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Chapter I

Warren and Orwell Congregational Church

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ANSON COLLINS joined at the same time. (One Anson R. Collins, probably a son, was a subscriber to the building of the first Rome Presbyterian Church in 1845. He died at the home of his son in law M.R. Heath, Athens, Pa., about 1891 at the age of 82.) Anson was later elected an elder of the Orwell Presbyterian Church.

DOTIA, wife of Comfort Bliss CHAFFEE was admitted April 15, 1821. 

HANNAH, wie of Asahel GRAVES joined May 19.

At this time a revival of religion in Warren led to a large increase in membership. On Sunday May 20th, the following were enrolled: Joseph Ellsbree and Mary, his wife; George Manning and Charlotte, his wife; Nathan Young and Lucy, his wife; Aaron Corbin and Rhoda Lloyd, his wife; Robert Sutton, John Eddy, Mary King, catherine King, Henry Leonard Merrill, Roswell Lee Coburn, Caroline Harriet Coburn, Harriet Dewing, John Coburn, Mercy Bowen, wife of Noah Bowen; Jacob Drugen Burbanks and Sophia, his wife, a sister of Oliver Corbin.

JOSEPH  ELLSBREE and MARY (MACKEY) ELLSBREE, were natives of Albany County, New York. He was born July 15, 1790 and came to what is Warren Township about 1819 and engaged in farming. He died in Windham Township February 18, 1856. Mary was born January 20, 1793 and died July 4, 1877. They had six children of whom A.C. Ellsbree of Athens was third, He married February 12, 1846 miss Nancy, daughter of Platt and Laura (Pease) Rogers of Windham Township. A. C. and Nancy Ellsbree had one daughter Jesel B., who married Eugene Allen. (died 1940)

GEORGE MANNING and his wife, CHARLOTTE (MACKEY) MANNIN, second couple to be enrolled from the rivival, had three children of record: (1) Elizabeth, called Eliza, who married Eben Griswold, had four children: Charlotte, George, Abigail, Charles; (2) William M.; and (3) John Case Manning.

(1)The Griswolds moved to Newark Valley and their son George's family moved to Owego, N.Y., where some of the family now live, including Mrs. Charles Shiner, West Front Street, and Horace Griswold, Main Street.

(2)William M. Manning, son of George and Charlotte, married Sarah R. Whitney, had one son George H. Manning, who with his wife Mary, had two children: William (deceased), and Charlotte Elizabeth (calld Lottie) who married William Clune. Mr. and Mrs. Clune have two children, a daughter, Marian, and a son, William. William Clune is married and has two girls. They all lived at 256 Loring Avenue, Buffalo, N.Y. till recently.

(3)John Case Manning married Ruth Maria Coburn, daughter of Daniel Hendrick and Harriet (Coburn) Coburn, and had 5 children; Alexander Dewing manning, Harriet Coburn Manning (died when 15), Charlotte Elizabeth Manning, Clara Maria Manning, and George Gurden Manning.

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Alexander Dewing Manning married Flora Dewey of Berkshire, N.Y., and had two children: Dewey (in Binghamton Hospital since War I, not married) and Ruth, who married Dr. Lawrence J. Kellam having four children: Lawrence, Jr., Timothy, Marily and David Kellam and living at 28 Crestmont Road, Binghamton, N.Y.

Chrlotte Elizabeth Manning married Schuyler Slawson, had one daughter, Clara, who married Frederick W. Medlong and lives at 39 Kneeland Ave., Binghamton, N.Y.

Clara Maria Manning married Edward Payson of LeRaysville, Pa., and had two sons, Manning Edward and Hartwell Moore Payson, who is married and has two children, a boy and a girl , living at 5304 Circle Drive, Van Nuys, Calif. Clara M. Payson is the only child of John Case Manning living at the present time (March, 1946). Hartwell Moore Payson's wife is deceased and he and his mother Mrs. Clara M. Payson, live at Bloomsburg (Box 177), Pa.

