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Chapter I

Warren and Orwell Congregational Church

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The next Orwell Church organized was the "Warren and Orwell Church," which was Congregational. The "Warren and Orwell Church" was organized September 15, 1815 by the Reverend Salmon King and the Reverend John Bascom.

The following is taken from the first page of the Record Book of that church.

"The Christian People of Warren and Orwell met this day (September 15, 1815) at the house of Mr. Preserved Buffington and were formed into a Church by the Rev. John Bascom, missionary and the Rev. Salmon King. They agreed to the following particulars.

1st. They were to be known by the name of the Warren and Orwell Church.

2nd. They adopt the articles of faith and covenant recommended by the Luzerne Association with the exception in the Covenant, make their utmost endeavors to restrain their children from balls and other sinful amusements.

3rd. The Rev. Salmon King was chosen Moderator.

4th. The Sacrament of the Lord's Supper to be administered alternately in Warren and Orwell.

5th. The Church desire to be admitted into the communion and fellowship in the limits of the Luzerne Association and retain the privilege of disciplining their own members - the pastor cannot by vote negative the church.

6th. Voted that Brother Parley Coburn represent this Church at the next meeting of theAssociation."

The Church became connected with the Luzerne Association September 18, 1817. The Association became Susquehanna Presbytery September 16, 1817, and became a part of the Synod of New York and New Jersey in 1821. The Rev. Salmon King had been received by Luzerne Association in September 1815 from Greensburgh, (also spelled Greensboro) Vermont. Rev. John Bascom became minister serving the church at Smithfield, but gave it up by the fall of 1817 for want of support, the people being few and generally poor.

The house of Preserved Buffington, a Revolutionary War Veteran, in which the church was organized, was located in what is now South Warren. In 1876 the farm belonged to Samuel Chaffee, It now is the property of L. V. Murphy of Wyalusing, great-great-grandson of Mrs. Buffington and its location is next above the one on which Percy L. Arnold lives. Mrs. Buffington came from Providence, Rhode Island, was a brother of Mrs. William Arnold, whose first name was Elizabeth. Mr. Buffington's sons were, Luther, 

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Calvin and Banjamin. His daughter, Sally, married Livingstone Jenks.

Rev. Salmon King

Salmon King was born October 4, 1771, in Vernon, then a part of Bolton, Connecticut, the son of Gideon and Charity (Tucker) King. His grandfather was Jonathan King, twelfth child of Captain John King who came to Northampton, Mass., in 1645 from England. Salmon graduated from Yale College in 1796, made a public profession of religion in 1797, was licensed to preach April 11, 1798, and ordained November 5, 1800 in Orford, East Hartford, Conn., over what is now the First Church of Manchester. He married February 19, 1776. She was " a woman of thoughtful mind and earnest Christian life." She died "most happily" January 1, 1807, and her grave is in the East Cemetery in Manchester, a few feet from the entrance.

Rev. Salmon King was dismissed from the pastorate at Orford October 25, 1808, and installed in Greensboro, Vermont July 11, 1810. He married, second, Mary Ames November 19, 1807. He was dismissed from Greensboro, January 26, 1814, and removed to Warren, Pa. His second wife died in 1821, and he married, third, Mrs. Eunice (Hinman) Talmadge, of Albany, N.Y. daughter of John and Hannah (Mallory) Hinman of Wysox, Pa. Her remains rest in the Wysox Church cemetery.

Mr. King was pastor of the Warren and Orwell Church untill it was divided in 1828, and then of the Warren Church until his death April 15, 1839 at the age of 68.

The following persons were received at the formation of the Church: Parley Coburn, Moses Coburn, Amos Coburn, Sally Coburn, Mary King, Lucy Coles, Maria Coburn and Dorcas Coburn

Of these eight charter members, six had the name of Coburn, PARLEY COBURN, first named, was the son of Captain Ebenezer and Dorcas (Shumway) Coburn.DORCAS COBURN is the last named of the charter members. Parley Coburn was born April 13, 1774 in Ashford, Connecticut, and came in 1801 to the Warren settlement, then called Martel, but included in the newly organized township called Mount Zion, which became Orwell the next year. He married in 1800 at Wrentham, Massachusetts, Sarah Pond, daughter of Rev. Enoch and Margaret (Smith) Pond of the same place. Sarah, whose name in the church book is entered as "Sally Coburn", was born at Boston, Massachusetts, April 8, 1778. She died in Warren Township, Pennsylvania January 1, 1825. Parley Coburn died at Warren September 20, 1860. He was Township Supervisor for the year 1806. On March 31, 1812, he was one of three auditors, the others being Asahel Johnson and Orent Grant.


