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Morris Run Cemetery, Hamilton Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania
by Joyce M. Tice
02 SEP 2008
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Name of Cemetery: Morris Run Cemetery, Lutheran Community Cemetery
Read By: Linda C. Reese, Joyce M. Tice
Date Read: August. 2008
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Formatted & Published by Joyce M. Tice 16 October 2008
Location: Hamilton Twp, Morris Run, Tioga County
Other Comments: Many unmarked graves and many marked by only a white cross
Page One Two Three Obituaries
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
3 Crosses          
Carew William 6/2/1831 6/2/1894   Co. I - 109 Reg. NY Vol.
Hagland Karl G. 1844 1896    
Smith Harvey A.   1/14/1901 1y4m s/o R.W. & L. R.
1 Cross          
Nybeck Martin 1855 1918    
Nybeck Emil 1895 1918   On marker w/Martin
Nybeck         On base-Carl, Albert, Erik, Vanner
McDermott Dell M. 1886 1939    
McDermott Eva M. 1891 1970   On marker w/Dell M.
McDermott Harold 8/12/1933 8/10/1996   CSSN -US Navy, Korea
McDermott Ray Jackson 10/4/1930 9/24/1955   Pa PFC - Marine Corp. Korea
Dibler James A. 1921 1957    
1 Cross          
Graham Myrtle E. 1923 1984    
Graham Mary E. 1929 1963    
Oman Edwin, Maria, Jacob       No dates
2 Crosses          
Bergman Anna Swanson 12/9/1861 10/9/1887   Wife of Peter
Bergman Augusta Pehrson 6/12/1866 9/29/1909   Wife of Peter - Same stone
Erickson John D. 1869 1964    
Erickson Anna L. 1866 1940   On marker w/John D.
Erickson Carl E. 12/10/1894 2/22/1914   son of John & Anna L.
Erickson John A. 10/1/1890 10/7/1890   son of John & Anna L.
Bennett William   6/8/1877 40y11m20d Native of Wales
Bennett John       son of Wm. & Elizabeth-Stone broken
Crawford Unreadable   1/21/1891 1y4m son of Mary
Na??bry Sarah J.   ?/30/1873 5y8wk child of David & Elizabeth
Na??bry David John   1/4/18?? 1y11d child of David & Elizabeth
Priest Mary E. 3/28/1873 Repair Cement   wife of Francis
1 Cross          
Jones Hannah   4/3/1872 7 mo daughter of D. D. & Elizabeth
Price Phebe   2/19/1870 76yr wife of David
1 Cross          
Bennett Annie L.   10/7/1872 2y 2 mo daughter of Isaiah & Rebecca
Richard John H.   11/20/188? Unreadable son of John & Sarah
John James Bro.     47y3 da This stone erected by Morris Run Lodge I.O. of O. F. taken of Esteem deceased brother
?? Isabela   2/5/1877 67y Also beloved wife of the above
??         (Top of stone gone where husband's name should be)
Stevenson Robert   1872 36y11m9d  
1 Cross          
Pedalty John   3/3/1870 2y 1m son of James & Catharine
Pedalty William   4/8/1870   son of James & Catharine
Reed George 2/25/1825 2/7/1900    
1 Cross          
          Pile of footstones against tree
Podfield Martha E.   9/8/1874 4y2m daughter of Henry & Elizabeth
4 Crosses          
Thomas Elizabeth     65 yr wife of David A. (Rest unreadable)
Robinson William   10/12/1873 41 yr  
          Child's grave - unreadable
Jones William   8/20/1870 9 mo son of Thomas & Jane
Owens Elenor   3/6/1869 49 yr wife of David 
Hunt Minnie T.   7/19/1871 1y2m7d daughter of James & Susannah
1 Cross          
Swanson  A.   1/27/1924    
Davis Ebenezer   8/2/1872 18da son of Jno. & Mark
Jackson Unreadable       daughter of Geo. & Virginia
3 Crosses          
Smarley Charles Ivor   11/18/1876 6m 10d son of L. D. & Margaret (broken)
Harris Mary   5/11/1876 32yr wife of D. B.
Harris Edith    May 1875 6 wk Child of D. B. & Mary
Harris William   1870 6 wk Child of D. B. & Mary
Wheeler Alfred   3/6/1886 10m 14 da Child of James & Sarah
Wheeler Edwana   10/2/1878 11m 20da Child of James & Sarah
Jones Elizabeth   11/28/1870 53 yr  
Thomas John   2/3/1872 42 yr On marker w/Mariah
Thomas Mariah   11/25/1871 2y 3m daughter of John & Jane 
1 Cross          
Jones Samuel   9/3/1870 22 yr  
Owens Jane   5/23/1890 50y6m23d wife of David
Olson Otto B. 1880 1901   Son
Olson Emanuel 1854 1923   On marker w/Otto B.
Olson Johanna A. 1854 1933   On marker w/Otto B.
3 Crosses          
Perry Enoch 1868 1933    
Perry Loreniah 1869     On marker w/Enoch
Wikman Carl E. 1852 1910    
Wikman Johanna  1852 1931   On marker w/Carl E.
Wikman Arvad 1883 1911   On marker w/Carl E.
Wikman Charley 1878 1894   On marker w/Carl E.
Wikman Selma 1891 1891   On marker w/Carl E.
Wikman Oscar 1886 1886   On marker w/Carl E.
Heweitt Frederick   11/16/1884 28y3m16d  
Eaton Effie   1/1/1887 35 yr wife of John
5 Crosses         Many unmarked graves
Hewitt Florence   2/14/1880 3y3m21d daughter of Isaac & Emma
Lowery Nellie M. 1906 1966    
Hadley Rosannah   3/18/1893 42 yr w/o James C.
Hadley Matilda   5/7/1891 1y7m d/o James C. & Rosannah (Same marker)
Chapman James   10/2/1879 59 yr  
Bennett Ralph   10/1879   son of Isiah & Esther
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