George Gurden Manning married Lena Mae Russell, eldest daughter of Samuel D. and Lucy (Gould) Russell of Windham, Bradford County, Pa., and had one daughter Dorothy Russell Manning, who married in 1927 Lewis W. Pritchard, son of Grant Pritchard of Lawrenceville, Tioga County, Pa. Dorothy Pritchard died February 28, 1940. Lewis Pritchard lives at Elmira, N.Y. employed by the D. L. & W. R. R. co. Grant Pritchard had a small farm to the west of Lawrneceville, and his wife and most of his children, including his daughter, Edith, were members of the Presbyterian Church there. George G. Manning died in 1940. Mrs. George G. Manning lived at 214 Grant St., Owego, New York.

NATHAN and LUCY YOUNG emigrated from New England to Warren Twonship in 1814. (Three places are named as to where they came from Plainfield, N.H., New Grantham ,andAlburg, Vermont.) Lucy Young was a Burton before her marriage. Their farm was about five miles north of Warren Center, and a short distance from Alexander Dewing's. Nathan died at the age of 82. A picture of the Young homestead as it appeared in 1878 is shown facing page 429, Craft's History of Bradford County. Nathan and Lucy (Burton) Young had the following six children: Thomas, Oscar, Nathan, Sabra, Lucy and Elizabeth.

(1)Thomas had a son Burton T. Young, living in 1939 in Montana; also two daughters Harriet and Emeline and a granddaughter, Mrs. Bert Heltzel, live at Boulder, Montana.

(2)Oscar lived in Rome, Pa., and a sketch of his family is in the author's History of the Presbyterian Church of Rome, Pa. 1844-1942

(3)Nathan, born June 15, 1820 in Warren Township, lived at the homestead, and married first, November 8, 1843, Miss Phoebe Coburn, daughter of Moses and she died a short time after her marriage. Nathan married second, September 9, 1846, Nancy Bowen, daughter of George and Sarah Bowen, who came from Providence, R.I. Their son, Irvin Merrill Young, married August 30, 1871, Anna Dewing, daughter of Andrew and Nancy (Dobson) Dewing. Irvin and Anna Young had four children, (a) Nathan E., born December 31, 1874; (b) Andrew Dewing, born October 20, 1877; (c) George Burton, born February 8, 1885 and (d) Coburn, bornSeptember 28, 1892. Nathan Attended the annual meeting of the Warrenham Presbyterian Church in august, 1939,but died before the next annual service.

(a)Nathan E. Young married Nancy Dewing, daughter of George F. and Abagail G. (Lent) Dewing) of Wysox, Pa. He died in 1940. He and his family lived at Union, N.Y., and attended regularly the annual church services of the Warrenham Presbyterian Church, and the P.P. Bliss centennial service at Rome in 1938, being a second cousin of Mrs. Lucy Young Bliss. A ddaughter, Elizabeth, married Paul Hendrickson, and lives at Union, N.Y.

(b)Andrew Dewing Young also lives at Union, N.Y.

(c)George Burton Young lives at 503 Exchange Ave., Endicott, N.Y., has a daughter, Louella, born November 24, 1915, who married Melvin Brown, and lives next door to her parents, at 503 1/2 Exchange Ave., Endicott.

(d)Coburn Young married Viola, daughter of George and Katie (Coleman) Currier of Warren Center, a realative of the man of the picture firm, "Currier & Ives" . and has children, Nathan Burton, Donald, Hilda and Ruth, who married Dane McGregor, and lives at Maine, N.Y.

(4)Sabra S. Young married Warren Bowen and has two sons, Zachary Taylor Bowen and Nathan Bowen. Zachary had a son Walter living in Endicott in 1939. Nathan Bowen had a daughter Sabra who married Miles Allyn, and lived at Hemet, California. Nathan Bowen also had a daughter, Nancy, who married Bert Jayne, and lives at LeRaysville, Pa.

(5)Lucy, fifth child of Nathan and Lucy (Burton) Young, married Asa Dunham, brother of Dr. Sydey A. Dunham, and they had a son Willard, who married Miss Lula E., daughter of Warren Frisbie, of Orwell, a member of the Presbyterian Church there, recently deceased. They also had a son, Nathan Dunham, unmarried; also another son and another daughter.

(6)Elizabeth Young, sixth child of Nathan and Lucy (Burton) Young, married Daniel Monroe Pitcher, and they were the parents of Miss Mary Pitcher who lived at Union, N.Y., and died in the spring of 1940. They were the parents also of a son Charles, who died fifty years ago, and a daughter Lucy, who married first Clarence Van Kirk, had a son Pierson; second, Ferdinand Fowler. All are deceased.

