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Swimelar Cemetery, Westfield Township, Tioga County PA

Bradford County PA

Chemung County NY

Tioga County PA

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by Joyce M. Tice
Swimelar Cemetery Listing

Reading a series of obituaries from a single cemetery, as they are presented here, is like reading the multi-generational history of a community. These people were the local populace at a particular time. The people buried here knew each other, were neighbors, relatives and school mates. They attended church together and engaged in "trade" or business.  All people are listed in alphabetic order by surname at BIRTH. Women identified by a married alias only and  for whom a birth surname can not be identified, are listed on the last page for the cemetery's obituaries.

Even though the 1897 Tioga County history describes this as being in Clymer Township, it is just over the border in Westfield Township. It is within sight of the township line, but is clearly on the Westfield side of the township marker on the road.

Westfield Free Press Volume XXII - Thursday, April 17, 1902
Mrs. Ladd, of Westfield township, died Monday.  She is survived by her husband and two children.  She was twenty-six years old.  The funeral was held from the house Wednesday afternoon at one o'clock, Rev. Schultz officiating.  Interment was made in the Swimley Cemetery.

Wellsboro Agitator – July 24, 1912
On July 5th  Albert Conklin died at his home here.  Mrs. Conklin, who arose early to assist in doing the chores at the barn, left Mr. Conklin apparently asleep.  When she returned she found him on the floor, partly dressed.  A stroke was the cause of his death.  Mr. Conklin had been a great sufferer for some years.  He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Rachel Hackett Conklin, and one daughter, Mrs. Oscar Roff of Elmira; also by one sister.  Interment was made in the Swimley cemetery.

GUILE Juliaette
Westfield Free Press - January 4, 1900
Mrs. Julia Ett Ladd died Sunday, December 24, 1899.  She was born in Otseog County, N.Y. on December 13, 1842 to Herrick and Jane Gile.  They moved to Westfield and she married Henry Ladd on June 30, 1861. Four children were born to them, 2 sons and 2 daughters.  Survived by husband, 4 children, 2 brothers, one sister and grandchildren.  Buried in Swimlear Cemetery.

Wellsboro Agitator – July 28, 1920
Hiram Hackett, accompanied by his brother, Emery Hackett, went to Elmira to consult a doctor.  After having an X-Ray picture taken Mr. Hackett’s ailment was found to be cancer of the stomach.  E. Hackett returned home on Monday, leaving his brother with his niece, Mrs. Bell Ross.  Mr. Hackett expects to come home soon.  Mr. Hackett will be remembered in connection with the Iva Christian murder case.  He was shot by Arthur Simons at the same time, and Mr. Hackett has never been well since.

Wellsboro Agitator – September 15, 1920
--Hiram Hackett died Sept. 6, at the home of his brother, Emery Hackett, in Sabinsville.

HART - Ida M. Baker, wife of Lester Baker, died Oct. 4 [1917], at the home of her son, Vane, after an illness from cancer for about eight months. She was the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. David Hart, of Wellsboro, and was born in January, 1856. Nov. 6, 1876, she was married to Lester Baker and they moved to Farmington, where they remained for two years, and then moved to their farm on the Jemison. Two children were born to them, Vane and Edith, both of whom, with her husband, survive Mrs. Baker's death. The deceased was a universally beloved woman. The funeral was held from the Baker schoolhouse, Rev. L.E. Catlin officiating; interment in the Swimley cemetery. - Wellsboro Agitator, 17 Oct. 1917

Wednesday December 28, 1921
Wellsboro Agitator
Burt Hill, aged 48 years, died December 6, of pneumonia, at the Ilion Hospital, Ilion, NY. Mr. Hill was the youngest son of the late George and Maria Hill and was born in Sabinsville, Clymer Township. Two sisters and three brothers survive him-- Mrs. Elburn Ladd, of Cedar Run, PA; Mrs. Gertrude Wedge of Hartwick, NY; Sidney M. Hill, of Newport, Idaho; Robert S. Hill, of Ansonia, PA; Chauncey E. Hill, of Sabinsville. Funeral services were held Saturday, December 10, at Sabinsville. Rev. Mr. Johnson, officiating; interment in the Swimely Cemetery.

Wellsboro Agitator – May 4, 1938
Ernest Ladd, aged 74 years, a resident of the Upper Jemison Valley; burial in the Swimley cemetery.  Mr. Ladd died Friday at the Blossburg Hospital, after a long illness.  He served as supervisor of Clymer township for one term.  He was first married to Miss Lillian Haseltine and one daughter was born to them, Mrs. Louise Houlihan, of Buffalo, who survives.  His second wife was Miss Edith, who survives with one brother, Edward Ladd, of Halendale, Florida.


LADD Ernest

Wellsboro Gazette – Thursday, May 5, 1938

Sabinsville—Services were held Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock for Ernest Ladd. 74, at the late home in upper Jemison Valley; burial in Swimley cemetery. Mr. Ladd died Friday at the Blossburg Hospital following a long illness. He had been confined to the hospital for about two weeks. Mr. Ladd, when about 7 years old moved with his parents to the farm where he had since resided. He had engaged in farming his entire life. He served as supervisor of Clymer township for one term. A man of honest and kindly qualities he was respected and esteemed and his friends were legion throughout this vicinity. He was first married to Miss Lillian Haseltine. and one daughter was born to this union, Mrs. Louise Houlihan of Buffalo, who survives. His second wife was Miss Edith Reed, who survives: also a brother, Edward Ladd of Halendale.


