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Chapter I

Warren and Orwell Congregational Church
  Page 14

3.Alma, married a Mr. Rich of Steuben County, New York, and had son Alford.

4.Elim, married and had a daughter Sally.

5.Almon, married Betsy P. Townsend and moved to Clark County Indiana. They had six daughters and one son, Charles, who died in the Civil War.

6.Sally, married John Sellon of Steuben County, N. Y., and had four children, Miranda, Philemon, Rosetta and Melissa.

7.Belinda, married Charles W. Sellon of Steuben County, N.Y., and had a family of several children. (Heverly, Pioneer and Patriot Families of Bradford County, Vol. II, P. 82).

Jemima Wells, fourth of those joining August 3, 1816 was the wife of Samuel Wells who came in 1797 to Orwell from Burlington, Vermont. Samuel joined the church July 10, 1821. The wife of Samuel Wells was a sister of Asahel Johnson.The Wells farm was in Wells Hollow on Johnson Creek, occupied by Theron in 1878, and is now the property of Fred Hunt. Their children: Theron, Shubuel, Correll, George W., Relzeman, Hiram, Pantha, and Cynthia D. 

On October 6, 1816, there were enrolled as members Mr. Comfort B. Chaffee, Rilla Humphrey, Polly Ranny, Betsy Payson, and Peggy Grant.

Comfort B. Chaffee, grandfather of M. B. Chaffee of East Towanda, was born November 10, 1796, the son of Nathanial Bliss Chaffee and his wife Tabatha Chubbuck, and came from South Wilbraham, Mass. To Warren. (Chaffee Genealogy prepared by Charles Chaffee, whose great grandparents were Comfort and Docia (Sexton) Chaffee.) He married November 22, 1818, Docia, daughter of William Sexton, and died March 28, 1878 in Orwell (Heverly). His ancestral line goes back through his great grandfather Joseph (1701 - 1760) to John (1673 - 1757) to Joseph (d. 1694) to Thomas of Hingham, Mass., born 1635. Docia chaffee, wife of Comfort B. Chaffee, became a member of the church April 15, 1820. Their daughter, Sally Jane, the first of ten children, was baptized April 15, 1820. She married Reuben Easterbrook, Elmira, N.Y. Comfort B. Chaffee bought a farm of 400 acres, now owned by his great grandson, Levi Chaffee of Orwell.

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This is from pages 14 and 15 of "The Churches of Orwell, PA".  Charles Chaffee's finger slipped when he was copying the family of Comfort and Theodocia Chaffee--he missed my great-grandmother. He has combined her with her sister, Mary Mornilva.  See below. Can you see it gets corrected or addended somehow?  Thanks.
Marilyn Hamill-Stewart

Children of Comfort B. and Docia chaffee 

(From Outline of Genealogy prepared by Charles Chaffee) 

1.Jarvis Sexton, married Ann M. Frost, and had six children:  

(1.)Celestia Rosalie, married Elephabet M. Clark and had three children, Loren, Reese and John. 

(2.)Dora Pamelia, married Harvey E. Dimmock, John Ackley; five children, Minnie, Herman, Mabel, Arthur and William. 

(3.)Mary Mornilva, married Edgar Loren Chaffee, son of Danforth; had four sons: Burton, Arestus, Ray, Birney. 
(4.) Ida Mae, married John Henry Hamill, had previous 4 sons, Arestus actually being Ret Orestes.
(4.)Eveline Amelia, married Henry Parks. 

(5.)Sarah Jane, married James Dudley Chaffee son of Daniel. 

(6.)Emma Maria, married Wallace Gore, joined Methodist church in 1885. 

Children of Comfort B. and Docia chaffee

(From Outline of Genealogy prepared by Charles Chaffee)

1.Jarvis Sexton, married Ann M. Frost, and had six children: 

(1.)Celestia Rosalie, married Elephabet M. Clark and had three children, Loren, Reese and John.

(2.)Dora Pamelia, married Harvey E. Dimmock, John Ackley; five children, Minnie, Herman, Mabel, Arthur and William.

(3.)Mary Mornilva, married Edgar Loren Chaffee, son of Danforth; had four sons: Burton, Arestus, Ray, Birney.

