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Name of Cemetery:  Valley Home Cemetery
Read By:  Florence Ellis & Beth French, 
Carol Jacobs & Reva Wagner
Date Read:   July 2002
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Name of Cemetery:    Valley Home Cemetery
Read By:  Florence Ellis & Beth French, Carol Jacobs & Reva Wagner
Date Read:   July 2002
Typed by: Carol HEATH Jacobs
Location:  Windham Township. Off State Route 187 North about 1/2 mile on State Route 1049 West towards West Warren.
Other comments: Florence and Beth were a huge part of this cemetery being completed. With out their taking days to complete the reading and double check everything it still would not be finished. Thank you both for all your time and help.
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Ackerman Mary A 1889 1955    
Adams Roy K. Mar. 8, 1906 Mar. 27, 1982    
  Grace A. Oct. 24, 1916 Oct. 9, 1991    
Alexander Mrs. Ellen   Jan. 18, 1883 ae 54yrs  
Allis Guy E. 1916 1990   "Going Home"
  Pearl L. 1920      
Angel Rev. Joseph R. Angel June 5, 1830 Feb. 10, 1898   Flag & Cross near stone / He was a Methodist Minister
  Mary H. Sept. 8, 1839 Jan. 1, 1915   "His wife"
Angell Frances R.   Apr. 10, 1859   "Dau. Of B.D. and F.L. Angell "
Antisdel Miles D. 1893 1959    
Antisdel Gladys R. 1900 1956    
Antisdel Elma L. 1928 1930    
Antisdel Leroy M. 1920 1921    
Antisdel John B. 1867 1949    
  Edith A. 1867 1940    
Antisdel Mary T. Ledue 1931 1989    
Antisdel Laura Nov. 9, 1931      
  Wayne Jan. 14, 1922 Nov. 25, 1991   Double Rings M. April 24, 1954 Our Children: Miles, Laura & Patricia
Arnold Paul R. Arnold 1900 1917    
  Harriet Wolcott Arnold 1871 1915    
Ast Joyce C. 1927      
Babcock William D. Babcock Jan. 20, 1811 Mar 24, 1889    
  Carolina Olmstead   May 30, 1872 ae 57 yr wife of Wm. D. Babcock
Babcock Avery D. 1839 1892    
  Martha E.  1843 1910   his wife
  E. Lynn Babcock 1874 1928    
  Carrie J. Babcock 1874 1924    
Baker Iverse   Feb. 7, 1838 ae 50y 1m  
  Elizabeth   Dec 25,1884 ae 81yr 9mo wife of Iverse Baker
Baker  Levi J. July 19, 1803 Aug. 2, 188?    
Baker Martha Andrews Baker 1889 1929   Has a Sutfins Marker
Baldwin James B. Dec ?, 1955 197 5or8   Hand made marker
Ball Harold Jun.27, 1934      
  Dorothy Jun.8, 1935 Feb. 17, 1992    
Ball Steven Aug.10, 1957     "Our special Son"
Barnes Phidela F.   July 23, 1837   dau of Charles & ? Barnes
Beck Minnie   1974   born 1880
Beckwith Glen H.  1910 1985    
  Marion T. 1915      
Bennett Edward 1855 1908    
  Nora 1870 1934    
Bennett Robert C. 1888 1970    
  Harriet J. 1897 1971    
Bennett Robert C. 1925 1926    
Bennett Charles E. 1880 1924    
  Ellen W. 1881 1957    
  Roy S. 1913 1941    
Bowers--Walker Clylde W. 1898 1973    
  Eva V. 1906 1989    
  Clarence 1898 1969    
  Martha V. 1902 1979    
Brainard Levi    Sept. 24, 1817 ae 35yrs  
  Darius   Apr. 25, 1824 ae 44yrs Added information : War of 1812
Brainard Simon   Apr. 21, 1892 ae 78y 7m  
  Mary Ann   Apr. 8, 1878 ae 62yr wife of Simon
  Francis   Oct. 23, 1857 ae 16yr 7m 3d Son of Simon & Mary Ann
  Susan   Nov. 8, 1866 ae 15yr 9m 9d dau of Simon & Mary Ann
Brainard Darius M.   Dec. 18, 1869 ae 47y 8m 18d  
  Marion B.   Aug 21, 1863   Wife of Darius Looks like the age was 38yrs 
Brainard Libbie   Oct. 1, 1888 ae 21y 3m Dau of Darius & Marion
Brainard Eva V. 1845 1923    
Brainard Charles E. 1846 ?    
  Ella 1852 1912   his wife
Brainard Floyde 1896 1976    
  Lillie D. 1894 1987    
Brainard Elwyn E. May 24 1923     "Butch"/"Father"
  Mildred L. Jan 21 1923 July 5 1994   "Millie"/"Mother"
Brainard Claude L. 1887 1958    
  Genevieve S. 1887 1991    
Brainard Colleen Arietto Aug. 1, 1983 Mar. 24, 1984   "Our precious baby"
Brant Joseph   Oct 9, 1867    
  Deborah   ?, 18, 1873   his wife
Bringham Rev. Alfred Bringham 1823 1896    
  Fanny P.T. 1822 1901   his wife
Brown  Lena D. 1879 1911    
Brown  Emma Fisk 1851 1937   "sister"
Brown  Orsemes Sept. 24, 1856      
  Della April 25, 1854 Jan 6, 1895   "his wife"
Brown  James E. 1971 1975   shepard boy w/ sheep etching
Brown  Henry 1899 1976    
  Eva V. 1902 1993    
Brown  Bonnie L. 1951 1988    
  Charlotte 1924      
  Donald H. 1922 1977   on back of stone "Donald Henry Brown PFC US Army - World War II"
Brown  Isaac F. Jan . 8, 1930 Jun. 23, 1994   US Army
Buck Carol L. 1918 1991    
Buck Ruby C. 1903 1993    
Buck Horatio T.   1939    
  Margaret L.   1955    
Bulle Edna S.       Widow of Thomas B. Butler or Bulle Stone is very hard to read
Burgess Benjamin   Mar. 13, 1839    
  Sally   Oct. 13, 1840   Age 46 wife of Benjamin Sally was born Oct. 17, 1794 and was a Doane
  Polly   Nov. 16, 1822 ae 2y 2m dau of Benjamin and Sally Burgess /Born Set. 22, 1820

