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German Evangelical Church, Elmira, Chemung County NY
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Selected Death Records from the German Evangelical Church
located at 160 Madison Ave, Elmira, NY
Person: Lynuv (?unreadable) Heinrich Leohard Krausse

Birth: ?

Death: 05/30/1876

Information: resided at 556 John ST Elmira, NY

Person: Albert Christoph Julius Hollatz

Birth: ?

Death: 08/14/1876

Information: son of Johann & Emilie Gehrke Hollatz of 114 E. 2nd ST Elmira, NY

Person: Karolina Leisner

Birth: 05/26/1800

Death: 04/19/1881


Person: Heinrich Hollatz

Birth: 07/29/1869 in Ratzenburg, New Stettin, Pommern, Preussia

Death: 05/17/1881 in Big Flats, NY


Person: Johann Adolph Hollatz

Birth: 04/26/1877

Death: 05/21/1881 in Big Flats, NY


Person: Bertha Marion Emilie Hollatz

Birth: 09/29/1878

Death: 05/26/1881 in Big Flats, NY


Person: Katherina Margaretha Kraut

Birth: 02/14/1880

Death: 01/21/1882


Person: Johann Albert Draht

Birth: 10/23/1884

Death: 12/21/1884


Person: Johann Boehlke

Birth: 01/22/1856 in Loffice/Lottin/Lottice/or Lattice ? unreadable and hard to decipher

Death: 03/02/1885 in Elmira, NY


Person: Wilhelmine Henriette Albertine Koeller

Birth: 1861 in Weidenbragere, Pommern

Death: 04/22/1885


Person: Auguste Maria Draht

Birth: 11/15/1885

Death: 02/07/1886


Person: Adolph Nitz

Birth: 1883

Death: 02/22/1886


Person: Wilhelmina Krauth

Birth: 05/05/1843 in Wiebaleu, ? unreadable

Death: 07/11/1886


Person: Gustav Adolph Reinhard Janowski

Birth: 09/30/1862 in Grov/3 Plouince (Province ?) West Preussia hard to read

Death: 1886


Person: Carl Boelke

Birth: 05/13/1853 in Lafuubufd? hard to read, New Stettin, Preussen

Death: 12/03/1886


Person: Wilhelmina Boelke

Birth: 01/31/1853 in Lafuubufd? hard to read, New Stettin, Preussen

Death: 08/03/1887


Person: Christien Friedrich Wilhelm Koeller

Birth: 02/01/1818 in Braunsgerg, K---/B---

Death: 08/16/1886


Person: Anna Wilhelmine Boelke

Birth: 07/27/1887

Death: 08/21/1887


Person: Delia Baumann

Birth: 04/23/1882 in Blossburg, PA

Death: 10/21/1887 in Elmira, NY


Person: Karolina Gehrke

Birth: 03/01/1865 in Marienfelde, Prov--/B-n-? can’t read well (Province/ Baden or Bonn?)

Death: 03/03/1889


Person: Pauline Hebbe

Birth: 08/12/1853 in Fell, Gwet Buhl ? unable to understand writing

Death: 04/24/1890


Person: Raymond George Krause

Birth: 09/20/1887

Death: 07/25/1891


Person: Heinrich Johann Nimtz

Birth: 07/08/1891

Death: 02/22/1892

Information: son of Carl Nimtz & Emilie Krause Nimtz

Person: Carl Gottleib Ludtke

Birth: 1820 in Xibuas (very difficult to read, unsure of these words) in Klein Radow Kruan

Death: 02/09/1892


Person: Wilhelm Friedrich Baumann

Birth: 01/28/1887

Death: 05/04/1892

Information: son of Eduard Baumann & Carolina Stutzke Baumann

Person: Caroline Stutzke, born Krause

Birth: 10/17/ 1823 in Loxge Hamerstein, West Preussia

Death: 03/25/1893

Information: wife of Friedrich Wilhelm Stutzke, mother of Friedrich Albert Stutzke

Person: Albertine Emma Gehrke

Birth: 10/02/1892

Death: 01/09/1893

Information: 3 month old daughter of Julius Gehrke & Hulda Bast Gehrke

Person: Friedrich August Lruhnke (is this another version of Gehrke?)

