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Bradford County Cemetery Addresses
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Name of Cemetery:  Valley Home Cemetery
Read By:  Florence Ellis & Beth French, 
Carol Jacobs & Reva Wagner
Date Read:   July 2002
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Name of Cemetery:    Valley Home Cemetery
Read By:  Florence Ellis & Beth French, Carol Jacobs & Reva Wagner
Date Read:   July 2002
Typed by: Carol HEATH Jacobs
Location:  Windham Township. Off State Route 187 North about 1/2 mile on State Route 1049 West towards West Warren.
Other comments: Florence and Beth were a huge part of this cemetery being completed. With out their taking days to complete the reading and double check everything it still would not be finished. Thank you both for all your time and help.
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Taylor H. P.  May. 17, 1818 Dec. 1, 1893    
  Polly R.  July. 30, 1820 Sept. 4, 1900   His wife
  Flora       Small stone in front of H.P and Polly Taylor
  Joseph       Small stone in front of H.P and Polly Taylor
  Lottie       Small stone in front of H.P and Polly Taylor
  Nellie        Small stone in front of H.P and Polly Taylor
Taylor Charlie H.  Dec. 8, 1873 Feb. 11, 1957    
  Kathryn J. May. 14, 1876 Dec. 16, 1943    
Taylor Miles Aug. 10, 1843 Aug. 19, 1914    
  Sara S. Jan. 7, 1846 Sept. 11, 1930   His wife
  Sarah E. Sept. 8, 1868 Feb. 4, 1871   Their daughter
  Priscilla E. Apr. 9, 1878 Feb. 1, 1899   Their daughter
Terbush Hiram 1837 1910    
  Mary E. 1845 1925   His wife / Added notes: Mary E. Sibley
  Cornelia       Their daughter
Toot William 1924 1995    
  Marie Ann 1926 1988    
Townsend Truman G.  1860 1934    
  Alma Fisk 1860 1950    
Townsend Earl T. 1890 1978    
Townsend Lester G.  1900 1966    
  Erma  1906 1977   Added notes: Erma Young date looks like 1977 could be something different. 
Townsend Barbara  1914 1934   Added notes: Barbara Brainard
Tyrel Mary Ann   Oct. 29, 1846 age 62y Wife of Reuben Tyrel
Tyrrell Seymour July 27, 1851 1917   Son of William Tyrrell and Lucy Doane Tyrrell
  Mary 1854 1930   His wife / Added notes: Mary Plantz
  Grace 1883 1907   Their daughter
Underwood Rebecca  1834 1908   Wife of Edward Underwood / Added notes: Rebecca Doane
VanDyke Agnas A. 1859 1882   Wife of A. I. VanDyke
VanDyke Roda A.   Sept. 25, 1884 52yrs. Wife of Platt VanDyke
  Platt C. 1828 1900   Civil War Co. A. 137 N.Y. Vol Added notes: ? On 1900. Looks like it, but could be different.
  Helen May   Jan. 19, 188? ae 21 yr Daughter of P.C. & R. VanDyke
Vajda James Aug. 21, 1918 Nov. 2, 1994   US Army - WWII
Vanoven Jesse 1867 1925    
  Frankie M. 1877 1944   His wife
Vibbert Emerson 1858 1938    
  Adria C.  1862 1949    
Vought Charles S.  1872 1958    
  Carrie May 1881 1965    
Vought Frank 1866 1907    
Vought William 1858 1952    
  Dora 1861 1911    
Vought Fred J.  1874 1923    
  Anna E. 1877 1958   His wife / Added notes: Anna E. Dilks
Vought Ida J.  1892 1946    
  Leon F. 1888 1985    
Vought Leonard 1886 1931    
  Carrie J. 1894 1992   Added notes: Carrie J. Houck
Vought Wilsie C. 1908 1983    
  Myrtle 1911 1965    
Vought Grant 1913 June. 24, 1972    
  Orpha Leona Aug. 17, 1915 Mar. 5, 1983   Daughter of Verney J. Doane
Wagner Joseph G. 1915 1959   The death date of Joseph George Wagner should be May 12, 1969 
  Mary E. 1928      
Wagner Charles O. May 27, 1950 May 9,  1980    
Walker Fred E. Feb. 12, 1888 May. 24, 1961   Millitary marker PA PVT H9 304 Engineers WWI
Walker Edward R. July 25, 1886 Sept. 6, 1950   Millitary marker PA PVT 137 Spruce Sq. WWI
Walker Charles H. June. 5, 1852 Dec. 13, 1899    