1.Algernon Sidney, born August 10, 1801, married May 4, 1826, Lois Merrill, daughter of Obadiah and Lois (Stowell) Merrill of Irasburg,

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Vermont. Lois was born June 30, 1803, died May 6, 1891, They were the grand-parents of Mrs. Carrie E. Eastman who died August 28, 1948, wife of James E. Eastman of Orwell. (See page 10)

2.Caroline Harriet, born May 8, 1803, married Roland Mosley, died October 23, 1855.

3.Enoch Pond, born April 17, 1807, married Thirza Brink, died March 12, 1872.

4.Charles Rittenhouse, born June 3, 1809, married Eliza Norstrand, died March 3, 1869. He was a most remarkable man, a gifted and successful teacher, author, county and state superintendent of schools.

Charles Rittenhouse Coburn taught in Owego, N.Y., in 1827 for eight dollars a month. Later he was principal of Owego Academy for 18 years; he was elected president of New York Teachers' Association in 1848; in 1852 he was one of the editors of the New York Teacher and an associate principal of the Binghamton Academy of Binghamton, N.Y. In 1854 he was elected principal of the Susquehanna Institute, Towanda, Pa.; in 1857 he became County Superintendent of Bradford County Schools in Pennsylvania. Two years later he was appointed StateSuperintendent of Schools of Pennsylvania by Governor Curtin. He began this service in June 1863 but because of poor health, he resigned in 1866, on condition that he would become Deputy Superintendent. He died in 1869 at Nichols, N.Y.

The following letter by Charles Rittenhouse Coburn was sent to James Parley Coburn, (son of Algernon Sidney Coburn ) when he was about to start teaching his first term of school.

"Orwell, October 30, 1861.

Dear Nephew:

I suppose that you expect to commence your labors on Monday next and your seccess depends very much upon the first weeks. It becomes you therefore to make every effort in your power to make a favorable impression upon your pupils and patrons at first. Be kind and gentle in your intercourse with that they will see and feel at the outset that your word in and must be law; that while you are kind you are also determined that your school shall be orderly. Your intercourse with the people will have no little to do with your usefulness. Always be the gentleman the gentle man and evince by your industry and punctuality and promptness and zeal in your business that your heart is in your work and that you are laboring for the welfare of their children.

Yours in haste,

C. R. Coburn"

Miss Carryl Coburn, a supervising principal in the schools of Philadelphia, has the original letter. Miss Corburn is the daughter of the 

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Late Sidney L. Coburn and his wife, the former Clarice Barton. Her postoffice address is 77690B Washington Lane, Philadelphia, 17, Pa.

5.Henrietta L., born April 16, 1812, married Lorin Pitcher, died August 31, 1847.

6.Cornelia, born December 29, 1819, died at her father's house June 22, 1898.

7.Emily, born April 30, 1823, married Lorin Pitcher (second wife), died December 27, 1898

Parley Coburn married second Mrs. Betsy (Ellis) Pitcher who came as a widow with eight children from Connecticut in 1822.

Parley and Betsy Pitcher Coburn had one child who died in infancy.

The children of Mrs. Betsey Pitcher by her first husband were as follows:

1.Eliza, born in 1803, Married George Pendleton. George brought Mrs. Betsey Pitcher from Norwich, N.Y. to live in his home in Warren township.

2.Caroline, born n 1805, married William Pendleton.

3.Lucretia, born 1806, married Hampton Champlin, Sr. , grandfather of Frank Champlin and of Mrs. Mary Lucretia Shoemaker of Orwell. 

4.Lorin, born in 1808, married first Henrietta Coburn, had two daughters: Mrs. Paul Morrow, wife of Judge Morrow, and Mrs. Albert True, missionary at Tokio, Japan. Mrs. Mary True died in 1896 aged 55 years, with burial at Owego, N.Y. Lorin married second, Emily Coburn, daughter of Parley, and sister of his first wife.

5.Thomas, born in 1810, married in New York State.

