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Cemetery Listings - Tioga County, Pennsylvania
Ansonia Cemetery, Shippen Township, Tioga County PA
Shippen Township Page
2002 One Two Three Four 1968

Photo by Joyce M. Tice Feb. 1998
Name of Cemetery: Ansonia Cemetery
Read By: Carol & Bob Lackey
Date Read: 2002
Typed By: Carol & Bob Lackey, Pat SMITH Raymond
Location: Shippen Twp., Tioga County, PA
Other comments:
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Bradley Lettie J.   Apr.20.1882 35y6m w/o E. B. Bradley
Warriner Hattie       d/o A. M. & Annie Warriner
Gleason Mary Alice 1910 1996    
Gleason Ersest A. 1909 1984    
Akins Amy F. 1888 1983    
Mason W. G. 1828 1905    
Mason Charlotte 1829     His wife
Mason Charles A. 1867 1905   s/o W. G. & Charlotte
Mason Sarah J. 1874 1906   w/o E. H. Mason -All Mason stones in bad shape
Mason Infant       s/o E. H. & Sarah
Parker Joseph W. 1856      
Parker Mary Alice 1863 1900   His wife
Parker Joseph 1825 1904    
E. A.         2 small stones with this inscription
Akins Edward 1845 1929    
Akins Frances 1852 1946   His wife
Lorenz Stella E. 1879 1926   Mother
Oakes Jerome A. 1855 1925    
Oakes Phoebe L. 1880 1946    
E.J.O A. J. O.       2 small stones
Butler Mark L. Jan.24.1962 Sep.26.1989   His picture on stone
Butler Bernard David A. Mar.27.1910 Mar.3.1997    
Fowler Addie D.     6y10m14d Children of B.N. & Maggie Fowler
Fowler Earl W.     5y24d Both drowned Jun.10.1892
Fowler Vera B.   Jun.4.1895 1y8m17d Budded on earth bloom in heaven
Miller John P,       No dates
Brown     Sep.17.1884 6m3d d/o PTH & Christma
Herrington Horace P.   Dec.24.1889 52y3m16d  
Herrington Reuben   Apr.12.1861 71y7m6d  
Herrington Eunice   Feb.7.1874 78y9m w/o Reuben H.- Stone in ground
Herrington Leonard P.   Aug.23.1846 13y10m23d s/o Reuben & Eunice-The months of affliction are over. The days and the nights distress. He's gained his happy release
Herrington Nancy   Dec.11.1843 25y4m8d d/o Reuben & Eunice. Tis finished the conflict is passed. The Heaven born spirits fled. Her wish is accomplished at last, and now shes entombed with the death.
Herrington Walter H.   Mar.2.1872 17 yr s/o Deroy & Maria
          Stone gone from base
Herrington Deroy 1824 1899    
Herrington Maria 1827 1909   His wife
Petrie Mary H. 1855 1910    
Butler Polly 1818 1894   w/o Horace
Butler Hiram 1852 1896   s/o Horace & Polly
Butler Ernest L. 1897 1908   s/o L. J. & Harriet
Butler Laverne 1877 1920    
Butler Harriet A. 1878 1968   MOTHER
Butler         Large stone no writing
Butler Ivan E. 1884 1952    
Butler Edward H. 1843 1916   FATHER
Oakes James A. 1831 1902    
Oakes Elizabeth J. 1831 1906   His wife
Butler Bertha 1874 1961    
Butler Wilbur 1871 1955    
Butler Gladys M. 1909 1948    
Butler Clarence B. 1908 1941    
Hamilton James C. 1847 1922    
Mason Elizabeth Butter 1875 1938   MOTHER
Mason Morten G. 1894 1920    
Butler Leon M. 1870 1907   FATHER
Luxenburger Lee A.   Apr.27.1883 2y3m21d s/o Matthew & Belle
Holmes Frank   Aug.30.1865   s/o Israel & Amelia - Stone in bad shape
Holmes Helena   Dec.22.??   d/o Israel & Amelia -Stone in ground almost covered
Broughton Sarah E.   Jul.23.1851 3y6m23d d/o Horace & Sarah
Beach Ellen J.   Dec.7.1846 1 yr Stone in bad shape
Ellis Eleanor M.   Oct.3.1810 13m 15d d/o Orville Ellis
Rexford Henry G.   Dec.20.1853 1y10m21d s/o Job & Chloe
Ellis David M. Jul.8.1797 Feb.25.1857    
Ellis Orvilla Jan.9.1800 Mar.29.1867    
Sligh Henry G.   Mar.8.1862 75y10m21d  
Sligh Elizabeth Green   Mar.9.1879   w/o Henry
Broughton Sarah E. Jan.1.1877 56y9m28d MOTHER - Wife of Horace
Broughton Horace P.   Jul.3.1893   FATHER
Schanbacker Jennie M. 1845 1901   w/o H. Schanbacker
Schanbacker Robert S. Feb.11.1873 Oct.31.1881   c/o Henry & Jennie S.
Schanbacker Maud A. Jan.17.1875 Oct.31.1881   c/o Henry & Jennie S.
Bradley Lettie J.   Apr.20.1882 35y6m w/o E. B. Bradley
Bradley Andrew Feb.18.1881 Mar.1881    
Daily Alanson   Jun.20.1851 30y3m13d s/o Gordon & Laura Daily
Jackson Barney   Mar.28.1883 61y1m1d  
Jackson Anna 1885 1947    
Jackson Andrew 1860 1913    
Warriner Ralph R. Jun.5.1885 Jul.27.1944    
Warriner Helen R. Mar.2.1889 Nov.29.1955    
Butler Edna W. 1904 1988    
Butler Maurice L. 1906 1981    
Smith Marvin D. Jan.28.1945 Jun.1.1983    
Smith Frederick M. 1918 1990    
Smith Marian B. 1923      
Correy Minnie Jul.2.1878 Jan.4.1897   d/o A. & Clara Correy
Swope Nelson 1830 1910    
Swope Mary M. 1836 1923   His wife--Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal.
Swope Mary A.   ?Aug.24.1892 21y18m27d Jan?Aug.
Swope Carrie M.   Jan.6.1963 5y3m17d d/o Nelson & Mary
Swope Abiather   Oct.18.1850 43y1m18d  
Murphy Martin 1850 1919    
Murphy Sarah J. Metcalf 1859     w/o Martin Murphy
Rexford Anna   Jan.21.1854 73y10m17d w/o Wm. H.
Thompson Frances L.   Aug.17.1849 10m28d d/o William & Mary
Merrick Isreal   Apr.30.1841 77y11m28d  
Baker Homer Jan.23.1882 Mar.26.1882   s/o Chester & Anna M. Baker

Published on Tri-Counties 24 DEC 2002