(4.)Eveline Amelia, married Henry Parks.

(5.)Sarah Jane, married James Dudley Chaffee son of Daniel.

(6.)Emma Maria, married Wallace Gore, joined Methodist church in 1885.

2.Sarah Jane, married Reuben Easterbrook, Elmira, N. Y. 

Page 15

3.Nathaniel Bliss, married Tamar Warner, had five children:

(1)Olive Rosetta, who married Robert Arnold, died August 1937 and had three children: Edward, (father of Raymond Arnold of Milan, Pa.), Tamar Annette (Mrs. Nette Pettes) and Clara Arnold, (Mrs. W. K. Frisbie). 

(2)Myron William who married Carrie Northrup.

(3)George Mervin, who married Lucretia Titus.

(4)Phoebe Gertrude, who married James R. Titus.

(5)Lincoln Elliot, who married Sarah Titus, and had children: Grace, married Henry Sherer, Campton, Pa., Rev.Ralph, Appalachin, N.Y., Ethel (Mrs. J. Clifton Cowles of Orwell), and Jean, married Herbert Ross, of Kingsley Pa. Mr. and Mrs. J. Clifton Cowles have children, Jean Marie and John Clifton, Jr., live at Orwell.

4.William Douglas, born 1828, died 1829

5.Ruth Sophia, married Oliver Warner.

6.William Douglas, married Henrietta Chaffee, daughter of Orvilla Chaffee who was a brother of Albert Chaffee of Potterville; had one son, Morton Douglas, who married Ida M. Nobles. Morton and Ida had children: Leroy and Clifford.

7.Docia Ann, married Marcus Warner.

8.Solomon Arithiton, married Savanna Dunlap, had four children:

(1)Norman A., married Josephine Beckwith: children: Lewis, Theodore.

(2)Ellis D., married Estella Towner, daughter of Levi Towner, had one son Levi E., of Orwell ridge.

(3)Solomon Oly, married Ada Buttles; children: Marjorie, Hugh, Olin, Oly died at his home on Orwell Ridge, his widow and sons live at LeRaysville.

(4)Manuel Bliss (Hess), married Jennie Overpeck, lives at East Towanda; children: Charles, (school superintendent), Otto, Quentin, (auctioneer), and Soreno.

All four sons of Solomon A. Chaffee recited, debated, declaimed throughout their lives.

9.Comfort Jerome, married Elily McCreary, had children: Zolla, Marvin and Myrtle.

10.Tamson Merian, married Alvin Rodgers.

Rilla Humphreyhad a child, Emma Minerva, baptized January 20, 1820

Polly Ranny, was the wife of John Ranny. She died March 3, 1825, aged 46 years (Darling Cem.) His tax valuation in 1812 was $44 and the amount of his tax .22, the rate being one half cent tax per dollar assessed valuation.

Betsy Payson, fourth names of those joining October 6, 1816, was the wife of Nathan Payson. She was the daughter of Caleb and Alice (Sanger) Sharpe, and was born September 22, 1784, at Pomfret, Conn. She married February 1, 1810, Nathan Payson, born December 20, 1780 in Windham County, Conn.; the eldest of a family of nine children of Asa and Lucy (Bishop) Payson. "On his mother's side the family is traced back to the first settlers in America, who sailed in

Page 16

The mayflower and landed at Plymouth Rock in 1620, supposed to be of Dutch descent." (Craft, P. 332) Mrs. Betsy Payson had two children baptized August 11, 1816; Noah, John Ricks (Wilkes); one Lovina Frances, on May 14, 1819. John wilkes Payson, a son, occupied the farm on the Orwell ridge. Craft listed the children as follows:

Children of Nathan and Betsy Payson:

1.Lucy Ann, born November 3, 1810, married Eliphalet Warfield, had four children, moved to Michigan.