6.Mary Ann, born in 1812, married Mr. Salmon King, son of the minister.

7.Joseph C., born in 1815.

8.Anna Ellis, born in 1817, married a Mr. Taylor.

9.James Monroe, born in 1819.

10.Hezekiah, born in 1821, a school teacher, whose daughter married Melville Chubbuck of Towanda, Pa.

11.Daniel Monro, born in 1822, married Elizabeth Young, aunt of Mrs. P.P. Bliss.

A public school in Elmira, New York, is called the "Parley Coburn School". This Parley Coburn was born November 3, 1835, at Standing 

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Stone, Bradford Co., Pa., served 3 years at First Lieut. In 12th Penna. Inf. In Civil War, taught in old No. 3 public school, Elmira, 33 years, 1865 till 1898, year of his death. He left a son Jabin.

MOSES COBURN, second on the list of Charter Church members, was the uncle of Parley Coburn. Moses was born September 6, 1751. His wife was Maria Horton, who is doubtless the "Maria Coburn" listed among the charter members. On July 2, 1826 they had two daughters received into the church on examination: Loisa Fransis and Mary. Maria Coburn died in 1850.

AMOS COBURN, third of the charter members, was a young brother of Parley. He was born September 24, 1780, married Polly Pratt, died in 1825. (One record says June 1860).

Children of Amos and Polly (Pratt) Coburn:

1.Charlot, married first John Coburn, second Charles R. Barstow, of Nichols, new York. 

2.Mary Ann, died 1825.

3.Lucy, married a Mr. Kellogg of New York and died in 1845.

4.Amos, Jr., died January 7, 1845.

Mary King, fifth in the charter membership list, was the second wife of Rev. Salmon King. She was born January 5, 1780, the daughter of John and Abigail (Butler) Ames of Wethersfield, Connecticut. She married November 19, 1807 and died September 15, 1821, at Warren, Pa.

Children of Rev. Salmon and Mary (Ames) King:

1.Salmon, Jr., born December 26, 1809 in Bolton, Conn., married October 21, 1834, Mary Ann C. Pitcher one of the Betsy Pitcher family from Norwich, Conn. One son, william Edgar, died January 21, 1853 at the age of fourteen. The family occupied the old homestead in Warrenham, Warren township. Salmon, Jr., died October 31, 1887, and his wife September 25, 1889, and burial was at Warrenham.

2.William, born September 14, 1811 at Greensboro, Vermont, married September 7, 1840 Eliza Wynkoop, of Saugerties, New York, born November 24, 1816. He died February 15, 1879 near Palenville, where the family resided many years, and his wife llived in 1896 at Saxton, New York They had three children: Charles Ames King, Mary Suydam King (died unmarried November 12, 1922), and John Salmon King, (died March 1, 1856 in infancy).

Charles Ames King married November 14, 1867 Julia T. Grimmins of Camden, New York. He held a position as secretary to Mr. Henry Ford of the Ford Motor Co. He had five children: Mary Eliza, born November 14, 1867 in Albany, died in Detroit, Mich.; Jessie Wynkoop, born January 5, 1871 inAlbany, married November 14, 1894 S. J. Fitzsimmons, lived in Detroit, has one child, Marian Josephine, born October 1, 1895; Mable Crimmins, born in

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Detroit November 10, 1873, died at age of six; William Salmon, bornin Detroit November 21, 1875, had died since; Charles Suydam, born September 25, 1880, since died. Mrs. Jessie Fitzsimmons was the only surviving of the children of Charles Ames King in 1939.

3.Harriet, third child of Rev. Salmon and Mary King, never married. She was bornAugust 27, 1813 inGreensboro, Vermont, died at Warren, Pennsylvania July 30, 1834.

