jr. d. Mon. age 36 yrs. Of Morris
1904 14-Sep D Bryant, Sarah A. d. 23 Aug. at Round Top age 76 yrs. Widow of Jesse O. b. Northumberland 19 Sept 1825, dau. Of Samuel & Ann Kimball who came here 1836. M. 1848 bur. Shumway Hill Cem. Left 3 children
1904 31-Aug D Buck, Leona of Wellsboro d. recently in Shamokin, Pa. age 14 yrs. Dau. Of E. E. Buck
1904 2-Mar D Buckley, John H. d. Delmar last wk. Age 65 yrs.
1904 2-Nov D Butler, John of Stoney Fork d. last Wed. age 75 yrs. Left 2 children
1904 30-Mar D Butler, Millard drouwned Thurs. last age 5 yrs. Son of Leon of Asaph
1904 4-May D Button, John H. d. Farmington age 33 yrs. Left 1 son
1904 14-Dec D (Lindsley) Mrs. Katherine Butts d. Lawrenceville, last week age 82. Left 1 dau. She is a dau. Of Capt. Wm. Lindsley
1904 20-Apr D Card, Henry J. of Charleston d. last eve. Bur. Union Cem. B. 15 1829 in R. I. To Robert & Mary Card m. 1854 Eliza Belknap
1904 4-May D Caulkins, Mrs. Ellery d. Westfield last week age 50 yrs. 5 children
1904 7-Dec D Chamberlain, Mrs. Charlote d. 4 Dec. in Rutland age 71 yrs. Bur. Roseville, left sons, Thomas inc. in Mainesburg
1904 5-Oct D Channell, Sarah d. Roaring Branch last Wed. age 79 yrs. Mother (of same as above?)
1904 30-Mar D Clark, Annual Charles Robert Bruce & Esther M. Davis, both of Canton, m. at Elmira "last Sat."
1904 9-Nov D Clishan, Mrs. Stephen d. last week at Somers Lane
1904 20-Jan D Close, Wilbur d. Chatham last Wed. age 72 yrs. A life long res.
1904 23-Nov D Cole, A. D. of Elkland d. last week. Left 3 children
1904 12-Oct D Converse, Mrs. A. of Westfield d. last week age 70. Several children
1904 4-May D Coogan, James Sr. d. Morris Run last week age abt. 60 had 9 children
1904 2-Nov D Cook, Mrs. John of Bloss. D. Thurs. left 6 children
1904 5-Oct D Cox, James d. Bloss. Last week, age 93 yrs. Left 4 children
1904 24-Aug D Creeley, James of Mitchell Creek d. last week age 75 yrs. 3 children. Buried Lawrenceville
1904 12-Oct D Crossley, Ella d. last Fri. in Mansfield. Dau. Of William, grand dau. Of Robert
1904 22-Apr D Cummings, John L. d. Mansfield 24 Apr., age 41 yrs. Son of Lawton Cummings. B. Mansfield
1904 14-Sep D Curtis, Mrs. Reuben d. 31 Aug. in Mansfield b. 26 Aug. 1847 Finningley, Eng. M. 8 Jun. 1868 had 7 children (nee Godley)
1904 13-Jan D Cutler, Miss Josie d. last Wed. at Harrison Valley
1904 9-Mar D Dann, A. B. d. Mon. in Elmira age 63 yrs. Native of Mansfield
1904 16-Nov D Dartt, James Gillis of Charleston d. last week age 82 yrs. Wife was Emily Tipple of Verona, N.Y. m. 23 Mar. 1843 left 10 children incl. Mrs. Edward Fleitz
1904 13-Jul D Davis, Martin d. in Delmar age 70
1904 1-Jun D Derbyshire, Rosina d. Delmar last week age 53 yrs. Had 4 children, hus. Wm.
1904 6-Apr D Diehr, Michael d. Covington Mon. Father of Mrs. Daniel Schanbacher
1904 20-Apr D Donnelly, Martin E. of Elkland d. last week age 19 son of John Donnelly
1904 22-Jun D Doud, Peleg d. near Mainesburg last week (10 Jun.) age 93 yrs. Left 3 ch. B. 29 May 1811 in Sullivan Twp. m. 1832 Amanda Rose Packard. Buried State Rd. Cem.
