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1880 Federal Census Records for  Chemung County NY 
City of Elmira  - Seventh Ward

1880 City of Elmira Census - Seventh Ward

Over 2000  People in this Census Transcription For City of Elmira - Seventh Ward 
 Eldridge Park
Seventh Ward Census is illustrated with Stereoscopic Views of Eldridge Park.
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Transcribed by Carlton Wolfe
City of Elmira, Seventh  Ward
Enumerated June 12, 1880 by Orville D. Elmore
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9 758 86 96 Riker John K. 47 M hus NY NY NY  
          Minnie 30 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY  
  756 87 97 Lewis Horace 28 M hus laborer NY NY NY  
          Eveline 26 F wife housekeeper NY      
          Fred 2 M son at home NY NY NY  
          Maud 7m F dau at home NY NY NY  
          Minnie 7m F dau at home NY NY NY  
  756 88 98 Watkins Samuel 35 M hus laborer PA PA PA  
          Matilda 33 F wife housekeeper PA PA PA  
          Ada 15 F dau PA PA PA  
          Seely 11 M son PA PA PA  
  754 89 99 Hazley John 22 M hus roll.mill wkr. NY Ireld NY  
          Irene 19 F wife housekeeper PA Ireld PA  
          Edward 1 M son at home NY NY PA  
  706 90 100 Voelker Charles 28 M hus teamster Germ Germ Germ  
          Henrietta 28 F wife housekeeper Germ Germ Germ  
          Anna 7 F dau Germ Germ Germ  
          Herman 5 M son at home Germ Germ Germ  
    91 101 Buckshi Alexandria 37 F widow housekeeper Poland Poland Poland PRATT STREET
          Chesko 18 M son cigar maker Poland Poland Poland  
          Tony 15 F dau wool.mill wkr. Poland Poland Poland  
          Jessie 14 F dau Poland Poland Poland  
          Joseph 45 M boarder laborer Poland Poland Poland  
  417 92 102 Strouse Jacob 27 M hus laborer NY NY NY STANDISH STREET
          Lydia 23 F wife housekeeper NY PA NY  
          John 3 M son at home PA NY NY  
          Thomas 5m M son at home PA NY NY  
  702 93 103 Oliver Thomas 58 M hus laborer Scotld Scotld Scotld OAK STREET
          Ann C. 56 F wife housekeeper Scotld Scotld Scotld  
          Thomas R. 21 M son teamster NY Scotld Scotld  
          Susie L. 19 F dau-in-law housekeeper MA Eng MA  
  704 94 104 Brethwait Jacob 42 M hus roll.mill wkr. Eng Eng Eng  
          Annie 40 F wife housekeeper NY MA OH  
          Alice 8 F dau at home NY Eng NY  
          Elizabeth 6 F dau at home NY Eng NY  
          Cora 4 F dau at home NY Eng NY  
          Rosa 1 F dau at home NY Eng NY  
  706 95 105 Long Nancy K. 58 F widow laundress ME ME MA  
          Mary 33 F dau at home NH MA ME  
  712 96 106 Lumbard Azro C. 53 M hus printer NY ME ME  
          Maria 51 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY  
          Orra 18 F dau at home NY NY NY  
  714 97 107 Beyra Archibald 48 M hus bracker makr NY NY NY  
          Mary 42 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY  
          Amanda 25 F dau at home PA NY NY  
          Sarah 23 F dau dom.servant NY NY NY  
          Ida 21 F dau dom.servant NY NY NY  
          Daniel 18 M son farmer PA NY NY  
          Catharine 13 F dau at home PA NY NY  
9         Mary 10 F dau at home PA NY NY  
10         Annie 8 F dau at home PA NY NY  
          George 10m M gr. son at home NY RI PA  
  718 98 108 Brookler Andrew 20 M hus telegraph op. NY France    
          Ella 20 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY  
        Starks Charlotte 56 F moth-in-lw widow NY CT CT  
          Fred 17 M broth-in-lw shoemaker NY NY NY  
  858 99 109 Hughes John 53 M hus blacksmith PA      
          Mahala 47 F wife housekeeper NY      
          John 29 M son blacksmith NY PA NY  
          Maria 21 F dau dress maker NY PA NY  
          Mary 8 F dau at home NY PA NY  
  900 100 110 Lee Charles M. 45 M hus pipe manuf. NY NY NY  
          Mary A. 45 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY  
          Stella 18 F dau at home NY NY NY  
          Willie E. 12 M son NY NY NY  
          Carrie 10 F dau NY NY NY  
        Gager Chloe 83 F aunt widow CT CT CT  
  902 101 111 Hicks James J. 44 M hus huckster NY NY NY  
          Emeline L. 45 F wife housekeeper NY   NY  
          Frank L. 19 M son huckster NY NY NY  
        Lyons Abigail 68 F moth-in-lw widow NY NY NY  
  906 102 112 Bassett Isaac 65 M hus cabinetmaker NY MA MA  
          Julia 58 F wife housekeeper NY Scotld NY  
          Charles 27 M son cabinetmaker NY NY NY  
          Mary 23 F dau-in-law housekeeper IA      
          Joel 24 M son printer NY NY NY  
          Emma 18 F dau at home NY NY NY  
  908 103 113 Earl Frank 29 M hus brick mason NY NY    
          Mary 23 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY  
          John 6 M son at home NY NY NY  
        Wood Hattie 16 F   servant NY NY NY  
  910 104 114 Barth Ferdinand 60 M hus carpenter France France France  
          Lydia 43 F wife housekeeper Eng Eng Eng  
          Captolia 14 F dau NY France Eng  
          Irene 5 F dau at home NY France Eng  
          Isabel 26 F dau wool.mill wkr. NY France Eng  
  950 105 115 Duhl Louis 28 M hus Ia dealer Germ Germ Germ  
          Hattie A. 35 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY  
          Elmo L. 10 M adopt-son NY      
        Cooper Mary J. 17 F   servant NY NY NY  
  951 106 116 Pardoe Thomas 47 M hus gardener Eng Eng Eng  
          Eliza 41 F wife housekeeper Eng Eng Eng  
          Jane 20 F dau dress maker Eng Eng Eng  
  955 107 117 Dailon Martin 40 M   laborer Ireld Ireld Ireld  
          Mary 35 F sister housekeeper Ireld Ireld Ireld  
          Margaret 85 F mother widow Ireld Ireld Ireld  
  961 108 118 O'Reilly Dennis 50 M widower stone mason Ireld Ireld Ireld  
          John 21 M son laborer PA Ireld Ireld  
          Dennis 20 M son laborer PA Ireld Ireld  
10         Mary 25 F dau at home PA Ireld Ireld  

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 10/19/2002
By Joyce M. Tice