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1880 Federal Census Records for  Chemung County NY 
City of Elmira  - Seventh Ward

1880 City of Elmira Census - Seventh Ward

Over 2000  People in this Census Transcription For City of Elmira - Seventh Ward 
 Eldridge Park
Seventh Ward Census is illustrated with Stereoscopic Views of Eldridge Park.
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Transcribed by Carlton Wolfe
City of Elmira, Seventh  Ward
Enumerated June 12, 1880 by Orville D. Elmore
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Census records are very often difficult to read because of handwriting, microfilm quality, and spelling issues. Our early census takers were not as well educated as we'd like them to have been, and even the people bearing the names often could not spell them with the same consistency we are accustomed to in this era. The census taker wrote what he believed he heard as well as he could. These have been transcribed for you to the very best or our abilities given the difficulties mentioned. Please be tolerant of what you would consider "mistakes." If you can recognize the names you are looking for, then it is a success. If not, then you may want to find a place where you can view the originals so that you can judge for yourselves. Excessive attention to outmoded spelling issues is the sign of a beginner in family research. Those of you who have been at this a while are well aware of the "spelling errors" in our early records and have learned to take them in your stride. 
15       Schwartzenball Susie 17 F   servant NY Germ Germ  
        Franklin John 29 M   servant NY      
  1130 150 164 Hader Justus 44 M hus retail grocer Germ Germ Germ  
          Eliza 38 F wife housekeeper Germ Germ Germ  
          George 15 M son PA Germ Germ  
          Charles 9 M son at home PA Germ Germ  
          Maude 5 F dau at home NY Germ Germ  
          Minnie 2 F dau at home NY Germ Germ  
  1128 151 165 Morse Harry L. 21 M hus retail grocer NY NY NY  
          Ella 22 F wife housekeeper NY NY Eng  
          Frank 54 M father laborer NY NY NJ  
          Phoebe 47 F mother housekeeper NY NJ NY  
  1124 152 167 Strachen John 41 M hus blacksmith NJ Scotld Scotld  
          Anna E. 36 F wife housekeeper NJ Eng Eng  
    152 168 Lovell William E. 35 M hus teamster NY OH OH  
          Charity 36 F wife housekeeper PA PA PA  
          Ella 10 F dau NY NY PA  
  1314 153 169 Welch Mary 20 F   servant NY Ireld Ireld  
  1322 154 170 Hart Henry 41 M hus boot maker Germ Germ Germ  
          Margaret 38 F wife housekeeper PA France France  
          Mary 19 F dau milliner PA Germ PA  
          Barbara 17 F dau PA Germ PA  
          Henry 14 M son appr.painter NY Germ PA  
          Emma 12 F dau NY Germ PA  
          Edward 5 M son at home NY Germ PA  
  1106 155 171 Beebe Jacob 45 M hus laborer NY NY NY  
          Rosanna 40 F wife housekeeper Ireld Ireld Ireld  
  1104 156 172 Maher John 45 M     Ireld Ireld Ireld  
          James 15 M nephew NY Ireld Ireld  
  1024 157 173 Griffin Bridget 55 F   housekeeper Ireld Ireld Ireld  
          Mary 20 F dau at home NY Ireld Ireld  
          Thresa 16 F dau NY Ireld Ireld  
          Maggie 18 F dau NY Ireld Ireld  
    158 174 Lariew Matilda 50 F widow housekeeper NY CT CT  
        Searles Hattie 20 F niece at home NY CT CT  
        Spiers Anthony 44 M boarder laborer Baden Baden Baden  
        Miller William 42 M wido/board carpenter NY NY NY  
        Stevens James 23 M boarder laborer PA PA PA  
        Rae James 33 M boarder   Ireld Ireld Ireld  
  1020 159 175 Lariew John R. 30 M hus milk peddler PA NY NY  
          Emma 29 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY  
          Emma 5 F dau at home NY PA NY  
  1018 160 176 Loomis Eliza 55 F widow carpet weaver PA PA PA  
  1016 161 177 FitzGerald Daniel 30 M hus laborer Ireld Ireld Ireld  
          Margaret 24 F wife housekeeper NY Ireld Ireld  
          Thomas 8 M son at home NY Ireld NY  
          Edward 6 M son at home NY Ireld NY  
          Mary 3 F dau at home NY Ireld NY  
          Sarah 9m F dau at home NY Ireld NY  
15       Cahill Ellen 56 F moth-in-lw widow Ireld Ireld Ireld  
16 1004 162 178 Baker Howard E. 31 M hus book seller NY NY NY  
          Margaret 28 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY  
          Ida 6 F dau at home NY NY NY  
        Foley Jennie 16 F   servant NY Ireld Ireld  
  1002 163 179 Baker Nathan 62 M hus laborer NY NY NY  
          Myra 56 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY  
          Ella M. 25 F dau at home NY NY NY  
        McNeil Mary 35 F   servant NY MA MA  
  1025 164 180 Hamilton Joseph 33 M hus chemist NY NY NY  
          Alice 30 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY  
        Westover William 25 M broth-in-lw chemist NY NY NY  
          Lottie E. 22 F sister-in-lw housekeeper NY NY NY  
  1003 165 181 Thurston Charles 29 M hus lawyer NY NH NY  
          Mary 31 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY  
          Arid F. 4 M son at home NY NY NY  
          James R. 2 M son at home NY NY NY  
        Reid Jane E. 63 F moth-in-lw widow NY NY NY  
          William 38 M broth-in-lw widower NY NY NY  
  923 166 182 Loonie Jerry 38 M hus brick mason Ireld Ireld Ireld  
          Fannie 38 F wife housekeeper Ireld Ireld Ireld  
          James 17 M son store clerk Ireld Ireld Ireld  
          Michael 14 M son NY Ireld Ireld  
          Annie 11 F dau NY Ireld Ireld  
          Mary 10 F dau NY Ireld Ireld  
          Fannie 7 F dau at home NY Ireld Ireld  
          Emma 5 F dau at home NY Ireld Ireld  
          Herman 2 M son at home NY Ireld Ireld  
  917 167 183 Yenger Bertram 30 M hus stone cutter Germ Germ Germ  
          Ellen 29 F wife housekeeper Ireld Ireld Ireld  
          Bertram 5 M son at home NY Germ Ireld  
          Catherine 2 F dau at home NY Germ Ireld  
        Keough Miles 65 M father-in-lw widower Ireld Ireld Ireld  
  915 168 184 Jervis Timothy B. 71 M hus minister NY NY NJ  
          Mary 67 F wife housekeeper CT CT CT  
        Travis Arminda 39 F widow boarder PA NY NY  
  913 169 185 Smith Henry B. 58 M hus RR clerk NH NH NH  
          Mercy Ann 56 F wife housekeeper MA MA MA  
          Nellie C. 17 F dau NY NH MA  
  905 170 186 Carpenter John Y. 39 M   mail carrier NJ NY NY  
          Sarah J. 71 F moth/wido housekeeper NY Ireld NY  
  903 171 187 Cooper William R. 58 M hus gr.cradle mfg. Eng Eng Eng  
          Frances 49 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY  
  912 172 188 Cooley Jesse L. 52 M widower book keeper NY NY NY  
          Sue 20 F dau housekeeper NY NY NY  
          Max 5 M son at home NY NY NY  
  914 173 188 Fountain James 24 M hus book keeper MI NY NY  
          Mary 23 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY  
          Jesse 1 M son at home NY   NY  
  902 174 189 Thompson Delia 43 F widow housekeeper NY NY NY  
16         Susan 23 F dau school teach. NY NY NY  

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 10/19/2002
By Joyce M. Tice