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Census Records - Tioga County, Pennsylvania
1880 Mansfield Borough Census
Mansfield Borough  - Richmond Township Page
Enumerated July 7, 1880 by H. C. Bailey
Transcribed for Tri Counties by Carlton Wolfe 2003
Pages formatted by  Joyce M. Tice
Census records are very often difficult to read because of handwriting, microfilm quality, and spelling issues. Our early census takers were not as well educated as we'd like them to have been, and even the people bearing the names often could not spell them with the same consistency we are accustomed to in this era. The census taker wrote what he believed he heard as well as he could. These have been transcribed for you to the very best or our abilities given the difficulties mentioned. Please be tolerant of what you would consider "mistakes." If you can recognize the names you are looking for, then it is a success. If not, then you may want to find a place where you can view the originals so that you can judge for yourselves. Excessive attention to outmoded spelling issues is the sign of a beginner in family research. Those of you who have been at this a while are well aware of the "spelling errors" in our early records and have learned to take them in your stride. If you want to tell us what is right and what is wrong with the transcription, your notes will be added to the Comment Page
Mansfield's 1880 Census is particularly valuable in that it includes the names of the students at the Normal School (Dwelling 180), many of whom boarded in the town, and also the students at the Soldiers' Orphans School (Dwelling 289). 
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An SRGP ID following a name means that the person is included in Joyce's Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project. To participate in this and to receive the information I have on these people, you will want to send me updates on the present generations of these lines. Until I have you in my database and connected to the pioneer population, I can not provide you with the ancestry I have compiled on this population. The project operates only  on reciprocity. 
13 125 144 Dartt Arabelle 34 F widow housekeeper PA NY NY  
        Morton L 13 M son KS PA PA  
        Robert S. 10 M son KS PA PA  
        Cyrus H. 8 M son KS PA PA  
        Ellen I. 5 F dau at home KS PA PA  
    145 Davis Sadie E. 24 F PA PA PA  
  126 146 Avery Albert H. 44 M hus store clerk NY NY NY  
        Emily E. 43 F wife housekeeper PA NY NY  
        Wyllys R. 15 M son PA NY PA  
  127 147 Bailey Benjamin C. 31 M hus cabinetmaker PA PA PA 31017
        Ida G. 30 F wife housekeeper PA NY PA 31457
      McCauley Martha 41 F boarder dressmaker NH NH NH  
  128 148 Gaylord John 26 M hus engineer PA PA CT  
        Elizabeth 26 F wife housekeeper Eng Eng Eng  
        Amanda M. 2 F dau at home PA PA Eng  
        Lora H. 9m F dau at home PA PA Eng  
        Louise 77 F mother widow CT CT CT  
  129 149 Goldmyre Jacob 25 M hus wks.on RR NY Germ Germ  
        Julia A. 25 F wife housekeeper PA PA NY  
        Ricka M. 3 F dau at home PA NY PA  
        Willie J. 1 M son at home PA NY PA  
      Newbury William 21 M boarder wks.on RR PA PA NY  
    150 Chamberlin Jonathan K. 50 M hus ped.medicine NY NY NY  
        Anna E. 37 F wife housekeeper PA NY NY  
        Kittie M. 13 F dau PA NY PA  
        Ray E. 6 M son at home PA NY PA  
  130 151 Crosley Robert 43 M hus gardner Eng Eng Eng  
        Nanney 44 F wife housekeeper Eng Eng Eng  
        Eli 19 M son gardner Eng Eng Eng  
        William C. 14 M son gardner PA Eng Eng  
