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German Evangelical Church, Elmira, Chemung County NY
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Researched on 10/04/2002 and 10/11/2002
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Marriage Records from the German Evangelical Church
located at 160 Madison Ave, Elmira, NY
Husband: Wilhelm Volker

Wife: Henrietta Lutke

Date: 11/23/1874

Witnesses: Eduard Liesner, Carl Steege

Husband: John Lehmann

Wife: Maria Bowman

Date: 11/12/1882

Witnesses: Friedrich Schornstheemer, Ida Spaulding

Husband: Eduard Baumann

Wife: Carolina Stutzke

Date: 04/13/1882

Witnesses: Stefan Breisau, Bertha Mansky

Husband: Karl Ludwig Janowski

Wife: Louisa Haupt

Date: 05/19/1883

Witnesses: Friedrich Janowski, Ferdinand Bast, Florentine Bast, Mathilda Bast

Husband: Eduard Leasner

Wife: Ottilie F. Gehrke

Date: 08/21/1883

Witnesses: Julius Gehrke, Carl Leasner, Emilie Kilpert, Karolina Kraus

Husband: Wilhelm Baumann

Wife: Emilie Stutzke

Date: 11/03/1883

Witnesses: Julius Gehrke, Bertha Manski

Husband: Herr Julius F. Gehrke

Wife: Fraulein Carolina W. Kraus

Date: 07/05/1884

Witnesses: Carolina Jakel, Wilhelmina Jakel, Gustav Grnfu(unreadable spelling),

Johann Lunski (unreadable spelling)

Husband: Wilhelm F. A. Koeller

Wife: Mathilda Bast

Date: 02/11/1886

Witnesses: Friedrich Koeller, Autuste Koeller, Johann Friedrich Janowski, Hulda Bast

Husband: George Kraus

Wife: Minnie Weldner

Date: 05/02/1886

Witnesses: Friedrich E. Weldner, Anna Wagner

Husband: Friedrich Koeller

Wife: Bertha Bast

Date: 09/16/1886

Witnesses: Wilhelm Koeller, Ferdinand Koeller, Auguste Koeller, Hulda Bast

Husband: Friedrich Berg

Wife: Hanna Leasner

Date: 01/08/1889

Witnesses: Julius Beran, Mary Braun

Husband: Julius Gehrke

Wife: Hulda Bast

Date: 09/28/1889

Witnesses: Eduard Liesner, Julius Hebbe, Mathilda Bast Koeller, Florentine Bast Titus

Husband: Albert Draht

Wife: Wilhelmina Sterich

Date: 09/29/1889

Witnesses: Carl Draht, Julius Janowski, Ferdinand Janowski

Husband: Wilhelm Ludwig Krauss, born 12/23/1868 in Graben, Baden, Mezger

parents Wilhelm Kraus & Kathleen Mezger

Wife: Louisa Anna Dorothea Janowski, born 10/08/1876 in Elmira, NY

parents Daniel & Caroline Janowski

Date: 03/29/1892

Witnesses: Anna Miller, Albertine Werner, Carl ? ( unreadable), Louis Wenz

Husband: Amos Ludwig Baumann, born 6/22/1868 in Eibenstock, Jay ~ ??

parents Ludwig Baumann & ?? (unreadable) Uuger

Wife: Rosa Ettenberger

parents Frank Ettenberger & Margarethe ?? (unreadable)

Date: ?

Witnesses: John Ettenberger, Minnie Baumann

Husband: Johann Emil Wilhelm Hildebrandt, born 06/04/1868 in Potsdam, Preussen

parents Ferdinand Hildebrandt & Elisabeth Bolicke, Maf??? ( unreadable)

Wife: Margarethe Kraus, born 01/01/1869 in Hanau a/m Germany

parents Conrad Kraus & Marie Buttner

Date: 12/09/1893

Witnesses: Emil Breitung, Pastor Theodora Besher

Husband: John Tubbs Jenkins, of Elmira, NY Boxmaker, Howell Box Co.

parents Thomas & Susan Jenkins

Wife: Augusta A. Stutzke

parents Friedrich Stutzke & Augusta Gehrke

Date: 06/03/1902

Witnesses: Lyman F. Jenkins, Tillie O. Stutzke

Husband: August Nimtz of Nuestetten, Germany

parents Johann & Henriette Nimtz

Wife: Martha/Marsha Rottenberg of Pommern, Germany

parents Carl & Lena Rottenberg ( she is Klick, remarried)

Date: 10/24/1906

Witnesses: Hermann Rottenberg, Mrs. Krause

Husband: Charles M. White

parents Cyrus M. & Rachel White

Wife: Anne M. Stutzke

parents Friedrich Stutzke & Augusta Gehrke

Date: 06/12/1907

Witnesses: John T. Jenkins, Minnie C. Stutzke

Husband: Fred Krause, born in Town of Elmira, NY living in Elmira, NY

parents Adam Krause & Susan M. Clark Adams

Wife: Albertina Leasner, born in Germany living in Elmira, NY

parents Eduard Liesner & Ottilie Gehrke

Date: 10/08/1907

Witnesses: Otto C. Liesner, Minnie Gehrke

Husband: William P. McCue

Wife: Anna L. Baumann

Date: 07/23/1909

Witnesses: Christian A. Schmidt, Otto C. Vieweg

Husband: Otto C. Leasner

parents Eduard Leasner & Tillie Gehrke Leasner

Wife: Wilhelmina Vincent

parents James Vincent & Rose Emmeth Vincent

Date: 08/21/1919

Witnesses: Thomas Bennett, Mrs. Thomas Bennett