MARY KING, who became a member May 20, 1821, with her sister Catherine, was the daughter of Rev. Salmon King and his first wife, Mary Adams Isham (usuallycalled Polly) of Marlborough, Conn. Mary Adams Isham was born February 19, 1776, and married Mr. King, February 18, 1801. She was a " woman of thoughtful mind and earnest Christian life" who died " most happily" January 1, 1807. Her grave is in East Cemetery in Manchestor, Conn., a few feet from the entrance. Mary, daughter of Rev. Salmon and Mary Isham King, was born at Manchester, April 13, 1805, and married November 10, 1829, Hiram Stevens who was born February 8, 1799. She died in Orwell, Pa., April 29, 1892. They had three children : (1) Mary A. I. Stevens , (2) Harriet King Stevens, and (3) Salmon Regis Stevens. The Stevens family resided at Stevensville, Pa.

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(1)Mary A. I. Stevens, daughter of Hiram and Mary (King) Stevens, was born June 24, 1831, married March 17, 1853, Edward C. Bull,and they had eight children: (a) Hiram Edward, (b)Cynthia Mary, (c) Kent Melancthon, (d) Leslie Rosseal, (e) Ira Webster, (f) Helen Arletta, (g) Harriet Maria, and (h) Isaac Miles (died 1871). Mary A. I. Stevens Bull died April 4, 1904.

(a)Hiram Edward bull, born at Orwell, Pa., April 16, 1854, married December 29, 1882, Miss Ann Elizabeth Frisbie, daughter of Gaylard and Sarah Ordelia (Darling) Frisbie. He died March 9, 1933. He had served many years as a county surveyor. His widow died at East Towanda in 1943. Their children are : Mary Ordelia, Isabella, and Frances Elizabeth.

Mary Ordelia was born February 26, 1886, married Perry Wilbur Parks and lives at East Towanda, where she was United States wearther observer. Their five children are Mildren F., born July 26, 1908, married first Kenneth m. Aldrich, had four children; Marian, Edward, Frances and Nellie Aldrich; married , second, William Green, Owego, N.Y.; a son, Mahlon Edward, born in 1911, married September 8, 1936 Marie Van Ness, daughter of Fay and Florence (Trumbull) Van Ness of Standing Stone, Pa., and they have one daughter, Sylvia Edwina, born February 28, 1938; a daughter Esther Philenia, born April 7, 1916; another daughter, Ruth Elizabeth, born January 3, 1918, married Dr. Nicholas Prusack, has three children: Anna Marie, born October 30, 1943; Nicholas II born March 1, 1945; and Susan Elizabeth born March 1, 1945. A son Perry Wilbur, Jr. born December 5, 1926, served in U.S. Army in World War II.

Isabella Bull, daughter of Hiram Edward and A. Elizabeth (Frisbie) Bull, was born September 24, 1888, taught at Beaver college, Jenkintown, Pa., spending vacations at the homestead in East Towanda.

Frances Elizabeth Bull, daughter of Hiram Edward and A. Elizabeth (Frisbie ) Bull, was born April 17, 1894, married Norman C. somers, and lives Carney's Point, N.J. They have two children, Elizabeth and Robert who was born in April of 1916.

(b)Cynthia Mary Bull, daughter of Edward C. and Mary (Stevens) Bull, born November 10, 1857, married January 23, 1889, W. Eaton Frisbie of Orwell, son of Gaylord and Ordelia (Darling) Frisbie. Cynthia died December 20, 1895, with no children. Mr. Frisbie married, second, Flora Russell, and they had one son, Russell E. Frisbie, who married Gladys Smith. They have four children: Flora May, born January 13, 1937; Sarah Jane born March 4, 1939, Mary Ellen, born April 13, 1942, and Levi Eaton Frisbie, born December 15, 1944.

(c)Rev. Lent Melancthon Bull, son of Edward C. and Mary (Stevens) Bull, was born April 19, 1861, graduated from Lafayette College in 1887 and from Princeton Theological Seminary in 1890, married December 21, 1891 Mary A. Pollock,daughter of Mr. Levi M. Pollock and his wife Annie Jane Pollock.