2.Alice Lucetta, born september 3, 1812, married Horace Lounsbury of Nichols, N.Y., died April 19, 1876

3.Sabra Emeline, born June 30, 1814, married Horace Lounsbury of Nichols, N.Y.,

4.John Wilkes, born April 19, 1816, married Perintha Bronson of Orwell township for his first wife, had two children. He married second, April 14, 1850, Miss Elizabeth, daughter of Elijah and Martha (Kennedy) Alger of Ellington, Conn., and had three children: (a) Perintha Elizabeth, (married William Upson); (b.) Martha Rodella, married Warren Ford, were grandparents of (1) Elizabeth (Bessie) Matilda, (2) Arthur of Van Etten, N.Y., (3) John Howard (died March 6, 1949), and (4) Claude W. Ford. John W. and Elizabeth (Alger) Payson had another son (c) William Gillespie who died young.

5.Asa Bishop, born April 13, 1821, married Fanny Beardsley of LeRaysville, had five children, one of whom was Welton Bostwick Payson, born May 9, 1852.

6.William Pitt, born April 7, 1825, baptized May 29, 1825, married Achsa webster of Windham township, lived on what is now the John Ford farm and had thirteen children, including Victor, Clayton, Horace, Garbriella, Dell (Mrs. John Gorham), Mrs. Parley Finch of Nichols, New York, Frisbie, Frances, Cort, Jay, McClelland, Vara (Mrs. Robert Page). Ailene, and Penn.

Peggy Grant, fifth named of the members joining October 6, 1816, was the daughter of Captain Ralph Martin of Wysox, married Josiah W. Grant, (he died August 7, 1842, aged 54 years) son of Captain Josiah Grant. Mrs. Grant had two children baptized January 26, 1816; Lycena Ann and Ellin. The Grants lived west of the Orwell Presbyterian Church. She died July 4, 1859, aged 71 years and 3 months (Darling Cem.).

On May 13, 1817, Mary Buffington was enrolled. One Mary Ann was the daughter of William Buffington, son of Preserved Buffington, in whose house the church was organized.

LEVIFRISBIEjoined by letter June 1, 1817. He had been a member, with his wife, of the church organized in 1803 in the house of Lebbeus Roberts on Orwell ridge. On July 8, 1818, having been previously chosen, he expressed his willingness to accept the office of a Deacon. Levi was descended from Edward Frisbie who built a home. Called "Hearthstone" in Branford, Conn., 

Page 17

ABIGAILRUSSELLbecame a member March 28, 1818. Michael Russell, son of Hezekiah, had a daughter Abigail who married William Strope. (Heverly)

EBENEZERCOBURN joined May 3, 1818. Parley Coburn had a brother named Ebenezer, born September 4, 1778, who married Jane McIntire, and died in 1860. (Records compiled by George U. Eastman.).

LYDIARUSSELL was enrolled July 8, 1818. The third daughter of Dan Russell, one of the first settlers, was named Lydia. She was born in Orwell February 4, 1798, married William Alger. (Lydia, wife of Capt. Hezekiah Russell, died October 11, 1819, aged 73 years).

WILLIAMSEXTON and his wife joined the church November 7, 1818. He was great-great grandfather of Raymond L. Sexton, Nichols, New York. The wife becoming a member was his second. By his first, he had two children: Jabez and Theodocia. Jabez was deeded 62 acres in 1824 by William and Tamsion Sexton. Jabez married first, Jennett Jilson, a native of Connecticut, and had by her the following children who grew to maturity: Clark, George, Willis, Melissa and Lydia. Jennett Jilson Sexton died January 1, 1845, and Jabez married second, Pheobe White and by her had daughters, Sarah and Jenett Sexton. Theodocia, second child by the first wife of William Sexton, and recorded in church record as Dotia, sister of Jabez, married Comfort B. Chaffee, and they were the grand-parents of M. B. ("Hess") Chaffee of East Towanda, Pa. Jabez Sexton lived 72 years on the 62-acre farm deeded to him, till his death September 13, 1878.

The wife who joined the church in 1818 was Tamsion (Mumford) Cooley Sexton, a widow of a Revolutionary War Soldier, by whom she had had two children: Levi Cooley and Mary Cooley.

