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Cemetery Listings - Tioga County, Pennsylvania
Westfield Township Page
Photo by Joyce M. Tice
October 2006
Swimelar Obituaries
Name of Cemetery: Swimelar Cemetery
Read By: Linda C. Reese & Joyce M. Tice
Date Read: Oct. 2006
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Location: Westfield Twp, Tioga Co., PA
Other Comments: On Decker Rd. across the line from Clymer.  Many graves with no stones, Cemetery is mowed
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
Ladd Lottie Apr.26.1876 Apr.18.1902    
Ladd Ernest 1864 1938    
Hackett H.L. 1859 1920    
Hackett Elmer 1823 1901    
Hackett Harriett 1828 1906   w/o Elmer - On same stone
Robinson Silas B. Jul.6.1834 Dec.23.1892   Pvt. Co I - 112 Reg. P.V.H.A.
Baker S. S. Nov.28.1812 Uncut   Same marker as Salley 
Baker Salley Oct.10.1812 Mar.30.1892   w/o S. S.
Baker Ida 1856 1917   w/o Lester
Baker Lester 1850 1937    
Burnside Otto M. 1894 1957   "Son"
Burnside Rosallia 1856 1945   "Mother" - On marker w/Otto M.
Ladd William   Oct.20.1872 76y7m20d  
Bellan Joseph A. Nov.23.1970 Feb.6.1996   LCPL - US Marine Corps-Persian Gulf
  Unreadable stone        
Warfle Avilda Swimelar 1868 1918   w/o Enos
Taylor Anna J. Swimelar Aug.27.1850 Aug.9.1912   w/o R.H. Taylor
Swimelar Marvel Aug.15.1822 Jul.12.1881    
Swimelar Henretta Nov.2.1827 Feb.24.1894   w/o Marvel - On same marker
Swimelar Emma   Nov.18.1864 11y6m?d s/o Marvil & Henretta
Burdic Edgar   Oct.25.1863 9y8m21d s/o Anderson J. & Molly
Burdic Anderson J. 1828 1908    
Burdic Molly 1833 1902   On marker w/Anderson J.
Burdic Edgar 1854 1963   s/o A.J. & Molly - On back of stone
Giles Albert   Oct.30.1867 27y8m23d s/o Herrick & Jane
Giles Jacob   Oct.31.1869 33y8m12d  
Giles Herrick Jun.2.1806 Mar.7.1887    
Giles Jane Mar.15.1808 Mar.19.1889   w/o Herrick (In woodchuck hole)
Short Francilia   Mar.4.1866 12y3m15d d/o Reuben & Mary
Short Polly   Mar.15.1870 48 yr w/o Reuben
Short Reuben 1822 1890    
Boom Henry 1872 Uncut    
Boom George 1849 1898    
Boom Orsola 1850 1939   On marker w/George
Guile Mary Mar.25.1848 Feb.10.1885    
Conklin Samantha   Jan.2.1873 5y9m25d Children of Albert & Rachel
Conklin Charles   Jan.5.1873 8 yr Children of Albert & Rachel-Same marker
Conklin Albert 1843 1912   Same stone as Nancy 
Conklin Nancy R. 1848 1916   w/o Albert
Robinson James   Mar.12.1886 54y8m20d  
Robinson Caroline Aug.26.1830 Dec.21.1875   w/o James
Hill Maria Aug.18.1832 Nov.25.1901    
Ladd Edith     7y7m Note: was 4 yr old in 1860 census-parents:John & Elizabeth Ladd
H--b-- Brom L.   Nov.9.1863 3y11m16d s/o John & Emily H--b-- 
          Note: Tombstone very weathered and illegible in parts. Westfield census 1860 P-767 Huber?, John 23 NY - Emily 22 NY - Brom 8/12 PA - Spelling of last name has been questioned