Death of Hannibal Ladd - May 4, 1904
Hannibal Ladd, aged 75, died a few days ago at the home of his son, Mr. W. N. Ladd, of Gaines township.  Burial in the Swimley cemetery near Westfield.  Mr. Ladd was a farmer, and lived during the greater part of his life in Westfield township.  He was twice married, his first wife being Mary E. Griffin.  Two sons survive from this union, Mr. W. N. Ladd of Manhattan and Mr. E. L. Ladd of Galeton.  His second wife was Emily Carpenter, whom he married 38 years ago.  She and her only son both died about a year and a half ago, after which time he lived with his son.

LADD Samuel J.
Wellsboro Agitator
November 19, 1902
Announcement is made of the death of Samuel Ladd, aged 28, of Clymer township.


LADD Samuel J.
Westfield Free Press, Volume XXIV - Thursday, November 13, 1902
The funeral services of Samuel Ladd were held at the school house on the Upper Jemison Tuesday afternoon.  The service was conducted by Rev. C. J. Schulz.  Samuel Ladd was 28 years old and is survived by two brothers and an aged father.


LADD Samuel J

Wellsboro Gazette - Thursday, November 20, 1902

Samuel Ladd, who lived with his parents on the Upper Jemison in Clymer Township, died Saturday of typhoid fever.  His mother died a short time ago from the same disease and the father, Hannibal Ladd, is now slowly recovering from the malady.    


MATTESON Orsola B (Sarah)
Wellsboro Agitator June 7, 1939
Mrs. Orsola B. Brady
Knoxville, June 6 - Mrs. Orsola B. Bradley, aged 88 years, died at the home of her son, Henry Boom at Knoxville Sunday night.  On May 30 she fell and gradually grew worse until the end came.  She was born in Knoxville Sept. 7, 1850, daughter of Garner and Mary Wingate Matteson.  She was married to George Boom, who died in 1898.  On March 21, 1901 she was married to Ward Brady, of Woodhull.  Mr. Brady died 12 years ago.  Some time after the death of Mr. Brady, she came to live  with her son, Henry Boom, who with the following survive:  one step-daughter, Mrs. Eva Smith, of Jasper; three nieces, Mrs. Dolly Westlake, of Pittsburgh, Mrs. Jessie Spencer of Elmira, and Mrs. Carrie Reynolds, of Tampa, Florida, a nephew, H. B. Matteson, of Knoxville.  Funeral services will be held at the Griggs Funeral Home, Wednesday at 2 p.m.; burial in the Swimley cemetery, in Clymer.  Mrs. Brady was a member of the Methodist church at Woodhull and was a Past Matron of the Woodhull O. E. S., Chapter, of which for many years she acted as chaplain.

Wellsboro Agitator -  Aug. 14, 1912
Little Marsh -  A number from this place attended the funeral of Mrs. Rinaldo Taylor Monday afternoon.

Wellsboro Agitator - August 21, 1912
Mrs. N. Taylor died at her home near this place on Friday, burial in the Swimeley cemetery on Monday, the 12th. (s/b Mrs. R. Taylor)

Obituary in Wellsboro Agitator dated July 1881:
"Marvin Swimlar of Clymer died last week Sunday.  He lived in Clymer since age 17.  He married Henrietta Ladd by whom he had four daughters and one son all survived him.  Rev. J. E. Hayes, officiated at funeral services held 11 July 1881."

Wellsboro Agitator 1881 19 JUL - Died Marvin Swimlar of Clymer died last week Sun. He had lived in Clymer ever since he was 17 years old. He married Miss Henrietta Ladd by whom he had 5 children, 4 daughters and 1 son, all of whom survive him. His funeral was held on the 11 inst., Rev. J. E. Hayes officiating

Wellsboro Agitator - July 19, 1881
Mr. Marvin Swimlar, a well known citizen of Clymer, died last week Sunday after a long and painful illness.  His disease was a cancerous affection of the stomach  and liver.  He had lived in Clymer ever since he was seventeen years old.  He married Miss Henrietta Ladd by whom he had four daughters and one son, all of whom survive him.  His funeral on the 11th instant, was attended by a large concourse of people.  Rev. J. E. Hayes, of Knoxville, being the officiating clergyman.

Wellsboro Agitator – January 26, 1910
--Mrs. Susan Weeks, aged 65, wife of Mr. Redner Weeks (s/b Ritner Weeks), of Clymer township, died suddenly on January 15, of heart disease.  Her husband and five children survive her.  The funeral was held last Wednesday afternoon at 2 o’clock.  Rev. Mr. Playfoot, of Sabinsville, officiating; burial in the Ackley cemetery.

Wellsboro Agitator - September 20, 1887
Mrs. Elizabeth Ladd, who a number of years ago lived some time with her sister, Mrs. Cameron, in this place, and who was well known to many of our citizens as "Aunt Betsey", died at her home near Westfield last Tuesday and was buried yesterday.  She was one of ten brothers and sisters, eight of whom are still living, the youngest being sixty-seven years old and a great-grandfather.  "Aunt Betsey" was eighty-seven years of age.

In Westfield, on the 16th inst., Mrs. Polly Short, aged 48.  (Wednesday, March 30, 1870, The Tioga County Agitator, Wellsboro, Tioga Co, Pa.) wife of Reuben Short

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Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Bristol Farm  Cemetery, Clymer Township, Tioga County PA

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Bradford County PA

Chemung County NY

Tioga County PA

Below this line are women identified by married alias only. If you know their own surname (at birth) please let me know so I can place them correctly. Thanks, JMT

? GOWER Susan
Westfield Free Press
March 26, 1880
Deaths – Locals
Mrs. Susan Gowers, aged 85 years, was buried last Tuesday.  The funeral services took place at the Beach school house, Mixtown.  Rev. H. Peck, of Westfield, officiated.  

Bradford County PA

Chemung County NY

Tioga County PA

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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 19 DEC 2004
By Joyce M. Tice

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