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Cemetery Listings - Tioga County, Pennsylvania
Ansonia Cemetery, Shippen Township, Tioga County PA
Shippen Township Page
2002 One Two Three Four 1968

Photo by Carol Lackey 2002
Name of Cemetery: Ansonia Cemetery 
Read By: Carol & Bob Lackey 
Date Read: 2002 
Typed By: Carol & Bob Lackey, Pat SMITH Raymond 
Location: Shippen Twp., Tioga County, PA
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Baldwin Kenneth 1919 1983    
Baldwin Bertha W. 1922      
Baldwin Alfred L. Jan.11.1891 Jan.4.1973    
Baldwin George W. 1882 1947    
Baldwin Delia B. 1880 1961    
Schoonover Marcus May.28.1869 Mar.26.1939    
Statts Sharon L. 1953 1961   Our Daughter
Morrow Emma L. Jun.8.1908 Jul.31.1989    
Statts Keith E. Jan.1.1954 Jun.8.1997    
Stryker Isaac 1837 1912   Husband
Reyman William C. 1837 1917    
Reyman Harriet A. 1844 1917    
Bower Philip C. 1944 1991    
Bower Ilene K. 1945 1945    
Bower Margaret H. 1952      
Shelley Elmer R. 1898 1980    
Shelley Hellen M. 1901 1976    
Shelley William E., Jr. Feb.15.1957 Aug.13.1957   Our Son
Campbell Glenn W. Dec.8.1896 Sept.7.1955   Pvt. 111 Provisional Co. World War 1 See Note Below
Haynes Anna R. 1897 1975   Love light my way to God
Vanover Esther 1901 1975    
Vanatta Olive 1878 1960   Own surname is Manning 
Vanatta Walter 1878 1964    
Butler Helen M. Mar.26.1911 Mar.3.1979   MOM
Butler Horace S. May.15.1905 Dec.12.1959   DAD
Farnham Claude E. 1894 1970   FATHER
Farnham Mary A. 1887 1978   MOTHER
Farnham Bernice       DAUGHTER
Wiedemann Mary A. 1904      
Wiedemann Alois 1905 1967    
Shelley Dorothy T. 1932      
Shelley William E.  1935 1986    
Wagaman William A. 1909 1963    
Wagaman Marion L. 1913      
Wagaman William H. 1942 1955   SON
Colaw Bessie H. Dec.7.1892 Jul.14.1954    
Parsons Amos L. 1892 1951    
Parsons Calista 1892 1961   w/o Amos
Mason Grant W. 1883 1964   FATHER -The Lord is my shepard I shall not want
Mason Lula M. 1904 1973   MOTHER
Massie Bertha M. 1881 1940    
Mason Edward H. May.6.1855 Jan.20.1947    
Decker Michael Lee Oct.2.1970 Oct.5.1970    
Hoadley Carl Edward Oct.22.1925 Jan.3.1931    
Hoadley Mayne Oct.1895 Sept.1976   Wooden Cross
Hoadley Ethel Dec.1898 Jul.1926   Wooden Cross
Butler Albert Ivan Sr. Aug.21.1917 May.9.1987   PFC.US Army WWII -Flag & Emblem
Butler Beulah M. 1921 1992    
Hoadley George C. 1874 1940   Together forever
Hoadley Hattie P. 1865 1921    
Hoadley Wm. J.       No dates
Hoadley Rosella       His Wife - No dates
Kilbourne Ira Door 1893 1953   WWI 1916-1917 - Flag & Emblem
Kilbourne Leah M. 1895 1970    
Banker Bliss E. Nov.11.1904 May.31.1963    
Banker Lona W. Dec.17.1913      
Banker Jerusha B. 1886 1957    
Banker Alonzo D. 1873 1939    
Wilson Francis A. Jan.5.1854 Feb.1936    
Wilson Robert L. Aug.17.1850 Mar.3.1920    
Wilson Edith M. Sep.19.1880 Dec.5.1959    
Johnson Joseph P. Jul.19.1919 Sep.11.1983   WWII - Flag & Emblem - Together Forever
Johnson Mary G. Oct.3.1916 Apr.26.1979   In Loving Memory
Mitchell Patricia O. 1945 1999   This is in front of Johnson stone
Delong Isaac Jun.22.1838 Apr.16.1892   Born-Schuykill Haven
Frome Donald Hanford Jun.15.1909 Sep.2.1961    
Pollard Buddie Frome May.17.1913 May.13.1997    
Stacey Ruth M. May.26.1905 Feb.9.1988   SISTER
Chaffee Edgar C. 1864 1941    
Chaffee Agusta 1868 1914   His Wife
Woodruff L. L. 1871 1934    
Woodruff Ella 1868 1913   His Wife
Woodruff T. Lyman 1833 1909    
Harlow Clara Aug.16.1861 Oct.12.1929    
Walker Jessie B. Oct.28.1883 Jun.15.1959   On stone w/Clara Harlow
Bennett Wherman P. 1874 1914    
Bennett Lena E. Nov.24.1911 Apr.26.1953    
Bennett Eva May 1912 1913    
Harlow Daughter Sep.25.1878 Jan.10.1897   Gone but not forgotten d/o J. M. & Clara M.
Herrington Charles 1896 1899   s/o SL & LK Herrington
Herrington Ruth M. 1905 1906   d/o SL & LK Herrington
Herrington Smith Little 1870 1923    
Herrington Laura Kriner 1872 1925    
Moss Barton 1915 1917   s/o D & Grace Moss
Moss Dominick M. 1891 1962    
Moss Grace M. 1889 1950    
Mosher Jennie 1876 1912    
Smith         Large Stone with GAR Flag
Smith P. E. 1856 1921   Flag & Emblem-I.O.R.F. Freedom Friendship & Charity
Smith Eva A. 1860 1934    
Ford Byron R. 1867 1966   SRGP 21902 
Ford Wife of Byron Jan.18.?? 9-1839   Masonic emblem - Name was Grace Edith Marian DARLING (SRGP 21608)
NOTE: Dear Joyce,
     Hope am sending  this to right Email address for this . My Husbands Sister is buried in the Ansonia Cemetery and they have no records of her even being their as have talked to the Care Taker Mark Wagaman. Finally my husband and another Brother  and a Sister have gone together and set a stone on Saturday the 27th . She is buried next to her Dad Glenn Campbell. We do know she is buried their. Her name is Margaret Bertha Campbell Birth Date September 15th, 1924 Death was January 19, 1933. Was wondering if you could record this in with the other Cemetery Records on your site when you have the time. Thank you so much. Beverly Campbell

Published on Tri-Counties 24 DEC 2002