According to family records furnished by their great great granddaughter, Miss Maude Messing of Silver City, New Mexico, William Sexton and his wife, Tamsoin Sexton, had three children: Melissa, born about 1811, who married Orson Carpenter, lived in Windham Township, adjoining Orwell, had children: Hiram, Amanda, Morgan, Emma, and Wayne Carpenter, the last named being the father of the late Guy Carpenter, M. D. of Waverly, N.Y.; William R. (whose children's names are given below, born October 22, 1813, the same year his parents settled in Orwell, who married Matilda Ellis Dimmick, born December 25, 1813, daughter of Amasa, Jr., and Sophie (Price) Dimmick of Orwell, and a direct descendant of William Bradford, Governor of Plymouth Colony after the death of Governor Brewster; and Ruth, who married Anson Russell Collins (baptized July 29, 1820, died about 1891, Athens), had a daughter, Laura, who married Melvin Heath of Athens, Pa. One of the Heath girls, Cora, married a McLean and the younger one, Belva, graduated from Athens High School about 1903.

William Sexton, born and raised in Connecticut, died August 5, 1849, aged 78, and burial was in Ransom Corners (Orwell Valley) Cemetery, his farm

Page 18

Home being not far north on Wysox Creek from the cemetery. His wife, Tamsion, survived her husband many years, and lived to be almost 100 years old, making her home with her step-son Jabez and was a great care at the last as her mind was affected by her extreme age. When younger she acted as midwife and use to ride through the wilderness on horseback where ever she was needed, carrying supplies and herbs in saddle bags. Her son, William R. Sexton, and his wife Matilda Ellis (Dimmick) Sexton, (sister of Rev. Francis Asbury Dimmick1818-1892), made their home on land on the hill back of Jabez Sexton's. They had five children (1) Julius Phelps Sexton , born April 30, 1833, (2) Francis, born 1835, (3) Tamsion, born 1837, (4) Amasa Philander, born 1839, and (5) William A. Sexton. William R. Sexton died October 31, 1864, and his wife, Matilda, died July 17, 1873. Their farm was taken over by their son, William A. Sexton, who was the third William Sexton in Orwell.

(1)Julius Phelps Sexton, son of William R. and Matilda Dimmick Sexton, married Sarah Louisa Wilmot, born April 23, 1836, daughter of Henry and Sarah (Crum) Wilmot of Rome, Pa. They had four Children: (a) Ella Jane, (b) William Henry, (c) Sarah Elizabeth, and (d) Mary Adell Sexton, born July 19, 1862. Sarah L. Wilmot Sexton died in April, 1866, with burial at Rome Cemetery.

Children of Julius Phelps and Sarah (Wilmot) Sexton:

(a)Ella Jane, born July 16, 1856, married December, 1875, to Edwin Nichols, son of David and Cordelia (Hill) Nichols, and younger brother of Bianca Isabel. They had three children:

1.)Mellie Nichols, born in Pennsylvania 1877, joined North Orwell, M.E. Church with her mother in 1892, married John Russell and had seven children. They lived in Sullivan County, near Forksville.

2.)Hugh Nichols, born in Kansas (where Edwin and Ella Jane lied for a few years.) He married first wife , Nancy and had two daughters now living near Forksville. He and Nancy separated in early 1930's and he married a widow and they live at Shunk, Sullivan Co. Both daughters are alive and have several children.

3.)Eva Nichols, born December 25, 1886, married Bert Wheeler and lived at Wheelerville, Sullivan Co. for some time and later moved in northwestern part of New York State. They have two boys and a girl. Eva died some years ago. Children are living of whom a girl, Sylvia is the oldest.

b.)William Henry Sexton, born June 12, 1858, moved west when a young man and settled in Salida, Colorado where he married Edith Steward, in 1888. She was born October 27, 1868 at De Sota, Kansas, daughter of James German and Mary Ella (Chance) Steward. They had:

1.)Mary Ella Sexton, born Salida, Colo., March 15, 1889, married November, 1911 James J. Potter and lives at 420 Orange Ave., Long Beach, Calif., had three children, two of whom are still living. Phyllis is now married to Carl Geschneider and lives at 822 Cherry Ave., Long Beach, 4, Calif.; and Jimmy, Jr. married also and is in Long Beach.

2.)Edith Isabel Sexton, born April 2, 1892 at Salida, Colo.; married April 15,

Page 19.

1917, to Brooks Gibson, Both were killed in an accident at Long Beach, June 10, 1930, leaving three girls: Berniece, Helen and Annette. All live near Long Beach.