Birth: 1856 in Ratzenbuhr

Death: 12/26/1896

Information: In the Book it looks like "Ratznbufw, Ginbfflorm,Flovob" old German long-hand

Script is hard to read

Person: Hermann Nitz

Birth: 08/09/1890

Death: 07/09/1896

Information: son of Ferdinand Nitz & Augusta Baumann Nitz

Person: Minnie Kraus, born Weldner

Birth: ?

Death: 01/16/1899

Information: In the Book it reads "Lungenschwindsucht" (tuberculosis) age 35.10.29

Person: Caroline Gehrke, born Schwarz

Birth: not stated in book, but 10/09/1823, in Mossihn, O. Trenjorn

Death: 09/04/1899 in Elmira, NY

Information: In the Book it reads "Alterschruch" age 75.10.26

Person: Emilie Fr. Liesner, born Schultz

Birth: ? in Pommern

Death: 05/06/1906

Information: age 75/7/281

Person: Karl/Carl Wilhelm Janowsky

Birth: ? in Marienfelde

Death: 10/05/1906

Information: age 30.11.12

Person: Eduard Albert Baumann

Birth: 01/25/1851 in Marienfelde, West Preussia

Death: 04/18/1909

Information: age 58.2.24

Person: Augusta Wilhelmina Stutzke, born Gehrke

Birth: 06/22/1854 in Mosihu, West Preussia

Death: 10/19/1909 in Elmira, NY

Information: age 54.4

Person: Hanna C. H. Berg, born Leisner

Birth: 08/21/1869 in Elmira, NY

Death: 06/06/1911

Information: age 41.9.19

Person: Lena Anna Krause

Birth: 07/09/1895 in Elmira, NY

Death: 01/2/1913

Information: resided at 933 E Church ST Elmira, NY age 17.5.27

Person: Herman A. Hollatz

Birth: 01/13/1867 in Razebon, Pommern

Death: 12/25/1913

Information: age 46.11.12

Person: Harry F. Baumann

Birth: 07/02/1888

Death: 10/23/1914

Information: age 26.3.18

Person: Mrs. Wilhelm (Amelia) Baumann

Birth: 10/12/1864 Deutschland

Death: 10/10/1937

Information: Emilie Stutzke, wife of Wilhelm Baumann resided at 763 E. 5th ST Elmira, NY

Age 72, less 2 days

Person: Augusta Rudolph, born Liedtke

Birth: 12/02/1865 in Deutschland

Death: 06/10/1937 in Towanda, PA

Information: age 71.6.11 buried in Towanda, PA. (Bradford County)

Person: Eduard Liesner

Birth: ? in Deutschland

Death: 11/15/1936

Information: married to Ottilie F. Gehrke, sister of Julius Gehrke & Augusta Gerhke Stutzke

Person: Carolina Baumann, born Stutzke

Birth: 01/01/1857 in Deutschland

Death: 09/24/1933

Information: Wife of Eduard Baumann age 76.8.24 resided at 977 Sullivan ST Elmira, NY

Person: Elisabeth Draht

Birth: 04/14/1858 in Deutschland

Death: 12/01/1929


Person: Mrs. Amelia Hollatz, born Gehrke

Birth: 04/17/1837 in Deutschland

Death: 12/09/1924 age 87.7.22

Information: Is this a sister to Friedrich Gehrke, father of Julius/Augusta/Ottilie Gehrke?