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Mary A. Pollock was born August 28, 1862 at Nottingham, Pa., and died April 21, 1936 at Kennett Square, Pa. Rev. K. M. Bull died April 24, 1936, three days after the death of his wife. He had served as pastor of Nottingham, Chester Co., Pa., and Toughkenamon and Unionville, Chester Co., Pa. They had the following six children:

Helen, born January 19, 1893, married July 16, 1938 William C. MacFarland, and lives at 509 W. Miner St., West Chester, Pa. Her husband died March 25, 1939.

Anna, born April 18, 1894, married August 24, 1935, C. Ronald Groff, and they live at 214, Barrington Road, Upper Darby, Pa. (1947)

Harriet, born March 6, 1897, married July 5, 1929, James W. MacFarland and they have one son William C. MacFarland. They live at Downington, R.2, Pa.

Mary, born January 21, 1900, married December 28, 1937 Francis D. W. Groff, and they have one son, Francis David W. Groff, Jr., born April 10, 1939. They live at R.d. , Lincoln University, Pa.

Edward Carrington, born November 8, 1901, lives at R.D. Kennett Square, Pa., married Miriam E. Ross, March 5, 1939.

A son, Kent Melancthon, Jr., died in infancy.

(d)Leslie Rosseel Bull, son of Edward C. and Mary (Stevens) Bull, was born November 20, 1862, died August 9, 1939; married Virginia A. Huggins, resided in 1896 in Spartenburg, South Carolina, where she died March 5, 1947.

(e)Ira Webster Bull, son of Edward C. and Mary (Stevens) Bull, was born October 31, 1864, graduated from State College in forestry, married Ella T. Miles, October 9, 1895, lived in Kennett Square, Pa. In 1896, died March 31, 1911. A son William Ira lives at East Lansing, Mich, and is connected with the Michigan State College - Forestry Department. A daughter , Mrs. Helen Marie Corley, lives at W. LaFayette, Indiana, has a daughter, Marita, who graduated from high school in June, 1947, and planned on a college education.

(f)Helen Arletta Bull, daughter of Edward C. and Mary (Stevens) Bull, was born November 9, 1866, married March 28, 1895 William Sherman Jones (deceased September 21, 1941), and lived in Pittsburgh, Pa., 1896, lives now in Akron Ohio, has 3 sons: Edward, Raymond, and Ira Jones.

(g)Harriet Maria Bull, daughter of Edward C. and Mary (Stevens) Bull, was born November 9, 1868, married September 20, 1893 Frank H. Ott, photographer, and they lived at Towanda, Pa., where Mr. Ott died January 19, 1946, having been for over twenty years superintendent of the Sunday School, and many years clerk of the session of the First Presbyterian Church, which church received an award from Presbytery for the best kept record of sessional minutes.

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(2)Harriet King Stevens, second daughter of Hiram and Mary (King) Stevens, was born August 2, 1834, married November 1, 1855 Hampton Champlin, son of Hampton, Sr., and Lucretia (Pitcher) Champlin. (Hampton, Sr. died February 29, 1880). They had four children: (a) Dr. Henry William, of Towanda; (b) Alida Winona, (c) Frank Ingersoll, of Orwell, and (b) Mary Lucretia (Mrs. Frank Shoemaker) of Orwell. Mrs. Harriet K. Champlin died at Orwell, September 4, 1926, aged 92.

(a)Henry W. Champlin, M.D., son of Hampton and Harriet King (Stevens) Champlin, was born March 31, 1857, graduated as doctor of medicine from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich., June 30, 1881, married July 12, 1882 Delia A. Sherwood, born at Syracuse May 10, 1857. They had three children: Harry W. (August 18, 1883 - December 4, 1892); Paul M., born at Chelsea, Michigan, June 23, 1885, died in 1951; Carroll Dunham, born October 22, 1886. Mrs. Delia Champlin died in Towanda, Pa., June 10, 1933. Dr. H.W. Champlin married second, Mrs. Irene MacNeal Webb, October 16, 1934. Dr. H. W. Champlin died December 8, 1943. Dr. Paul M. Champlin reseded at 12 Lenox Ave., East Orange, N.J., Dr. Carroll D. Champlin, son of Dr. H. W. Champlin, was born in Michigan, graduated from Haverford College, from which he received A. B. and M. A. degrees. He received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Pittsburgh in 1925. He has been professor of education at the Pennsylvania State College since 1926, has attended educational conferences in Europe and is the author of many articles in educational journals. He resides at 627 West Fairmount Ave., State College, Pa.

