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Location: Off Rte 6, Wyalusing Twp, Bradford County
Submitted by  Bob Hay
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Last Name First Name Died Buried Lot # Section # Age Married Single Place of Birth Late Residence Place of Death Death Remarks
Colt Caroline     2 A   X           Permit to remove body 12/1/1893
Colt Thomas     2 A     Infant          
Camp Alice Jane     22 1/2 A               Permit to remove body 10/23/1896
Camp Malina     22 1/2 A                
Ackley Niram     23 A   X   Wyalusing Wyalusing     Permit to remove body 10/2/1902
Ackley Niram A.     23 A   Infant Wyalusing Wyalusing     Permit to remove body 10/2/1902
Camp Calvin                  
Camp Myrtie             Infant          
Elliott Mary Kagwin 12/1/1806   97 A 91 X     Merryall Merryall   w/o Henry Elliott
Elliott Henry 12/21/1809   97 A 97 X   Stonington, Conn. Merryall Merryall    
Elliott Deborah Lewis 2/24/1840   97 A 69y4m27d X     Merryall Merryall   w/o Joseph Elliott
Elliott Joseph 3/31/1849   97 A 92y5m21d X   Stonington, Conn Merryall Merryall   s/o Henry & Mary Kegwin Elliott
Stone Cornelia Wells 5/24/1868   100 A 19y6m19d X       Stevensville   w/o Frank Stone
Stone Mark V. 1/4/1873   100 A 4y7m11d   Child Stevensville Merryall Merryall   s/o Frank & Cornelia Stone
Wells Abel W. 4/6/1885   100 A 74y5m6d X   Orange Co., NY Merryall Merryall    
Bush George R.     25 A       Monroe Co. Spring Hill Spring Hill    
Taylor Ted K.                        
Taylor An M.     26 A                
Goodwin Wm.     27 A                
Goodwin Polly     27 A                
Taylor Estella M.     27 A                
Goodwin Stella C.     27 A                
Elliott John 2/19/1876   28 A 84y9m X   Sugar Run Merryall Merryall   s/o Joseph & Deborah
Elliott Marietta 10/13/1864   28 A 74 X   Merryall Merryall Merryall   w/o John Elliott
Elliott Austin 6/5/1851   28 A 29y11m15d   X Merryall Merryall Merryall   s/o John & Marietta Elliott
Elliott J. Edward 3/27/1849   28 A 23y21m   X Merryall Merryall Merryall   s/o John & Marietta Elliott
Elliott Adaline Taylor 8/10/1845   28 A 19y10m3d X   Spring Hill Herrick Herrick   w/o George W. Elliott
Mitten Ida Elliott 11/10/1872   28 A 20y5m17d X   Herrick Lime Hill Lime Hill   w/o Wm. Mitten
Elliott Charles M. 6/1/1862   28 A       Herrick Herrick Herrick   s/o Geo. W. & Lois Elliott
Goodwin Polly F. 5/26/1888 5/30/1888 27 A 47 1/2 X   Herrick Philadelphia Philadelphia Parotiditis w/o Fred O. Goodwin
Cook Darwin Revd. 9/13/1888 9/17/1888 104 C 73y5m12d X   Potterville, Pa Merryall Stockton, Pa Paralysis s/o Joel & Polly Cook of Potterville
Stone Mrs. H.P.I. 10/1/1888 10/4/1888 89 A 60y5d X   Sugar Run Merryall Merryall Dropsy Widow of Almon Stone
Elliott Mrs. Harriett 12/25/1888 12/28/1888 89 A   X     New Albany New Albany,Pa   Widow of Jabez Elliott & mother of Mrs. E.S. Keeler
Chaffee Dwight D. 1/3/1889 1/6/1889 105   69 X   Orwell Camptown Camptown    
Fuller Roy V??? 3/7/1889 3/9/1889 13 B 17y4d   X Camptown   Wyalusing,Pa Bronchitis s/o ??? Fuller
Sten??s Warren 6/5/1889 6/7/1889     58y X   Cayuta, NY (?)   Camptown Heart Failure  
Cook Justus Darwin 7/12/1889 7/16/1889 104 C 28y10m20d   X Merryall   Danville, Pa Dysentery s/o Rev. Darwin & Adelia Lewis Cook
Elliott Jora, 9/11/1889 8/13/1889 1 B   X   Merryall Merryall Merryall Sorosis of liver Spelling as given
Chaffee Henry L. 10/30/1889 11/1/1889 14 B 56y1d X   Orwell Camptown Camptown    
Barnes Louis Lovina 1/2/1890 1/5/1890 102 C 31y3m X Rev.Barnes Herrick Apalachin, NY Apalachin,NY Consumption w/o Rev. Newton Barnes/d/o J?? & Adelia F???
McAllister Jane Nesbit 1/6/1890 1/8/1890 32 B 83y7m2d X   Ireland Oak Hill Spring Hill Old Age & Asthma w/o John McAllister
Lewis Angeline 2/21/1890 2/23/1890 23 A 74y9m11d X   Wyalusing Spring Hill Spring Hill LaGrippe/Heart Failure w/o Milton Lewis-Married 11/26/1835
Fuller Lottie? Belle 1/17/1879 2/25/1890 133 C 1y2m15d   Infant Camptown Camptown Camptown Pneumonia Removed from old ground
Fuller Elisabeth May 11/1/1888 2/25/1890 133 C 10m26d   Infant Camptown Camptown Camptown Pneumonia Removed from old ground
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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By Joyce M. Tice
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