Walker - Bowers Clyde W. 1898 1973    
  Eva V. 1906 1989    
  Clarence W. 1898 1969    
  Martha V. 1902 1979    
Washburn Isaith   Sept. 1, 1856 ae 74y 5m 16d  
Weller Earl June 1890 m? 2, 1897    
Wells Thomas A. 1889 1969    
  Elizabeth B.  1879 1933   His wife
Westbrook Skye Blue 1997 1997   Cooley Funeral Home family marker - No stone
Westbrook Paul E. Aug. 10, 1949 Nov. 27, 1976   SP 4 US Army Viet Nam "Beloved Husband & Father"
Wheaton Arthur 1898 1936   mason marker
  Helen  1900 1949    
  Mabel  1876 1966    
Wheaton James P. 1858 1949    
  Addie B. 1863 1955    
  Ethel May July. 10, 1894 Apr. 8, 1898   Daughter of James & Addie
Wheaton George 1849 1902    
  Agatha B. 1852 1902    
Wheaton Cyrus G. Sept. 7, 1886 Jan. 7, 1960   "Father"
  Matilda E. Mar. 19, 1904 June. 18, 1955   "Mother"
Wheaton Walter M.  Oct. 1, 1894 June. 8, 1961   WWI 1918 Pa - Sgt. US Army . Flag and military marker
Wheaton Adelle Kathryn Sept. 24, 1926     "In God I Trust" "Thanks for stopping by"
Wheaton Martin L.  1851 1934   "Father"
  Della R. 1859 1921   "Mother"
Wheaton Sarah F.   May. 6, 1889 ae 14mo Dau. Of M. L. & Della Wheaton
Wheeler   1809 1881   Stone is hard to read. Does have "Simeon A. Wheeler" on it. This might be his wife. C?arr?bbi
Wheelhouse John   Mar. 5, 1868 ae 87yrs  
  Mary Ann   June 20, 1872 72yrs Wife of John Wheelhouse
  Mary Ann   Feb. 21, 1871 ae 59yrs Wife of Frederick A. Jakway
Wheelhouse William   Jan. 30, 1866 ae 50yr 5m  
  Caroline   Apr. 8, 1864 ae 34y 6m. His wife
  William John   Dec. 6, 1880 ae 29y 4m Child of W & C. Wheelhouse
  Caroline A.   Sept. 17, 1863 ae 14mo. 10d Child of W & C. Wheelhouse
White R. Jane 1841 1929    
White Unreadable 1834 1908   Tall thin stone with hand / what is readable might be Richard White Eben
White Silas D. Sept. 7, 1818 Nov. 18, 1899    
  Sally Ann June. 16, 1827 Nov. 12, 1903   His wife
White Sidney Sept. 19, 1819 Feb. 21, 1902    
  Lucy Dec. 31, 1828 Jan. 6, 1897   His wife / Added notes: Lucy Corbin
White Frank 1865 1952    
  Nellie E. 1867 1917    
White Richard E. 1892 1908    
Wilbur C. Bruce 1874 1960    
  Stella B. 1874 1955    
Wilbur Ernest H.  1902 1991    
  Mildred I.  1905 1983    
Wilbur Francis E. Sept. 14, 1906 Jun. 1, 1988   CPL US Army - WWII Flag and marker
Wilkinson William D. 1898 1976    
  Helen E. 1902 1983    
Williams Daniel J. Nov. 9, 1834 Sept. 14, 1885   "At Rest" Civil War Co. H, 137 N.Y. Vol
Williams Daniel    1881 aged 37y 6m 1861-1865 GAR Emblem Civil War and Flag holder
Williams John 1875 1934    
  Minnie 1870     Death date either 1943 or 1913 hard to read the third number
Wilson Elbert A. 1863 1915    
  Leah J.  1869 1937    
  Elbert E. 1898 1960    
  Ethel A.  1898 1960    
  Earl W.  1890 1977    
  Hazel M. 1900 1996    
Wilson Lucius C   Nov. 8, 1879 ae 11y  
Wolcott Loren B.       Civil War on back Loren B. Wolcott PVT Co D 162 Regt. 17 Pa. Cav. US Army
Woods Donald A.  25-Jun-20 Nov. 13, 1994   WWII marker and flag
  Violet "Irish" Jan. 13, 1921     On back of stone "Donald A. Woods M. Sgt US Army Air Corps - WW II
Wright Mary A. Wright   Jan. 7, 1880 ae 67y 6m Wife of Daniel Gould
        Several Unreadable stones: 
Freddie         Name on top of stone
Eliza         Name on top of stone
Unreadable         "Baby" On top of stone this is near Coon stone
Unreadable     Mar. 30, 1815 ae 60y 11m 9d Looks like Sarah and is near the Manchester stones
Unreadable     Apr. 15, 1852 ae 73yr  
Unreadable Sarah Esther 1927 1928    
Unreadable Sarah       In front of Rebecca Underwood
Subj:  Valley Home Cemetery Listing
Date:  06/28/2003 1:41:53 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Rachael White)