1904 27-Jan D Driscoll, Patrick d. in Morris Run last week age 63
1904 2-Mar D Eaton, Fred d. Lawrenceville Mon. p.m. Bur. Evergreen Cemetery, Tioga
1904 12-Oct D Eckerson, Horton d. last week Charleston, age 77 came from N.Y. State 1870. 2 ch. Rev. Ray & Mrs. Charles Kimbal
1904 27-Jul D Egcomb, Mrs. I. M. d. Knoxville last week
1904 5-Oct D Edwards, James d. Mainsfield last Sat. age 46 yrs. Bur. Mansfield, native of Tioga
1904 26-Oct D Elliott, Dr. Charles Volney d. Mansfield last Sat. b. 27 Mar. 1824 in Sheshequin, Pa. to Larman H. & Mary Elliott, m. Aug. 1847 Eliza A. Graves, dau. Of Elisha Graves of Troy; m. 2nd Julia Alice Holden dau. Of Daniel & Elizabeth Mudge Holden of Mansfield. Left 2 ch.
1904 10-Feb D English, James d. Wellsboro Mon. b. Wellsboro 15 Aug. 1844
1904 21-Dec D Ernest, Henry of Blossburg d. Thurs. last age 73 yrs. 3 children; Ella, Maude & Claude of Westfield
1904 16-Nov D Evans, John J. of Charleston Twp. d. last Fri. age 48. Left 4 ch. He was b. Charleston
1904 17-Feb D Fellows, Polly d. this Morn. In Sullivan Twp. age 98 yrs. B. in Burlington, Pa.
1904 D D Finnegan, Mrs. John d. Morris age 55 yrs.
1904 6-Jan D Fish, Polly d. Farmington Mon. age abt. 78
1904 21-Sep D Flaitz, Simon d. recently in Philipsburg, Pa. age 73 yrs. 9 ch. Formerly of Wellsboro
1904 16-Nov D Fleitz, Joh d. Charleston last weed, Father of Edward J. Fleitz
1904 6-Jan D Forrest, Frances d. 26 Dec. in Rutland age 28 b. Springfield, Pa. wife of Ed. Left 1 week old baby.
1904 20-Jul D Forrest, Lesley (Baby) d. last week at 7 mos. Bur. Mansfield (Son of Ed.)
1904 4-May D Fowler, Horatio of Wellsboro d. in Elmira, age 40. Left 5 children
1904 30-Nov D Freeland, Mrs. Lizzie (Seamans) of Keeneyville d. 13 Nov.
1904 14-Dec D Fuller, Mrs. Rodolphus (Letitia Burr) d. in Wellsboro Mon. age 60 yrs. Left 4 ch. Cora, Aaron, Satie, Louis. B. 22 Feb 1844 to Aaron Burr of Rutland, cusin to the Aaron Burr. M. 9 Sept 1869
1904 16-Nov D Garrison, Foster d. Mansfield yesterday abt. 69 yrs. Left 4 sons, formerly of Elk Run
1904 19-Oct D Gee, B. C. of Deerfield d. last week age 49. Left 2 children
1904 15-Oct D Gee, Wm. of Tioga Twp. d. last week, age 60 yrs.
1904 20-Jan D Gifford, Emma R. d. Elkland, age nearly 58 yrs. Wife of Herman P. bur. Tioga
1904 3-Feb D Gile, Mrs. Ira d. Covington last Wed. bur. Mansfield was 87 yrs. Last May
1904 30-Jan D Ginsburg, M. K. of Blossburg d. there last week Tues. Bur. Elmira
1904 30-Mar D Gleason, Mrs. Henry d. Nelson. Bur. Westfield
1904 26-Oct D Gleason, John d. Tioga last week Tues. Bur. Tioga age 76
1904 20-Apr D Goldmyer, Lewis d. Mansfield last Sat. age 82 yrs. B. Nunstadt, Bavaria, came here 1854. Father of Mrs. H. B. Taylor, bur. Mansfield
1904 14-Dec D Gray, Mrs. John d. Wellsboro last wee age 82 yrs. B. in Delmar to Edmund & Abigail Weatherbee. Left 2 children
1904 16-Mar D Griffin, Henry of Dartt Settlement d. bur. Last week Wed.
1904 6-Apr D Griffin, Maud 1 yr. Old dau. Of John of Lambs Creed d. 6 Apr. bur. Mansfield
1904 18-May D Guiry, John of Morris Run d. last week age 54 yrs. 5 children
1904 13-Apr D Geer, James S. d. Wellsboro Sat. last b. 22 Apr. 1852 Tioga to Stewart M. & Ursula Alford Beer. Buried Tioga
?? 3-Apr D Ames, Walter W. of St. Marys, Pa. d. recently of pneumonia. Class of 68, M.S.N.S. (no year in 1900-1905 collection.)
19?? ???? D Fisch, Mrs. d. in Ill. Last week aged mother of Rev. H. W. Fish (Palwrence Corners items)
1903 12-Nov D Clemons, May d. Covington



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