I've  been  surfing your genealogy site  and I want to offer my thanks.   Your site obviously has taken an incredible amount of time  and  commitment.  It is professionally organized, easy to navigate,   and  contains  important  information.  I've  found records for some direct ancestors -- Daniel Doane & Sarah Cole, Benjamin Burgess & Sally Doane -- and their families.  There is also  a  clue to another branch - James Beale, possibly the son of Benj Burgess' 2nd wife.

I'm also hoping I've found an error... The  1830  census  for  Bradford Co., Windham Twp shows a Benj. Burgess  and  his family.  Benj is shown in the 40-50 age group and the oldest female, presumably his wife, Sally, in the 30-40 age  group.  The 1840 Census shows the same with an increase of 10 years and the second oldest male being 15-20 years old.  The 1850  Census (pg 2 fam 99) Shows Benjamin Burgess to be 28 (the second  oldest male in the 1940 census) and his (probable) wife also  28.   With no other Benjamin Burgess listed in the census and  with the age difference one assumes that the 1850 Benjamin is  the son of the 1830-40 Benjamin. (An assumption that agrees with  separate  research.)   The  problem  is  the  Valley Home Cemetery  (pg  1, 3rd from last) record show a Benjamin Burgess as  dying on Mar 13, 1839.  Other research suggests he was born in  RI  about  1790.   His  age,   therefore,  agrees  with  the 1830-1940  Census.  His son, Benjamin was born in 1822 - age 28 in  1850   What I'm wondering... If Benj died and was buried in 1839,  who  is in the 1840 Census?  It seems unlikely 1) he was counted a year after his death and 2) His widow moved away when her  family  was  in  the  same  township  and another Benjamin Burgess  showed up with the same family age distribution..  SO, I'm  hoping  there  is an error in transcribing the date on the grave marker.

All of this is the long way around to asking if you can confirm the  date  on the grave marker.  I know that maintaining a site such  you  have  requires a lot of time and energy and that you have  other  commitments  at  hand  so  I'm  not  expecting any immediate answer.  I am hoping that you or a volunteer can keep this  request  in mind when next you have occasion to visit the cemetery.
Thanks again for your excellent web site.

Tom Burgess
Corvallis, OR 
The History Center on Main Street, 83 N. Main Street, Mansfield PA 16933

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 9/1/2002
By Joyce M. Tice