3.)Helen Sexton, born April 5, 1896, married November 1, 1920 to Pete A. Cufis, lives at Midland, Utah, had two daughters: Rebecca now married to Alton Dover and living in Murray, a suburb of Salt Lake; and Harriett at home.

4.)William Stewart Sexton, born at Salida, Colo., November 4, 1900; married LeVeda Bement. Lives at 1116 H Street, Salida, Colo., had three children: (1) William Stewart, born August 7, 1923 (who is the 6th William Sexton since 1813) was in Battle of Pearl Harbor where he was wounded; served almost four years and discharged, married Irene Helen Bell and had two daughters; (2) Wilmot Henry, born November 27, 1926; married Peggy Tarlip, has one son, born April 18, 1951; served 3 years in the Seabees; and (3) Shirley Marie, born August 30, 1931.

5.)James Wilmot Sexton, born July 20, 1903, at Willow Spring, M., married in 1934 to Alice Ruth Shriner. Lives in Long Beach, has two small daughters.

(c.) Sarah Elizabeth, born 1860, joined M.E. Church, North Orwell, Pa. , in 1878,

married first James Couch and had a boy; after death of husband she married 

Mr. Lent and had children, Bertha and Nellie. When last known they lived in 

Walla Walla, Washington.

(d.) Mary Adell, mother of Miss Maude Messing, compiler of family records, 

born July 19, 1862, married Andrew Messing at East Smithfield, Pa., April

3, 1885. Had twins, Medie and Maude born April 21, 1886.

Mrs. Mary Adell Estell, after the death of her first husband, Andrew Messing, in 1886, was left with twin girls not yet three months old. After a year she sold her last husband's meat business and when the twins were four years old she left them with an aunt and uncle and went to Waverly, N.Y., and learned the dressmaking trade. She supported herself and the two children till 1894 when she married, second, Frank Osgood Estell at Wellsburg, N.Y., by whom she had a daughter, Louise Irene, born September 20, 1895, now married to M.B. Kolbor and living at Silver City, N.M. Mr. and Mrs. Kolbor have also a daughter Shirley Lee, who married Paul D. Pelton May 8, 1941 and has a son Gary, born June 7, 1942 and lives in Silver City.

One of the twim daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Messing, Medie, died September 26, 1909, at the age of 23 after being an invalid for 14 years. She was buried at East Smithfield, where her father's body also lies.

In 1895, after her second marriage, Mrs. Mary Adell Estell moved with her family to Athens, Pa., to be near school and church privileges. She kept her children interested in music, school work and church attendance. Her second husband, Frank Estell, died in 1906. Her daughter, Miss Maude L. Messing, helped with the family support when she began teaching in 1905 in Litchfield, and later in Athens Township schools. Maude went in 1910 to Kansas to visit relatives, and from there on to Colorado to visit her uncle, William Henry Sexton. Her mother and half-sister joined her in 1912. They made their home in the west since then, at Salida, Denver, Kansas City, in Arizona, and New Mexico. 

Page 20

Maude took nurse's training at Salida, Denver, and Woman's Hospital, New York. Her mother lived with her since 1924, and was an unassuming, home loving woman, and interested in helping neighbors and relatives in their troubles. She loved children and was loved by most children as soon as they met her. She was ill much during the last six years of her life but kept interested in her Bible, current magazines and good books. She loved flowers and was interested especially in the changes of the skies, stars and planets. She died January 7, 1945, at age of 82, with burial at Silver City, N.M., Masonic Cemetery. She and her daughter Maude were members of the Jacob Bennett Chapter, D. A. R., Siver City, N.M., tracing their ancestry through Amasa Dimmick, Ellington, Conn.

After the death of his first wife, Sarah (Wilmot) Sexton, in April, 1866, Julius Phelps Sexton, then married, second, Hannah Couch, Sheshequin Township, Bradford County and had two boys born dead and a daughter, Hattie Belle, born April 25, 1870 at Pine Valley, New York. She is still alive now aged 76 and lives at 730 N.E. 90th St., Miami, Florida. She married Guy White of Waverly and had one daughter, Eva, who married and had two children, one living in Ithaca, New York and the boy, Walter Prynne, in Uleta, Florida. Her husband died early in 1920's and she married a Jess Leonard some years ago. Lives at same address as her mother.