Person: Mrs. Amelia Krause Nimtz

Birth: 04/29/1852 in Pommern

Death: 06/16/1922


Person: Oswald A. Baumann

Birth: 04/27/1852 in Triangle, NY

Death: 10/30/1920

Information: Resided at 803 E. Market ST Elmira, NY age 68.6.3

Person: John J. Hollatz

Birth: 07/04/1835 in Pommern

Death: 02/04/1919


Person: Ottlilie Moffatt, born Stutzke

Birth: 12/16/1877 in Elmira, NY

Death: 11/05/1917 at Arnot-Ogden Hospital in Elmira, NY

Information: age 39.10.19

Person: Adam A. Krause

Birth: 01/07/1843 in Wurttemburg

Death: 10/30/1916

Information: age 73.9.22

Person: Karl Rottenberg

Birth: 04/29/1856 in Pommern

Death: 12/28/1916

Information: age 60.7.29

Person: Wilhelmina Bohlke

Birth: 04/15/1816 in Lattice/Loffice/Lottin/ or Lottice, Pommern hard to read

Death: 09/28/1915


Person: Johann Boehlke

Birth: in Pommern

Death: 05/08/1897

Information: age 80.7.24

Person: Heinrich Rottenberg

Birth: in Naugard, Pommern

Death: 11/16/1897

Information: age 66.7.28

Person: Anton Speier

Birth: in Baden

Death: 05/18/1898

Information: age 60

Person: Johann Peter Heib

Birth: in Hillscheid, Rg Bg Trier

Death: 05/181898

Information: age 90.3.0

Person: Julius Dumke

Birth: in Lobbin, Pommern

Death: 05/23/1898

Information: age 30

Person: Fred Kraut (Kraus)