(b)Alida Winona Champlin, daughter of Hampton and Harriet King (Stevens) Champlin, was born May 4, 1860, began playing the church organ at 13, and continued until she married on August 2, 1882, George H. Howe, M.A., son of Henry, and died in Orwell, May 11, 1891. They lived at Warrenburg, Missouri, where he taught several years and became president of a college. Before going to Missouri, they lived at Talladaga, Alabama, for five years, where Mr. Howe taught mathematics at Talladaga College, and where his wife taught a Sunday School primary class, having as many as 80 children enrolled.

(c)Frank Ingersoll Champlin, son of Hampton and Harriet King (Stevens) Champlin, was born July 4, 1862, married October 12, 1893 Alice Adelia Kennedy, daughter of Rev. Edward L. and Mary (Lewis) Kennedy, who was born at Elkland, Tioga County, Pa., January 9, 1865, died at Orwell, February 1, 1934. They had one daughter, adopted, Mrs. Byron Jacobs of Windham, Pa. Mr. Frank I. Champlin married, second, April 13, 1935, Miss Charlotte Brown, at Los Angeles, Calif., daughter of Joseph Miles and Eliza (Lewis ) Brown of Marryall, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Champlin lived at Orwell. Mrs. Charlotte Champlin died December 30, 1945 at 75 years of age; burial was at Merryall Cemetery. She was survived by her husband and a foster daughter, Mrs. Charlotte Shult, Peoria, Ill.

(d)Mary Lucretia Champlin, daughter of Hampton and Harriet King (Stevens) Champlin, was born October 6, 1870, at Orwell and married December 27, 1902, Frank Shoemaker, born August 19, 1875 in Windham township, Pa. She died Monday, January 30, 1950, at Orwell, Pa. They had one son, Donald Champlin Shoemaker, born November 28, 1909. He married first December 14, 1931, Alma Gorham, born in New York City June 16, 1912, the daughet of Frederick H. & Ellen Gorham. To Mr. and Mrs. Donald Shoemaker were born three children: Sylva Ellen, born April 25, 1933; Markyn Alma, born June 7, 1934; and Marjorie May, born December 24, 1936. They lived at Warren Center, Pa. Donaldmarried, second, July 20, 1947, Miss Ella Mae Parish, daughter of Earnest andCora Parish, in the First Baptist Church, Endicott, N.Y., and a daughter, Donna Christine was born to them October 25, 1949, at Johnson City, N.Y.


(3)Salmon Regis Stevens, third child of Hiram and Mary (King) Stevens, born January 1, 1844, married March, 1865, Rosa Nye. They had four children: (a) Mary Angie, born December 22, 1865 at Stevensville, Pa., who married September 22, 1886, James C. Simmons (children James Stevens, born June 7, 1890 and twins Hansford Randolph and Helen Kathleen, born May 23, 1894). (b) Hattie Winona (1874-1876); (c) Nellie L. (1877-1878); and (d) Irvin N., born May 8, 1880.

CATHERINEKING, second daughter of Rev. Salmon and Mary Adams (Isham) King, joined the church May 20, 1821, was born in Bolton, Conn., December 18, 1806 and died January 4, 1850 at Stevensville, Pa.

HENRY LEONARD MERRILL, born January 11, 1791, married Polly Dewing, daughter of Jared and Ruth (Coburn) Dewing. Henry and his brother, Abel, drove four oxen with a sled load of provisions from Irasburg Court House; Vermont, traveling 31 days, and arrived at Warren on March 8, 1814, at or near which time they were joined by the other members of the family. Henry and his wife moved to Illinous, according to George U. Eastman. Henry was a captain in the Mexican War. He died May 24, 1875. He and his wife had nine children:Lyman, Charles, Amos, Andrew D., Harriet Elizabeth, Martha Stanley, Susan Maria, Henry Clay, and Lieut. Alexander Dewing Merrill, who was killed in 1863 at Liberty Gap, Tenn., in the 34th Regiment, Co. F, Illinois Volunteers.