(2)Francis Sexton, born in 1835, second son of William R. and Matilda Dimmick Sexton, served in the Civil War in Federal forces and later married Clarissa Drake, widow of a Civil War soldier. She had a son Hovey by first husband, and by Francis Sexton, had two daughters: Della and Cora. (a) Della was born about 1868 and (b) Cora about 1871. Della married a Clarene Coty and lived in Sayre. Cora married Forbes and also lived at Sayre or Waverly, or in one of the nearby townships.

(3)Tamsion Sexton, born in 1837, married, first Richard Mumford, cousin of her father's from Hartford, Conn. And went there to live. She had by him, (a) Matilda Ellis, born 1860 (b) Mary, born about 1862. She left him and came back to her father's home. Mary died in infancy. Matilda Ellis married J.J. Kingsbury of Parsons, Kansas, and raised five children: Victor, Mayo, Gladys, Roscoe and Kermitt. Roscoe lives in Kansas City, Mo., where he is in business and has one son about 20 years old. Mayo died some years ago in Chicago.

Tamsion then married Morgan Decker and moved to Kansas and had by him: (a) Myrtle and (b) Lulu. Miss Maude Messing does not know their where abouts or descendants.

(4)Amasa Philander Sexton, born 1839, also served in northern forces in War 

Between the states and later married Louise Congdon of Orwell township. They lived most of their married life in Sheshequin Township on hills back of Athens and later in East Athens. Both died at South Waverly at the home of her nephew, Birney Howe. He died 1917 and she had died a few years before. They had one child Minnie, born April 2, 1860, and died 1880.

(5)Willam Andrew Sexton, born 1842, married October 11, 1868, Bianca Isabel 

Nichols, daughter of David and Cordelia (Hill) Nichols. They lived in Orwell Township and had twins (a) Welle and (b) Nellie born May 1871. Died 1876. (c) Lewis, born January, 1875 and (d) Pearl, born 1883.

(a)Welle married (1) Maggie Waites of Windham Township and by her had one child a boy, who died in infancy. After the death of Maggie, he married again and his widow still lives in Windham Township. Address: Mrs. Welle Sexton, Rt. 1, Nichols, N.Y. No issue by that marriage.

(b)Nellie died in 1876 at 5 years of age.

(c)Lewis married Grace Mildred Terrill (also spelled Tyrrel), of Orwell Township. They were members of the Orwell M.E. Church, and had one son, Raymond L. Sexton, born April 15, 1898. Lewis was killed by a train at Nichols. Mrs. Grace Sexton, died February 21, 1948. Raymond married Jessie Jayne Severn, lives at Nichols, N.Y. Mr. Raymond L. Sexton joined the M.E. Church, Orwell charge, April 1, 1913.

(d)Pearl Sexton married March 30, 1902, Guy Richards of Windham. They have lived all their married life in Johnson City, N.Y. Both were employed by Endicott Shoe Co. She has just resigned. They had no children. Have one adopted son who is just back from the service.

William Andrew Sexton died May 23, 1911 and his wife, Bianca Isabel died December 4, 1925. They are buried in Orwell Valley Burying Ground near Rome, Pa. In 1879 Mrs. William Sexton was received as a member of the Orwell charge of the Methodist Episcopal Church at North Orwell, Pa.

Julius Phelps Sexton died at Denver, Colorado in 1903 and is buried there.

MARY CORBIN became a member January 24, 1819, the wife of Capt. Clement Corbin, mother of 12 children, great great grandmother of Mrs. Louie Corbin.