Birth: in Wurttemberg

Death: 08/04/1898

Information: age 54

Person: Karl Ludwig Ferdinand Liesener

Birth: in Altenhagen, Pommern

Death: 04/28/1900

Information: age 71.4.17

Person: Susanna Baumann Hauser

Birth: in Oberentfeld, Ct, Argau

Death: 07/10/1901

Information: age 75.7.4

Person: Friedrich W. Berg

Birth: in Rehwald, W Trenfan

Death: 08/25/1903

Information: age 38.3.14

Person: Henriette Luedke Volker

Birth: in Jarchlin, Pommern

Death: 03/04/1904

Information: age 54.1.27

Person: Friedrich W. Stutzke

Birth: in Marienfelde, West Preussia

Death: 04/26/1906

Information: age 82.6 days

Person: Mathilde Bast Koeller

Birth: 11/15/1857 in Brieseu, West Preussia

Death: 10/06/1910

Information: age 52.10.21

Person: Christina Mezger Wenz

Birth: 10/16/1833 in Grabeu, Baden

Death: 02/28/1913


Person: Wilhelm H. Bohlke

Birth: 01/21/1821 in Lottin, Pommern

Death: 04/01/1915

Information: age 67.3.10

Person: Emma E. Berg

Birth: 09/01/1889

Death: 04/19/1915

Information: age 25.9.18

Person: Herman Franz Wilhelm Nimtz

Birth: 07/16/1915

Death: 08/15/1915 in Elmira, NY


Person: Friedrich Hermann Nitz

Birth: 02/14/1857 in West Preussia

Death: 08/17/1915

Information: age 58.6.3

Person: Caroline Rottenberg

Birth: 01/25/1848 in Pommern

Death: 03/24/1917

Information: age 69.2.1

Person: Johann Peter Heib

Birth: 08/31/1833 in Deutschland

Death: 01/24/1918

Information: age 84.5.20

Person: John Bowman

Birth: 05/22/1902

Death: 08/23/1918

Information: age 16.3.1

Person: August Nimtz

Birth: 07/27/1833 in Soldinitz, Germany

Death: 09/20/1918

Information: age 85.1.24

Person: Hermann Lohrke

Birth: 11/08/1869 in New Stettin

Death: 01/18/1919

Information: age 49.10.101

Person: Bertha Nimtz Kuster

Birth: 11/18/1861 in Deutschland

Death: 02/05/1919

Information: age 57.2.17

Person: Emilie Nitz Budnick

Birth: 08/29/1861 in West Preussia

Death: 03/18/1919

Information: age 57.6.20

Person: Amelia Krause Nimtz

Birth: 04/29/1852 in Pommern

Death: 06/16/1922

Information: age 70.1.18

Person: Ferdinand Janowski

Birth: 03/04/1859 in West Preussia

Death: 01/12/1923

Information: age 63.10.8

Person: Anna Baumann Opelt

Birth: 08/24/1850 in Deutschland

Death: 08/21/1923

Information: age 72.1.27

Person: Marie Schwarz Bauzhof

Birth: 08/30/1851 in Lussensfods, Wurttemberg

Death: 12/10/1925

Information: age 74.3.10

Person: Wilhelmina Nimtz

Birth: 02/25/1838 in Solsintz, Pommern

Death: 02/22/1926

Information: age 87.11.27

Person: Carl F. Draht

Birth: 04/15/1861 in West Preussia

Death: 03/31/1927

Information: age 75.11.16

Person: Bertha Bast Koeller

Birth: 06/20/1862 in Deutschland

Death: 02/21/1928

Information: age 65.8.1

Person: Charles Baumann JR

Birth: 02/23/1897

Death: 05/09/1928 at St. Joseph’s Hospital Elmira, NY

Information: age 31.2.16

Person: Mrs. Ferdinand Keller (Koeller?)

Birth: 09/03/1862

Death: 01/01/1929

Information: age 66.3.25

Person: Fred W. Stutzke

Birth: 09/08/1848 in Deutschland

Death: 03/26/1931

Information: age 82.6.18 resided at 957 ½ Oak ST Elmira, NY

Person: Caroline Janowski ( Mrs. Daniel Janowski)

Birth: 03/03/1854 in Deutschland

Death: 10/07/1933

Information: age 79.7.4

Person: Mrs. Ottilie Janowski

Birth: 11/11/1848 in Deutschland

Death: 06/26/1935

Information: age 86.7.15

Person: Julius F. Gehrke

Birth: 11/8/1859 in Deutschland

Death: 08/25/1935

Information: age 75.9.17

Person: Friedrich Koeller

Birth: 07/27/1863 in Deutschland

Death: 08/31/1936

Information: age 73.0.23

Person: F. Albert Draht

Birth: 11/17/1855 in Berlin, Germany

Death: 11/27/1935

Information: age 75.0.10

Person: Mrs. Ottilie Gehrke Liesner

Birth: 03/20/1857

Death: 11/19/1939

Information: age 82.2.29 sister of Julius Gehrke & Augusta Gehrke Stutzke

Person: Amelia Bauman

Birth: 03/03/1864

Death: 05/21/1940

Information: age 76.2.17

Person: George Kraus

Birth: 12/10/1862

Death: 11/11/1940

Information: age 77.11.1

Person: Wm Bauman

Birth: 08/03/1860

Death: 10/06/1943


Person: William Krause

Birth: ?

Death: 09/19/1945


Person: Henry Baumann

Birth: ?

Death: 01/25/1955

Information: age 69

Person: Albertina M. Leisner Krause

Birth: ?

Death: 11/13/1958

Information: age 76

Person: George M. Krause

Birth: ?

Death: 11/06/1958

Information: age 79

Person: Nellie Evans Stutzke

Birth: 01/09/1886

Death: 02/21/1963

Information: age 77.1.12

Person: Marie Luedke Vetter

Birth: 10/14/1874

Death: 06/08/1962

Information: age 87.7.24

Person: Wilhelmina Carolina Stutzke Preston

Birth: 10/02/1889

Death: 06/30/1964

Information: age 74.8.28

Person: Martha/Marsha Rottenberg Nimtz

Birth: 07/28/1886

Death: 08/20/1964

Information: age 78.0.22

Person: Martha Anna Stutzke White

Birth: 07/03/1884

Death: 10/28/1964

Information: age 80.3.25

Person: Emil Gustav Baumann

Birth: 11/14/1883

Death: 08/10/1968

Information: age 84.8.26