HARRIETDEWING, sister of the grandfather of Anna Dewing Williams (Mrs. P. B. ) of Potterville, Pa., was born December 9, 1799, married November 10, 1830 Daniel Hendrick Coburn, son of Moses and Maria (Houghton) Coburn, and died March 24, 1872. Her husband was born June 26, 1802 in woostock, Conn., and died November 3, 1876. He was a farmer and lived in Warren township near the location of the old Warrenham Postoffice, on the farm owned by the late G. Albert Dewing, son of George T. Dewing, who was the son of Andrew and Nancy (Dobson) Dewing. G. Albert Dewing died November 13, 1950 at his home , aged 66, survived by four sons: Paul, robert, Max and Russell, and two daughters, Mrs. Paul Darling of Oakland Calif., and Mrs. Norman Darling of Warren Center; two sisters, Mrs. P. B. Williams and Mrs. Paul D. Dewing of Vestal, N.Y. and his wife.

Harriet (Dewing) and Daniel Hendrick Coburn had the following six children:

(1)Franklin, born July 8, 1832, married November 6, 1856, Kate M. Manley, of Warrenham, died March 19, 1894. A son, Fred, attends the annual meetings of the Warrenham Presbyterian Church.

(2)Ruth Maria, born June 30, 1833, married May 19, 1853, John Case Manning, who was born September 29, 1825 in Warren township, and died November 18, 1893 in Aurora, N.Y. They had five children: all surnamed Manning: Allexander Dewing, Charlotte Elizabeth, Harriet Coburn (died at 15 years, ) Clara Maria (living in 1946) and George Gordan Manning.

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(3)Mary S., born March 2, 1836, married Noah Newman Bowen, who was born February 26, 1830 and died October 22, 1884. She died May 19, 1859. They had six children including Edson, Eva, Carrie and Mary. Edson had three sons: Harry, Aubrey and Robert. Carrie had three children: Eva, Ethel and Newman. Mary had three children: Kenneth, Helen and Edson.

(4)Ellen, born March 1, 1838, married February 5, 1862, Lewis Bosworth, died April 23, 1864.

(5)Julia A., born March 3, 1841, married December 28, 1865, George M. Griswold, of Owego, N.Y. They had three children.

(6)Daniel Frederick, born May 4, 1844, died January 16, 1865, killed in the Civil War.

(The above is taken from page 46, B.F. Dewing, Descendants of Andrew Dewing, 1904)

John Coburn and Mercy Bowen, wife of Noah Bowen, joined the church May 20, 1821.

Under the date of July 1, 1821, a woman joined the church whose first name only is entered on the roll --Sylva.

On July 10, the following became members; Nathan Payson(whose wife had joined October 6, 1816). Samuel Wells, who died March 20, 1837, aged 55 years 7 months and 20 days, with burial in the old Presbyterian Church cemetery on Orwell ridge road. Catherine Eastabrooks, (wife of Abel Eastabrooks, daughter of Levi and Phebe (Gaylord) Frisbie), who died August 27, 1822, leaving four children. Theron Darling and his wife, Sally (Russell) Darling. Theron was elected elder August 28, 1829 with Jason Potter. Dr. Dudley Humphrey, (1784 - 1826, son of Deacon Theophilus Humphrey and his wife Hepzibah Cornish of Sinsburg, Conn.), and his wife, Elizabeth. (Eliza on church roll) Humphreys; after the death of Dr. Dudley Humphrey in 1826, she married February 14, 1827,Chauncey Frisbie of Orwell, whose first wife, Cloe had died. Milton Humphrey,Alvin Humphrey and his wife,Elizabeth. Chancey Frisbie and his wife, Chloe.Josiah Woodruff Grant (diedAugust 3, 1842, aged 54 years). Polly Alice Browning.Laura Ellis, (noted as dismissed March 20, 1851). Laura Allis married Abel Patterson Darling, January 12, 1826, had nine children, was great grandmother of Russell Eaton Frisbie of Orwell. Huldah Johnson, wife of Truman Johnson. She was Huldah Cook (sister of Joel), and was born December 29, 1777, died August 9, 1853 (Darling Cemetery).

Theron Darling and wife had children baptized August 19th , Abel, William Nelson, Dennison Russell, Polly Ann, Adaline, MajorBackus, Ellizabeth, Lyman Merril. Theron died February 24, 1849, aged 70 years; Sarah , his wife, died February 16, 1870.

Milton Humphrey had a son, Zenas Dunbar, baptized October 6, 1823.