On March 28, 1819, SUSANNA MATTESON joined the Orwell and Warren Church. Her gravestone in the Orwell cemetery reads, " SUSANNAS., wife of GEO. MATTISON, born in Warwick, Ct. July 3, 1774. Died March 1864". She is said by Sarah Robeina (Mrs. Earl) Farrar of Orwell to have been very strong, able to lift a barrel of cider from the ground on to a wagon. She died at the age of 90 from the effects of breathing the hot fumes of a fire which burnt her dress. Her son, Thomas Jefferson Matteson, married Sally Maria Alger, a daughter of Elijah and Martha (Kennedy) Alger of Ellington, Conn. Sally Maria's sister, Elizabeth, married John Wilkes Payson as his second wife. The Mattesons occupied the farm just below the Orwell hill northward, and the hill became known as "Old Tommy". Mrs. Earl Farrar and her sister, Mrs. George Manchester of Orwell are great granddaughters of Susanna Matteson, the line of descent being through George, Thomas, Jefferson, and Elijah Matteson. Mrs. Lulu Manchester, wife of George, lives on the old farmstead. The Manchesters had three children: (1) Clarence Matteson of Monroeton, who is married and has two children, Jamesand Ruth Louise Manchester; (2) Gazelle, an employee of the Farmer's National Bank, Rome, Pa.; and (3) Harriet Mavis, who died at the age of 12. The Farrars have two daughters, Evadne Grace, born December 29, 1901; and Constance Elise, born January 19, 1918, in Orwell and married July 16, 1942 at Chicago to Corporal Staurt A. Weiner, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Weiner of Northport, Long Island, N.Y. The children of Stuart and Constance Farrar Weiner are: Michael Peter, born February 1, 1945, and Jane Patricia, born April 18, 1947.

Page 22

Other Mattesons of local record are: Emily and Eliza, pupils enrolled in the Orwell Center Sunday School in 1837 and 1838; and Lydia A. Matteson, sister of Elijah and wife of H.L. Case. She died at the age of 33 years, the date on the stone in Orwell Cemetery being April 6, 1880. She left three sons who survive in Des Moines, Ia., George Case, Howard who has one son, and Thomas who has five children. Emily A. Matteson of Orwell married November 27, 1841 Daniel Cole of Wysox (Heverly, Pioneer and Patriot Families of Bradford County). A Matteson book of genealogy is being prepared by Mr. Porter Matteson of 77 West Maynard Ave., Columbus , Ohio.

MARY COOK, enrolled as a member January 9, 1820, may have been the wife of Joel Cook, Jr., who want by the name of Polly. Polly Cook was Polly Russell, born January 20, 1794, died August 15, 1861 (Darling Cem.) Mary Cook had two children baptized August 7, 1820; Darwin and Mary. Darwin born April 1, 1815, became a Presbyterian minister, and was pastor at Rome in 1850. Mary born October 18, 1816, was a school teacher and died October 21, 1884. (Darling Cem.)

MAY SUTTON may have been the wife of Robert Sutton who with his brother Charles was in Warren as early as 1807; Robert remained until 1830 when he sold to Parley Coburn (Heverly, P. & PF. ofB. Co., Vol. II, p. 233) She joined by letter January 22, 1820. Robert Sutton became a member May 20, 1821. A gravestone in the north Warren Cemetery is inscribed to the "Memory of Mary, wife of Robert Sutton who departed this life June 24, 1826, aged 36 years".

LIBERTY SHARP united with the church March 20, 1820. Probably he was a brother of Mrs. Betsey (Sharpe) Payson, wife of Nathan, near whom he located on Orwell Ridge. He leased land in 1826 for a Presbyterian Church.

WILLIAM RANNEY and his wife became members March 4, 1820. He was assesssed for 45 dollars (tax 22 1/2 cents) in 1812. (Orwell Road Book, 1799-1873)

URI COOK and his wife, Phoebe Barber were enrolled March 25, 1821; Uri was a brother of Joel Cook. Uri died June 24, 1860 aged 80 years 6 months. Phoebe died June 7, 1839 aged 54 years. Graves are in East or Darling Cemetery, Orwell Township. Children: Laura (1827-1888), Fannie, (Mrs. Isaiah Potter), Elizabeth (Mrs. John Black), Sally (Mrs. Aaron Griswold Matthews), and Zeri (1823-1893) married Elizabeth Newcomb.

ALMIRA OLDS became a member March 25, 1821. She was the first wife of David Olds who lived on the Wysox Creek Road near Streator. His tax valueation was $166 at 1812. Heverly says he and his wife both died at advanced ages (p. 181, Vol. II, P & PF), but he may have referred to a second wife. Their gravestones are inscribed: " In Memory of Almira Olds wife of David Olds who died May 7th, 1823 aged 32 years". (East Cemetery)

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