4.Abigail Ames, fourth child of Rev. Salmon and Mary King, bornFebruary 3, 1817 in Warren, married July 9, 1845 William Seeley Bates, (born December 16, 1807 in Sharon, Conn., died November 3, 1852), lived in New Hartford Center, Conn., and there died March 7, 1872. Children : Mary Esther Bates, born November 17, 1846, died September 7, 1849; Juliette Bates, born January 27, 1851, married April 22, 1874 Frank H. Atwood of New Hartford, Conn., who died March 29, 1888. She married second, November 25, 1895, George L. Gordon of Plymouth, Conn., who died November 27, 1923. Four children by her first husband were born in Bristol, Conn.: 

(1.)Susie Mable Atwood, born June 4, 1875, died in Plymouth Conn.November 16, 1891;

(2.)William Bates Atwood, born January 24, 1878, married October 25, 1900, Josephine Fenn (they have five children; Philip of East Orange N.J.; Earl B., deceased, leaving two children at Plainville, Conn.; Vernon J. of Terryville, Conn., with two children; Frank W. of Norwood, Mass., with three children; and Mrs. Esther J. Vega of Portland, Oregon, with two children.)

(3.)Cassius Jay Atwood, born June 15, 1879, died May 29, 1942; and 

(4.)Frank Stanley Atwood lived in Albany, New York and had three sons, one of whom, Bertram DeHeus Atwood was a minister of a dutch Reformed Church of Albany, New York in 1940, and was in 1943 pastor of the Church of the Covenant, Broadway at East 27th Street, Patterson, N.J., and is now pastor of the First reformed Church of Schenectady, New York. He has four children; His brother, Rev. Donner Bates Atwood was ordained at Richboro, Pa., June 3, 1947, where he is (1950) pastor of the Addisville Reformed church and has one child. Thus two in the fifth generation from Rev. Salmon King are ministers. Another son, Merwin, lives in Albany, N.Y. Juliette Bates Gordon Published in 1896 a partial record of the King family of Northampton, Mass. Printed by C.H. Riggs, Bristol, Conn., One copy being in the possession of Mrs. Frank shoemaker, Orwell, Pennsylania, till her death in 1950.

5.Jane King, fifth and last of the children of Rev. Salmon and Mary King, was born September 15, 1821 at Warren, Pa., lived in Plymouth in 1896, died August 15, 1911 at Bristol, Conn.

Lucy Coles, sixth in the record of charter members of the Warren and Orwell Church, was a sister of Parley Coburn, and was born April 28, 1771, married February 20, 1811 J. Cowles, and died in 1830. In 1812 John Cowles was assessed $413 and taxed $2.6 and 1/2. Lucy Cowles was apparently the second wife of John Cowles, born in 1773 in New Hartford Conn., whose first wife, Mary Johnson, born September 18, 1777, daughter of Artemus and Mary Johnson, died September 7, 1802. The Coburn records show that Lucy Coburn married February 20, 1811 J. Cowles. It is a Cowles family tradition that John Cowles came to Orwell bringing a half bushel of silver dollars. Calvin D. Cowles has published a Genealogy of the Cowles Family, (Tuttle, Moorehouse & Taylor Co., New Haven, conn. 1929.)

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Other members were admitted in 1816. On April 14, Lois Merrill and Polly Cassjoined. Lois Merrill was born June 30, 1803, daughter of Obadiah and Lois (Stowell) Merrill of Irasburg, Vermont, and a sister of Henry L. Merrill who joined the church May 20, 1821. She married May 4 , 1826 Algernon Sidney Coburn, first born son of Parley Coburn. Lois and her husband were the parents of James Parley Coburn and grandparents of Sidney L. Coburn, late of Philadelphia, Penna., (born July 2, 1872, died October 21, 1948, survived by wife, nee Clarice Barton, and daughter, Carryl), Mrs. Lois Della Howe, late of Orwell, wife of Irwin L. Howe, Mrs. Carrie E. Eastman, wife of James E. of Orwell; and Mrs. Sarah Gertrude Eastman, wife of George U. Eastman, of 17 Sterling Street, Westfield, Mass.

Polly Case was doubtless the wife of Captain Benjamin Case, a Revolutionary soldier from Newburg, N.Y. They had children: Benjamin T., Maria W. D., and Arunah. Benjamin Case had a tax valuation of $1897. Highest one in 1814.

On June 2, 1816, Joel Cook, and Salome, wife of Captain William Humphrey, became members. Joel Cook Jr., (1791 -1886) son of Joel Cook, a Revolutionary soldier, married Polly Russell who was born in 1794 in Connecticut, the daughter of Dan and Polly Chubbuck Russell. He organized in 1827 the first Sunday School in Orwell township. His farm was northeast of Potterville. He was the father of Rev. Darwin Cook, grandfather of Rev. Milton Lewis Cook, Presbyterian ministers of Wyalusing Valley Churches, and great-great-grandfather of Rev. Welling T. Cook, pastor at Rome and Wysox, 1948 - 1951. He was the great grandfather of Robert R. Cook who lived on a farm at Gillet Bridge and was a member and elder of the Rome Presbyterian Church (deceased 1943). A biographical sketch of Joel Cook is given in Craft's History of BradfordCounty, Pa. (1878).