Alvin Humphrey was the third child of Deacon Theophilus Humphrey and his wife, Hepzibah Cornish of Simsburg, Conn., who were married in 1761. Alvin was born December 2, 1769, married first, Almira Sase; second Mary Hayes. The following children of Alvin were baptized at Orwell, August 19, 1821: Diana Evert (named for her grandmother); Lucius Fuller, Norris Cornish, (the second wife of Alvin's brother, Theophilus was of the Cornish family); Hector James (James was the name of Alvin's oldest brother); and Jeremiah Theophilus. (Warren and Orwell church Record; Humphrey Genealogy.)

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Dr. Dudley Humphrey and wife had children baptized July 22, 1821: James Dudley, Ann Eliza, Emily Almira. Dr. Dudley Humphrey died April 26, 1826, aged 42 years old. James Dudley born January 20, 1813, married Laura Eastabrook, daughter of Abel and Catherine (Frisbie) Eastabrook; was grandfather of Walter Humphrey of Towanda. Ann Eliza born August 28, 1815 married Alonzo K. Potter. Emily Almira, born September 14, 1819, married 1839 Eliab M.Farrar, died August 14, 1868, aged 48 years. Dr. Dudley Humphrey's widow married Chauncey Frisbie.

Anson Collins and wife had children baptized July 29: Anson russell, Edwin Kingsbury, Sanford Allen ( Anson is buried in Orwell Hill Cemetery).

On August 19, 1821, Polly Browning had three children baptized: Mary Wikeson, Bally Adams, Herman Wilkes.

Catherine Eastabrooks had children baptized on September8, 1821: Charles, Laura, Aaron Gaylord and Eliza Ann Tripp.

CICERODIMOCK joined by letter, August 19, 1821. He came from Tolland, Conn. Mary Dimock was enrolled September 8. Before marriage in July, 1808, her name was Mary Charter, and she was born April 15, 1791 and died September 28, 1865. Cicero was born, May 23, 1781 and died February 29, 1868. He was a cousin of Amasa Dimmick. He was the second son of John and Hanna Smith Dimock and grandsonof Timothy and Ann (Bradford) Dimock. Timothy married Ann Bradford August 15, 1723. She was the daughter of Joseph Bradford who was the son of Major William Bradford, who was the son of Governor William Bradford of Plymouth. The Dimock family lineage is traced back to Sir John Dymock, Champion of England, who lived in the fourteenth century, in Lincolnshire, possessing the Manor of Scrivel's baye. (An Imperfect History and Record of the Dimmick Family, by John Dimmick Torrey, a copy in possession of family of Charles L. Dimmick, 1940, Orwell, Pa.)

Children of Cicero Dimmick

1.Horace C. Dimmick, born January 24, 1809, died 1832.

2.Mary Dimmick born January 6, 1811, died June 1872. Married Peter Bennett, and lived at Clifford, Susquehanna County, Pa., had a son Frank who had a son and a daughter

3.John H. Dimmick, born September 28, 1812, married Nancy Thatcher, daughter of Thomas, lives in the house now owned by Mrs. Robert Kennedy, formerly Mrs. Ray C. Hammond, Orwell, died March 14, 1850

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4.Sarah Dimmick, born April 16, 1814, married James Jones, had son Lewis, who lived near Nichols, N.Y.

5.Eunice Dimmick, born July 3, 1816, married James Cleveland, died August 14, 1869, had two children, John Cicero and Nathan.

6.Franklin Dimmick, born March 12, 1818, married Nancy Dimmick, daughter of Simeon, had no children. They lived at Waverly, N.Y.