2006 Listing added to site  on 11/25/2006 By Joyce M. Tice
1970 Listing below added to site 15 FEB 1987


Westfield ,Tioga County PA

This is from Tioga County Cemetery Inscriptions, Vol. 2, reprinted with permission of Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd . The Swimelar Cemetery is practically a family cemetery but also contains the remains of early settlers in this neighborhood. Located on Route 58114 between Westfield and Sabinsville. Road is called Broughton Road also referred to as "Mud Road". Inscriptions copied by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd & . William Ladd ca 1970-72. 
Even though the 1897 Tioga County history describes this as being in Clymer Township, it is just over the border in Westfield Township. It is within sight of the township line, but is clearly on the Westfield side of the township marker on the road.
Ladd Lottie Apr. 26, 1876 Apr. 14, 1902
Ladd Ernest 1864 1938
Ladd William Oct. 20, 1872 76yr7mo20da
Robinson Silas B. July 6, 1835 Dec. 23, 1892 Civil War Marker.
Hackett Elmer 1823 1901
Hackett Harriett 1828 1906 His wife.
Hackett H.L. 1859 1920
Baker S.S. Nov. 28, 1812
Baker Sally Oct. 10, 1812 Mar. 30, 1892 Wife of S.S. Baker
Baker Lester 1850 1937
Baker Ida 1856 1917 His wife.
Warfle Avillia SWIMELAR 1866 1918 Wife of Enos Warfle
Taylor Anna J. SWIMELAR Aug. 27, 1850 Aug. 9, 1912 Wife of R.H. Taylor. Married Oct. 25, 1886
Swimelar Marvil Aug. 15, 1822 Jul. 12, 1881
Swimelar Henrietta Nov. 2, 1825 Feb. 24, 1894 His wife.
Swimelar Son Jan. 18, 1866 Son of Marvil and Henrietta Swimelar
Burdic Edgar Oct. 25, 1854 9yr8mo21da Son of Anderson J. and Molly Burdic.
Burdic Anderson J. 1828 1908
Burdic Molly 1833 1902 His wife.
Burdic Footstone intitials:A.J.B., W.L., M.B., D.S.
Gile Albert Oct. 30, 1867 27yr8mo23da Son of Herrick and Jane Gile.
Gile Jacob Oct. 31, 1869 33yr8mo12da
Gile Herrick Jun. 2, 1806 Mar. 7, 1888
Gile Jane Mar. 15, 1808 Mar. 19, 1889
Seegive Francellia M. Mar. 4, 186? 12yrs. Daughter of Franklin and Mary Seegive.
Short Polly Wife of Reuben Short
Short Reuben 1822 1890
Boom Henry 1872 19--
Boom George 1849 1896
Boom Orsola 1850 1939
Guile Mary Mar. 25, 1849 Feb. 10, 1885
Conklin Samantha Jan. 2, 1873 5yrs.
Conklin Charles Jan. 5, 1873 8yrs.
Conklin Albert 1843 1912
Conklin Nancy R. 1848 1916 His wife.
Robinson James Mar. 12, 1886 54yr8mo20da
Robinson Catherine E. Aug. 26, 1830 Dec. 21, 1875 Wife of James Robinson.
Hill Maria Aug. 18, 1832 Nov. 25, 1901

Name of Cemetery: Joseph Swimler Burial Ground
Deeded As
Read By: Linda C. Reese
Date Read: July.2011
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Formatted and Published by Joyce M. Tice June 2012
Location: Westfield  Township, Tioga Co, PA
GPS Coordinates
Other Comments:
Number of Burials this Section Approximately  11
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
Swimler Joseph    5/13/1866 81y8m29d  
3 Graves         Marked by Field Stones
1 Grave         Marked by Field Stone - Head only
Swimley C.   7/2/1893 79y8m  
Swimley Helen E.   8/2/1855 72 yr  
1 Grave         Marked by Field Stone
Johnson Joseph   1/21/1865 2y11d s/o Abram & Eliza M.
2 Graves         Marked by Field Stones

Published on Tri-Counties  15 FEB 1998