        Mary H. 11 F dau PA Eng Eng  
        Charles R. 7 M son PA Eng Eng  
  131 152 Ransdell William D. 24 M hus laborer PA PA PA  
        Helen V. 22 F wife housekeeper PA NY Can  
    153 Bartlett Clark P. 49 M hus carpenter NY NY NY 31153
        Laura 46 F wife housekeeper PA CT CT 4875
        Effie May 18 F dau at home PA NY PA 75897
        John H. 13 M son PA NY PA 75898
  132 154 Ide Oliver 37 M hus blacksmith NY NY NY 52573
        Anna D. 33 F wife housekeeper PA PA CT 75899
        Myrta V 11 F dau PA NY PA 75900
        Minnie M. 11 F dau PA NY PA 75901
        Charles H. 2 M son at home PA NY PA 75902
        Oliver 4m M son at home PA NY PA 75903
        William A. 21 M brother laborer PA NY NY 75904
        Dolly 66 F mother widow PA NY NY 75788
  133 155 Kelley Marcus 72 M hus farmer NY MA MA  
        Susan S. 55 F wife housekeeper PA VT VT  
  134 156 Mathews James E. 22 M hus clerk PA   MA  
13       Ada A. 20 F wife housekeeper PA      
14 135 167 Backer Elmer R. 40 M hus merchant PA NY NY 18907
        Emeline C. 42 F wife housekeeper PA CT NY 51916
        Nell E. 17 F dau PA PA PA 53250
        George E. 13 M son PA PA PA 61290
      Casohn Mary 22 F   servant Russia Russia Russia  
  136 168 Smythe Henry G. 73 M   physician Can Ireld NY 75905
        Cordelia 70 F sister housekeeper Can Ireld NY  
    169 Shaler Lovinia 60 F sister/wido housekeeper Can Ireld NY  
        George F. 23 M nephew gentleman Can NY Can  
  137 170 Swan Alanson A. 68 M hus tailor NY CT CT 75907
        Angeline 36 F wife housekeeper Can Can Can 75908
        Willie 9 M son at home PA NY Can 75910
        Henry 7 M son at home PA NY Can 75909
        Eddy 3 M son at home PA NY Can 8516
  138 171 Smith Jesse D 66 M hus shoemaker MA MA MA  
        Laura E. 60 F wife housekeeper NY MA NH  
        Jesse W. 34 M son shoemaker NY MA NY  
  139 172 Fenton Chester W. 36 M hus laborer PA NY PA  
        Laura E. 32 F wife housekeeper PA Eng PA  
  140 173 Strait Millard B. 29 M hus jeweler PA PA PA  
        Della 24 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY  
        Bessie M. 3 F dau at home NY PA NY  
        Willie B. 1 M son at home PA PA NY  
    174 Holden Sarah 62 F widow housekeeper NH MA NH 58849
        Lula Belle 6 F gr. dau at home IA PA IA  
      Crandall Kittie M. 26 F dau housekeeper PA MA NH 75912
      Holden Bell 37 F dau in hospital PA MA NH 75911
    175 Farnham Martha G. 55 F   housekeeper NY VT MA  
        Harriet 52 F sister housekeeper NY VT MA  
  141 176 Unger Simon 24 M hus merchant Germ Germ Germ  
        Bertha 30 F wife milliner Germ Germ Germ  
        Martha 7 F dau at home NY Germ Germ  
        Sammy 5 M son at home NY Germ Germ  
        Isadore 3 M son at home NY Germ Germ  
  142 177 Benjamin Sophia 60 F   tailoress PA CT CT  
      St. James Kate 57 F wido/board washwoman Can Can Can  
  143 178 VanOsten John 45 M hus nursery agent NY NY NY  
        Melissa A. 39 F wife housekeeper PA PA NY  
      Place Climena 64 F moth-in-lw widow/boardr NY NY NY  
  144 179 Hyde Lorenzo P. 29 M hus blacksmith NY NY NY  
        Adelle 21 F wife housekeeper PA PA NJ  
        May 2 F dau at home PA NY PA  
  145 180 Langdon Ormus H. 37 M hus wagonmaker NY      
        Julia A. 36 F wife housekeeper PA PA NY  
        Winnie A. 11 F dau PA NY PA  
        Gracie L. 6 F dau at home PA NY PA  
        Vesty G. 2 F dau at home PA NY PA  
  146 181 Reynolds Horace M. 36 M   farmer PA VT NY 5519
        Laura M. 39 F dau housekeeper PA PA PA 12620
14       Hattie E. 10 F dau PA PA PA 12722

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 01/05/2004
By Joyce M. Tice