Mrs. Salome Humphrey, wife of William Humphrey, had her daughter Rachel baptized February 21, 1816, and her son, B. Hicks Humphrey, August 1, 1819. She was dismissed by letter, October 10, 1840 to the Church of Pike at LeRaysville, Pennsylvania. " The Humphrey familiy was descended from Michael Humphrey who came from England and settled at Windsor, Conn., in 1643. Alvin, Milton and William came to Orwell beginning in 1815." (Heverly, Pioneer and Patriot Families of Bradford Co., Vol. II, P. 281.)

Under date of July 14, 1816 the names of Mrs. Mercy Green and Capt. George Ranney and wife are entered as new members. Mrs. Mercy Green had children baptized June 1, 1816; Edmund Franklin, Jacob Flaval, Amos Thomas, William Noles; August 7, 1820, Zimri Barber.

Mrs. Ranney had children baptized January 26, 1816: Katherine, Chauncey B., Polly Ursula, Abigail Lycene; August 7, 1820, William. The Ranneys lived on or near the Payson place on Orwell Ridge, owned by the late John H. Ford, according to Craft's History, page 328.C. F. Heverly in Pioneer and Patriot Families of Bradford County, Pa., wrote, "The Ranneys, william and John, located in Orwell, 1802. William seems to have removed to other parts prior to 1812." (Bur one William joined the church with his wife March 12, 1821.) "John died in Orwell, 1826; George was appointed guardian of Abigail L. and William Ranney, minor children of the late John and Polly Ranney". (Vol. II, p. 82) Polly Ranney became a member October 6,


1816. One William Ranney died June 17, 1832 aged 17 years (Darling Cemetery). (One Plooy Ranney died at the home of Hiram Ellsbree on Wappaseening Creek, June 20, 1892, having become a member March 22, 1848.)

Under date of August 3, 1816 there were enrolled Phebe Frisbie, Esther Roberts, Sarah Andrews, Jemima Wells and Molly Coburn.

Phebe Frisbie was the wife of Levi Frisbie, (Revolutionary War Soldier), daughter of Aaron Gaylord, who was slain at the Wyoming Massacre. Phebe was born November 19, 1769 in Bristol, Conn., married December 20, 1796 Levi Frisbie who was born January 31, 1758 in Bristol Conn. They moved to Orwell in 1800, and settled on the farm owned by the son Zebulon in 1878. He died October 5, 1842; she, October 5, 1851. (Craft, p. 327)

Children of Levi and Phebe Frisbie:

1.Chauncey, born November 16, 1787 in Connecticut married Chloe Howard March, 1812; second Eliza, widow of Dr. Dudley Humphrey. Chauncey died in 1864. Three Children grew to maturity: Hanson Z., Phebe M., (both baptized February 23, 1823), and George Chauncey, father of Rev. Fred V., Hector H., George McClellan, Frank C., Sarah Jennie, Hanson C., William K., and Benjamin L., Frisbie. William K. Frisbie was cashier of the Farmers National Bank, Rome, Penna. Until 1945.

2.Laura, born January 1, 1790, married Ira Bronson of Burlington, Conn., had no children but adopted Laura, a daughter of her sister Catherine.

3.Catherine, born April 1, 1792, married Abel Eastabrooks of Orwell October, 1815; died August 27, 1822, leaving four children, Charles, Laura, Aaron Gaylord and Levi Frisbie Eastabrooks.

Charles, Laura, Aaron Gaylord Eastabrooks were baptized September 8, 1821; Levi Eastabrooks, June 29, 1823. Laura Eastabrooks married James D. Humphrey . Aaron G. and Levi F. Eastabrooks became wealthy farmers at Milledgeville, Illinois. Levi F. Eastabrooks married Mary Inman and had children grown to maturity: George Inman, Montraville F., Ruth, Harriet, Edna and Mollie Eastabrooks. Three others died in childhood.