7.Daniel Dimmick, born July 12, 1820, married Ann Alderson, born December, 1831, and they were the parents of Charles Lincoln Dimmick of Orwell, Pa. The genealogical record of the Alderson family has been compiled by Mr. F. Earl Alderson, 6734 S. Arlington Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. (1943). Daniel and Ann Dimmick had the following children: George went west about 1877. Josephine, born June 15, 1868, married December 24, 1892, Rev. Frederick Vanduzer Frisbie, had four children, died december 10, 1898 at Bellport, Long Island. The first child, Francis Virginia Frisbie, born 1884 married Edward O'Donnell, had three children, Horace Paul, John Curlon, and Miriam Harriett O'Donnell, lives at 2520 14th St., N.W. Washington, D.C. Mary Adelaide (Addie), daughter of Daniel, was born in 1859, died in 1936 having married John C. Stoll, had an adopted daughter, Beatrice, who married Harold Russell or Orwell, had children: (a) H. Caryle, born 1919, married Ruth Harbst, has four children : Leatrice, Claudia, Carl and Diane. (b) Georgy Anna Russell, married Paul Overpeck, lives in Pasadena, Calif. (c) L. Malcolm who married Verna Cragle, has three Children: Loretta, Linda, and John. The two sons live at Orwell and are active in the Grange. Annette (Nettie),daughter of Daniel Dimmick married AmbroseTiffany of Carbondale, Pa., had three sons, Arthur of Anaheim, Calif., Raymond of Carbondale, Pa., and Harold of Pittsburgh, Pa. Charles Lincoln,son of Daniel Dimmick, was born June 4, 1863 at Orwell, died June 26, 1946, married March 23, 1881, Mrs. Lena Elaine Owens Bailey, had children: Josephine Elaine, Charles Lincoln, Jr., Fenton Mayne, and Irma Dimmick. Josephine born, 1909, married Raymond H. Sick of Monroeton, has a child Charles Raymond, born 1940. Charles Lincoln, Jr., born in 1910 was in the U. S. Army, 174th Infantry, as was also Fenton (Army serial No. 6976752). Irma Marie Dimmick born 1923, married 1942 at Montrose, Pa., Loren C. Stephens. Horace, the youngest of Danieel's children, lived in Los Angeles, Calif. Till his death February 17, 1946, unmarried, as was his brother George the oldest of Daniel's children.

8.Elias Dimmick, born June 23, 1822, married April 10, 1858, Jane Darrow, lived on a farm near Danby, had two children, Elmer and Effie. Elmer lives at spencer, N.Y.

9.Lyvia Dimmick, born July 3, 1824, married May 6, 1850 Arad Platt of Orwell, a justice of the peace, lived where Curtis Pettes lived.

10.Susan Dimmick, born June 15, died August 11, 1826.

11.Lois Dimmick, born December 14, 1827, married Houston Platt, had one daughter , lived at Smithboro, N.Y.

12.Chloe Dimmick, born July 3, 1831, married June 14, 1859, Simeon G. Rockwell, had a son Judson P., and Vernon who lived in Omaha, Nebraska, when last heard of.

Judson P. Rockwell married Mittie Wilbur and had three sons, Leon a brilliant teacher, became school superintendent in Salem, Mass., being one. Another was Gilbert Rockwell, and a third was Ivan. One also died young. Judson was living near Tyrrell Hill at the time of his death in 1939.

WILLISBROWNSON became a member November 18, 1821 was dismissed by letter June 16, 1841. ( the name also spelled Wyllys.)

At the next Sunday's service POLLY COBURN and ALBERTBRAINARD joined the church.

This made a total of 88 members admitted into the church of Warren and Orwell in a little over six years from organization, 1815 to November 25, 1821. In that period only one case of discipline is recorded and that issued in a confession which was accepted by the church.

In the year 1822 two other cases came up which were disposed of in the same way, by acknowledgment of the sins of profanity. Falsehood and sabbath breaking and of Sunday travel. Five new members came in during the year. They were (January 6) DOLLYSTEINBURG and MRS.GRAVES(by letter); (June 2) EDWARDCOBURNDEWING; (November 26) EXPERIENCEBUFFINGTON, wife of B.Buffington; and ( December 1, ) EUNICEKING, wife of Rev. S. King, by letter.

Oliver Cooper of Warren township married a Steinburg. Mrs. Graves may have been a daughter in law of the Mrs. Graves admitted as a member in 1821. Experience Buffington was administered the sacrament of the Lord's Supper on the first Sabbath in February, 1823, at her own house on accountof her being sick, after which the members present individually "took her by the hand and bid her an affectionate farwell, not expecting to meet her in this world again, but hoping to meet her in another to serve God without alloy." She was evidently the wife of Benjamin Buffington.

Eunice King was the third wife of Rev. Salmon King, widow of Isaac Talmadge of Albany, the daughter of John Hinman of Wysox, where her body was buried.

On June 29, 1823, MRS. MARTHA ALGER was admitted a member by letter.

In October of the next year, EBENW.WHIPPLE and NANCY, his wife, were admitted into the church.

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