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Census Records - Tioga County, Pennsylvania
1880 Mansfield Borough Census
Mansfield Borough  - Richmond Township Page
Enumerated July 7, 1880 by H. C. Bailey
Transcribed for Tri Counties by Carlton Wolfe 2003
Pages formatted by  Joyce M. Tice
Census records are very often difficult to read because of handwriting, microfilm quality, and spelling issues. Our early census takers were not as well educated as we'd like them to have been, and even the people bearing the names often could not spell them with the same consistency we are accustomed to in this era. The census taker wrote what he believed he heard as well as he could. These have been transcribed for you to the very best or our abilities given the difficulties mentioned. Please be tolerant of what you would consider "mistakes." If you can recognize the names you are looking for, then it is a success. If not, then you may want to find a place where you can view the originals so that you can judge for yourselves. Excessive attention to outmoded spelling issues is the sign of a beginner in family research. Those of you who have been at this a while are well aware of the "spelling errors" in our early records and have learned to take them in your stride. If you want to tell us what is right and what is wrong with the transcription, your notes will be added to the Comment Page
Mansfield's 1880 Census is particularly valuable in that it includes the names of the students at the Normal School (Dwelling 180), many of whom boarded in the town, and also the students at the Soldiers' Orphans School (Dwelling 289). 
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An SRGP ID following a name means that the person is included in Joyce's Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project. To participate in this and to receive the information I have on these people, you will want to send me updates on the present generations of these lines. Until I have you in my database and connected to the pioneer population, I can not provide you with the ancestry I have compiled on this population. The project operates only  on reciprocity. 
27 268 314 Wilson (Nelson?) Mary A. 66 F moth-in-lw widow NY NY NY 77072
  269 315 Gaylord Kenyon 33 M hus stone mason NY NY NY  
        Mary E. 28 F wife housekeeper NY Ireld Eng  
        George L. 9 M son at home PA NY NY  
  270 316 Stuart Frederick A. 74 M widower farmer CT CT CT  
        Irene 35 F dau housekeeper NY CT CT  
        Josephine 32 F dau teacher NY CT CT  
        Hart 30 M son farmer NY CT CT  
  271 317 Knapp Sarah D. 40 F widow housekeeper NY NY Can  
        Earnest L. 15 M son printing office PA   NY  
        Burnes G. 13 M son PA   NY  
        George G. 7 M son at home PA   NY  
  272 318 Horton Richard 35 M hus laborer PA     74937
        Maria 25 F wife housekeeper PA     77076
        Dora 5 F dau at home PA PA PA 77077
  273 319 Wilson George W. 51 M widower stone mason PA CT NY 18219
        Mary A. 13 F dau housekeeper PA PA PA 18223
        Lenmie 9 M son at home PA PA PA 77078
        Samie 9 M son at home PA PA PA 77079
        Amy 3 F dau at home PA PA PA 52635
  273 319 Ollthorish Walter 34 M hus laborer IL Germ VA  
        Helen D. 29 F wife housekeeper PA PA PA  
        Jessie M. 5 F dau at home PA IL PA  
  274 320 Wright Ansel B. 62 M widower   NY NY CT  
        Frances M. 34 F dau teacher NY NY NY  
        May E. 19 F dau PA NY NY  
  275 321 Kinney William N. 41 M hus RR agent RI CT RI  
        Ella 38 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY  
        Horatio C. 17 M son RR clerk NY RI NY  
        Donna B. 13 F dau NY RI NY  
  276 322 Goldmyer Louis 57 M hus wks. on RR Germ Germ Germ  
        Elizabeth 59 F wife housekeeper Germ Germ Germ  
        Louis 18 M son wks.RR track NY Germ Germ  
  277 323 Sherwood Andrew 32 M hus geologist PA NY PA 53142
        Jennie L. 28 F wife housekeeper PA VT PA 53141
        Anna L. 6 F dau at home PA PA PA 68400
        Hugh M. 4 M son at home PA PA PA 68401
        Mattie 2 F dau at home PA PA PA 68402
  278 324 Whipple William H. 36 M hus gardner NY VT VT  
        Ellen C. 34 F wife housekeeper TX NY PA  
        Carrie E. 6 F dau at home PA NY TX  
        Hattie S. 3 F dau at home PA NY TX  
  279 225 Kingsley Charles S. 36 M hus manufacturer VT VT VT 21935
        Jennie 29 F wife housekeeper PA PA PA 21936
        Harry 5 M son at home PA VT PA 11743
      Gaynor Ellen 19 F   servant NY Ireld Ireld  
  280 226 King Mart 55 M hus manufacturer NY VT VT 31025
        Vistie C. 33 F wife housekeeper PA PA PA 31015
        May 8 F dau at home PA NY PA 31027
27       Edna 6 F dau at home PA NY PA 31028
28 280 326 King Mary J. 48 F sister housework NY VT VT 76512
      French Sarah 19 F   servant PA      
  281 327 Buttles Reubin P 63 M hus wagonmaker NY NY VT  
        Amanda 65 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY  
  282 328 Rowland William A. 45 M hus editor Can Eng Eng  
        Mary A. 45 F wife housekeeper NY Wales Wales  
      Winfield Ida 17 F   servant PA      
      Slathe Jane 16 F   servant PA Wales Wales  
      Warner Fred E. 21 M servant hostler PA PA NY  
  283 329 Nelson Cassimer W. 24 M hus fireman PA MA PA  
        Elizabeth 23 F wife housekeeper PA Eng Eng  
    330 Hogaboom Emma J. 32 F widow housework PA      
  284 331 Barden William M. 65 M hus physician NY MA RI  
        Bessie B. 58 F wife housekeeper Can Eng Eng  
      Culver Ann 70 F boarder tailoress VT VT VT  
  285 332 Allen Henry 56 M hus lawyer PA VT VT 68422
        Jean M. 56 F wife housekeeper CT CT CT 68423
        Fredirika B. 15 F dau PA PA CT 68421
  286 333 Moody Benjamin 38 M hus physician PA PA NY  
        Adelia L. 30 F wife housekeeper PA PA PA  
        Dora H. 1 F dau at home PA PA PA  
      Jones Nellie 20 F servant   PA PA PA  
  287 334 Beach Eliza J. 42 F   physician PA NY NY  
      Hapeman Edward 18 M adopt-son PA NY PA  
      Schofield Aura M. 8 F adopt-dau at home PA CT PA  
      Wood Hattie L. 25 F   servant NY      

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 01/05/2004
By Joyce M. Tice