George Inman Eastabrooks, deceased, had children: LeVerrier C., (deceased), Levi Frisbie, Mrs. Lucile E. Chronister, Mrs. Ruth E. Floodas, Mrs. Gertrude E. Weaver, Harold A., George I., Josephine E., Richard (deceased) and Mrs. Florence E. Gary.

Montraville F. Eastabrooks died in 1921, leaving three children: (a) Eugene R. Eastabrooks of Lloyd, Montana; (b) Margaret, wife of Dr. Franklin M. Turrell of the University of California, 3574 Bandini Ave., Riverside Calif.; (c) Edna, wife of John G. Honeus, Medura, Macoupin County, Ill.

Harriet Frisbie Eastabrooks, married Dr. M. V. O'Shea, editor of The World Book, first edition, an encyclopedia for children, died in 1947, leaving four children of record: Vincent O'Shea, who died 5 weeks after his mother's death; Dr. Harriet E. O'Shea, 212 Varsity Apartment, West Lafayette, Indiana, of the faculty of Purdue University; Dr. Katharine O'Shea Elson,

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Old Gulph Road, Narbeth, Penna., herself a medical doctor who married a medical doctor; and a younger son, Stanley D. O'Shea, married, and having a daughter, Harriet Elizabeth O'Shea, four years of age, living at Ormond Beach, P. O. Box 1578, Florida.

Ruth Eastabrooks married F. H. Kilbourn, and lives at 5413 Blaskstone Ave., Chicago, Ill. She has two children: Frederick E. Kilbournwho is married and lives at Chesterton, Indiana; Ruth E. Kilbourn, who lives with her mother and teaches in high school.

Edna Eastabrooks and Mollie Rose Eastabrooks lived together at 605 First Ave., Sterling, Illinois, till May 12, 1951 when Edna passed away. Mollie has a copy of a small book, Katherine Gaylor, Heroine, by Florence E. D. Muzzy, Bristol Publishing Company, Bristol, Connecticut, 1898.

4.Levi Frisbie, born November 19, 1798, married Chloe Chubbuck, March 3, 1825, had six children, lived in Orwell, died November 28, 1889; buried in Darling or East Cemetery. Children: Aaron Gaylord, Chloe Catherine (married Stewart Line), Wilbur E., Laura P. (married Frank Bachman), Joseph Austin, baptized 1841 (Elmira Coal Dealer), Easton N. (once mayor of Elmira).

5.Zebulon, born July 4, 1801, in Orwell Township, married in 1828 Polly Goodwin, born November 6, 1811, a native of Connecticut, daughter of Warren Goodwin. Zebulon was justice of the peace for 18 years, and associate judge of the county for five years; elder in the Presbyterian church 20 years, lived on the farm first occupied by his father, in 1952 owned and occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rockefeller. Children of Zebulon and Polly Frisbie were: Eliza Maria, baptized 1840; W. Lawson Frisbie, (M. D.), baptized 1834; Chauncey M. (a daughter, Mrs. Josephine Howard, wife of Frank, had 2 sons and 3 daughters lived in 1939 at nurses home, Packer Hospital, Sayre, Pa., died March 5, 1948); Addison C.; Mary Ellen (unmarried); and Ruby, wife of Edward Boardman (whose daughter married first Sam T. Cass of Wysox); and Warren R. (married Caroline Coburn, had children: Ella C. and Lula); Emily Phebe; Olin Gaylord (married Josephine Ward, was father of Lewis W. of Towanda, and Mrs. Edna Turner); and Orrin Goodwin Frisbie, baptized in 1845.

Esther Roberts, second named as joining the church August 3, 1816, was the wife of Lebbeus Roberts. They lived near the crossroads, later called Woodruff Corners, north of the farm of James E. Eastman on Orwell Ridge, near where a Presbyterian church was erected in 1827. Esther Roberts was Esther Thompson before her marriage. Lebbeus Roberts was a native of Vermont, who served in the Revolutionary War, suffering many hardships. He was buried near the place where he and his wife settled in 1802 (Craft). A church of ten members was organized at his house in 1803.

Children of Lebbeus and Esther Roberts:

1.Czar, married Lucy A. Brownson and had children , Alpha B., Amanda M. and Mary E. Roberts.

2.Marintha, married James Hays and had children John and Robert.

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