Your site is amazing!!  Almost all of my ancestors have resided in Bradford,  Chemung, Tioga (NY), or Tompkins (NY) Counties for at least 200 years, so your site has been very helpful to my research.  (And I'm sure I still haven't gotten through all of it!).  The wealth of information is great, and it has helped me springboard to other sources and places.  What caught my attention today is the listing for my g-g-g grandfather Eber White, in Valley Home Cemetery.

The link is:

It is listed as "Unreadable White", with a "what is readable might be Richard White Eben."  I have not made it down to that cemetery yet (as I just found out he is buried there through your site), so I haven't gotten the chance to look at the stone.  I am from Lansing, NY in Tompkins County.  Through census searches and contact with other relatives I have discovered that his name is Eber.  I have more research to do yet to find out what his full name is (Richard Eber, Eber Richard).  His wife is Rhoda Jane (Hamilton) White, and I see that she is buried there too.  I can't wait to get down there now!  Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that the "Eben" should read Eber, so that if you have time (I don't know how you do it!) it can be changed.  Thank you so much for such a wonderful site.

Rachael White

Subj:  follow up on Valley Home Cemetery
Date:  06/28/2003 2:12:17 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Rachael White)


After looking at the pictures of Valley Home Cemetery, I realized it is the cemetery I visited last year!  I took pictures and one is nearly the same as one on the site.  At the time, I visited it to see the stones of my great great grandparents, Frank and Nellie White.  I can't believe I would have over looked Eber and Rhoda White's stones, but I wasn't looking for them at the time.  I'll definitely get back down there soon, now that I have more to look for!  It's a little over 45 minutes south from where I live.  I also wanted to note that Frank White (1865-1952), Nellie E. White (1867-1917), and their son Richard E. White (1892-1908) are not listed in the Valley Home Cemetery Listing on  I'm not sure if the list is not complete yet, or they were overlooked, but I wanted to point that out, so that if you or someone else has time they can be added.  Thanks for all of your help.

Rachael White

     In looking at the names from Valley Home I couldn't help notice my Grandparents weren't listed.  Their names were William D. and Helen E. Wilkinson.  William was laid to rest March 1976 and Helen in March 1983.  At that time they were in the very last row left of center to the best of my recollection.  Can you help me find them?

I'd appreciate any guidiance you could give.

Thank you.

Richard VanSice , 05 JAN 2005

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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 9/1/2002
By Joyce M. Tice